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Non mage male rescues cursed female mage.

She arched her back with her butt rested on the desk as Bond ran his fingers across the underside of the boobs then up over the erect nipples. he swiped his tongue across the left tit and sucked on it as he fondled the other. Then he switched and traced his lips across the right nipple leaving a track of his saliva and massaged the right boob.

After years of hope he at last was going to be hers. Penny unbuckled his trouser belt and popped the top button followed by her tugging his zipper down slowly. He pressed forward as her slender hand fished inside his boxers and took hold of his rigid cock. She felt its thick girth and warmth and looked down to finally catch sight of the thing she had fantasied about.

"OH MY GOSH, ITS HUGE!" Moneypenny's eyes grew big at the fat erect prick in her fist.

The big blue vein seemed to throb along the impressive shaft that led her eye to the bulbous crown. It had to be eight inches at the very least. 007 kicked off the trousers and stood naked from the waist down, his cock pointing to the ceiling.

"Go ahead, suck it."

Gazing at him in disbelief Miss Moneypenny went to her knees and took the fat head past her red lips and closed her eyes in ecstacy as she tasted his saltiness. She had waited a long time for this and she savoured the feel of him inside her hot mouth before sliding her head along the stalk and passing several inches to the back of her throat.

With her right fist in a tight grip around the root of his erection, her left hand moved around his washboard stomach and narrow pelvis. His pole stood out from his trimmed groin which only made his cock appear even larger.

He rocked his hips in rhythm with her head and took a fistful of her thick hair and held her still in order to enjoy the feel of her lips around his stalk.

"Moneypenny, Penny, I need to fuck those tits."

"Gladly James, these tits are yours."

He crouched slightly and she raised up onto her haunches and trapped his long member between the mammoth pillows then looked down and drooled a string of spit that slowly dropped along her cleavage wetting the channel for him too slide through.

Bond rose up and down, the boobs were firm and the tingling he experienced as he glided on up sent him waves of pleasure. With both hands she held his cock tight and

as his tip emerged at the top of her boobs Moneypenny snaked out her tongue to lick it quickly, then waited for it before stabbing at it again. 007 smiled at her little game, then anxiously looked up at the wall clock.

"We had better stop my dear, M may be back soon." She looked at him alarmed letting his cock free.

"Oh no, we can't stop now, we still have thirty minutes, James I need you in me, please."

She was fearful she would lose her one big chance to finally fuck the superspy and stood up and reached around the small of her back and unzipped her tight skirt and let it fall to her five inch black stiletto heels. Penny stepped out and Bond was surprised she was panty less. Now he was presented with her naked glory. Her black stockings were the only thing she wore, and his eye was led to the bare strip of thigh where the silk stopped and the V of her crotch where he noted her shaven mound with a small dark triangle of pubic hair at the top.

"James Bond, fuck me."

Miss Moneypenny rested her bare ass on the edge of the desk as 007 stripped off his shirt, placing his Walther PP revolver and its holster beside her. She had seen photographs of his naked body before, but here in the flesh her eyes were wide as she saw just how broad his shoulders were, and how his biceps rippled. Her heart beat like a hammer as he pressed his wonderful torso to her and she melted into his arms. his stiff cock brushed her left thigh and she pushed her hips to him and felt his fingers invade her cunt.

"You're very wet my dear," he said as he frigged her fast.

Penny whimpered and hooked her right arm around his solid neck, while her left gripped the desk hard.

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