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He has to follow the finest ass on earth.

I was a little freaked out at first but decided to run with it. I repeated the motion a little bit longer and I could tell she wanted to let out some type of moan. What was happening? Were we trying to turn each other on? That's when I decided to stop and Mom began to rinse herself off.

As I started to rinse my face off I heard Mom giggling harder again.

"What now, whats so funny?" I asked.

"Oh, just that" she said glancing downward at me unable to point. I looked down and to my horror I was fully erect! I hadn't even noticed that fondling my Mother's genitalia with a sponge had made me rock hard. I was mortified and jumped out of the shower.

Mom was still giggling "It's okay honey, it just happens. I'm not gonna lie, it felt good to me too."

"Now can you help dry off and get me dressed with out getting a hard-on." She laughed out load.

I dried Mom off and walked her back in her room. She could tell I was beyond embarrassed. After I removed the plastic wrap devices, I slid her robe back over her body and tied it shut tightly.

"I'm sorry, I know that wasn't easy for you and I didn't mean to tease ya." she said with a smile.

Mom's eyes were locked onto my crotch while biting her bottom lip and muttered. "And you really have nothing to be ashamed of, especially with that."

Come on, can you forgive me?" she asked as she stroked my face with her good hand.

I paused and pretended to give it some thought. I was mainly focused on the thought of how impressed Mom was with my 'manhood'.

"I'll let you pick out my pantyhose tonight since know you like them so much, any color you want."

Busted! She caught me admiring her nylons a little too much lately and I had a suspicious feeling she knew about it.. I agreed and went to the drawer where she kept all of her stockings and things and I selected a pair of off-black ones. They were incredibly soft with some type of design up the ankle.

"Oh, I forgot about those, very pretty. You have to put them on me though." she said softly looking up at me. Even in her doped-up state, she was still able to call me on my long time pantyhose crush.

I waited for this moment for many years. I finally got an excuse to roll that sweet nylon up those sexy little legs. I straightened the seems across her painted toes and they looked amazing. The light reflected a silky sheen from her dainty feet, all the way up her gorgeous thighs. I didn't even bother putting underwear on her first and Mom said nothing the whole time.

Afterwards it was back to the couch for TV, a foot message, and off to sleep. I wasn't sure how much sleep I would be getting after an experience like that. Mom was probably to stoned to remember any of it, But I sure did. After she fell instantly asleep I felt the need to untie her robe so I could just enjoy the sight of my mother's pantie-less, nylon coated legs all night. It took everything I had not to start masturbating right there next to her. Part of me wondered how much of her I could touch inappropriately and for how long? If it weren't for her stockings being in the way, there was a good chance I could at least finger her pussy. What was happening to me?

More days went by and Mom and I kept going through our daily routines. I'm still not exactly sure if Mom remembered any of our shower scene together. She would occasionally make some kind of flirtatious remark or accidentally expose herself from beneath that robe. Mom was even letting me change her hosiery on a nightly basis now. High or not she got a kick out of letting me touch her in some way more and more. I didn't mind it either. It was like I was getting gradually more comfortable seeing and touching her all the time now.

Still being on the fence about our previous bath-night, it was once again time to handle the issue.

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