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Lisa gets a bit of punishment for thinking naughty thoughts.

Now jump up, lean over the table with your ass in the air and take your punishment like a good girl." Upon being met by silence and no action, Seth unceremoniously yanked Violet to her feet and shoved her over the table. The girl sobbed harder and tried to buck against him, yet the powerful arm pushing against her shoulder blades and the hand firmly resting on her ass kept her in place.

"Thirty swats for biting, plus ten extra swats for being uncooperative just now. You need to count them out loud and thank me for them, or I'll start again." With that, Violet's Master began her first spanking.




Violet shouted and writhed and cried, but she did not count.

"Baby Girl, I suggest you start counting and thanking me, or this spanking will be a lot longer than it needs to be." The next swat was a hard, sharp one, designed to bring Violet out of her tearful stupor. It worked.

"One! Thank you."

"Do NOT forget your manners, Violet! Not a single spank has counted so far."


"One! Thank you, Sir! Two! Thank you, Sir!" Tears dropped onto the table as Violet tried to make it through the spanking. Seth peppered her backside with stinging swats, varying his positioning to cover her entire ass in red.

"Seven! Thank you, Sir! Eight! Thank you, Sir!" Once the shock wore off, Violet grew to realise it didn't hurt as much as she thought it would.

"Fifteen! Thank you, Sir! Sixteen! Thank you, Sir!" In fact, as time went on, Violet was starting to feel...something else.

"Twenty six! Thank you, Sir! Twenty seven! Thank you, Sir!" Her tears had dried now and, although the sound of the spanking continued to reverberate around the room, and each smack still stung terribly, a small flame of pleasure was sparking away inside the girl.

"Thirty nine! Thank you, Sir! Forty! Thank you, Sir!" As Violet counted the final hit, she allowed her head to slump down into her arms resting on the table, her deep breaths of both exhaustion and arousal the only sound in the newly quiet room. Already weak, the physical and mental toll of the spanking - particularly her mixed emotions surrounding it - had completely drained Violet of all her energy. Somewhat sobered by his captive's obvious fragility, Seth gently helped her back into her chair at the head of the table, causing her to wince as the wooden seat made contact with her sore cheeks, and stroked her hair away from her face.

"You did well, Baby. Breakfast time now." The man seated himself to her left, at a right angle to her, and picked up the knife and fork.

"Hope you don't mind sharing, I made plenty for two," Seth grinned as he began to cut up the food and took a forkful of egg for himself. Violet was beyond protest and, as Seth brought a mouthful of bacon towards her lips, she opened up obediently, allowing herself to be fed by her kidnapper. The meat had cooled after being abandoned for the course of the punishment, but Violet did not notice as she swallowed the food hungrily. The man alternated, feeding himself a forkful, before giving the girl another. Slowly, bite-by-bite, Violet perked up and started feeling herself again. As her energy and strength grew, so did her anger - Seth liked to boast about what a good Master he was, but it seemed to her that a good Master would keep their...slave, or 'fuck toy' (as Seth called her) well-fed and nourished. On top of that, the unpredictable rewards and punishments the kidnapper seemed to dole out when the mood struck him were leaving her confused. Swallowing the last mouthful of tomato, Violet felt more sulky than frightened.

"Did you enjoy that meal then, Baby Girl?" Seth asked with his back to Violet, rinsing the plate in the sink.

"I would've enjoyed eating anything after the amount of time you'd starved me, Sir," she responded, her tone perfectly polite, while the message was anything but. All courage drained from the girl as the man spun around to face her, his expression the epitome of steely disapproval.

"Are you fucking talking back to m

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