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Returning for apologies.


"See, I told you so," I said taunting her. I'd always thought her antics with so many of the new amateur mature models was a bad idea. It had all started with Allison, who been back repeatedly for numerous lesbian video presentations. We finally had her host her own regular show called 'Sapphic Orgy Party'. The last segment featured a panel of five older women, including Allison teaching the joys of girl-on-girl sex to a pair of pretty young college girls.

Allison had proven to be amazingly popular with viewers. Everyone wanted to see how the slender redhead would convince a younger woman that they deserved to explore her bisexual nature. The show was a round table where the young women usually confessed that they'd always been curious about trying sex with another woman but had been too afraid to try it.

"Is it the social stigma?" Allison asked one pretty blonde former state beauty pageant winner. She was a statuesque girl with big blue eyes and an apple pie look of purity.

"What would my boyfriend think?" the girl asked with her legs tightly crossed and one foot jiggling itself.

"She's clearly starting to masturbate herself," suggested one of the interactive viewers on the live audio feed.

"Tiffany, your boyfriend would love you to know that you enjoy other women. All men do. They spend at least a total of an hour a day fantasizing about that. My husband and I have the best sex of our marriage, not that he's seen me with other women."

The show almost always ended with seven naked women in a pile pleasuring each other. It was our first two-hour block of time. It also had the highest number of female viewers and requests to be on it.

Ever since her first encounter with Allison, Dolly had developed a thing for redheads and made a play for nearly everyone who came to our studios. I knew it could lead to trouble.

"As for you, Chelsey, you cannot have sex with other employees, either. You've been fucked by the IT guy, the camera crew and the lighting director; and at one time, all at the same time."

My face grew red. I'd thought they agreed to keep it secret. I happened after one of our most successful video presentations, called Lady's Choice. The show featured women cougars selecting from a group of unseen younger men based upon viewers urging. On that particular show, a forty-five-year-old knockout blonde named ShannonSux2087 broke a voter tie between two eighteen-year-old college soccer players. She insisted upon taking on both, until she'd exhausted each and then finished off with the remaining male contestants.

"The rating went through the roof. It was my way of inspiring the staff for all their hard work on the segment," I said before realizing how lame the excuse sounded.

"That can lead to a lawsuit. You cannot have sex with your employees, unless it for one of your shows or photo sessions. You want to inspire, give cash bonuses," Harvey had admonished in no uncertain tones.

"But all the women I've been coaching are amateurs; unpaid volunteers, really. They just want to show how sexy women over thirty can be," Dolly said apparently hoping for a legal loophole.

"That doesn't matter. The law sees them as temporary unpaid employees, subject to the same protections of any of your other workers. You'll have to keep your hands off of them, unless it's in front of a lens."

Dolly looked at me. "For the sake of argument, can I seduce Chelsey, since we're partners in this?"

"Sure, your equals, go at each other all you want."

She jokingly leered at me and licked her lips. We only had sex on camera, and our segments were getting to be fewer and fewer as our viewers demanded new faces, and we became more involved running the day to day operations.

In the six months since our first live feed video segment, things exploded visitor-wise and with expanding operations.

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