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A snow storm, a mystery cabin and the mystery man.

ert during the attack of my soldiers, will she?"

A horrified expression crossed the Prince's face, which made Aishia laugh out loud. Tossing back her head, the mane of her hair swept around her naked breasts like a cloud.

The Prince stammered out weakly: "I...I...I will do what it takes to please you more than Helen does."

"Great - I________m going to have some amazing fun playing with both of you."

"Let's start with learning some manners _____" from now on I am nothing but your 'Supreme Owner and Divine Queen' to you! You got that?"

"Yes, my Supreme Owner and Divine Queen." pressed Ilirabih through is lips, struggling hard to repress his rising anger.

Ilirabih squeezed his eyes shut and dug his fingers into his palms _____" fighting to remain motionless.

"You're learning fast. I like that!" Her eyes glared at him.

"Okay - ready for the second lesson? When I walk, I expect you to follow me on your knees and kiss the places where my feet have touched the marble floor."

Menacingly she walked away from him, granting Prince Ilirabih a look at her whole body.

The young goddess was dressed in a sleeveless white over-garment in a very sexy one shoulder style and long flowing panel in back, highlighted by a shimmery silver border.

The golden glowing of her arms and shoulders created a marvelous contract to the whiteness of her dress. In fact her skin looked really goddess-like: taut, firm, silky-smooth and free of any imperfection. The Prince's cock began to ache.

But then the Goddess turned around to look after him. As she saw him still standing her expression turned cold in anger.

"Don't tax my patience by playing deaf! Your are to follow me on your knees and kissing the floor."

She had placed her hands on her hips, her legs were slightly parted. The coiled poise of her excitingly taut body was as threatening as her words Still the Prince tried hard to remain strong and not to give in to her crazy demands.

"No _____" a Royal Prince like me can't undergo such a disgracing act!" Ilirabih quietly argued.

Goddess Aishia just sighed at his response, shaking her head in disapproval. But suddenly as devilish smirk appeared at her lips and approached back to him.

"Very well, then I'm afraid that I will have to use more convincing methods to train you," she cooed, while her fingers slowly pinching a fold of skin from his cheek and rested a nail point at either side.

"You can whip me as long as you want - you will never break my spirit. The spirit of a Canaan Prince can never be broken." he said a little too quickly to express real confidence in his words.

The Goddess smiled and released his cheek. "Who has said that I will need a whip to break you? No - your lovely body would bring me much more pleasure if I leave it intact."

The Prince decided that it might be better to mute for a while and wait for the things she was going to inflict upon him.

Aishia just needed to snap her manicured fingers and Priestess Amisi steeped forward, ready to receive a new command from her Goddess.

"Go and get me some 'wafers of persuasion'!" Amisi was ordered and instantly returned a knowing smirk to Aishia. At the next moment Amisi was already walking away to fetch these obscure wafers of persuasion, which Ilirabih never had heard before. So he remained wondering whether his beautiful captor was going to force the Prince into submission by throwing wafers at him?!

The Priestess had nearly left the chamber, when Aishia shouted behind her: "Wait! Bring a bowl of cold Irep Dedjem for me as well!"

(Irep Dedjem is the Egyptian name for the exclusive beverage that is nowadays known as sweet wine.)

The echo of the Priestess' footsteps slowly faded away and for the first time the Prince found himself being totally alone in the intimidating presence of Goddess Aishia.

He stood still and quietly savoring the awkward moment in his mind. But soon his look cautiously began to flick out over his new 'owner'. With her tall body and her self-assured aura the so-called 'Goddess' indeed seemed to be an icon of divine femininity.

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