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The Lawman finds out how much Mom loves him.

She knew I would be okay if things went in that direction. She had something else in mind.

"You want to fuck ME in MY ass?" I realized aloud. Then the thought of her harnessed with a dildo yipeekieyeahing my ass had me frozen. I'd do anything for my wife, but this was a big leap.

"Actually, just a couple of fingers," she softened her voice, knowing her real proposition would be far less extreme than whatever I was thinking. "A blowjob and heavy lube, wouldya say?" she nervously giggled as she gave her pitch.

I was still relaxing my sphincter from the vision of her going 10 inches into me from any angle. As much as it never occurred to me that my wife would want to place something in my ass, I fully understood that people around the world were casually doing this for pleasure every day. If a couple of fingers in my ass would get my wife off, why not. But before I could say a word she began to explain herself.

"See, I suck your dick because I like doing it. Honestly, it gets me hot. But I let you come in my mouth because I love how it makes you feel," she said as she squeezed the steering while tightly. "So I keep looking for ways improve my, let's just say, skills."

Now I was totally engulfed in her explanation. She could have driven for another 10 exits and I would not have noticed. Fortunately she found our exit and waited at the light.

"We've tried almost all of the ways to make those blowjobs . . . better," she offered knowing that I'd never complained about anything other than wanting more. "Mints, ice, heat, diet, whatever. But the one thing I keep wanting to do every time I see your face writhing in ecstasy is to wiggle these babies in your ass," she said as she raised her index and middle finger above the steering wheel.

"I just know there's a spot that we haven't hit yet and I'm dying to reach it," she continued as she made her left turn. Her teeth were clinched and her grip was firm at wheel. "Pun intended."

Now she was waiting for my response. Without thinking about the weight of her question, I simply responded with, "Okay. Let's do it."

Such a man.

"'Let's do it.'?" she bounced back with a look of disappointing shock I wasn't expecting. Her turn into our neighborhood was a little more aggressive than usual. "When you want me to swallow I don't simply say, 'Sounds good'," she finished, though under her breath the words 'motherfucker' were waiting behind her teeth.

"What I mean is, anything that has been burning at you for this long that simply wants to bring pleasure to my face, I'm all in," I rebounded. And the turn into our driveway was noticeably less aggressive.

"Then tell me that you want to do it," she begged as we unloaded our bags from the trunk. "Tell me it's what you want."

"I want you to put your fingers in my ass while you suck my dick," I spoke with all honesty.

She threw her gym bag toward the laundry room and gave me a big hug. And then, as though we had not just had the most intense sexual conversation we've had in years, she asks, "What should we have for dinner? Let's have Thai tonight."

"Uh, okay," was what mouth came up with own it's own. My mind was too busy wondering when this ass related blowjob was going to occur. My pace up the stairs was slow as I thought about her wanting to do this for the past year.

She was already in the shower by the time I got to our bedroom. I wasn't sure if now was the time or not, so I turned on the fireplace to help set the mood. Maybe she was waiting for me in the shower. So I undressed and walked into the bathroom with the same of confusion I'd had since the highway.

As I stepped into the shower she stepped out. My confusing look apparently became more contorted because she looked at me puzzled. "You okay?" she asked.

My nonresponse was enough of a response for her. "Oh! You thought. . . we might . . . in the . . . Now?" she finished. "I didn't mean today, boo," she explained. "I just didn't want to surprise you." Then she noticed my dick had started to stiffen.

"Let's get dinner and discuss it over noodles," she sm

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