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Memories of Bliss.

I took her left breast. I let my tongue creep over the pert flesh, glide across the areola, then up over the nipple, lapping at it and teasing it with my lips. My hands slid over her back and sides, her stomach and over her hips. She pushed me back on the couch, moaning, and lay atop me, fitting her thighs around my leg and her hot crotch against my skin.

As I suckled on, she started to hunch and grind her pussy against me. I put one hand down her back and into her panties to her full ass and pussy. She was so wet she was dripping through the fabric, her lips swollen wide for my anxious fingers. That was how I made her come for the first time. Heather grunted like an animal and twisted her hips while she squeezed me.

As she recovered, I rolled out from under her, turning her on her back, and stripped off her panties. I got naked and then lowered myself down to her. I asked if she wanted it, and her only answer was a tight nod and a grip of my hand. I licked at her nipples some more; they were delightfully sensitive and seemed to bring her right back to the brink of ecstasy. But I left them behind and kissed my way down her belly while my free hand came up her leg to her juicy core.

"You're beautiful," I told her as I examined her ruby lips and well-kept thatch of dark pubic hair. Her pink insides glistened and her clit peeked out from its hood. Heat roared out from inside her as I tasted her for the first time. She squeezed my hand hard with one hand and played with her nipples with the other while I went through her and through her with long wide licks.

She was very vocal and she let me know when something was good in a way none of my other lovers had done before. It felt almost like she was some wild, sexy instrument and I was playing her, a virtuoso performance that brought her to climax time and again. And as she came around me, pulling my face into her with both hands and feet, I felt her pleasure as though it were my own, the greatest satisfaction I had known in bed or out of it for so very long.

After a long time of it, my mouth and tongue sore from their first real workout in over a year, I slipped a finger in her and held her pussy while I went up to her sweaty arms. I kissed her, let her taste her own juice on my face and snuggled into her embrace.

"No one. . . no one's ever done it to me like that before."

"There are some things only a woman can do for another woman. Although I hear dogs are pretty good at it, too."

"I don't think I can do that for you. Not right now, anyway."

"Not to worry, my darling Heather. There's time."

"Oh yes," she said. We lay together in the dim light and let the minutes stretch out on the clock.

Heather started to rouse. She suckled my breast and played with my hair, my pussy and ass. Her gentle explorations grew more intense and my own desire rekindled. It was her first time to touch another woman this way, and so I let her take her time and communicated my appreciation with low moans and sighs.

Her fingers brushed up and down the length of my slit, dabbling in the juices and spreading them around. She traced my lips with a fingertip, and then leaned down to do the same with her tongue. Her tongue felt its way around my clit, making me buck and squirm a little; it was hot and tight with pent longing.

A long finger found its way up inside me; I groaned and arched my back up to give her better access. She curled her finger up and rubbed into my g-spot. It was a little painful, actually, but that faded soon enough. With her licking away at my clit and circling my g-spot, my passions rose until I was gripping at the couch and breathing in gasps. Just a little more, and I would come.

Without breaking her rhythm, she pushed another finger, wet from my pussy, into my ass, and that pushed me over the edge.

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