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Dominant Asian Female Colleague Destroys my Career.

I pull you into me, kissing your neck and nibbling your ears. My right hand lightly glides up your leg from your knee to your pussy, as I caress your breast. Backing you to the wall, I kiss you deeply, holding your face with both hands. Our tongues lightly explore as our excitement builds. My hand drifts down to your pussy, gently rubbing you through your pants. Your hips come off the wall, meeting my stroking hand, as I kiss your neck. Your eyes give away your pleasure.

As we kiss, I slowly unbutton your blouse. You have carefully planned for this day, as your open blouse reveals a very sexy bra that instantly excites me. You clearly know what I like! I feverishly cover your neck, shoulders and stomach with kisses. Working my way down to your hips, I unbutton your pants and slowly glide your pants down to your thighs. Your sexy panties are an incredible turn on, and I kiss your pussy through the light material that covers my ultimate desire. My hands are cupping your bottom as I pull your pussy close to my face, kissing and gently biting your sex. You moan with pleasure, pulling my head into you.

I rise up your body, kissing your warm skin and trailing my finger tips along the way. As I kiss your waiting mouth, I lead you to the bed. Laying you on your back, I run my hands through your hair, kissing your neck and pulling your body into me. I kiss and caress your breasts as your head rolls back and you close your eyes. Slowly removing your bra, I eagerly take your breast into my mouth, licking your nipple as I caress your other breast with my hand. I am flicking my tongue on your erect nipples, alternating between kissing, nibbling and caressing. Your back is arching as I slowly glide my hand down to your hips. I can clearly feel your excitement as I reach your damp pussy, stroking your pussy through your panties. Gently, I slide a finger under your panties and trace your lips as I kiss and nibble your breasts. Your moaning excites me and I work my way down your stomach and hips, arriving at your pussy. Kissing your hips and pussy, I slowly remove your sexy panties as I caress your breasts and gently squeeze your nipples. You are completely naked, and your hard nipples and moist pussy excite me.

I am kissing your hips and inner thighs, occasionally flicking my tongue at your waiting pussy. I can wait not longer and begin to devour your wet sex. My tongue explores your pussy and I lock in on your clit. I slowly stimulate your clit with my tongue as your head rolls back, with eyes closed and you running your tongue along your lips. You are caressing your breasts and gently squeeze your nipples. This is a turn on for me, and I increase the pace with which I am licking and kissing your moist pussy, stimulating your clit with increasing pressure.

I move back up your body, kissing your warm skin. You roll me on my back, unbuttoning my shirt and kissing my chest as you remove my shirt. Your hand is stroking my hard cock through my pants. Unbuttoning my pants, you slowly remove my cock and deftly lick the tip with your hot tongue. Removing my pants, you are kissing my hips and thighs as you stroke my cock. As you take my hard cock into your warm mouth, I pull your pussy to my waiting mouth and feverishly lick and kiss your moist pussy. We slowly stimulate each others sex, licking, kissing and nibbling. You slide your wet pussy down my chest and turn to face me, sitting on my hips and stroking my hard cock. You place a condom on my stiff cock as my head rolls back and my eyes gently close.

You slowly place your wet pussy atop my hard cock and glide my stiff shaft into your waiting pussy.

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