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Amy tries to help her husband.


I could see that all made sense, but I didn't see how I could casually ask Mike if he wanted to have sex with me. Paul had thought about that.

"If you have a dance with him later tonight then at the end I will make sure I'm stood alone near the bar. You bring him over, excuse yourself and go to the loo, and leave me to have a word with him."

"I don't know, after last nights fiasco he might avoid me altogether."

"Well if he does then so be it, it obviously wasn't destined to happen."

"Let me think about it."

"Sure," said Paul. "There's no rush we've got all day."

We spent what was left of the morning sorting some stuff out in the cabin, then had a very light lunch. Next we picked up a couple of paperbacks we'd bought and found a pair of loungers on the sundeck.

After a while I headed back to the room to get my ipod. Walking down the corridor I saw Mike coming in the opposite direction. As I got near he slowed down and it was obvious he wanted to talk. There was no-one else about and he immediately apologised for what he'd said last night.

"Don't worry," I said, "I'm over it."

"Can we forget I said it?" he asked.

"Not really," I laughed, "but we don't have to let it spoil things, we can still be friends."

"Good, it's a relief that you feel like that. Will it be alright if I ask you to dance tonight?"

"Well it's the last night, so how about I save the last dance for you."

He brightened at that.

"And what time will the last dance be madam?" he asked in mock-formal style.

"Eleven o'clock," I said, and we both smiled and headed on our ways. I thought I'd handled that rather well. A dance had been arranged and the choice was mine. It could be just a dance - or it could be something else!

When I got back to Paul I casually mentioned that I'd just seen Mike.

"Was anything said?"

"Yes, he apologised again and I told him not to worry. He asked if it would be alright if he asked me to dance tonight and I told him I'd save him the last dance at 11 o'clock."

"I see," said Paul and returned to his book.

Later in the afternoon we went for a swim and then returned to our room to have a bit of a rest. After that it was time to shower and get ready for dinner. I had saved my favourite dress and some lacy black underwear for the final evening. As he sat and watched me finishing my make-up Paul asked me what I was doing tonight.

"I don't know," I said, "I haven't decided. Anyway, if we do anything what will you say to him?" I said, intrigued to know how he planned to put this.

"Well I'd say I know he finds you attractive and I understand that and don't have a problem with it. However I'd say that you also find him attractive and as it's the last night I wonder if he would be our special guest and join us for a nightcap in our cabin. I'd make it clear that I would be there all the time and that you would be free to call a halt at any stage and if you did your wishes must be respected."

I nodded my agreement to that, and a few minutes later we were off to the dining room.

It was the last evening meal of the cruise so the menu was a bit special and it was 9:30 before we headed through to the bar. I had a couple of dances with different men, but when I looked at the clock and saw it was 10:30 I realised I would soon have to make my mind up. I thought for a minute and then tapped Paul on the arm.

"I've reached a decision."

He looked sharply at me.


"I'm going to dance with Mike and if it feels good then fine I'll do it. But if I dance with him and it feels awkward or uncomfortable then nothing's going to happen."

Paul nodded and said that was fine. From then on I found myself checking the clock quite regularly. Then bang on cue at 11pm Mike approached our table, said hello to Paul and asked me if I would like to dance, to which I said yes.

By now the DJ had switched to slow numbers and Mike put his hand on my hips and we shuffled round as best we could on the crowded dance floor.

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