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Samantha spies on a nude modeling session.

Although it probably involved much more stroking of the girl's legs than was absolutely necessary.

Helen is really turned on now. She keeps telling herself to have a good wank later but a voice in side her head is telling her to make a move. Her head is swimming from the combination of the alcohol and the heady sexual innocence of her niece. She finds herself telling Jenny what beautiful legs she has. They are slim but shapely with just the right amount of point at the knee and very fine ankles. Her feet too are perfectly smooth and creamy with an even curve of her pretty toes.

'My God, you're going to drive guys wild with these pins. Wait until they see these encased in sheer nylon.

'Nylon? I would'nt wear old fashioned nylons. They are for grannies.'

'No way. They're so sexy.'


'Really. They are so feminine. I love wearing them with a nice skirt or dress. I love how men look at my legs in them. You can see them trying to work out if they are stockings or tights. They're really fixated on that.'

The girls laugh at this and then Helen says, 'Have you ever worn stockings?'

'You mean the types with the straps to hold them up?'

'Suspenders, you mean. Yeah.'


'Want to try, you'd look amazing in them. We're a similar size, You can try mine. It'll be fun'


Helen jumps up and goes to her drawer. She fishes out a set of lingerie in black satin material. She decides that it might be asking too much to offer the girl a sheer, see through set. She then gets out a pair of fine and sheer stockings and hands it all to the girl. 'You can change here. I'll go and get us another drink.'

She leaves Jenny in her bedroom and goes through to the kitchen and gets two more drinks from the fridge. She tells herself that she is not trying to get the teen drunk or dress her up for her pleasure but she is not really convinced that her motives are entirely without self-interest. She leaves it for several minutes then goes back to her room.

'Are you decent? Can I come in?'

'OK, I think so,' Helen enters and almost gasps at the sight that greets her. Jenny is kitted out in the bra and panties and has the stockings on her legs. The sight is stunning and the girl does a little twirl and says 'What do you think?'

'Gorgeous, really. You look amazing. Knock out. So grown up. Come and see.' She guides Jenny to the mirror and helps her to look at herself. Helen is aware that she is touching and stroking the young girl but relieved to see that jenny hasn't noticed and is just talking animatedly about how nice the underwear looks and feels.

'So do you wear this stuff a lot?'

'Not everyday, well sometimes. But mostly for special occasions and dates when I've decided that they're going to get lucky.' Realising what she has just said to her neice, Helen tries to correct. 'It's just nice to feel dressed up, I mean.' But they both laugh at what they each know she really meant. Helen then notices that Jenny has done up the suspenders with the knickers underneath. 'Look, silly, you've got it wrong.' She chastises good naturedly. 'Let me fix you.' With that Helen kneels down and undoes the suspenders and feeds them under the pants. 'You see if they are like that then you can't get your pants off if you need to pee.'

'Or to get shagged.' Jenny taunts.

'I don't know what you mean, Missy.' As she re-fastens each one she is aware of how soft and smooth Jenny's thighs feel and its all she can do not to kiss them. But as she is straightening the tops of the stockings her knuckle bumps the crotch of the panties.

Jenny twitches and gasps and they make eye contact. Both are embarrassed but Helen manages to say 'I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?'

'No. Not... Its ok, just...'


'Its just.. It know..nice'

'Nice was it? Would you like me to do it again?' Without waiting for a reply Helen runs her finger along the girl's crotch.

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