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Be careful what you ask for.

I couldn't help noticing Debbie had a wicked little grin on her face. She knew I was in trouble and was obviously pleased with this little development.

I took the few small steps until I was standing in front of the four, seated, adults. If I had felt like a teenager earlier when playing in the rocks, I now felt like a ten year old.

"Do you know what happens to my Daughter in Law when she disobeys an order?" Jane spoke quietly but with authority

I closed my eyes in shame "Yes, Ma'am."

"What happens?" Jane was going to drag it out of me.

"She gets punished, Ma'am."

"Correct. She certainly does. Now unless you want a double dose I suggest you strip off real quick and join the kids in the lake. We will deal with our little problem later."

I could not believe how dumb I had behaved. I had let my modesty get in the way of my good behaviour. I could have kicked myself. If I had just gone for the swim in the first place I would not have set myself up for a punishment.

I went to walk over to the rocks a few yards away to get some privacy but Jane intervened. "Get undressed right here girl. We are not going to sit around here waiting all day while you throw your tantrums."

My ears burned. As quick as I could I lowered my jeans, revealing my pink lacy thong. Then I pulled my tee shirt off in one movement and quickly dashed towards the relative safety of the lake.

"Kym, you come back!" my Mother in Law barked

I froze mid-step, turned, and took the long walk back to where Jane, Ben, John and Debbie were seated on the sand. All sets of eyes seemed to be soaking up my semi-nudity.

"What is that you are wearing?" Jane was pointing at my knickers.

"It is my thong, Ma'am." I looked down at the sand to hide my embarrassment.

"Is that appropriate wear for a ranch?"

I badly wanted to raise the point that when I dressed in the morning I had not given any thought as to what activities I would be doing during the day, but I well knew a respectful Daughter in Law does not argue the point.

"No, Ma'am."

"I think not," Jane waved me away, having made her point. I turned and headed back to the lake. As I looked out to the water I realised both Rachael and Troy had stopped swimming and were ogling my semi-nude body, seemingly disbelieving I would be brazen enough to go swimming in only a lacy thong.

Although the water was cold I was thankful for the protection it afforded me from prying eyes. I tried to relax and play with Troy and Rachael, but I found it hard to put the thought of the upcoming punishment out of my head. As always, the anticipation whipped my contrasting emotions up to fever pitch, and my body began to feel warm despite the cold water temperature.

Not surprisingly I did not want to leave the safety of the water, but all too soon John was beckoning for us to come ashore. Troy and Rachael bounded out of water and joined the others, where Debbie had a couple of towels waiting. Due to my reluctance I took my time exiting, which was probably a mistake as by the time I left the water all sets of eyes were firmly focused on me.

Due to the cold water I had goosebumps and my nipples were hard. But the worse part was the water had sucked the flimsy material of the thong into my pussy lips, which meant the contours of my vagina were clearly outlined. I made a beeline for the towels.

Jane pulled me up short. "Are you wet young lady?"

I stared at her mortified, but when I saw the big grin on her face I realised she was playing with me.

"Yes Ma'am, the water was very wet." I hoped Rachael and Troy had no idea of the double connotation, although it was not missed by Debbie and John who both joined in on the joke

"Well, you can stay wet until we have dealt with you young lady." Jane was right in her element and playing me like a fiddle. This last comment certainly wiped the smile off my face.

Young Rachel and Troy both gave me a curious glance, obviously wondering what on earth was goin

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