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Tragedy and triumph.

He slowly inserted the full nine inch length up her rectum. The burning sensation as he passed her anal ring had eased almost immediately. The fullness was uncomfortable at first, but that feeling also passed as she began to accommodate this massive invasion of her once virgin orifice. As she grew more accustomed, she decided she liked the fullness. A man she hardly new was 'raping' her ass, well she was letting him---wanting him---to rape her ass.

He began a slow deep stroke and she responded by screwing his cock with her full rear, desperately trying to get every inch inside her tender hole with each stroke. Her hand dropped to her pussy and she began to stroke her clitoris with the familiar stroke that would bring her to orgasm quickly.

He increased his pace, now banging against her well padded ass with abandon, fucking hard and deep up her stinky hole. She loved it; she wished it would never end. She'd never enjoyed any form of sex this much. It was no secret that her pussy was too large. It was also not very sensitive; no man had ever been able to satisfy her while fucking her cunt.

Her mouth was small and she was not an accomplished cock sucker. She liked the feel of a man's cock in her mouth and made up for her lack of oral expertise with enthusiasm. Sucking cock was a turn on, but nothing like she was now experiencing. For a woman her age, she had limited sexual experience and only a handful of sexual partners. Few men enjoyed fucking her pussy; none had ever fucked her in the ass. She knew her ass was sensitive and often stimulated it when she masturbated, but she could never have imagined how fulfilling anal sex with a well endowed man could be.

As he came, she felt the hot splash of his fluid drench the walls of her rectum. The physical realization that a man had just cum deep in her rectum for the first time extended her orgasm. It was the first time she had ever cum with a man's cock inside her.

His deflating cock plopped out of her well creamed ass. She missed it, instantly, wanted it hard again, she wanted it back where it belonged. He retrieved his shorts, turned her around and kissed her mouth; it was a warm, tender loving kiss. He took her hand as they moved up toward the sea wall; she noted that all of the others were out of sight. She wanted more. He was not that old; he would recover in a few minutes, wouldn't he?

At the sea wall, they began to kiss and fondle again; he boosted her up on the sea wall; he was much stronger than she had imagined. He ate her ample pussy lovingly as he thrust his hand in and out of her cunt. She came again as he inserted three fingers into her well lubricated and relaxed ass hole.

Wordlessly, they switched places; she began to enthusiastically blow him. He was different than other men whose cock she had sucked. He didn't try to fuck her mouth. He stayed perfectly still and let her accommodate him in her small mouth. She worked just the head with her lips and tongue, stroking his long cock with both hands.

He came in her mouth; she was surprised at the lack of a verbal warning. Not having blown that many men, she missed the signs of his impending orgasm. Since he had recently shot a massive load in her ass, she was able to keep from gagging as the smaller amount of cum flooded her mouth.

In the past, she had always removed a man's cock when he told her, 'I'm going to cum', jerking him off on her tits or face. She'd tasted cum, but never had a mouth full. She liked the way it felt; she liked the way it tasted. She didn't want to lose that feeling. For the first time in her life, she let it roll down her throat, extremely satisfied as this erotic new experience.

They slowly, hand in hand, worked their way down the beach toward the main resort area.

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