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After giving her those details, and promising that I was ahead of schedule, I told her what I had created. She was more than interested. She even asked me if my parents had been kinky and whether I had discovered that and become interested myself. To tell the truth, that made me a bit angry, and I think she could detect the anger, though I tried to control my emotions during my denial.

She said she would be happy to send the man who I had seen at her home out for me to use as a test subject, but that repulsed me. I wasn't some homosexual, and told her so. Laughing, she said she should have known I would refuse a male test subject and promised to have a female drive out the next day. She assured me that the female would be perfectly suitable for my test subject.

Sure enough, at ten in the morning the next day, when both Abe and his nephew, Ken, were off duty, a little VW Beetle pulled up in my drive. An incredibly beautiful lady exited the Beetle as I walked out to greet her. She was attired only in a skin tight tube top, short-shorts, and flip-flops.

"Hi! I'm Dawn. Ms. Dresden sent me to help you out." We shook hands as I introduced myself. Then I found myself blushing as she continued, "Ms. Dresden said I should let you fuck me in my pussy or my ass, or suck you off. She said that you were very creative and needed someone that was cooperative."

I didn't know how to respond, so I just said, "Let's get to work."

I had performed the assembly of the major components in the cottage living room, so that Abe and Ken wouldn't know what was going on. I sort of feared them getting offended if they found out they were making kinky sex furniture. And this item did look like sex furniture in its operational mode. However, once its function was not required, it did fold into a strange looking piece of furniture that most resembled a one person yard swing with a supporting a-frame stand.

What neither Dawn nor Ms. Dresden knew, was that I had also been working on another piece of equipment, which was rather small compared to the transforming stocks. The sight of the heavy ball stretching weight on her man's scrotum had revealed some impracticalities. It worked to stretch his testicles down to the limits of his scrotum, but only when he was standing up or kneeling. I also surmised that under his clothing, the friction of the clothing would mute the effect. My reading on the BDSM sites that dealt with domination of males also indicated that women such as Ms. Dresden would love being able to maintain that stretch in any position, and at the same time be able to control the amount of stretch.

For some reason, an odd idea popped into my head. What if two rings of metal were used? If both were magnetized and the poles were oriented in opposing directions, the magnets would push them apart. Milling magnets didn't seem practical, but constructing coils about a metal cylinder to create a magnetic field when an electric current was passed through it did seem feasible. Working on the lathe, I created two cylinders, with a hole in the center of exactly one and one half inches. That was the narrowest opening that could fit around my scrotum when I stretched it out after a hot bath. Each cylinder was then bisected and milled so that each could be bolted back together to form the weighted cylinder.

The next step was much more tedious; I had to hollow out the interior of each cylinder. Within that cavity, I inserted the coils, along with a small circuit board controlled by a microchip. Finding batteries for this application was difficult, and they were quite expensive, though rechargeable in a unique manner. Of course I had to have the circuit boards and coils built by a subcontractor in Southeast Asia, so I had a dozen of them made.

The circuit board controlled the recharging, by an external coil, similar to how some electric tooth brush batteries are charged without having exposed leads or poles.

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