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It's better to be a giver than a taker.


"Comfort" was relative at that point - I was physically in no discomfort, but the tension in the air was stifling and my desire to know what happened next was enormous.

The conversation that followed - about my job and where I lived - was so mundane that I wondered if the whole situation wasn't a strange dream. Molly was calm and matter of fact as we talked, not paying any particular attention to my naked thighs and happy cock as it pulsed and occasionally twitched. As the conversation moved around to Alice and her friendship with Molly I felt the pressure in my cock subside a little and my member start to deflate. Maybe it was me getting comfortable with the situation, maybe it was thinking about my sister that caused the deflation, but I was softening quickly now.

Molly noticed. I watched as her eyes switched down to my lap a couple of times, then she shuffled her position a little, presumable to get a better view of my shrinking manhood.

"That's interesting." She broke the thread of the conversation and from the way she was staring at my crotch there was no doubt what she found interesting. "Looks like you're having a blood flow problem there." she chuckled.

"I..." It was hard to know what to say, I was young and not used to relaxation like that in the presence of a beautiful woman.

"Shame," Molly shuffled her leg out towards me, planting her bare foot in my lap. "I kind of liked seeing it standing up there." Her foot started to gently massage the soft skin of my semi-hard cock. "You think we can do anything about that?"

"You already are." I observed, the touch of her skin starting to revive my erection.

Molly looked on as her foot and toes moved along my shaft and then slipped further between my legs to rub against my balls. My response was almost instant, back to full strength in only a minute or so. I sat a little more upright as Molly continued her gentle ministrations. I could feel her toes as they tried to curl around my shaft and the sole of her foot as she rubbed along my length. She proved incredibly dexterous as she pulled down my foreskin with her foot, fully returning me to my "on display" state.

I watched intently, looking down as she moved and manipulated me and quickly started to wonder if anyone had cum as quickly as I was about to, just from the rubbing of a woman's foot. Just when I was about to alert her to the imminent climax Molly withdrew her foot and smiled over to me. "Much better."

"I hope you don't mind," Molly smirked a little now, "I do like being able to see a nice cock. A pleasing sight, to say the least." She drew her legs comfortably up in front of her again and glanced back down at my crotch.

"Is that all you do?" I ventured, my voice cracking a bit in the tension of the room. "You just look?"

Molly shrugged and her bottom lip curled over her top one for a few seconds. "Sometimes. It's a simple pleasure. Sometimes I like to touch with my hand too." She didn't move, almost inciting my next comment, as though she was now reveling in the tease she had created.

I'm sure with maturity I would have been better at reacting but as inexperienced as I was back then I could do nothing but watch for her next move. Thankfully Molly was having fun with me, not trying to tease me to death.

"Would you like me to touch it a little?" She took her fingers off her legs, advertising their availability. "Would that make you more comfortable?"

I managed to nod.

Molly slowly unfolded herself from her end of the sofa and swiveled to be on her knees, next to me now. She looked down at my cock before gently taking her hand and sliding it down the side of my shaft, all the way down between my legs and against my balls.

On her way back up Molly's fingers wrapped around my shaft and tugged my foreskin over the head of my cock, then she gently pulled the skin away again, sending wonderful sensations throughout my body as her touch began to register. I caught my breath as her hand pulled hard at the bottom of my shaft and Molly smiled at my reaction.

I opened my legs

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