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Shay goes to his favorite club to forget about Yorick.

i felt You wrap something like a choker collar around my neck as You pulled me out of the trunk. i started to walk behind You and suddenly i felt your fingers wrapped around my balls, squeezing them.

"How quickly you forget. CRAWL WORM I am your MISTRESS." i shook as i felt the sublime pain move up through my stomach and i dropped to my knees on the concrete. i couldn't tell where i was going but i knew that i was outside and i knew that there was a chance that there were people all around me. You led me into what must have been a building and suddenly instead of warm concrete i felt cool wood floors underneath me. You put me over some kind of structure and locked my hands and ankles in place. My balls were locked in place and i felt Your hand running over my back and down the crack of me. You moved Your fingers around my slut hole and i moaned into the hood. Then You laughed and i heard the clicking of Your heels as you left the room. i was left there. Alone without a word for what seemed like an eternity.

i heard what sounded like a steel door open and close. i could smell you. Your heels clicked menacingly on the floor as You approached me. i felt a sense of dread and excitement go through me like a shot. i knew that this would not be easy. i knew that i would suffer but i didn't care. This is where i wanted to be, where i've always wanted to be. Where i was born to be. i felt You reach around my neck without a word and unlock the hood. Suddenly i was blinded by light and could finally see my surroundings.

It was a beautiful room filled with amazing wood furniture and bookshelves mixed with different types of equipment meant for restraint and bondage. The walls decorated with both fine art and tool of domination. As i looked closer at the art it was all painting of people in bondage and various acts of submission. As You walk in front of me i get my first glimpse of the most beautiful sight that any mortal man has ever seen. Your leather panties and bra, Your thigh high leather boots with the 4 inch spiked heels, Your hair up and Your eyes looking down at me with that look that makes me fear You and submit everything that i am to You. In Your leather encased hand was a long thin cane. You were slowly slapping it against Your other hand as You moved in front of me.

"Did you honestly think that you would get away with what you've done? Did you honestly think that I would just let you get away? Give up my property so easily?" You said looking down at me.

"No my Mistress...please don't hurt me please my Mistress. i'll do anything please don't hurt me. i worship you my Mistress!" i said looking down at the floor and You slapped me quickly so hard that it brought tears to my eyes.

"SHUT UP... you will NOT talk to me. I don't want to hear your worthless little voice. I'm here now and you are MINE. YOU belong to ME. Sure I've been out with other men... REAL MEN. Men that filled me up and brought me to the edge of ecstasy, but I missed having my little sissy pet to humiliate." You said with a smile on Your face touching Your lips with Your red nails. Looking into space as if reliving the feeling of being filled by their huge cocks. Your other hand moving down between Your legs and moving under the leather panties. Moving over Your sweet clit. i could almost smell Your temple getting wet.

"You do have your uses and now I'm going to show you what those uses are.

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