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He felt her lips again, lightly kissing his forehead, his eyelids, his cheek and then his lips. Her full breasts brushed his chest as her soft lips melted into his.

Again he felt her hands on his chest, fingertips lightly pinching his nipples as his mouth instinctively opened to allow her playful tongue in. His own hands slid over the curve of her hips, caressing the soft flesh of her beautiful round bottom.

He drew her tongue deeper into his mouth, sucking it gently as her fingertips rolled his sensitive nipples.

And then, her tongue was gone, her lips moving to the curve of his neck, kissing and lightly licking the skin, sending a tingle through his body. As she slid lower, her hands left his chest, one slipping down to cup the bulge in his shorts as her soft lips found one of his nipples.

He smiled again, he had always loved it when a woman paid attention to his nipples, and yet she was the first that he had been with that seemed to truly enjoy it. His fingertips found her hair, stroking it softly as she kissed and licked and lightly nipped him with her teeth.

Her fingers had found the button of his shorts, undoing it and sliding the zipper downward. He raised his hips for her, and she quickly slid his shorts and briefs from him, baring his body completely.

Lips and fingertips moved to his chest again as she caressed and teased him. Her big breasts pressed into his belly and he closed his eyes to savor the sweet sensations of what she was doing to him.

Her lips dipped lower, tongue trailing downward, fingernails lightly teasing his nipples. He felt her taut nipple trail over the length of his rock hard shaft as her tongue dipped into his navel. She moved slightly, allowing his cock to nestle into the deep cleavage between her two beautiful globes of flesh.

His own fingertips stroked her hair and cheeks as she teased him. Her body rocked gently, massaging his engorged flesh with those magnificent breasts.

"Suck me" he moaned, his need more urgent.

She lifted her head a moment, their eyes meeting, a coy smile on her lips. "Relax" she whispered, "just enjoy." Her head dipped again, tongue now swirling over his lower belly, trailing slowly downward.

Her lips avoided his cock, moving to the soft skin of his inner thigh. Her hot tongue washed the smooth skin, tantalizing close to his testicles, yet making sure to avoid any contact.

"Please!" he begged, his body trembling at movements.

She lifted up again, moving across to swirl her tongue over his other inner thigh, lifting her lips and blowing softly against the flesh of his sac. Her fingertips continued teasing his nipples, nails raking lightly against them.

He was almost in pain; he wanted her mouth so badly.

Finally, after what seemed to him to be an eternity, her sweet tongue flicked against his sensitive sac, running slowly over the tiny ridges, moving toward the base of his cock. She licked upward, her tongue teasing the big vein on the underside of his shaft. Her mouth was incredibly hot against him and involuntary moans escaped his throat.

She moved slowly, enjoying the feel of his cock against her lips and tongue and loving the reaction her teasing was eliciting from him.

Her lips found the swollen crown of him, sucking it softly, and the tip of her tongue playing against the slit. The salty sweet taste of his precum tantalized her taste buds as she ministered lovingly to his manhood.

One hand slid from his chest, sliding lower, fingernails tracing over his taut sac as her lips began sliding down his engorged shaft.

Her skilled mouth moved ever so slowly up and down his flesh, tongue swirling, exerting pressure against the most sensitive places that she had come to know so well these past few days.

He was in her control now, and he could tell by her moans and movements that she wanted him to cum in her hot mouth.

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