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A soldier with incestuous desires becomes a superhero.

But as they got into their sex acts, the towels or blankets often got knocked off. And when they saw we were enjoying their performances, they would usually remove the covers.

We watched girls eating girls. Girls using dildos and other objects on each other, girls kissing, and girls being girls- lesbian types! As days passed, and we often watched, they became more daring. Needless to say, it became very kinky and entertaining. Soon I was masturbating Dollie and she was masturbating me, as many of the lesbians watched us too.

This seemed to happen in a few general areas for many years in a row. We made a special point in sunbathing there a few hours at least a few days of our vacations. We actually became summer friends with many of those young lesbians. No, Dollie wouldn't play games with them. I was willing. But they preferred girls! Perhaps that's why they were called lesbians!

This next description is also in other stories. I feel it necessary to paint the visual pictures of our games. My normal tan line was about one half inch wide on the sides and was just above the base of my penis. In the rear it was an inch below my butt crack.

By spring my prick was as dark brown as the rest of my body because I sunbathed with it out of my tiny swimsuit at home and in secluded places. I was proud of my tan line and made a point of keeping it. Yet, fearing complaints or arrest, I was careful where and who I exposed my cock to.

Surprisingly, gals of all ages actually asked me to hang it out to sunbath. I also made a game of this. Sometimes I'd make them beg me to hang it out. Other times I would tell them that because of possible arrest they'd have to pull it out themselves if they wanted me to have it out. Worked often!

I always covered my ass, even when it was exposed! It's much different for men to be exposed than women. They complain about the topless laws, they should walk in our shoes for awhile.

Buying me special small bikinis was Dollie's job. They had to be bikini style or smaller and easy to roll and fold to my tan lines. Also they had to be made of a stretchable material for my decent sized penis and inevitable erections that always happened around semi-clad beautiful gals.

That's another thing women don't have to worry about! More times than I wanted, I had to lay on my tummy or run into the water, as my snake came out to look around! In the case of watching those lesbians perform, I usually had to turn and lay on my stomach.

As a horny young pervert, I also had a game. I'd dig out a small hole in the sand and place my hard-on in it. Yep, I'd pound sand while watching young gals play with each other. Dollie would giggle.

What's all this have to do with getting caught? Nuthin really, except we were catching others. We'd also walk for a mile or more up the north shoreline of the park, beyond the park property line. Of course, the farther we'd walk, the less people there were.

I wrote about voyeurs in places like these in other stories. We were always looking for nice trails to follow into the brush or wherever they wandered.

We discovered a few narrow paths that went out to parking lots near a small town. Found out that locals would park there and come into the State Park free to swim and sunbath.

Also we accidentally discovered couples having sex right along the small trails, sometimes in a small opening next to a trail. Even some right in the middle of the secluded trail.

This happened more often than we expected. Usually the young couples stopped what they were doing and buried their faces in blankets or towels till we passed. Occasionally some just ignored us and went at it hot and heavy as we walked around and sometimes partially over them.

You guessed it! Dollie and I always seemed to get hot and horny at those times.

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