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A description of our first venture into adding extras.

My own cock was beginning to stir, so I decided I should continue on to the bathroom, do my business and get back to bed.

I couldn't get the image of Jack's cock out of my brain as I stood to pee. My dick grew in my hand as I did my business. The more I thought about Jack, the harder I got. I began to wonder.... I finished in the bathroom and headed back to bed, but I could help but stop and admire Jack's dick once more. He hadn't moved; he was still hard and a tiny bead of pre-cum had formed on the tip of his dick. I found myself wanting to touch it.

Nervous as hell, I carefully reached over and, with the tip of my finger, touched the bead of pre-cum. As I pulled away, a small, clear strand connected my finger with the tip of his cock. About 12 inches out, the strand broke. I rubbed the tip of my finger with my thumb and felt the slick, slippery pre-cum between my fingertips. My heart was beating like crazy.

A quick glance at his face let me know he was still sleeping deeply; I got bolder. I reached down and lightly ran my finger along the length of his cock starting at his balls, ending at the mushroom tip. The feeling was exhilarating and I knew I wanted to do more. I carefully rested my right hand on his balls, feeling his heat. More firmly, I moved my hand up his shaft until I could wrap my fingers around his cock. A stream of pre-cum connected his dick with a little pool of the stuff on his stomach as I pointed his cock up. I could feel it pulsing in my hand. The hot, spongy, but firm cock felt different but similar to my own. I squeezed gently and watched more pre-cum erupt from his piss hole. It dripped down the side of his cock.

My own cock was throbbing by this point, so with my left hand I grabbed my own dick and started jacking off while I very gently begin to stroke Jack's cock. I closed my eyes and slowly worked the two cocks. A moan from Jack brought me back to reality, but his eyes were still closed. He was producing a huge amount of pre-cum and soon I was using his natural lube to coat his cock. The slippery, sticky feeling was very erotic. My own pre-cum was providing me with plenty of lube for me as well.

Jack's head rolled toward me and a sigh escaped his mouth. His lips remained slightly parted as his breath increased in tempo. An evil thought crossed my mind and I began wondering what Jack would do if I touched his lips with the tip of my cock. I carefully released my grip on his cock. I brought my right hand up to my nose to smell his scent. The scent was strong. I hesitated only a moment before licking my hand to taste Jack's pre-cum. MMMM, not bad. I dropped my underwear and positioned myself so that the tip of my cock was close to Jack's mouth. With a steady hand I guided the tip to graze his lips. At first, he didn't move. Then he closed his mouth briefly and then he licked his lips and opened his mouth a little wider as if offering me an invitation. I pointed the tip of my cock at his open mouth and slowly moved in. I shuddered as I felt his lips touch my cock. Ever so slightly I pressed my advantage and Jack's mouth opened to accommodate. Perhaps it was some natal response on his part, but soon I began to feel a very gentle sucking motion as Jack's mouth closed around my cock. The feeling was incredible as I continued to feed him my cock and then slowly start to pull back. I was actually fucking my roommate's mouth while he slept.

I felt myself close to cumming, so I reluctantly pulled out.

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