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Silence is its own reward.

Just a feeling of relief and joy as I get to empty my bowels. I rest on the shower floor for a few moments before I hear water running again. My relief is short lived as Harper comes back and repeats the whole procedure over again.

Harper cleans me out a total of three agonizing times before he's satisfied. Then he stands me up and cleans me with a washcloth, avoiding the cum stains on my face and chest. He leaves those dried white marks on me. Bending me over the sink, he squeezes lube all over his fingers and inserts them in me. It doesn't hurt at all as he spreads lube all over my squeaky clean ass.

He still hasn't said much to me, except when he was trying to calm me. Now is no exception. He places one hand on the small of my back as he uses the other hand to press the fourth, and largest, plug inside me. I know it's useless but I try to keep it out. But the pressure slowly increases until I lose the battle and with a groan the plug is snuggly embedded in my ass.

Harper stands me up and leads me back toward the bed. I expected to be chained to the headboard again, but he stops me at the foot of the bed. He uses the same chains from my 'inspection' last night, only this time the chains are padlocked. He pulls my arms up above my head, but not tightly.

He then attaches chains from the sides to my ankles and gently forces my legs apart. In normal circumstances, this wouldn't be a big problem. But with a huge plug up my ass I resist as much as I can until Harper swats my ass and tells me to be good.

Harper stands behind me several times, kicking my feet wider and wider, until my ass is at the correct height. Then he uses the chains to finish pulling my arms high above my head. Being forced to stand upright with my legs spread wide is almost more than I can tolerate. The butt plug feels like it is pushing all my other organs out of place. I beg again, but Harper doesn't release me. I didn't expect him to, but the circumstances demanded I try.

The other times when he left, he asked me what I was going to do when Dustin returned, but this time he just presses his hand against my cheek and looks me in the eye for a few seconds before he leaves. He just leaves me hanging there at the foot of the bed, waiting for Dustin.


Harper is sitting at the bar, nursing a seltzer water, waiting. Just waiting. He can't believe his friend would do this, but he has to know for sure. He's known Dustin for over a decade. He has to give him the benefit of the doubt. Finally, the door from the garage opens and Dustin walks into the bar.

"Hey Harper, how's my girl?" He walks toward the bar where Harper is sitting.

Harper slowly turns toward his boss. "She's prepped and ready to go. But we need to have a discussion first."

"It can wait. I've been anticipating this for hours." Dustin turns and heads for the elevator.

"Dustin. NO." Harper stands to face his boss.

"No! No what?" Both men are standing, facing each other. Two dominants, neither accustomed nor willing to back down.

"You've been acting strange and I have some questions for you."

"Questions can wait. I'll talk to you later." Dustin looks extremely irritated right now. But Harper won't back down.

"We'll talk now. I've never known you to mark a submissive during play, yet the girl up there has several open wounds on her. You've lost your control, and if you go up there now, you'll do even more damage. This 'punishment' is wrong, and you know it. I honestly don't believe she knew that releasing her chains was wrong. Punishing someone for breaking the rules is one thing, but punishing them because YOU didn't teach them the rules is something else entirely. You don't use sex as punishment any more than I do, and certainly not first-time anal sex. So why is she up there with a plug up her ass? Did she ever have the option of stopping this? Did you give her a safeword? Does she even know what safewords are? Do you know how much she can really handle?"

"She took it, Harper.

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