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A bored housewife meets a stranger on the beach.

"Not bad, huh?" he asked playfully.

Chloe laughed, "Not bad at all."

They kissed, Chris still inside her as they made out, his shaft pulsing dangerously inside her.

"Roll over," Chloe said.

Chris grabbed her by the waist and did as she said. Chloe was on top now, his shaft still lodged inside her pussy. She leaned forward and braced herself on his shoulders as she began to rock back and forth on his shaft. Chris brought his hands up to her swaying breasts, squeezing the firm orbs and teasing the hard nipples as he did. Chloe's legs flexed, drawing her upward before they relaxed and lowered her back down. She did this a few times, finding a rhythm quickly. Chris moaned as she rode his cock, her tight pussy wrapped tight around him as she impaled herself on his shaft over and over. Her pace increased, her body growing used to having him inside her. The bed creaked from the force of her thrusts down onto his cock, the headboard hitting the brick wall behind it.

"Oh fuck!" Chris moaned.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto his cock, and then she felt it. Chris' cock twitched violently inside of her and his face took on an expression of absolute relief. His hands griped her tight, digging into her toned flesh as he exploded inside her, the cum being caught by the condom. Chloe would have thought it impossible, but his cock kept pulsing, kept pouring his seed into the condom, into her if it hadn't been there, filling her womb with his seed. Chloe came at the thought, at the sensation of his organ throbbing inside of her, his cum spewing from the head. Her groan joined Chris' and her arms crumbled beneath her. She lay flat on top of Chris as they came together, their bodies pressed against one another, joined at the sexes.

And then it was over. The flow stopped, the pulses ceased, and the trembling of Chloe's pussy came to an end. They lay on top of each other, breathing heavily. Chloe kissed Chris, wanting to feel his lips pressed into hers. His slid out of her, the condom clinging to the wilting shaft as they made out.

"Thank you," Chloe said, on the verge of happy tears.

Elation flooded through her. She'd never been this happy, never had she felt this good about herself, so utterly and completely in love with another human being. She wouldn't have thought it possible but she loved him, a man, but he wasn't just a man. He was Chris, the slightly bumbling giant who was cute and sweet. And she loved him. They continued to kiss, their bodies growing weary, their eyelids growing heavy, and soon they fell asleep.


2 Months Later

"Oh for God's sake," Helen grumbled as she approached her room.

Eric laughed, "They're at it again are they?"

"Listen to that!" Helen exclaimed, "You better not break anything!" she shouted through the door.

There was a feminine 'shh' on the other side of the door, and the creaking from inside the room ended. There was a shuffling and the door opened, Chloe appeared wearing nothing but a huge t-shirt, Chris's.

"You need something?" Chloe asked.

"I need my textbook for biology," Helen said.

"Don't you take you're books with you?" Chloe asked.

"I forgot it, and when I came back two hours ago you and Chris were 'occupying' the room. So I came back and you're still 'occupying'," Helen replied.

"They do seem to 'occupy' an awful lot," Eric said to Helen.

Chloe blushed, "Well..." she looked over her shoulder, "Alright, come in and get it."

Helen walked in, Chris shielding himself with Chloe's comforter, went to her desk and grabbed her book.

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