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Tale of love, sex, beliefs, salvation, and choices.

Sue realized that there was someone else present in the room, and as she opened her eyes she saw John coming round the front of the arm chair where Sam sat on the ground before her. She noticed John only seemed to be interested in looking at her lower body. She quickly closed her eyes, not wanting him to see her watching her son. Wicked thoughts began to run through her head. What was about to happen would certainly not happen if she had not been so turned on as she was now.

Reason told her to end this right now, but the loneliness of the these last months without any sexual contact with her husband had left her with thoughts weighing heavily on her mind. And besides, it certainly couldn't be that bad for him to just look at her in her underwear, if she had her string bikini on her son would certainly be able to see a lot more of her. So she decided to pretend to be asleep.

Sam decided to beat a retreat and take his leave as he didn't want to lose his friendship or anything else, like his family jewels, as he knew John could beat the crap out of him. So he went back into the dining room and got dressed and left as quick as possible. Sue now heard John letting out a moan and realized that he was not only able to look at her legs but could also see her cunt through her wet panties.

This idea aroused her and to her surprise she noticed that her moist pussy had started leaking her golden nectar even more. She found it very strange reacting this way with her son. During the last few years she had been looking at John as he was growing up, and to be honest he had already been part of her fantasies for the last year now but she always had enough will power to keep it a fantasy and nothing more. Now she couldn't understand why she felt the way she was feeling, it was as if she were dreaming all of this. She felt so horny at this moment and began to open her legs a little further.

By now John was already on his feet and was trying to avoid being caught by his mom he thought as she was laying there. He thought he had nothing to worry about as he looked at his mom, and she looked as if she were in a drunken sleep. He lowered himself onto the floor by her side and now had an even better view. He didn't know where he got the courage, but suddenly he moved forward until his face was next to her panty clad pussy. To his surprise he saw that her cunt was moist and it didn't look like this would be the end of it, as her lips were becoming wetter and wetter the more he watched.

Sue noticed that her body was reacting more and more to John being close to her dripping pussy and feeling the warmth of his breath was only making her feel even more horn. What had started as a game with Sam had become a rolling snowball that was having trouble being stopped. She opened her legs still further hoping that he would make the first move. She realized that what was happening wasn't normal and she would not make the first move. Sue had promised herself that if something happened she would not stop it. Once she had made her decision she waited to see if John had the courage to do something.

John was getting more and more aroused by her sopping panties in front of him. He had noticed that his mom had opened her legs a little wider so once again he moved forward and now got the smell of his mother's scent in his nostrils. The musky smell made his eyes glaze over in pure lust as he got even closer to her. Without realizing what he was doing he had placed his hands on her legs and was softly massaging them and running his hands up and down her legs and over her black stockings. He now noticed her cunt juices soaking through her panties and covering the tops of her bare thighs.

Sue had opened her eyes and noticed that John was paying too much attention to her panties and the contents inside to notice her watching him.

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