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Lindsey, Ed, and Amy go to a club and things get hot.

Yes, I thought: when she knew she could come - that I wanted her to - she had wanted to help any way she could.

She looked lovely in the candlelight. A girl who has just had an orgasm always looks lovely - of course, she has been loved. How could she look anything but lovely?!

After a few more deep sighs - her stomach rising and falling before my eyes - her hands slid down and found my face, her fingers stroking my wet cheeks gently. She chuckled softly, and then her hands held me more firmly, drawing my head up as she murmured:

"Kom og ... Come, lie with me,"

I rose up, helping her to move her legs down the bed, thinking suddenly how familiar and unarousing it was to touch her now after we had done it. And then I was lying beside her, holding her, and she had her arm around me. "Mmmm," she sighed softly, and then for a while we were still, almost dozing.

"Mmmm," she sighed again and held me a little closer and then raised her knees, inviting me slide mine under and between hers. "Umm-hmm, she acknowledge softly, and then we lay like that for a few moments.

Then she chuckled brightly and said:

"I was thinking in Norwegian. I guess you noticed. I knew I was here, but ... I never -" and she snickered: "... had sex 'in English'."

She snickered again, and I chuckled with her, and then she added:

"and not that way. That surprised me, that you really wanted to do it. I knew it would feel good, but ..." and she thought for a moment:

"... 'vell', ... I thought men did it 'cause the girl wanted it, but then wanted to really do it, ... you know, that he would want to, ... and not just let her ..., not that he would really like it."

She smiled in the shadow of my head from the candle, and then kissed me and added:

"But you did, and it was good, real good. I guess you know. Thank you."

She kissed me again.

She was just delightful, I thought as we lay there in silence: so open and direct in an innocent way - although she obviously had experience, enough to have wanted and taken it for granted that we would do it, but not so much that she had known that. And, I recalled, she had implied that she didn't want to. But she must have slept with a few boys, but only back in Norway - "never had sex 'in English'." That was sweet, and a pity, I thought.

"Um-hmm, and thank you too," I agreed and then added:

"Pity about not having done it 'in English'. My good luck. But all year ...?"

She giggled and replied:

"Not quite. Once at the Norwegian Seamen's Mission I met a junior office ..."

She chuckled, as I wondered where they could have done it, and then she added:

"He could take me to his cabin, but not for too long."

She chuckled again at this, and I did too, as I wondered if he would have done that with her, if they had had more time, as she added:

"If I could have had a reason to be out for a whole night, we could have gone to a hotel. ... But it was better than nothing."

"And maybe we can make up for it a little," I responded, almost before I knew what I was saying.

"Oh, that would be nice," she agreed immediately, and I thought so too.

That seemed to have brought us back to where we were; her hand started to slide down over the corner of my hip, then hesitated as she looked at me questioningly.

"Um-hmm," I encouraged her with a nod.

She smiled mischievously and let her hand slide further, finding him, her fingers slipping around him and then moving him as she softly said:

"Oh, it's all ... floppy," pausing till she had found the word.

Her fingers demonstrated that he was as I thought again that she had done that before - but maybe not found it "floppy". Then her fingers explored, holding him again, and she murmured to herself:

"Oh, yes, ... of course," and I thought that all the boys in Norway must be uncircumcised., and of course she knew I was Jewish.

"Different," she murmured with a slight snort.

I nodded, and she glance up at me with an understanding smile - one that confirmed that we

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