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A (not so?) typical pick up scene at a bar.

It was stretchable and she was petite, but surely he had gotten the size wrong?

A minute later, she had put the dress on. She looked at herself in the mirror again as if staring at a stranger. The dress fit perfectly. That saleswoman all those months back had gauged her size to the T. As she looked at herself, she wondered what effect she would have on Dutt and even more so, on Bhaskar. The red material was clinging to her tighter than a sock. The outlines of her bra and panties were poking through. Most of her legs were on display below the dress. And above it, several inches of her cleavage. The straps were so thin that her bra straps were visible. She looked like a tart.

Why did Duttsahab want her in front of her friend like this, she wondered? Unless...wait...did he plan to share her with him? How disgusting, she cringed.

Unnerved, she started pacing around the room dressed in the skimpy outfit. Was that Duttsahab's plan? Is that why Bhaskar was there? To join in? Why would he want that? This was too much. No, she could not even risk that. She should just change back into her sari and walk out. Then a part of her said...two men together. Duttsahab's childhood friend must be as talented as him. And both of them will be focused on pleasing you. Isn't that exciting? No no, it's horrible. I can't imagine something like that.

Mansi continued pacing and debating with herself for a while longer. Finally, Dutt got impatient.

"Mansi!! Get your ass out here!!" he yelled.

"Navin!" Bhaskar whispered. "Aren't you going too far?"

"Shhh!" Dutt responded. "Just be assertive."
Finally Mansi walked out taking small uncertain steps. Both men stared at the gorgeous hottie dressed in that skimpy outfit. She felt them almost undressing her with their eyes. She walked to the couch and sat down. She kept her legs pressed together and sideways, so Bhaskar wouldn't get to see anything more. And she hoped he would leave soon.


The two old men openly ogled the young woman in the skimpy red mini dress. Dutt was a little put off by how her bra straps were showing. Again, he made a mental note to buy her nicer lingerie, including strapless bras. Bhaskar sat there admiring the young hot item. He had seen the pictures but in reality, she was even more impressive. And he was tickled at how uncomfortable she seemed. Mansi for her part, sat there feeling very nervous, but also feeling a little tantalized.

"So Mansi." Dutt finally spoke up. "How is your family?"

"They are okay." Mansi was surprised at how he could make casual small talk in such a tense situation.

"Bhaskar here is also a family man."

"I am." the old guy said, still staring at her.

She just nodded, and nervously pulled the hemline of the dress down.

"You look stunning in that dress, by the way." Dutt said. "Why do you seem so uncomfortable?"

"I am not used to wearing such things." she said, pulling the top of the dress up a little to hide more of her cleavage.

"Would you like a drink to help you relax?"

"No, I am okay."

"I insist."

Soon Mansi found herself holding a glass of scotch on the rocks. She took a small sip and cringed.

"It's bitter." she said.

"Yes, but it is stronger than champagne." Dutt casually said. "Now be a good girl and drink that while Bhaskar and I finish discussing our business. So Bhaskar...about the Greater Kailash location..."

And the two men started talking about what to Mansi were strange incomprehensible things. She sat there, gradually sipping the scotch. The more she sipped, the less offensive it tasted. From never drinking in her life until a few months back, she had now worked her way up to scotch. She started feeling a little buzzed and warm as well. The two men droned out about their business, but they still kept admiring Mansi's attractive body. Bhaskar was getting more and more shameless. Mansi hoped that the discussion would end soon and he would leave.

"Alright, so it is settled then." she heard Dutt say and then he got up. Bhaskar got up too and shook hands with him.

Finally, thought Mansi,

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