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Young man figures out what he wants to do with his life.

She goes along the line setting us off. She presses the "custom" button and the inclination of my machine rises and the treadmill's belt begins to move. The display reads, "Inclination : 2%. Speed : 5 kph", so its just a steady walk for now. I cast a glance to the others – we are not all doing the same, so the settings must have been made with some reference to what we said about ourselves on our application forms to join the course.

After about a minute the treadmill speeds up. Every minute the speed rises again and every alternate minute, the incline increases until I'm walking at 6 kph on an incline of 5.5%. After 25 minutes the calorie counter tells me I have burned through the thick end of 300 calories, but now I'm starting to get tired. It's not just me. Anna glances round and finds Jo with her back turned. She presses the speed control on her treadmill to reduce the speed only to find her G-string immediately delivers a sharp sting. She cries out and Jo is at her elbow at once.

"Getting tough?"

"Yes, Mistress. Please can you give me a break. I'm still stinging!" I'm surprised that she wants to quit. She doesn't look much less fit than I am and while I'm tired, I can take this so far. I'm also surprised that she says "Mistress". Well, not so surprised, I suppose, but it's the first real acknowledgement of the "traditional" relationship between Doms and subs in a BDSM relationship. I mean, I know I've been handcuffed and stripped and collared and numbered and all, but somehow hearing Anna say that out loud makes it all the more real.

"OK, Twenty-four, stand on the side of the mill and come off for a moment – you others keep going EXACTLY as you are." We all keep on walking but we're all watching what is going to happen to Anna too.

Jo slows the treadmill to a stop and lets Anna dismount.

Jo says, "Twenty-four, slaves have to learn obedience. Would you like six of the crop across your bum as a break from the treadmill?"

"Yes, Mistress. Please."

We can follow proceedings because they are reflected in the floor-to-ceiling mirrors which line one of the walls of the gym. It's the first time there has been any suggestion of punishment and while I knew that it was going to be part of things here – actually, I think part of me has been looking forward to that if I'm honest. Nevertheless, I suppose I'm surprised by how casually it is being viewed as part of the normal state of affairs by Jo, how ready Anna is to accept it, and how captivated all of us slaves are by the spectacle, even as we carry on jogging to keep up with our machines.

Jo delivers six strokes at one stroke every 30 seconds. Quite hard. Anna struggles to keep still and after the sixth, Jo springs her trap.

"Now, Twenty-four, back on the treadmill."

"Mistress?" There's a catch in Anna's voice that tells us that she wasn't expecting that at all.


"But you said ..."

"No, you thought a spanking was an alternative; I said it was a break. I prefer it to be an extra encouragement. You have had your break. Now it's got to be paid for. Back on the treadmill!"

Jo fires the remote and Anna yelps. Immediately, she is back on the machine and jogging to keep up with it.

"Funnily enough, Twenty-four, you only had a couple of minutes to go anyway, so let's give you another ....five.

Eventually, five sweating slaves, all breathing heavily are allowed to step back onto firm ground to listen to another short lecture from Jo.

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