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Keiko meets Keith, Shozo & Gale become a couple.

"And whatever the deal is with the camera," I continued, "it'd be flat out impossible for me to do this, right?" A few more clicks on the appropriate dials on the notebook, and her short, tousled brown hair abruptly changed to a golden blonde colour and grew out long enough to reach down to the ground. I should have thought that one through more carefully; since she was leaning over me, I ended up with a considerable amount of her new hair in my face.

Andrea's sceptical expression changed to one of disbelief and shock as she straightened up, holding handfuls of her long hair in both hands. She turned to stare at herself in the mirror hanging on the opposite wall, speechless.

"Believe me now?" I asked mildly.

She just nodded. "This is fucking amazing." She licked her lips. Her nipples were standing out like bullets under her dress. "What else can it do?"

I turned back to the computer. "Pretty much anything you can think of," I said, typing away quickly. "For instance, let's see what happens if I type in 'Andrea finds that clothes worn anywhere on her body but her legs to be constricting and uncomfortable, and will remove any such clothes as quickly as possible', and hit 'enter'". Suiting actions to words, I was quickly rewarded with a brief gasp from Andrea, followed by her hurriedly shimmying out of her dress, undoing her bra, and slipping her panties down over her legs and kicking them across the room. This left her in nothing but her stockings and boots, which I thought looked very hot. Hey, we've all got our little foibles, right? I also clicked "undo" for her hair, returning it to its normal length and colour; I was never a big fan of long hair, or blondes.

As she caught her breath and recovered, Andrea gave me a smoking hot look, clearly appreciating the way I was looking at her near-naked body. Her nipples were standing out from her firm, small breasts in a way that I never tired of seeing, and now that her panties were out of the way, I could see distinct traces of moisture between her legs and smell the scent of her arousal drifting from her neatly trimmed pussy. She might have been in her mid-thirties, but she still looked pretty damn good. After posing for a moment, she announced that we both clearly needed fresh drinks, and sashayed out of the room to fetch some wine, swinging her hips fit to wake the dead. She came back with a tray with two fresh bottles and two glasses, which she filled quickly. Then she pulled up another chair next to me. "I can't help feeling that this has been a bit one-sided so far, lover. How about sharing?"

I pushed back my chair and swung the notebook over to her. "Of course. I told you I wanted to share this with you." I showed her how to open a fresh window in the program and entered my name into the 'Subject' box, bringing up a rotating image of my own body on the screen. You wouldn't want to do this with someone you didn't trust, I thought to myself. But I did trust her, and my hard cock testified to the anticipation I was feeling. I took a large swallow of wine as she briefly familiarised herself with the layout.

The first thing she did was even the playing field a bit. Andrea typed for a moment, and I suddenly had an overpowering feeling of being stifled by my clothes. Jumping up from my chair, I ripped them off as quickly as I could, leaving me naked as a jaybird in no time flat. She looked at me with satisfaction. "That's more like it." Her eyes dropped to my cock, which was just about at her eye level. "Well, well. Anticipating some fun, are we?" She lightly touched one finger to the tip, swirling it in the rather generous amount of precum that had accumulated there, then put her finger sexily in her mouth to suck it clean.

I just leaned forward and kissed her while slipping my hand up between her legs. She gasped, and my fingers came up wet with her juices. "No more than you are," I responded, and then licked her juices off my fingers. She tasted delicious, as always.

Our faces were only centimetres apart, and I could feel her panting breath against my li

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