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Sister finds what her brother has left.

..let's start acting like it! Gary, what measure are we at?"

"Er...26, sir?"

"Wrong! We are on measure 35. You need to be paying attention! From measure 35, everyone!"

His choir began to sing. They did have a remarkable sound - he loved that he was at the helm of such an amazing group. The sopranos were a bit weaker today than usual - but the reason was obvious. Their leader was gone for the day. On the positive side, at least with Gabby gone the other sopranos were forced to step up their game.

"Sopranos, could I hear you by yourselves please from the top of page 6? Thank you."

The sopranos sang the phrase and after a few tries they finally got it right. However their sound was not the same without her. If only Gabby knew just how vital she was to this choir!

Where the hell is she!?


Gabby heard a gentle knock on her bedroom door.

"Are you sure you don't need anything, honey? I'm going out to the store. Are you feeling any better?"

"Thanks Daddy, I should be fine. I'm...I'm starting to feel a little better now. I just need some more rest."

"Well I will be leaving in 10 minutes or so if you change your mind." She heard his footsteps fade as he walked away.

She sighed and laid her head back down on her pillow.

Gabby told her Dad she was feeling sick and not well enough to go to school. Her sweet father, bless his heart, took this at her word and gave her space and quiet.

Only Gabby wasn't feeling sick - she was feeling embarrassed and somewhat shameful. The sun had finally come out today, but she felt no light or happiness in her heart.

He didn't call.

She had put herself out there and made herself vulnerable to him, and he didn't call. No call, no text, absolutely nothing!

Maybe he regrets what we did. She turned over on her side, pulling her covers up higher. She was wearing her skimpiest thong and nothing else. She had put it on the night before, excited to tell him what she was wearing over the phone. She was looking forward to a night of steamy hot phone sex with her teacher, and he didn't pull through. She thought the moment they shared in his office, although brief, was special - apparently he doesn't feel the same way. After two weeks of talking herself into going after him and working up her courage, he rejected her as soon as she thought she had a chance with him. She no longer felt sexy and desirable - she felt cheap and slutty. Her stomach grumbled in hunger. Maybe I should go get something to eat.

A familiar Nissan pulled up into the driveway outside her bedroom window. She closed her eyes.

Ugh. Mom's home.

Mrs. Heather Wegman was a successful business woman and was often out of town for corporate meetings for long stretches at a time. Gabby inherited her incredible good looks, in fact they almost looked like sisters, but she had none of Gabby's warmth - rather Gabby inherited her sweet personality from her father, with whom she was very close. Her mother was a strict and career-driven individual and when it came to parenting she acted as disciplinarian. They had a strained relationship - as Gabby reached adulthood and craved independence the tension between them continued to increase. She could not wait to leave her mother's clutches and go far away to college. She would however deeply miss her father, who was a laid-back, kind, and gentle man.

Gabby sighed and crawled out of bed to put on some clothes. Her mother could possibly barge into her room without invite, and she did not want her mother to see her wearing such skimpy underwear with no other clothes. It would lead to her questioning why she was dressed that way when she was supposedly sick.

She heard the front door open. She heard the muffled sound of her parents talking. After putting on some sweatpants and a t-shirt, she crept towards her bedroom door to listen in on their conversation.

However after about 2 minutes, listening at the door became hardly necessary.

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