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Daddy comes home.

As fingers rolled my nipple around I could feel the wetness starting between my legs. I felt it move over to the other breast...teasing, pinching and rolling that nipple too. Then the voice came...soft in my ear and it made me catch my breath... " A new treat for you my love... relax and enjoy for I am sure that you will like it" then I felt the fingers give my nipple a tight squeeze and then I felt it...the nipple clamp...applying just enough pressure to be a constant reminder. The voice came again" breathe my dear, there is more to come indeed,"

When his hands left me I didn't know what to expect next, it scared me yet excited me, I could feel myself getting wetter as each moment went by. The next thing I felt was cold water dripping on my stomach, the ice. My breathing quickened and I heard him laughing under his breath. The cold trail of water slowly traveled up my stomach until I felt it on my breast, raining cold drops on my nipples...making them harder than before...the drops then moved higher until I felt them hit my lips, I slowly extended my tongue, I had a thirst to quench, but not only for the water. He then slid the ice cube between my lips. I sucked at it hungrily. I then felt more drops, slowly working their way down to my stomach; I knew what was next and my heart started racing. I felt the drops grow closer and closer to the most private part of the first one hit my lips and rolled down I shivered, not from the cold but from the sweet torture... my hairless lips in no way protecting my sensitive clit.

I felt more drops...they were closer and closer to my clit and I knew it was a matter of time before they got there and I was so right. When the first one hit it was like a lightening bolt going through my body, exquisite pleasure. The drops of water stopped and my mind started to race, I did not know what would be next. I felt his two hands, they parted my thighs and one hand worked its way up. I felt it parting my lips, feeling the extreme moisture that was there. It circled and teased my clit...knowing just where to touch to drive me crazy, then the other feeling came.

Something cool yet soft, gently vibrating, I knew it was the 4" vibrator, I felt it hover over my clit never quite touching but I cold feel the vibe from it, it then went lower and I felt it enter me slowly, the wetness so great that it went in with ease and the voice came again " I see how wet you are my little one, is all of this for me... do I do this to you?", all I could manage was a husky "yes". So intent on enjoying what was being done to me. I felt the vibrator slide out and go lower... I knew what was coming and I readied it teased the tight anal opening I knew I needed to relax... then I felt it, a gentle pressure pushing in on my anus, and I relaxed and let it work its way in...the vibrating sensation going through my whole body. The voice whispered to me" make sure it stays in little one, I will get mad if you let it out, please don't make me mad little one." I knew it would require all my concentration to hold it in but the pleasure was so sweet.

Then it was at my lips...I knew it was the large dildo, I opened my mouth and took it in...sucked on it greedily...wetting it with my tongue...I heard him laugh under his breath...he knew I wanted it and wanted it bad... and he removed it from my mouth. I then felt it pressing against my clit, gentle yet steady pressure moving up and down. I was so wet it slid with ease up and down the length of my slit, I was half insane now ready to cum but I wanted to hold back, make the pleasure last. Then I felt it slide into me, filling me so completely.

I knew it would not take long for me to cum to feel that sweet release.

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