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Xena has some extremely shocking news for Gabrielle.

I kept stealing glances at him when the precum wetness flowing from the head of his cock touched my hand. I was wondering how much longer it was going to be before he was going to cum. Charles then slid off the couch and got down in front of me, my hand already missing the heat of his cock. I looked at him wondering what he was going to do, but it didn't take long to find out. He quickly brought his mouth down over the head of my cock moving it around in his mouth for a minute or so and running his tongue around it. It felt heavenly and my groan of pleasure told him so. He lifted off just for a second to smile at me then slid my cock back in. This time he began moving up and down, going almost all the way down to the base. I could feel the back of his throat against the tip each time he went down. I couldn't concentrate one bit on the movie anymore and was just staring at him while his mouth worked it's magic on me. It wasn't long at all before I felt my cum working it's way up from deep inside me. My breathing got heavier and heavier and he seemed to suck harder and harder on me. Suddenly, I felt the first wave of pleasure hit me as I began to cum in his mouth, throbbing over and over again. He stopped moving up and down on me, just holding it in his mouth as he swallowed my hot seed. It seemed like forever but he soon released my cock from his

lips, a small trail of cum dripping down his chin. I just laid back there on the couch in warm post orgasmic bliss.

Charles then moved back up beside me on the couch, his cock still hard as a rock and sticking out of his pants. We started watching the movie again and my hand found his dick once more. After a short time, he said he wanted to try something

else and told me to lay face down on the floor. I wasn't sure what he wanted to do at first, but laid down for him anyway. He disappeared into the bathroom for a minute but soon came back with a bottle of lotion. Still confused at what he wanted to do, especially when he squirted a bunch of the lotion onto his hand and rubbed it all over his erection. He then got down behind me and put some on my ass! Whoa, he wanted to put his cock in my ass! I rolled over in fear and he said to just relax and it wouldn't hurt. Sounded like he had done this before.

Anyway, I trusted him and rolled back over, giving him full access to my ass. He positioned himself over me and I felt the bulbous head of his slippery cock slide in between my ass cheeks and stop at the entrance. He then began to push against my small opening as I resisted a bit. He asked me to relax and pushed more. I bit my lower lip as his pressure increased. Then suddenly my

asshole gave way and the huge head was inside. Arrrgghhh! It hurt like hell and I asked him to stop! He stopped pushing and kept reassuring me that it would stop if I just relaxed. I tried as best as I could and the pain seemed to subside a bit. He then pushed on deeper into my rectum, filling me with his huge member until I felt his balls against me. It felt like I needed to take a huge shit but all that was inside me was his massive tool! Charles stopped moving briefly allowing me to adjust somewhat. He then began to slowly withdraw about halfway then pushing it back in, each time causing me to groan very loud. After moving in and out a little, he started a nice rhythm, filling my tortured ass over and over. My cock started to get hard again, and the pain was gradually being replaced by pleasure as I moaned for him to fuck me. I almost couldn't

believe that I was enjoying being impaled on him like that.

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