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Going to a wedding turns out different.

dinner with us tonight?"

She thought for a moment, she had heard Lex speak of him often. "Just me and two handsome gentlemen?" she asked, and he grinned and nodded. "How could a girl say no to an offer like that."

"Double your pleasure, double your fun" he teased, "Give you an excellent opportunity to flirt a little."

"I don't need very much encouragement to be a bit of a flirt" she giggled, "I'll have to think of something special to wear." Lex smiled and lowered his lips to her turgid nipple, nipping her lightly with his teeth. "That's my girl, I'm sure you can put a special outfit together for an evening out with two escorts, and you know how I enjoy watching you teasing another man." With one more little kiss and a devilish smile he left her to contemplate her day.

She had a lazy breakfast then spent time at the spa, manicure and pedicure, facial and a massage, a light lunch bringing her to this quiet time in the tub.

She let her eyes survey her body as she gave some thought to the evening. Large firm breasts capped with light pink areole, nipples thick and jutting from their centres. Flat tummy giving way to a womanly rounded mound, thick labia protruding just below, smooth and soft as silk, nicely rounded hips tapering to long legs. Lex loved to plant a seed, having Ken for dinner indeed. He knew she would spend quite a bit of time planning her outfit for all of them to enjoy.

She climbed from the tub and checked her beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes as she towelled dry, then started pulling some pieces from her suitcase. A tiny red satin thong she thought, the colour of passion. Black stockings, stay-ups, the tight lace holding her thighs firmly, leaving just a little pale bare skin, her panties framed between. A low cut black lace bra, her nipple poking into the material, the pale pinkness visible. Red silk blouse, a few buttons undone to leave a hint of cleavage, a blouse with buttons that on occasion let go by themselves she remembered, mmmm, wouldn't Lex like that she thought, Ken too, perfect. Tight black leather skirt, just above her knee, a slit up the front to mid thigh. A pair of high heels that were a pinch too high if she had to walk any great distance, but she would suffer through as they made her legs look great and her ass incredible. A little make up and she was almost ready before Lex made it back. "You look delicious" he whistled at her, "Maybe we should just stay here."

She smiled back her appreciation of the compliment, then teased, "I spent all afternoon getting ready to flirt with Ken and you at dinner, or did you just want to invite him up here and we will order in?"

"We may never eat if that happened" he answered, his eyes flashing as Jen felt a bit of a flush touch her skin. He reached for her hand and guided her to the lobby, and Jen instinctively knew which gentleman was Ken, he was a slightly younger, larger Lex. Jen gave him a dazzling smile as Lex introduced her, Ken giving her a hug, telling her she was even more beautiful than Lex had admitted. They walked towards Lex's pick-up, Ken had made reservations for them. Ken folded himself into the backseat, moving behind Lex so he could see Jen as they drove. Jen half turned to speak with him, her shoulders back, her breasts nicely displayed, she smiled when she caught Ken looking, and could see the encouraging look in Lex's glance.

The trip took no time and Ken was very gallant, helping her out of the truck, his eyes flicking over her legs as she turned and took his hand.

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