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Beachside massage is more than we imagined.

He smiled at that, and an implausibly long ebony tongue emerged from his lips.

"Oy, vat a big tongue you have!"

He grinned and bared his fangs. "All the better to eat cha' with!" he answered. He traced the rims of her aureolas with his split tongue before taking her right nipple in his lips, raking it with his fangs, seizing it with his teeth, and shaking her gargantuan boob like a great white shark. Her massive left tit deserved no less, and so the beast surrounded its throbbing nipple with his cleft tongue, while he buried his hot thick throbbing cock in the steaming folds of her labia. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and hauled himself forwards, sliding his shaft up and down the lips of her luscious, throbbing cunt. He grabbed her long silky white hair and lifted her liver-spotted face so that he could ram his thick black tongue deeply into her helpless mouth, sending it down her throat as she closed her lips on it and sucked it harder and harder with each violent thrust. The pills were definitely working now, and she could feel the fiery hunger of her dripping gash.

The beast could also clearly feel her heat. He removed his tongue from her desperately clutching mouth and licked his way downward between her luscious heaving breasts, which he once again seized in his paws, squeezing them as his tongue travelled down her tummy, over her bellybutton, and into the lovely forest of her nether hair.

His forked tongue slithered around her clit, rhythmically squeezing it in time with his mauling of her breasts. She came over and over again, as his tongue flowed over her lovely lady lump and up and down the willing lips of her labia. He flicked it at an increasing rate as he released her tits and raked his claws down her heaving tummy, leaving trails of blood in her flesh.

He slid his arms lower, playing with her clit as his hot black tongue thrust violently into her cunt. He wrapped his arms around her legs and lifted her up to his thirsty mouth. He squeezed her legs around his head as he drank her, raking his claws up and down her already lacerated tummy. He flattened his tongue against her as he pushed her legs up so that she was splayed helplessly before him. His mouth was on her like a vulture, drinking her juices as he ran his lips and tongue in and out of her sweet gash. He felt the trembling of her legs as she came over and over again. He thrust his tongue deeply inside her and felt her whole body shudder. Her hands fought against their restraints in a desperate attempt to seize his head like a vise and press it against her as she once again exploded in orgasm.

He lay against her for a long time before he lifted his head, gave her throbbing clit a goodbye lick, and then ran his tongue back up her tummy. He again placed his mammoth cock in the folds of her cunt, its dripping tip pressed against her pulsing clit. He seized her breasts in his hands, puncturing their skin with his claws as he mauled them once again.

He slid his gigantic cock into Grandmother's hot, dripping hungry cunt, spreading her walls as they had never been spread before. He pushed again, burying seven inches of his thick cock inside her. He gave one more final shove and penetrated her to the hilt. She felt ripped apart, and her hands struggled against the straps in a desperate attempt to hold him closer to her longing skin.

He smiled at her with those yellow wolf eyes and whispered, "Not yet. There are more games to play." He withdrew his shaft from her desperately clutching cunt and crawled up her body.

He stroked her hair and reached for her dentures, which he skillfully removed and set on the nightstand.

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