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He showed her what she really needed.

She huffed lightly and made the choice, moving to just every slightly push her hand down his chest once more, down past his navel and onto the waistband of his pants. Her leg had moved from over him and she shifted, scooting down the bed till she was even lips to hips. Pulling at his pants she held her breath, releasing it in a slow hiss as his hardened cock was revealed to her. Between seven to eight inches in length, it throbbed furiously as if it ached to be touched. Her mouth salivated profusely as she stared, and before she knew what she was doing, her mouth was against the head, tongue slipped from between her lips lavishing the head with tender laps. He tasted so good, and his skin smelled like cherries and she couldn't resist anymore. Crawling she parted his legs taking place between them as her left hand reached out gripping around the middle her mouth opening wider to take the head inside of her mouth.

The moans from her throat were low like purrs as she slowly sucked him, her tongue slowly moving side to side under the ridge of his head. Every now and then she would glide it over the tip, dancing it along the slit that oozed pre cum and his hips jerked every now and then as his breath began to get heavier. Her mind played a little giggle inside at the thought of what he must be dreaming about and with gentle grace she pushed him into her mouth deeper, the bulbous head pressing to the back of her throat where her gag reflex sat. Her hand that gripped his cock moved to splay over hip pelvic bone as she set to work worshipping his cock. Her saliva pooled in her mouth, coating him with a thick layer before she began to push down, the head parting open her throat, pushing past the barrier. She had to focus, it was important and she squeezed her left thumb in her hand as she pushed down more and more against him the thick length nudging forward becoming encased in her coiling throat.

Tight muscles flexed around him as a thicker layer of throat slime coated him. As she held him in her throat she listened to his breathing, her right hand pressed against his inner thigh gripping firmly as his cock pulsated with the rhythm of his heart. Moving up his cock slowly dislodged from her throat, the sticky mess taping her chin as she took a gasping breath before moving back down taking him in. She didn't want him too far from her throats grasp as she moved up and down slowly, turning her head side to side to work every touchable inch. Her tongue slipped from her lips as it moved to lap at his heavy sac, her right hand moving to cup the cum heavy orbs massaging them eliciting a gasp of pleasure from his sleeping frame. This was so evil, so wrong to be practically molesting him but she couldn't stop - not now. Her conscious was gone, no longer trying to stop her but whispering what she should do next. Every now and then she'd pull up to allow half of his length to escape, bracing herself on a forearm as her left hand began to stroke him so she could breath.

Every twist, every swirl of her wrist drew sleepy groans from him as he pulsated in her hands.

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