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Mitch finds out about his girlfiend's family.

What do you mean it's a sex toy party?"

"I mean, it's like a Tupperware party, only for sex toys. I throw a party every few months, it's a fun way for the girls to all get together and just let their hair down a little...come on, live a little!" She didn't give me time to think about it, she just held my hand and led me into the living room.

There were a couple tables set up with an assortment of toys arranged on them. There were dildos, vibrators, lubes and lotions, handcuffs, nipple clamps, penis shaped lipsticks etc. etc. etc. I was pretty embarrassed just looking at all this stuff, especially in a room full of hot women. I must have been blushing, because Christi said, "Stephanie, this stuff doesn't embarrass you does it? You seem like a girl who likes to have some naughty fun!"

Anastasia jumped in and said, "Of course she likes to have fun! I'll bet you had fun when you were getting double-teamed by those two studs in Natasha's office didn't you Steff?!"

The room went quiet and my face probably turned four shades of red. I looked at Natasha and said, "Oh my God, you knew about that??"

She replied, "Oh sweetie, it's my office, I know everything that happens in there!" then the rest of the girls all giggled and started telling me how lucky I was. They all joked about how they now wanted to work for Natasha too! While I was still super embarrassed, I did feel a little better now.

Natasha handed us all a catalog of all the products that she was selling, and then asked me if I would help her show some of the demo models. As she talked about an item, I had to retrieve it from the table, and then walk around to show it all the girls, who were sitting around the room. I was doing my best to be Natasha's sexy assistant, showing off everything from the cute little finger sized vibrators, to some ridiculously big, but lifelike dildos. Holding those massive cocks in my hands, showing them to these smoking hot women, and hearing their comments about what they thought of these toys was just unreal!

After showing off all the toys, Natasha needed two volunteers to play a game. Actually, she only needed one volunteer, because she told me I was playing. Christi jumped up and said that she wanted to play too. Having no idea where this was going, I got that knot in my stomach feeling again!

Natasha had Christi and I sit in chairs in the middle of the room, then she took two pairs of pink fuzzy handcuffs, and cuffed our wrists behind our backs. Next she got two tubes of the cock shaped lipsticks, held one in each hand and told us to choose. Christi ended up with one called "Cum Ravage Me Red", and mine was called "Cum Fuck Me Fuchsia". Natasha had two of the girls apply the lipstick to Christi and I, making sure it was put on very heavy.

At this point, Natasha announced that this was a blowjob contest, and that the winner of the contest would receive a free gift bag, to be selected by Natasha. The rules of the contest were that two girls would stand in front of Christi and I holding matching dildos in our faces. We had 60 seconds to give our best blowjobs, and we would be judged on technique, enthusiasm, and depth. All the girls were laughing it up and having fun picking their favorites as Christi and I sat there a little stunned. I looked over at Natasha, and she gave me a wink and a smile, showing that she was having a blast embarrassing me like this.

Next Natasha had Anastasia stand in front of me, and Susie stand in front of Christi, then handed them matching dildos. These things were HUGE! They were at least 8 inches long, and almost 2 inches in diameter. Anastasia and Susie held those cocks at crotch level, and then stood directly in front of us so the heads were right in front of our faces. Before I had a chance to protest that I didn't want to do this, Natasha, "OK bitches, get ready to suck those cocks! 3...2...1...GO!"

The girls were all cheering us on as Christi and I started sucking those giant cocks.

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