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Leanna gets more than she bargained for at the ball.

I turned off the water and exited the shower.

Jean was standing there naked. "Well, was it a success?" she asked.

"Yes, I believe it was, but judge from yourself."

She ran her fingertips along my face and said, "It's so smooth. Very kissable."

She came up to me and kissed me. "Hmmm, I like that," she said. "And you smell so clean."

I toweled my face and body dry.

She said, "Let me put some lotion on it to keep it from getting irritated."

She rubbed lotion on it and then took me by the hand into the bedroom.

She said, "Here's the real test."

She lay on the bed and opened her legs. "Make love to me with your mouth, please."

I looked at her wide-open slit and crawled on the bed and pressed my face against her. As my beardless skin touched her, she suppressed a groan, telling me how good it felt and what a turn-on it was to have my soft skin against her pink flesh. I knew it wouldn't be long before she was climaxing and I was right. She came quickly, more aroused by the sensation of my hairless face than my actual tonguing.

I washed my face and joined her in bed. She stroked my face telling me how sexy she thought it was. I admitted I too liked the feel of my new face. We kissed a lot as she was obviously enjoying the feel of our skin-on-skin contact bereft of hair.

I started to get up and get dressed and she said, "Leave the door locked. I want to sleep like we did last night."

I spooned against her and she quickly fell asleep cradled in her arms. As I drifted off I wondered, "What will tomorrow bring?"

I awoke on Tuesday, much the same as Monday, wrapped in Jean's arms. I got up, hit the bathroom. Standing there urinating it felt strange to see my penis void of hair. I felt as though I were looking at another man's cock. I decided I needed a quick shower to fully awake. I let the water hit my face as I felt the air get cool. Jean climbed in and pressed herself against me.

I turned around and said, "Good morning."

She kissed me. I felt myself getting hard, but knew we didn't have the time.

"That was nice last night," I whispered.

She nodded in agreement. I exited the shower and toweled off. It wasn't until I had the cream in my hand that I realized I didn't need to shave. I felt my face and had to admit I loved the way it felt. I had always detested shaving, but figured it was the price one paid for being a man. I looked at my body running my hands over my now smooth skin. I dressed and began making breakfast while Jean finished her shower and dressed.

Jean got the kids ready for school as I cooked up a hearty meal. We ate breakfast. I could feel her looking at me the entire time. I smiled at her and she squeezed my leg. She took the kids to school while I cleaned the kitchen before hurrying off to work.

With the exception of more meetings, Tuesday was a repeat of Monday. I did have to forego a lunch-time run as I didn't want to be seen in the shower by my fellow runners, all of whom still had their body hair. I left work a little early hoping to get in a run once I got home. I arrived home. The kids were doing their homework or playing. Jean was watching t.v. and talking on the phone. I waved hi, went into our bedroom and changed into my running gear. I went in the front yard and did some warm up stretches. Frank and his wife were sitting on the front porch swing. We said hello to each other. As I stretched I could feel Frank's eyes on me.

Up until Sunday evening I was completely in the dark concerning Jean and Frank.

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