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A serving girl feels her passion returned by the monk.

She had an active tongue and supple lips and her soft mews were music to my ears.

My cock was instantly hard and her hand quickly found my bulge as we kissed hard and deep.

His horn sounded breaking the spell between Trina and I and I quickly fired up the big V8 engine.

"Ooh, I like that," Trina purred as the car shook from the rumble of the engine. I'd poured money into it over the last few years and while it was frighteningly fast it was much less civilized than it had been when it rolled off the assembly line in Bowling Green Kentucky. Her hand remained on my dick and I shifted in my seat to get comfortable with my cock straining against my jeans. I slipped the car into first and followed Max out onto the empty four lane road.

We pulled into the Holiday Inn Express parking lot a few minutes later and I followed Trina to the building. My heart was racing and my mind was reeling. I was delirious from lack of sleep and I was ravenous from a recent lack of sex. I watched Trina's beautiful round ass sway gently with each step and for some strange reason I got even more excited when she grabbed Max's hand and pulled him into a passionate embrace. I'd never seen two people fuck but I'd always had some voyeuristic tendencies.

My dick grew painfully hard in my pants as I watched them kiss. Trina's small pale hands roamed over his back and she shamelessly ground her body against his while her tongue plunged deep inside his eager mouth. I could tell that she was used to being in control and that excited me. I'd often tried, to no avail, to get my ex wife to take control or even to initiate sex but she was as submissive as humanly possible and eventually I'd given up trying. In my mind that had been the beginning of the end for us but we'd maintained a lie for several more years before she found someone else. I'd always been a natually dominant person in everyday life but I'd discovered early in life that I craved the freedom of being submissive in bed and I hoped that I'd read Trina right.

She led us down the hall her soft hands gripped my, and Max's, hands. She stopped in front of a first floor room and looked expectantly at him. He quickly fumbled with his wallet and dug out his key card as she pressed her thick curvaceous body against me and beckoned my lips to hers.

Her warm supple lips met mine and her aggressive tongue plunged into my mouth. Her hands clutched at my ass and our tongues entwined in a deep passionate kiss. I hadn't been kissed like that in several months and she set my body on fire by the time Max opened the door.

I stumbled into their room, my cock threatening to rip through my zipper, as Trina and I kissed. My hands moved to her ample breasts and I knew instantly that they were god given and not enhanced. I felt Max move behind her and he lifted her tight blue dress over her head. He'd already stripped his clothes off and my eyes grew wide when I saw his big hard dick. I had never seen another man's dick in person and my only frames of reference was my dick and those I'd seen in porn and he compared favorably with both. It was long and straight with a bulbous tip and a thick shaft.

Max unfastened Trina's bra and she let it slide down her arms and fall to the floor letting my eyes feast on the magnificence of her big natural breasts. She wore no panties and I slid one hand between us, my fingers curling over her neatly trimmed pussy, as we continued to kiss deep and wet.

"Mmm," Trina cooed into my mouth. Her soft naked body melted against me and she spread her legs shoulder width allowing my fingers to slip between the slick wet folds of her wanton cunt. Her copious juices soaked my hand and my other hand held her head tight.

Max moved next to me and tugged off my shirt forcing my lips away from Trina's for s moment before we kissed again.

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