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My first shower with Mistress.

The light touch normally wouldn't bother me, but the spanking left me so sensitive that I gasp. I hear you chuckle. Then you plunge two fingers inside my pussy. We are both surprised by how wet I am as your fingers slide in easily. I moan as you slide them back out. Without warning you unleash a flurry of slaps on my ass. It's almost as if you are angry that I am wet, that even though I am frightened and unsure about what is happening I am still excited. I cry out as you punish me, hardly able to catch my breath.

You take a break, and I turn my head to look up at you. "What do you want from me," I plead, the tears forming in my eyes. You think for a minute, then tell me to stand up. I struggle to compose myself as I pull my skirt back down and stand before you. "Strip," you command. Not sure what else to do, I obey.

My fingers shake as I unbutton my shirt and peel it off my shoulders. I reach around behind me and unzip my skirt and drop it to the floor. I'm left wearing my red mesh bra and matching bikini, along with my black patent leather heels. Stripper shoes, you've joked in the past. I pause, unsure if you want me naked or not. "Loose the underwear, keep the shoes." I search your face to see if you are serious. You are. I unhook the front closure of my bra and my breasts spill out as I drop the bra to the floor. Finally I hook my thumbs under the sides of my panties and slide them down over my hips and past my heels. I straighten up and stand before you completely naked and vulnerable.

You don't say anything, just gesture me to come closer. I do, expecting that I have to undress you now. I get right in front of you and you reach up towards my chest. I think you are going to caress me. Instead you open your hand and slap my left breast. Again I gasp, surprised by you. You slap it again, watching it swing as it reddens. I start to back away. You reach out with your other hand and squeeze my right nipple hard. If I try to pull away it hurts even more, so I have no choice but to stand there and let you spank my tits. I moan as you work them, slapping and pinching me until I can barely stand. Finally you stop.

"I'll tell you what I want from you," you say as you stand up and start unbuttoning your pants. "I want to take you up the ass. Get on all fours." You jerk your head towards the bed. I hesitate for a moment. All the anal play we've done before has been gentle and easy, taking our time to make it as comfortable as possible. I can tell today you are in no mood to be gentle, and that scares me. You pull your belt out of the loops and swing it at me. It snaps against my upper thigh, leaving a welt behind. That's all the motivation I need. I climb onto the bed onto my hands and knees, ass up in the air. I bury my face in the pillow and wait to see how this plays out.

I feel you settle on the bed behind me. I hear you unzip your fly and take your cock out. You aren't even going to bother getting undressed for this. You grab the bottle of lube from the bedside table and I'm grateful that you at least aren't going to try to take me dry. I feel a couple of cold drops on my asshole, which makes it tighten up. You spread a little on yourself. Then I feel the head of your cock nudging against my back door.

I exhale as the tip gains entry inside me.

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