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Mom makes arrogant son clean her up after workout.

As Kathy's tilted her head up and opened her mouth as wide as she could, David spit a huge glob of spit aiming it for Kathy's mouth and it went right in. David whispered to my wife to swallow it and keep sucking his cock.

David looked over at me and smiling and asked me how I liked the show so far? I cracked a smile as I continued to watch my wife give herself totally to this big black stud. David broke away from my wife's sucking for a moment as he lowered himself to the floor and laid down on the carpet and told Kathy to sit on his face.

Kathy climbed up on top of the big guy and positioned herself directly above his face and David dove in and started to suck on her pussy. Kathy started to move her little ass all around David's tongue while holding onto his hair and pushing herself down onto his working tongue. David had reached up and was now massaging my wife's tits as he continued to suck on her pussy.

Kathy was moaning now and I knew she was getting ready to cum because I could see her body starting to tremble as David kept working his tongue around her pussy. Kathy let out a load yell ass she pushed her ass down on David's face rotating her hips as she had her orgasm. David kept working on her pussy holding my wife down on his face.

David broke away from my wife's pussy just enough to tell me to come close because he wanted me to do a big favor for him and went back to licking Kathy's pussy. I stepped closer and got down next to them on the floor when David broke free again and said he wanted me to grab a condom from his pants, so I crawled over and reached inside and grabbed one of many of the condoms David had tucked in his pocket and crawled back over toward them on the floor and started to hand it to him.

David stopped sucking on my wife again and told me he knew I wasn't gay or anything but would I mind placing the condom on his cock while he kept Kathy nice and wet. David looked over at me for a second and said he trusted me to do a good job so little Kathy here wouldn't get knocked up tonight with a black kid. David laughed again and said at least not tonight and went back to sucking on Kathy's pussy.

I was so close to my wife at this point I could see David's hands as they continued to play and squeeze her tits focusing on pinching her nipples and twisting them as she moaned and held his hands in place.

My hands were shaking as I unwrapped the condom and bent down closer to David's cock. I'd never been this close to another mans cock before let alone a black one. I unrolled the condom enough to place it on the head of his cock thinking that it wasn't going to fit. David's cock had to be a good 10 inches long and about as thick as my wrist. I could see the veins all the way up from the base to its massive head as I placed the condom over the head and started to unroll it. I couldn't help but touch his cock as I worked the condom down over his shaft until I had unrolled the entire condom and only half of his huge shaft was covered.

I couldn't see how my wife could take such a huge cock inside her tiny little pussy without getting hurt. David broke away from sucking on Kathy's pussy again and told me to take me hand and bring my finger toward Kathy's pussy and get them wet enough to rub on his cock to make it wet. I moved my hand closer until I could feel Kathy's pussy which was dripping from her orgasm and David's saliva and got my fingers as wet as possible and rubbed them around on David's stiff meat.

David started to move my wife's body up from his face and slid her back toward his shaft.

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