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A High School Reunion with a few friends. be with him, to feel him naked against my own body. I was getting extremely wet and excited....thinking about it as he registered, laughing at his silly jokes, murmuring sweet nothings into his ear.

Once we reached the room, he was eager...rushing me to the bedroom....the first explosion came as he flung me on the bed, yanking up my skirt and tearing into my panties, his tongue darting forth to rove over my clit and into my cunt, curling and teasing as I writhed with intense pleasure.

Fingers sliding into his hair, tugging on the silvery brown strands, whimpering as my back arched, thighs clamped around his face, seeing the smear of my passion across one cheek as he pulls away to undress...then swiftly returning, murmuring soft words of love into my ear, teasing the delicate shell with the tip of his tongue.

His cock finding purchase as he thrusts forward, impaling himself deeply within the velvet sheath of my heat...crying out, not holding back, drenching his meat with my musky essence, rewarded with the harsh grunt of his pleasure, spurting into my womb.

Pressing tender kisses over his face, sweeping a lock of his hair back, gazing into those blue eyes that haunted my dreams, stole my soul.

Relaxing in his arms...whispering to him how much I had missed him, wanted him...noticing the slight darkening of his face, the look of pain slashing across those tanned features, followed by the slow roll of his body off mine.

His deep sigh tearing thorough me, but not as much as that softly spoken drawl..."how I wish I had met you first darling."

A sudden chill filling my heart...the coldness spreading through my limbs, like daggers of ice impaling themselves into my soul. Turning away from his naked form to curl myself into a fetal position, lashes fluttering, eyes filling with tears.

March 15th

~~~Let's make love, all night long, until all our strength is gone; hold on tight, just let go, I want to feel you in my soul..."Lets Make Love"....Tim McGraw~~~

He walked fast, tugging me along...laughing as he spun me around, catching my waist and pulling me against that rock hard body for a tender kiss, murmuring against my lips..."the car babe...? where?"

Dark eyes twinkling as I pointed it out among the few scattered here and there...whispering back..."race ya!" jerking away and quickly darting over to the parked vehicle, heels clattering, amazed that I didn't slip and fall.

Popping the trunk and then gasping as his arms encircle my waist...warm breath tickling my ear, "gotcha darling...never gonna let ya go either.." the tip of his tongue teasing my earlobe, making my knees go whisper into it..."you are mine..." dragging that teasing pink organ down the warm flesh of my neck, body shivering under the onslaught of goose bumps that appear across my skin.

The words he utters sending a deep thrill to my very soul...insides melting, cheeks flaming as I realize my inner thighs felt suddenly sticky from the spurt of arousal.

Swallows hard, turning in his arms to brush a quick kiss over his chin, murmuring in a breathless tone..."lets go love..."

Slipping into the driver seat after stowing his bags, he reached for me again, pulling me close, those lean digits of his skimming over my stocking clad thigh...making the flesh burn with desire. Blue eyes sparkling as he asks..."tell me how to get there..." starting the ignition, but not before kissing me again...whispering..."can't believe how beautiful you are...god....I love you..."

The moment we reached the hotel...we lace fingers, our eyes meeting...snatching sweet kisses in the elevator, at the door...almost falling inside the entrance to the room as he unlocks the door, lips planted firmly on mine....laughing with playfulness as he maneuvers me to the couch....already unbuttoning my blouse....eager to gaze upon the soft swells that he has yearned to touch...yet savoring every moment.

My own dark gems gazing into those blues.

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