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Nurse Honey comes to Wargsnouts...

He slides just one finger in, it feels... it feels... oh it feels wet... perfect. He leans to your ear and utters his first words.

"mmmh... my dirty little slut! Have you been playing with your pussy without me?" You moan and as he slides his finger up and down the length of your wet pussy. He grabs your arm. "Does my little slut like that?" he growls in your ear.

His rough voice echoes in your ear and you clench your body in anticipation. "I said does my little slut like that?" he barks slapping your ass again. "Yes" you say, "yes yes!" He slaps it again and it angers you. You're not a slut, and you hate him for forcing you to say it, but you can't stand it anymore, you want his warmth, his strength and his cock inside you. "If I'm a slut then start fucking me like one," you shout in rebellion pushing your ass back at him again.

"Oh no," he says "my little slut cums when I want her to."

Your frustration burns, you can barely stand it. You need his cock inside you, in your mouth, in your pussy, oh... you want it, I'll even take in my ass, just give to me you scream inside. He flips you over onto your back again and before you know what he will do, he has tied one of your wrists with some kind of string. He grabs the other and ties them together and then pulls it above your head, you fight back, but it's too late, he's tide you. Your hands are bound above your head.

As he leans over you tying you something you can't see, you look down between his legs and see his hard cock. It is only inches from your face. "That's right," you say "give it to me!" He leans back and rubs his cock rub against your nipples. "I'm gonna fuck your mouth my dirty little slut," he whispers.

You smile, but he quickly pushes his cock past your lips and into my mouth. You love the velvety feel of his hard dick on your tongue, and you start licking and sucking it. You know he likes it because you feel him grabbing your shoulders. He grabs your head and starts thrusting into your mouth. You can barely take all of him in, but he just keeps fucking your mouth. His whole body is over you and you really feel his strength.

You turn your body to the left, freeing your mouth from his cock. You start moving your body any way you can to relieve the intense ache. You think only one thought: I want to cum, I need to cum, oh please make me cum. You push your nipples around on his legs as he straddles you. The rough hair gives you some satisfaction. Then, suddenly as if he can read your mind he moves one of his legs in between yours. "Oh yes!" you say without realizing it. He knows you needed that. You start to hump your pussy against his knee. You are so wet at this point; it must surprise him. He grabs your head and slides his cock up to your face and you willing open your mouth to please him. You feel his cock tense and harden, he's about to cum.

Your pussy is throbbing. If you could just thrust your clit a little bit harder with longer stroke on his leg you would be able to explode. He realizes this, and takes his whole body away from you: cock and all. You whimper.

"Not yet," he says as you feel him grab both sides of your hips.

He twists you over and bites your ass. You yelp in pain and surprise, but amazingly, your pussy gushes more wetness. Then as he licks and soothes the bite, he jerks you back and pulls your hips back towards him. You face is on the blanket and your hands are stretched outwards above your head, your ass and pussy are exposed to him. He reaches around and grabs your nipples, pinching and twisting them sharply. You love it and start to push your ass back against his chest. He leans back and you feel him moving ever further back where you want him to go; inside you, anywhere!

His tongue rims your ass and you push back harder, wanting more. He growls and roughly pushes you forward, releasing the painful twist in the string that tie your wrists.

"Up your knees, my dirty slut," he says as he grabs your hips pulling your pussy to the height he wants.

With no more warning you feel his cock slide into you.

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