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Chris and Pete uncover a large can of worms.

Richard got hard watching his wife work her mouth up and down my thick cock. Not wanting him to be left out, she took turns sucking his dick and mine. She was quite the busy woman and after several minutes, I couldn't hold back any longer and came on her face. Richard was close behind me and soaked his wife's beautiful face with his hot seed. Angie was covered with two loads of jizz and it matted in her hair, trickled down her body, pooling on her breasts. I thought it was as hot as any porn movie I had seen. Angie went to shower and clean herself up, while we chatted about football and swigged our drinks. She came back refreshed and raring to go.

"That dick of yours looks like it will make a fun ride," she said grabbing my hand. She pushed me down on a bed. I lay back with my hands behind my head and watched as she grabbed my dick and eased it slowly into her wet pussy, as Richard sat in the corner watching. She made a low moaning sound as her pussy swallowed all seven inches of my cock. Finally, I was in all the way and it felt nice and snug. She placed her hands on my chest and began grinding her hips against me. Eventually, she began thrashing away on my cock and bouncing up and down on my hips. I watched her getting wilder and wilder. Her hair was flying around and I could feel her sweat dripping on me. I knew she was getting close and soon she stiffened up, clutched her breasts and climaxed. It must have been a strong orgasm, because I felt her pussy clenching around my dick and milking an orgasm out of me. Angie collapsed and kissed my lips. As she lay on top of me she whispered, "Oh my god, I came so hard, that was great."

I grabbed a nearby towel and patted us both dry from the sweat that built up from our exertions. Angie was ready again. I told her I wanted to fuck her doggie style and she was eager to oblige. She got on her knees and bent over, spreading her soft ass. I got a good look at her wet cunt and puckered rose bud. I was soon hard again. I gave her ass a gentle slap and eased my cock into her wet folds. She felt soft and inviting and moaned as I sunk my cock into her.

"Oh yeah, fuck me hard," she saId. "I want it deep."

I grabbed her wide hips and fucked her good. Every time I thrust into her, she gave a little moan. Richard was getting turned on by his wife's performance and was hard again. He got on his knees in front of her and fed her his cock. Now every time I pounded her ass, all I heard was gagging sounds, but that was sexy too. Richard and I thrust away at Angie for 30 minutes, until he came first, in an eruption of cum that seeped out of Angie's mouth. Seeing that set me off and I shot a hot load of cum into Angie's snatch and stuck my finger into her ass for good measure. I didn't hear Angie cum. But she looked pretty dazed after I pulled out of her and lay on the bed with a far away look, so I figured she must have climaxed. As I was banging Angie, I noticed a small group of people had gathered at the doorway. A lot of going to a swing club is obviously about sex, but I guess I'm also a bit of an exhibitionist. It's a turn on to be watched when you are fucking..

I jumped in the shower and rinsed the cum and sweat off my body.

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