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I knew my boyfriend would love it, but I did not have the money to buy it for myself. The all-in-one was very wicked with bows covering slits for the nipples, and crotchless to boot, but it still discretely covered all the essentials. Shyly, I walked out of the bedroom and modeled it for Lisa, who applauded her wise and generous decision.

I went over to where she was standing and gave her a big, sisterly hug.. I was so happy to have such special garments. My hug was returned, and then to my deep surprise, Lisa pulled back slightly, and caressed a nipple through the hidden slit. Kissing me full on the mouth, she caught me off guard as her caresses became deeper. Moaning quietly, she untied the bows over both of my tits, and bent down to take one into her mouth while she played with the other. I was still in shock - I had never had any ideas of being intimate with my best friend like this. We both loved men. Yet, this was very different, and very special. As I came to my senses, I began to return her caresses, tentatively at first, then giving way to the feelings she was stirring within me. She took me by the hand and led me into my bedroom, sitting me down on the bed.

Kissing me deeply, she slipped the straps of my lacy garment off, then nibbling and licking my shoulders and the upper mounds of my tits. She slowly peeled the cups down, and took a deep breath as she eased me back onto the bed. "I have wanted this for so long..." she murmured, taking me by surprise.

"I never knew," I responded quietly.

"And now that you do, what should we do about it?" she asked throatily.

I did not respond, but guided her hands to my tits, urging her to play with me again. She happily sucked and licked, driving me crazy for several long minutes. As she teased me, I reached over and began caressing her still covered boobs. Slowly standing, she stripped for me, teasing me with every curve. Then she helped me up, easing my lingerie off, taking my stockings off, and turning me around. Cupping my tits from behind, she started kissing my back, placing little butterfly kisses all around. Lisa played and pinched my nipples until I moaned, then she let me get back onto the bed for more. This time, as she took my dark, lush nipple into her mouth, she let her cool hand wander down my flat belly and onto my hot pussy. Playfully nipping at my excited nipple, she teased my slit with her fingers, occasionally darting inside. I reached up and tweaked her nipple in return, caressing that sweet mound of flesh as I did so. Sensing my need, she fed me her tit. MMMmmmm.. so sweet, so firm. I suckled hungrily at this new delight, running my tongue across her erect nipple, taking it deep into my mouth. No wonder guys liked this so much.

Lisa had worked a finger between the folds of my outer pussy lips and was teasing my clit with a well-manicured nail. I moaned, and opened my legs as wide as I could to let her in. She paused and looked me in the eyes... as if to ask if I was sure about this. I nodded quietly. She smiled, and allowed one cool, slim finger to enter my hot little hole, then slide all the way in, nice and deep. She pulled it back out, then slowly pushed it back in. She felt so good. I pushed my hips up at her entrance. Taking that cue, she picked up the pace, thrusting in and out more rapidly. Slowing down, then pulling out, she shifted her position until she was right between my legs.

Holding my legs as far apart as she could, she inserted the middle finger of her left hand deep inside me, using the fingers of her right hand to spread my lips wide, and exposing my clit to the cool room air.

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