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Asian-American coed is blackmailed and humiliated.

"Oh..." she said, blushing. "Well, looks like I'm the only one crazy enough to do it! I've done it, only twice, and only in my freshman year."

"What?" Scarlett blurted out, clearly surprised. "And you've never told me about it?"

"No! I didn't tell anyone about it! But we weren't so close back then, so..."

"Well?" Judd asked, all the while placing his arm around Scarlett's shoulders and hugging her tightly. "How was it?"

"Crazy! I was single at the time, not even a sexual partner. One of my roommates, as I lived in a very inexpensive commune, invited me to an orgy one night. He was very nervous and I could guess that he wanted to fuck me. I said I'd try, but made it clear that we would not have sex together because I didn't want my daily life to be awkward with him."

"Poor guy..." I said, and the others laughed.

Karianne smiled and said "Now, now... It's not that bad. Let me finish. I was very nervous the first time I went, both fascinated and frightened by it all. We were in a huge house with people fucking everywhere. There must have been fifty people in that house... The second time I went, I was much more at ease, and ended up fucking so many-" Karianne stopped, and was suddenly very shy about it, not wanting to tell the number. "Let's just say that I fucked a lot of people that night. And at one point, I was on all fours sucking a cock and being fucked from behind. As a guy pulled away from my pussy, another one replaced him, and at one point I looked back and it was my roommate. I just sighed and let him have me. He came inside me, with a condom of course, and afterwards he simply lay there contended on the floor, looking at me being taken by- Oh fuck!" she swore, laughing. "I've never told that story and it makes me look like a fucking slut!"

We laughed with her, and Scarlett leaned forward, saying "Never fear, my little love bird. I'm probably wetter than this jacuzzi right now."

"And I'm pretty sure," I added, "that Judd and I are both hard enough to recreate that scene where you suck one cock and are fucked by another one."

Karianne smiled, and suddenly asked "So, are we going to have an orgy this week?"

There was a brief silence in the jacuzzi, where we all looked at each other. Judd asked, while he was now clearly fondling Scarlett's breasts, "If we need more than four people, how are we going to find people willing to do that?"

"Oh, I don't think that's going to be a problem..." I said. "We just have to let you two" I said, looking at both girls, "walk around in your bikinis and see which couples look up and smile as they talk about you."

"Wait a minute now!" Scarlett said. "I don't mind when the four of us fuck-"

But she was interrupted by Karianne. "Don't mind? You gush like a damned fountain when we do!"

"Ok ok..." she conceded, smiling. "But with complete strangers?"

"Of course." Karianne said. "Are you sure you want to run into those people afterwards?"

"I get that, but still... I've never had true one night stands in my life. Heck! John here is probably the guy I've had sex with that I knew the least." she grinned, looking at me. "Damned, dominating beast!"

We laughed at the joke, as Karianne and Judd already knew that Scarlett liked to be dominated in bed, and that sometimes I needed some prodding to become that dominant. "Come to think of it, I didn't really know Judd either when we had our first foursome... Am I turning into a slut?"

"Nah," came Karianne's reply. "Just revealing your true nature as a sex-obsessed feminist!"

As we laughed, Scarlett opened her mouth, looking furious. But she soon closed it, a baffled expression on her face. "Well, maybe."

After the laughter settled, I looked at Scarlett and asked "Are you serious? You're really opened to the idea?"

"But of course my love... As long as you're here with me, there isn't much I wouldn't be willing to try."

"Awww... Isn't that cute!" said Karianne.

As the joking and teasing piled up, I couldn't hel

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