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In reading the letters the ones I paid scant attention to were the ones where the husband got off on seeing his wife suck and fuck other men. I personally believed that the letters were phony - made up by the editors - because no man could really like something like that. What I did not notice, however, was the effect that those letters had on Joanna. It was only in retrospect that I realized how hot and horny she became when reading them. She could tell that I had no interest in that particular subject so she never brought them up for use in our fantasy play. The day came when her interest was dropped on my head like a brick.

I had stopped at an adult bookstore to buy a dildo and some scented oils and I went back into the arcade booths to watch some films and maybe get an idea or three that we could use in our sex games. I noticed that several of the booths had holes gouged out of the walls and when I got home I told Joanna about them. She became very excited about going to the store and doing something in one of the booths that some one could watch through the holes in the wall. I was just a tad reluctant to go as up to that point we had been doing stuff on a dare hoping not to get caught. If we did what Joanna wanted we would be doing something knowing that we would be seen and I wasn't comfortable with that. Joanna worked at it and she finally wore me down.


The next evening after we had both gotten home from work and had eaten dinner we went down to the adult bookstore. I got five dollars worth of quarters and we went back to the arcade where Joanna checked out every unoccupied booth until she found the one she wanted. It did not dawn on me until later that the booth she picked had holes in both walls. We entered the booth and locked the door behind us and I fed quarters into the machine while Joanna was pulling down my zipper and taking out my cock. For the next several minutes she sucked on my dick like a woman gone mad. I had her take of her panties and straddle me facing the opposite wall and as my cock entered her she began making the little sounds that she makes when she is being fucked. The sounds attracted whoever was in the next booth and we could see movement around the hole and knew that we were being watched. That excited the hell out of Joanna and I began to think I might have to stuff Joanna's panties in her mouth before her cries of pleasure brought management down on us and got us throw out of the store.

Coming as an absolute surprise to me a cock worked its way through the hole in the wall in front of us. Coming as an even bigger surprise Joanna leaned forward, took the cock in both hands and began jerking it off. I was so stunned that I just sat there as my wife slid up and down on my cock and jacked of the one coming out of the hole in front of her. The disturbing thing to me was that I made no protest. I just sat there and watched. Soon the cock in her hand began to spit out its white fluid onto her hands and then slowly, as if reluctant to leave (and I'll just bet that it was), the cock withdrew from the hole. We heard the door to the other cubicle open and close and then Joanna's mystery partner was gone.

Joanna leaned back against me and took her panties and wiped off her hands and then she whispered, "God but I feel so wicked. Am I a slut? Do you think I'm a slut for doing that?"

Frankly, I had no idea what I thought at that moment. At that point all I wanted to do was fuck my randy wife senseless. In only moments I shot what I thought must have been the largest load of my life into my wife's sucking cunt. Then I said that we had better get out of there and Joanna asked if we couldn't stay just a little bit longer. I gave in, but told her that I needed more quarters and I told her to lock the door behind me and that I would knock twice when I got back.

It might have been my imagination, but it seemed like every eye in the store was on me while I was getting more quarters.

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