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The travellers become better acquainted.

Unlike the laundry room, it was quiet and calm. A holy aura of stillness rendered both silent.

Jake started, kissing Jade's neck and shoulders. Lifting her head, Jade relished the affection. Her skin savored the dampened pressure of Jake's lips. Moving down her tight-fitting dress, he kissed her chest and buried his head in her breasts. He licked her nipples, then gently sucked on them, actually craving sustenance. The flesh of her breasts tasted the sweetest.

Reciprocating, Jade reached inside his buttoned up shirt and pulled her fingernails across Jake's hardened chest. Rubbing his shoulders, she then removed Jake's shirt. His strong hands twisted her nipples, traced them, and then stirred her tits into each other. Jade gasped, but still had frame of mind to reach down and rub his stomach, then unbutton his fly. Reaching inside, she gently massaged his balls, then his dick. Her hands moved back to his stomach.

As Jake's pants fell, he dropped to his knees, pulling her dress down. Staring at her legs, Jake moved up, kissing every inch of her inner thighs. His hands outlined her legs, then massaged her splendid, muscular buttocks. Jake kissed her stomach, then slowly pulled her thong off her hips and to the floor.

Jade moved back, and sat on the windowsill. With her back against the window, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his neck. Using her legs, Jade pulled Jake closer. Masculine lips danced on Jade's pussy. Placing his nose against her clit, Jake hummed a few seconds. Lost in the crashing pleasure, Jade started massaging her breasts.

Jake stroked his tongue across her clit. Pressing hard, he drew out the motion, hoping to extend her pleasure. Jake's tongue slithered up her pink pedal. Flicking it a few times, she gasped. Jade's inner thighs wrapped tightly around his ears. Sensing her euphoria, Jake's tongue entered his pussy. In and out, up and down, side to side.

Jade still massaged her breasts. Amazingly, every inch of her skin tingled with fire. Hot, flushed, and excited, Jade perspired. Gasping, huffing, she could not explain, understand, or decipher the euphoria within her soul. The power in her crotch spread to her breasts, skin, nose, and ears. Rising, the energy ruptured through her entire body, spreading to every muscle and limb. Immediately, Jade covered her mouth, to muffle her grunts.

After huffing and holding her chest a few seconds, Jade opened her eyes to behold Jake full naked. She kissed him, swirling her tongue around his mouth, then entered. Their tongues twirled for a second, and then she pulled away, biting his lower lip. Pushing Jake into the red brick corner, totally absorbed in frenzied lust, Jade kissed his chest. Feminine lips descended his hard chest and stomach-but not before stopping to flick his nipples with her tongue. Tracing his perineum with her tongue, Jade descended to his dick. Straight and hard, it seemed to reach for her.

Jade first massaged the warm rod between her soft breasts-forcing Jake to moan. Kisses descended his shaft to his shaven testicles. Licking them a few times, Jade could tell she needed to take his fullness soon. Lightly, she dragged a fingernail across his dick, almost sending Jake into convulsions.

Ready, Jade kissed the head. Placing her mouth over his extension, she twirled her tongue around the head, then the shaft. Pulling her head away, she sucked hard, sealing her lips on the head before pulling away. Swallowing the manly flesh again, she repeated the action. Then, she moved up and down the shaft with lips pressed hard.

A seething heat grew in Jake's balls. It expanded. Contracting his insides, he flexed his manhood a few times, hoping to draw it out. No. Jade moved too fast. The swells grew, faster and faster-moving up his shaft.

Books dropped. "What the hell?"

Jake opened his eyes, seeing an assistant librarian drop some books and stand shocked.

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