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New ex-virgin agrees to get wild.

"Oh god..." she moaned out. She was aroused and very aware of how wet her arousal was. She could smell the scent of her sex in the air. Her hips began to slowly swivel in circles, urging him to continue rimming her.

He was leaning forward against the table with his face pressed against her ass and his tongue working its way inside her. He was tonguing her hole then pulling out to lick and kiss gently around the tight opening. He released her right cheek from his hand and slid his arm underneath, then through her bent legs, his fingertips finding her dripping sex. His fingers slid slowly from her sex up to her mound, barely grazing her clit. She was moaning and crying out nonsense as his tongue swirled in her asshole and his fingertips tickled her wet folds.

She felt all the muscles in her body clench and tighten. This was the first sign of her body approaching orgasm. Soon her skin would break out in a hint of sweat, her breath would catch deep in her throat, and she'd be reduced to a quivering lump of flesh, connected only to her clit and cunt. She'd make raspy moans that sounded like trapped screams and her sighs would be loud and jagged. She hadn't felt the approach of an orgasm in over months. Not since...him. She squeezed her eyes shut and forced the image of his face to fade away into blackness. Fuck. You. Her hips began to rock and swivel. Just as she predicted, she felt her skin take on the slick coolness of glazed sweat. "Oh god, yes!" she couldn't help it, the words tumbled out of her mouth and in front of her she clasped her hands in fists, bearing down for the orgasm that she knew would rack her body.

She felt his teeth nip at a cleft of flesh near her asshole and then he pulled his hands away, she could hear the rustle of his clothes stepping away from the table. She automatically let out a strangled sigh of disappointment. She turned around to look over her shoulder at him standing a few feet away. He raised his eyebrows at her. "How badly do you want this orgasm?" He folded his hands casually across his chest.

Her head fell forward in defeat and she turned to face the wall again. She knew this was all part of the game, the buildup of pleasure and torture. Sometimes sex was so complicated. Oh, all in theory it was easy but here it was being so fuckin complicated again. The cool air on her exposed wet flesh made her shudder and that bodily sensation brought her back into the moment, appeasing her frustration slightly. It was just bad timing. She felt as if not just her sex but also her heart had recently been swatted back and forth, some sick male game of amusement. She was tired of feeling let down. Tired of feeling used up. Tired of her broken heart. She just wanted to fuck it away. Feel it wash out of her in the rush of an orgasm.

"I..." her voice wavered slightly. She turned her head over her shoulder again so that she wasn't speaking to the wall. She had more resolve than this. It's just sex. A game that she can't afford to lose. "I want to cum...very badly...very fuckin badly. Please make me cum." She rotated her hips slowly in a circle and tried to ignore the heaviness of the silence. He was watching her with a slight smile across his face but he wasn't moving. Her head fell forward to face the wall again and she shifted her weight and...ah, fuck it. She could do better than this. Her hand unclenched from the edge of the table and slowly she bought it up between her thighs. He wanted to play stoic bored master? Well, she knew how to at least get a reaction from him. Her fingers played over her wet outer lips and defiantly her finger slid upwards to circle over her clit.

Immediately she heard his weight hit against the table and then it was the slap of his hand ricocheting off her soft ass.

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