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A Strange and Tangled Beginning.

And I could hear my mother cry when he left the room."

"How can we get her comfortable with nudity?" Colleen asked. "Swimming? Hot tub?"

"Why don't we try swimming. We can all undress in private and wear one of the terrycloth robes. We can lounge around the pool until she feels comfortable. I know it worked for me."

"We had our honeymoon at nude resort. After awhile, it becomes perfectly natural," Nathan said. "I didn't even have a hard-on after awhile," he laughed.

It was weird to talk about Raheemah like she wasn't even there, because this whole day was about her. Nathan mixed up a giant pitcher of screwdrivers, and after we'd all had a few glasses, everyone was pretty relaxed and we all went and changed into robes.

We went outside and sat around the poolside table, and Nathan barbequed hamburgers. We chatted with Raheemah about her plans for the future. She had an LVN certificate and hoped to go to work at the local hospital. And we had some more screwdrivers.

It was a really warm day. "This robe is getting hot," Aliyah said, and she stood up and took it off. Her mother's eyes got big as she looked at her daughter; she had never seen her naked either since she was a baby. Colleen was next, then I followed her. The three of us stood nude together; two golden blondes and one girl with raven black hair. All of us had toned bodies and firm, ripe breasts. All three of us have waist-length hair, and I think it is soo sexy to see tits peeking out from behind a silky hair curtain.

I love looking at women's bodies, and I could feel my nipples getting erect and there was a tingle between my legs.

Then Nathan stood up and dropped his robe. We could tell he was using all his will power to keep his cock from getting hard. He was slightly aroused, because it was swollen a little bit, but it still dangled between his legs.

Raheemah was fixated on him. It is hard to believe that she is thirty-six years old, and had never seen a penis before.

"Okay, Mama, it's your turn now," Aliyah said gently. Raheemah stood up slowly, clutching the robe around her. Aliyah unfastened the tie, and slowly slid the robe off her shoulders.

At first, she tried to cover up her breasts and her pubes, but suddenly dropped her arms to her sides, threw her shoulders back, and thrust her chest out.

She is absolutely gorgeous! She has large breasts that don't sag anymore than a teen-ager's, with brown silver dollar sized areolas and really long nipples. Her black hair is parted in the middle and hangs all the way down to her hips. She is really curvy, with a small waist, flaring hips, and a magnificent firm ass. Nathan stared at the four of us, the height of female pulchritude, and I could see his cock start to rise. He turned away and quickly dove into the water to hide it.

We all followed him into the pool and swam a few laps. Colleen came up with a beach ball and we threw it around to each other. We were standing in shoulder deep water, and it was fun to throw the ball over someone's head so they had to jump up to catch it, and their boobs would pop out of the water. Once again, Nathan was in titty city.

We all got out of the pool and lay out on a chaise lounge in the sun. "This feels wonderful; I feel so free," Raheemah said with a smile. It was nice to see her lose her inhibitions. Once we were all dried off, Aliyah took her mother's hand and led her into the bedroom.

The massage oil was heating, and we had her lie face down on the bed. We decided to start off with a standard massage, and let it progress into a sensual one, until we slowly built her toward an orgasm.

With eight hands working on her, we could feel her body relax, and she let out a series of "ummm's" and "ahhh's" as we stroked and kneaded the muscles on her back and legs. She started to squirm around a bit when we got to her glutes.

As we knelt over her, the sight of our young hanging breasts, swinging and swaying, was too much for Nathan; he sprang a giant boner.

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