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Rob rents a cottage at the beach for a weekend with Sherry.

"But your going to make it up to me. Your going to be my little bitch. And if you don't like it, I'll smoke your ass, just like I did his." Wes motioned to the unmoving body of the young man. The girl cried as Wes pulled her up and began dragging her kicking body back to his car. His friend looked at him, then to the girl. She screamed and hit at him as he tossed her into the back seat. She fell against a tire iron that had been thrown back there earlier in the day. A trickle of blood began down the corner of her forehead.

"Give her a shot of this." He handed a needle to his friend and started the car back up. His friend hesitated but did as he had been asked. The girl squirmed and fought as the needle was pushed into her bare arm. Wes shouted at the girl to shut up and stay still. She cried even harder. He pointed the gun back at her as he pulled onto the main road. Wes looked back in the rear-view mirror, watching as the girl's struggling slowed, then stopped completely. He withdrew his gun and placed it beside him. His phone rang beside him, he picked up.


"I'll be there in an hour. Do what you gotta do. Later." Wes hung up the phone and continued on through the outer parts of the city. He saw his house ahead and pulled into the driveway. The car came to a stop in front of the garage door. He turned off the engine and went to the back door to open it. The girls arms dangled as he threw her over his shoulder. He then walked to the trunk and pulled a briefcase from the depths. After closing the trunk and back door, he retrieved his gun and closed the door. He looked to his friend and winked.

"Go have yourself some fun man, this one's mine..." His friend looked to the girl and then to Wes

"Aight. Later." Wes watched him leave and dragged the girl up the front steps.

They entered the dark house, feeling their way around for the light switches. Wes flipped a switch and the lights came to life. He looked around, then headed for the empty room at the end of the front hall. It had been stripped of everything but a bed, and a small table and chair. Wes tossed the girl onto the unmade bed and placed the briefcase on the table. He looked at the sleeping girl, and walked from the room. He planned to enjoy this as much as he possibly could before it ended. Wes pulled a bottle from the fridge and walked back to the room. The girl had began to move, but very, very slowly. He smiled and took a long drink. His eyes fell upon her body once more. Her hips shifted on the bed, moving with her body in an attempt to get away. She groaned as she touched her forehead. The blood had dried on her skin, a bit of it caked in her hair. He placed the liquid on the table and took the chain from his hip. With one smooth motion, he wrapped her wrists in the chain, pulling them above her head. He fastened them to a hook that had been drilled into the headboard, running his hands over the cold metal. Her arms twisted and turned in their place, trying to loosen the chains

"The more you move, the tighter they get me." She looked at him through half open eyes.

"Where's Josh?" She asked, a hint of fright in her voice. He smiled and sat on the side of the bed running a painted hand over the chains. Wes watched her wriggle away, trying to avoid his touch.

"He's dead.

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