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Somali dominatrix meets a black American man.

Aunty Sue had not been out with us very often, and Shelly and I spent the next half an hour getting the boat ready. Finally we got under way, and within an hour were sailing out of the Sydney heads, on our way to Broken Bay which would take us about 4 hours with the South East winds that we had. The weather was warm and clear, and it was not too long before Aunty Sue and Shelly were stripping off and sun bathing nude on the deck. I yelled out some smart comment about not getting sunburnt, and Shelly jumped up, ran below deck and emerged with a bottle of sun screen.

Shelly went over to Aunty Sue and started to cover her back, down her arms and then her legs. Aunty Sue rolled over, displaying those firm tits and large nipples. Shelly put more sun screen on her hands and started to rub Aunty Sue all over. Shelly was paying close attention to Aunty Sues tits, and Aunty Sue nipples were getting harder and longer. With the way that they were growing, I could see that they were enjoying it. Shelly then started at Aunty Sues toes, working her way up. Aunty Sue at up, and spread her legs so that Shelly could access all areas. Shelly made her way up to Aunty Sues pussy. Aunty Sue moaned softly as Shelly started to rub her pussy and clit. Aunty Sue then grabbed Shelly's head and pushed her down between her legs. All I could see from the wheel was Aunty Sue leaning back and moaning and Shelly's head moving between Aunt Sues legs, Shelly's tits where bouncing up and down, bouncing off the deck while her arse was pointed up towards the sky. Aunty Sue grabbed Shelly's head again, seemingly trying to force Shelly's whole head inside her pussy. Aunty Sue started to shake, then stiffen. She let out a scream and fell back. Shelly moved back towards Aunty Sues head and kissed her. I could hear her say to Aunty sue that it was her turn for some sun screen!

While this was going on, I could have steered the boat with my cock it was that hard. Unfortunately while I was on the wheel, and the two of then were about 10 feet away from me, there was not a lot I could do about it except watch the two of them.

Aunty Sue sat up and moved over to Shelly. Where Aunty Sue had been, there was a huge wet patch, she must have cum with so much juice to make the deck wet and slippery with her cum. Now it looked to be Shelly's turn!

Aunty Sue took a big wad of sunscreen and massaged Shelly's back. She rubbed over Shelly's arms, neck and back. It more of sensual massage than just putting sunscreen on. Aunty Sue massaged up from Shelly's toes, up her legs, and then concentrated on her arse, occasionally slipping between her cheeks. Aunty Sues pussy was pointed directly at me and I could see her wet pussy and engorged clit. I couldn't stand it any longer, I slipped my rock hard cock out from my shorts and started to stroke myself. I was definitely having a hard time concentrating on sailing the boat with one hand, rubbing my cock with the other, and staring at this fantastic pussy right in from of me! Aunty Sue pushed Shelly onto her back, her legs spread open and her wonderful pussy pointed straight at me. Aunty Sue then massaged Shelly's front, circling her nipples and gently kissing them as they became hard. Aunty Sue then moved her tongue down towards Shelly's wet pussy and started to lap up Shelly's juices. Shelly started moaning and arching her back, trying to get more of Aunty Sue inside of her. Aunty Sue reached down to her own pussy and started to finger her pussy. Shelly arched her back and groaned "Ohhhhhhhh, I'm gonna cummmmmmmmm, Oh suck harder, Ohh godddddddddddddd, I'm cummmmmming". Shelly grabbed Aunty Sues head and seemed like she was trying to get her whole face in her. Aunty Sue kept on fingering herself . I could her both of them moaning and cuming together. My balls started to get tighter and I knew I was cuming just by watching there two!. My cock was now painfully hard and I started to cum, pushing glob after glob of cum all over the deck.

As I opened my eyes, I say the two of them just watching me

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