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Trixi finds a rebound in her friend Zack.

Both had very limited experience but wanted to explore and figured a Domme might help them out. I don't know why, but they intrigued me. They had a room, so I grabbed my bag of toys, which Steve had told me to bring just in case, and we headed up to the room. They sat on the bed, and I sat across from them on the love seat. They were chattering away nervously as I sipped my drink. "Shut up!" is said to them forcefully and they both stopped and stared at me like a deer in headlights. "I want you to be quiet. You are not to say a word unless I ask you to. I will point, and you need to do what I want. If you do the wrong thing, I will whip you. Do you understand?" I reached into my bag and pulled out my strap.

"Yes, Ma'am!" They said like nervous sheep.

"Wrong!" She smacked them with the whip hard, and they yelped. "You will refer to me as Mistress only!"

"Yes, Mistress." They were both apparently ready to comply.

Jessica pointed to Maggie's lips and watched and Alice leaned in for a kiss on Maggie. They tepidly kissed until they saw their mistress raising her whip. Then as Jessica watched they were soon in a hot embrace, open mouths, tongue, sucking and licking necks, heated and breathing heavy. Jessica cracked the whip to get their attention and pointed to their shirts. Both quickly removed their shirts and bras and on Jessica's signal, took turns licking and coddling each other's breasts. In very short order she had them completely naked and locked in 69. "You may not cum until I tell you to, but you may beg when you are close and just maybe." Over and over they begged her to let them cum, but instead, she would respond with a crack of her whip and set them to work on each other's cunts again. Jessica was surprised, but this control was turning her on. She slipped off her shorts and pulled out a thick vibrator and fucked herself to several nice orgasms while watching her girls play and suffer. Finally with her pussy soaking wet and the girls mad with passion, she allowed them to cum. They were so pent up that each lost control of their bodies and their cum soaked the face of the other as they quivered in ecstasy. Jessica had them lick each other clean.

With a crack of the whip, both were back at attention. Jessica had them roll over, so their bare asses and pussies were hanging off the end of the bed. She put on a thick strap-on and slid it into Maggie, fucking her mercilessly. Maggie begged to cum, but Jessica made her wait. Finally, when she saw that Maggie was at a breaking point, she stopped. Maggie groaned. "Have either of you had anal sex?"

"Eeew, no!" they said practically in the chorus.

"Good," Jessica said and grabbed Maggie's arm and pulled it around her back, propping her up and forcing her fingers into her ass. "I am going to fuck that ass, so you better fuck yourself loose, or it will hurt." Maggie began to protest, but with a swift smack of the whip, she was silent and slowly started to finger her ass while Jessica watched. As Jessica started fucking Alice's cunt, she helped Maggie, shove one, then two, then three fingers in her ass and soon she began to moan and loved it. Meanwhile, Jessica could tell Alice was on the brink of cumming, so again Jessica stopped her and had her do the same as Maggie. Jessica had them kissing while they were doing it, so she sat back in her chair and masturbated to the view.

After a bit, she put on her strap on again, but this one had a much bigger cock.

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