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Consensual humiliation on the plane.

The feeling of those soft, warm lips brought back memories long forgotten from their all-too-brief college fling. Beth meanwhile kissed and caressed his chest, as Tony put his arm around her. He was a little surprised when she scooted out of reach, until he realized where her kisses were going- a direction he approved all too much! He gasped out loud as Beth's tongue gently licked his cock. The gasp pulled Emmy out of her kissing reverie. She grinned impishly, kissed him hard and quick, and began to trace the same sensuous path as Beth had. Beth, impatient with the gently licking, thrust her hot mouth over the manly equipment just as Emmy nipped his hard nipple. Tony caressed Emmy's shoulders and touched Beth's hair as he groaned in amazement. Emmy loved the feel of Tony's caresses, but she wanted to taste that cock too. She continued her licking and kisses down to his thigh. Beth sucked, moaning in the enjoyment of the moment. Emmy gently touched Beth's back to see if Beth believed in sharing. Beth opened her eyes just a little bit as she slowly pulled her hot mouth away from the hard, now shiny and slick engorged member.

She smiled before saying, "He tastes every bit as good as you said."

Emmy blushed, then winked with mischief. The two girls, completely in synch, lightly touched lips before bending their heads wickedly toward their goal. With Emmy on the left side, and Beth on the right, the girls slowly began caressing Tony's throbbing cock with their tongues. Their faces so close, their breathing intermingled, Tony's cock enjoying all their attention. Tony was dazed by the feeling of the two hot tongues lathering up his already amazingly hard cock. It felt so delicious to be the recipient of so much attention. The two tongues reached the tip of his cock, already so sensitive after Beth's attention, Tony took a deep breath- almost afraid he'd come too soon. As the girls simultaneously licked his head, their tongues accidentally brushed each other. The sensation was so incredibly arousing, Emmy leaned forward to get more. Emmy placed her soft hand around Tony's cock- to stop her shaking hand- as Beth reached over to enter Emmy's hot, wet slit with her finger. Not to be left out, Tony pinched Emmy's nipple with one hand and caressed Beth's sweet ass with the other. The exquisite kissing, the expert fingering and the painfully exciting nipple pinching proved too much for Emmy. She came hot, wet, and fast all over Beth's fingers. As her breathing regained normalcy, she replaced her hand with her mouth, sure of what to do with Tony, not so sure of what to say to Beth. Tony, loving the feel of Emmy's mouth on his cock, urged Beth's luscious tits up to his mouth and plunged his finger into her hot passage. Beth moaned deliciously. Tony added another finger to her cunt and caressed her other creamy breast with his unoccupied hand. Beth rode his hand until she was ready to explode. Emmy's licks and sucks had driven Tony to the brink of the most amazing explosion he could imagine. Emmy sped up her thrusting, often getting his cock partially down her throat, so ready for Tony to shoot his cum for her. Tony nipped and pinched and stroked Beth. Then Beth and Tony both screamed as they reached the pinnacle of pleasure. Emmy sucked Tony until he had no more to give. Tony stroked Beth until she begged him to stop. Then the three sated playmates collapsed on top of each other.

Tony caressed the shoulders of each sweet girl as they both laid their heads on his smooth chest. Emmy and Beth practically purred with satisfaction and relaxation. Tony closed his eyes, the most beatific smile on his face. He couldn't remember a more interesting birthday present. He couldn't imagine anything that could make this birthday any better.

He felt the girls' soft breath teasing against his chest.

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