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It was love but it had to end, didn't it?

I had Brit then hand me the leash. Once that was completed I ordered Brittany to her knees and told her to lick my pussy and taste her mistress's cum.

I was dressed in my favorite outfit. A black bustierre with half cups that allowed my long stiff nipples to peek out over the top of the lacy cups. The bustierre hugged my middriff tightly and revealed my navel. I wore a tight black skirt that zipped down the side and clung to my firm thighs to about 3" above my knees.

I wore my 4" Black stillettos and had done my make-up as I liked it. I had a creamy complexion and liked to accent my full pouty lips with a dark red lip gloss and my eyes were done in greyish hues to give me that haughty almost vampira look.

I watched Brit's red hair in between my legs and took hold of that gorgeous hair and shoved her face hard into my pussy. I told her to lick and suck and show me how much she wanted to please her new owner.

My sister's leash, I held onto and looked into her sobbing eyes. Laughing at her, I told her how she was going to be turned into what she really is, a true slut pig cunt sucking cock hungry fist-fucked slut. At the words fist-fucked, I saw her jerk her head back and her eyes opened wide in fright.

I began to laugh but Brittany's tongue had worked itself so deep into my snatch that I arched my back and yelped a gutteral sound that I felt bring a smile to my nymphs face as I felt it against my flesh.

"O, sweetie that pleases me my slut. mmmmm That tongue feels good." I said to Brit as I forced her head harder at my gushing snatch.

I was ready to cum as I had held back so long as I had watched the two fucking and cumming themselves. Now I was letting loose. I began to grind my shaved cunt hard at my nymph's long probing tongue and I began to tell her to suck her mistress's twat to please me like no other and she did.

Brittany's tongue was amazing. Long, stiff soft and eager like nothing no one else had done before. And I came. I shot my load. Arching my back my hands gripping into Brit's hair and my hands sloshing her lapping face all around my sopping wet cum soaked hole. I orgasmed hard and long until I finally let go of her hair and pulled her to me and kissed her. I loved the taste of my cum and hot cunt juice. I reached down and grabbed a firm hold of Brittany's shaved young cunt and squeezed it hard. I broke the kiss and told her she had pleased her owner well.

After I regained some composure I stood up adjusted my skirt. I handed the leash to Brit and looked at my face to check my make up. Then I walked to the two and strode us to my foyer but before we left, I placed a belt with a loop in front around Brit's waist and with a leash attached to the loop. With both girls being lead by me, we headed out the door to the elevators.

In the elevator I told Brit to reach into the pocket of the coat Samantha had on. She brought out a 6" black butt plug which I told her to insert up my lil' sister's ass.

"Here" Brit replied questioning my command.

I slapped her quickly and told her she was not to question my commands.

"Yes ma'am. I'm sorry ma'am." She said hurt in her voice as she did.

"Bend over you cunt slut" Brit told Samantha. "Hnads on the floor."

Samantha just stood there. Brit got mad and bent her over and slapped her ass. Just then the elevator opened and a woman stood there stunned. I held the door open and asked if she was getting on. She shook her head deciding and then got on. She was about my age attractive and in gym clothes.

She stood there wondering if she did the right thing but watched fixated as Brit inserted the butt plug up my sister's ass. Samantha grunts and protests were muffled sounds but obvious protests and pain as Brit forced the pre-lubed rubber into my lil' sister's rear hole. The woman was trembling but I saw her began to lick her lips. I asked her if she wanted to join us.

She was still stunned and took some time to regain her composure.

"I... I'm not sure." she said. "I have to meet some others."

I laughed and told her she

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