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Jane and Terry contemplate swinging.

Then she runs back up the other side, Shari's pussy is slightly salty in taste but also a hint of sweetness, a taste that Shari has never experienced but immediately loves. Soon Shari is digging deeper into Sonjia, almost whimpering aloud as she is licking her more passionately each passing second. Sonjia tilts her head back in ecstasy and says in a low deep voice, "Oh yeah, get it girl. Go for it." As she licks deeper and faster, Shari reaches back up to squeeze on those lovely huge tits of Sonjia's that Shari admires and lusts for equally. Her mind is racing with the powerful realization that she is not only performing oral sex on a woman but a sexy hot black woman, one that actually has total power and domination over her.

It's possible that Sonjia senses this too as she pulls Shari's dripping wet face from her pussy and looks at her as she says "Tell me you love eating my black pussy."

"I do, I do" Shari says breathlessly. "I love eating your black pussy. Please put it back on my mouth."

"You gonna eat it good?" Sonjia asks her.

"Yes, yes, I will. I swear I will eat it good. I want to eat it for a long time and make you cum!!" Sonjia walks back about five steps and looks into Shari's eyes as she sits on the shower floor and opens her legs. She props herself with her left elbow to sit up and takes her right hand and begins to stroke her pussy opening them up with her fingers to expose her pink inner flesh. "Come and crawl for it white girl." Shari does as she is commanded and on her hands and knees crawls to Sonjia's feet and begins to kiss and lick her feet. She slowly makes her way up Sonjia's legs as Sonjia continues to stroke her pussy and talk very aggressively to Shari.

"Come show me what a white woman can do to a back pussy." When Shari is back within a couple of inches from having her mouth on Sonjia's pussy, Sonjia takes her fingers and puts them into Shari's mouth which she licks and sucks clean, then she grabs a handful of her hair and forcefully shoves Shari's face back into her. This time Shari begins with a feverish and deliberate style, taking long and hard licks with her tongue while alternating with sucking Sonjia's clit hard. This continues for another ten minutes while Sonjia either has a handful of Shari's hair or cupping the back of her head and pulling her deeply into her. Shari in the meantime never slows the pace of her licking, never slowing down only pull on Sonjia's clit with the suction from her mouth. Sonjia tells Shari to stick a finger in her, then two and finally three while she continues to give Sonjia feverish head. When Sonjia begins to lift her hips, Shari knows what that is signaling and she slips her arms under Sonjia and wraps them around her stomach as she sits up. Soon Sonjia's legs are slumped over Shari's shoulders as her bottom half is up in the air with her shoulders touching the floor, Shari is still licking her pussy in an intense way, nearly holding Sonjia upside down when Sonjia begins to cum.

"Oh yeah, fuck yeah!!" Sonjia screams as the rush of a deep orgasm comes over her. After she catches her breath, she gets on her knees in front of Shari and the two begin to kiss again. "Mmmmm, that was so good baby" Sonjia says to her. "I think I should do something very special for you" she tells her.

"I would love for you to please me" Shari tells her.

"I have something even better in mind for you. Do you trust me?"

"Yes" Shari responds.

"Come, we need to go somewhere" Sonjia informs her.

"Where?" Shari asks puzzled.

"Let's get our clothes on and I'll show you. It's not far" They go back into the locker room and quickly put their clothes on. In a quick pace the two walked out of the rec center and through the large campus.

"Where are we going?" Shari finally asks.

"My dorm room" Sonjia tells her.

"Don't you have a roommate?"

"She is gone for the weekend.

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