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She takes control of her wimpy husband.

Maggie knew her way around the joints, flea traps, pool halls, and bars in the worst parts of town. They had been her playground. She was well known as the sweet, pretty little girl of that asshole Nate.

Once, a thug had been sent to their motel room to put a hurt on Nate for some reason or another, and he'd put Maggie, who was twelve at the time, in the bathroom and told her not to come out.

He'd proceeded to beat the living shit out of Nate, and then he went into the bathroom and explained to her that Nate had done some bad things and needed to be punished. The man said that he was the one who had to punish Nate, but he wasn't really a bad man and Maggie shouldn't be afraid. And then he'd given her a stuffed animal and tousled her hair before leaving her, unharmed.

At fifteen, Maggie became more interesting to her father's friends and associates, but if she had to give Nate credit for anything, it was that he never let anyone hurt his little girl. She knew that she could very easily have been used to pay off a debt, but Nate wouldn't even consider it.

She was seventeen when Nate got popped for possession and assault. He went down hard and fast for it, getting a fifteen year sentence. Not knowing what else to do, and her only offers of assistance being tied to working a street corner, Maggie had come up with a plan.

First, she'd located a man through one of Nate's old contacts. His specialty was creating new identities, which was something Maggie felt she needed very badly. He told her, over the telephone from Boston, that he could provide her with a complete identity with everything she'd need to disappear forever, but it would cost her $50,000.

For two weeks she practiced different ways of disguising herself, from different clothes to changes in hairstyle, and even something as simple as walking differently. She found that with practice she could effectively disappear just by changing her blouse, shoes, and attitude.

When she had everything that she needed except for her new identity, Maggie broke into the home of Kenny Esposito, a local drug facilitator, and stole $75,000 in cash. She'd had to crack his head pretty good with a marble carving of an Oriental dragon, but he'd lived, and she'd disappeared.

She'd wired the money to Boston and waited impatiently for five days for the general delivery at a downtown Post Office. She heard the Esposito had survived, but he was going to tear the town apart to find the girl who had cracked his skull and blinded him in one eye.

Big padded envelope in hand, Maggie sat down on a park bench in an affluent area's playground. She opened it and pulled out a Driver's license, birth certificate, and school immunization record. Inside the envelope she saw pages and pages of documents, little cards, and even a few doctored photos.

On that day, with an envelope of identity and $22,000 in cash, Maggie Coltrane "died", and Gwen Salsbury was born.

* * * * *

"Everything I've ever told you about me was true, Steve."

"Do you want me to call you Maggie?" he asked. She hadn't moved at all in the hours that she told him her story. Her eyes were haunted and she looked like she'd just suffered a horrible accident. The thing that really bothered Steve was that he still only wanted to go over and hold her close, even after what she'd done.

"Who?" Gwen said, looking blankly at him. "If I'd been born with it, I'd probably hate it, but I love Gwendolyn, don't you?"

"Yeah," Steve said, standing up, "I think I might."

"I have to go, Gwen," Steve said. "I have responsibilities, and I'm not going to let people down because I'm personally involved in something I shouldn't be."

"Please," Gwen said, tears threatening to overflow her eyes, "I need you. I really am frightened."

"If anything was going to happen tonight, it would have already. Besides," Steve said as he unlocked the door, "if anything did go down, I'm not packing." To their credit, while they exchanged knowing glances, neither commented or laughed.

"The 'us' thing?" Steve a

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