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Her most unusual request.

Edith's pussy was now soaking with her love juices and my saliva. I looked up and saw Charlotte bent over her daughter's body. Charlotte's pussy was at head level to me. I then started licking her pussy. Sweet it smelled and great it tasted. Charlotte's pussy juice started to drip from the bottom of her slit. I swallowed as much juice as I cold get into my mouth.

Charlotte moaned loudly, "Edith, baby, Uncle Bill is sucking Mommy's pussy. Eat me Bill, eat me."

Charlotte was like a ravenous dog. Pushing her pussy and ass into my face. My tongue slipped into her cunt.

Charlotte said, "That's it Bill, fuck my pussy with your tongue.

"I want something in my pussy," exclaimed Edith.

I then moved one hand to Edith's pussy. I felt the wetness in her cunt and slid one finger into her hole. It was tight and I had a problem getting the finger in. But there was enough lubrication from Edith's pussy juices. I finally buried my finger to the hilt in Edith's pussy. Edith groaned excitedly. I began pumping the finger in and out. Edith began humping her ass to and fro with my finger.

"More, more, I want more," Edith moaned.

I then tried putting a second finger in. This was a lot harder.

"You mean you haven't had a cock in you Edith," I asked.

"No, Uncle Bill, but this feels great."

The second finger finally entered. Again, I buried both fingers all the way in. Edith sat straight up, knocking her mother to the floor. Edith let out a low scream and cum flowed down my arm. My two fingers were still pumping into Edith's pussy.

I grabbed Charlotte by her head and drove her face into her daughter's pussy. Charlotte licked the cum greedily.

"Yes baby, cum in mommy's mouth," Charlotte said.

Edith came a second time, flowing her cum into Charlotte's awaiting mouth. Edith then collapsed on the seat. I pulled my two fingers out of Edith and let Charlotte clean them with her mouth. Charlotte sucked every drop of Edith's cum off my fingers.

"My cock needs attention too you know," I said.

Charlotte then positioned me in the seat next to Edith. Charlotte removed my pants and engulfed my raging cock with her mouth. Edith continued to sit there, almost in a coma. Charlotte licked my cock like it was the last lollipop on earth. She savored the taste of my cock. She made love to my cock with her mouth. Charlotte sucked and licked and sucked and licked. Charlotte sucked on my ball sack and licked her way back to the tip of my cock.

"Holy cow," I exclaimed.

Edith then started to move.

"Mommy, let me try."

Edith went to the floor of the van and moved up on her knees.

Edith then said, "Mommy, teach me how."

Charlotte then told Edith where to suck, how to suck and lick. Edith did each with great enthusiasm. My cock was getting ready to explode.

"She needs to stop. I'm about to cum," I told Charlotte.

Charlotte said, "Edith needs to learn how to swallow too."

That was it. The thought of my young niece sucking my cock and swallowing my load while her mother squeezed my balls was all I could handle.

Edith said, "It's growing."

Charlotte said, "He is about to cum baby, take all the cock you can into your mouth. When he cums, it will crash into the back of your mouth. Swallow it if you can."

Bang. The first stream filled Edith's small mouth and dripped down the sides of her face. The rest of the cum came shooting out of my cock. Edith tried to swallow, but her young mouth couldn't keep up. Cum flowed easily out of her ruby red lips.

Charlotte then placed her mouth on her daughter's mouth, kissing her deeply. Charlotte was keeping the rest of the cum inside her and Edith's mouth.

Both of them kissed passionately, sucking the cum from each other's tongues. After a few minutes they separated and no cum was visible.

"My pussy needs to be filled," Charlotte said.

Charlotte was now lying over Edith's body on the floor of the van. I spread Charlotte's legs and entered her soaking pussy. My cock sank all the way in. Charlotte let out a low groan.

"Bill's fucking mommy," Charlotte said as

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