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Private detective on trail of pearl necklace.

It made the heat and humidity a little more bearable, and listening to it falling on my car was rather relaxing.

Soon, though, I noticed that you shifted uneasily in your seat, and you kept plucking at your shirt. I asked what was wrong, and you said the wet shirt was getting uncomfortable.

"Well, if you really wanted to..." I began in a joking, yet hopeful voice.

"Yes?" you replied. "And what would you like me to do?"

"Well, you could take it off if you wanted. This is a rather secluded area, and it's certainly dark enough."

You smiled, and said, "But this is one of the tank-tops with the built in bra. I'm not wearing anything underneath it."

I grinned, and with a sly look said, "I know."

"I suppose I could. It would be more comfortable, and besides, you seem to want me to."

"Only if you want to."

"Uh-huh," you said as you started removing your tank-top. Draping the wet shirt over the back of your seat, you crossed your hands in front of you, shyly hiding your breasts.

"You look great, my sweet," I said, admiring your bare skin.

"Thanks. I feel more comfortable than I thought I would."

As we talked, I began to realize how uncomfortable my own wet shirt felt. So I also removed mine. "Ooo!" you said. "My sexy boy."

I smiled, and touched my hand to your cheek. "Aw," you said. "What's all this?"

"Love," I said simply. You leaned as close as you could to me over the console, and put an arm around you. We kissed. It was deep sensual kiss. My hand cupped your cheek, while the other lay on the side of your ribcage. You arms enveloped my neck.

"You know, dear. These seats recline back."

"Oh, do they now?" you said, giving me another deep kiss.

"Oh, yes, they do," I replied, running my hand just over your solar plexus.

"And just how can we use that feature?"

"Let me show you." I opened the door, and, ignoring the rain that had calmed only a little, I ran to the passenger door, opened it, and pulled the little lever that reclines the seat. The back of the seat flipped down. You leaned back into it, your hands still over your breasts, and sighed.

"Comfortable?" I asked, still getting wet outside.

"Very," you replied, closing your eyes and grinning. I put my leg over you as best I could, and closed the door. I dripped water on you.

"Hey, hey. Now I'm getting wet again!"

"Sorry," I said, and wiped myself with the damp towel. "That should be a little better."

"Now what?" you asked.

"Well, first you should uncross your hands, and put them around me."

"With pleasure." I let your arms envelope me as I sank down onto your body. I could feel the soft skin of your breasts again my chest. We kissed.

"Okay, now what?" you asked again.

"Now we love each other," I said, blending my lips with yours again.

"With pleasure," you said in between a breath.

Topless and wet, we made out. Suddenly you broke the kiss, needing to catch your breath. You said, "Hey, Scott...what's that I feel?"

I pressed my bulge against you, and replied, "Oh, you know. The physical manifestation of my love for you."

"Oh, well I like it."

I sat up enough to move my right leg between your legs, and followed it with my left, you spread your legs for me, and I pressed my swollen penis again the heat between your legs. A moan escaped both our lips.

"Scott, I want you," you sighed.

"I want you too, Sarah" I said, my voice heavy with lust.

"How far do you want to go?"

"As far as you're willing."

You laughed. "Then we should have brought condoms."

"We're already being dangerous. Why not go without?"

"Okay," you said, smiling.

I realized how difficult it would be in this position to remove the rest of our clothing, so I swung my legs over yours again, and let you remove your pants and panties.

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