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Camping with party favors, I tease and get a surprise...

Pull it out. Look how that finger is dripping with your cunt juices. Say thank you to me for turning you on"

He had me now and I quietly said "Thank you William"

"Hold your cunt open let me have a look at that soaking snatch. Can you smell yourself? Your hot cunt is stinking out this whole room. Remember to give it a squirt of air freshener when you leave"

Every time he said anything to me which reminded me of position 2 things happened. The first was I would blush with embarrassment and then my cunt would gush with horniness. Blushing and Gushing had become my life with William.

"Now start playing with yourself, that's it now I want you to answer the questions I asked you. Was sex with John fantastic?"

I really did not want to answer this question. I did not want to be disloyal to my husband, but sex with John had never been fantastic and last night had certainly been no exception.

"Answer the question"

"No it was not very good"

"Did he give you an orgasm?"

"No" I managed to gasp out as I felt myself getting closer to orgasm.

"Is John a good lover?"

"He's OK"

"How often does he give you orgasms?"

"John's never given me an orgasm" I don't know why I said it. I could have lied; I did not have to humiliate John in that way. But I could not lie I was compelled to tell William the truth.

"So John is not even an OK lover. He is a crap lover. You are getting more pleasure with me and I have not even touched you."

"Did you get more pleasure from playing with Mrs. Fuller than fucking your husband?"

"Yes I did, she turned me on so much"

"So I guess that makes you a horny lezzie slut! Tell me that you are a horny lezzie Slut!"

"I am a horny lezzie slut! I'm a horneeeeeeeahhhhg" I came as I was saying it for the second time.

I don't know how William does it to me. I came into the office to tell him it was all over and he blackmails me into acting like a slut which I then enjoy and have a really strong orgasm. And he does it all without touching me.

As I come down from my orgasm, I thought I hate to think what I must look like. I am sure my make up is a mess. My cunt and inner thighs are soaking wet and my hands are covered in my juices.

He reaches into the cupboard opposite the chair and takes out a digital video camera. "You never learn do you? What do you think hubby will say when he finds out that you get more pleasure from women than you do from old Johnny boy? I think this will have to be added to the DVD."

I started to get up but was promptly told not to move.

He held the camera up and started to film me. I could see it zooming in and panning over my body. Again I felt the familiar blush and gush. I knew he was filming me and there was the unspoken threat that anything he filmed was going to be shown to my husband. Just knowing that turned me on. What was wrong with me?

"Open up your cunt. I want to get a close up. Show me the pink I think is the rather quaint expression that is used nowadays"

I reached down and as I did so I could feel my cunt getting wetter. I knew that my pink would be glistening for the camera.

"Oh you are an obedient wife aren't you? Do you do this for John when he asks you?"

"John would never ask me to do anything like this. He is not a pervy old man like you"

"You are right and that's your problem. You like obeying a pervy old man like me and dirty lezzies like Mrs. Fuller. You like it so much that you have started to play with your clit without me asking. You are playing with yourself in the full knowledge that I am filming you and that if I wish I will share this film with Johnny boy. I think that makes you an even bigger pervert. I am not the one cheating; I am not the one who prefers to lick a woman's cunt to sucking my husbands cock."

"Your fingers are moving faster as we talk. You are going to have an orgasm in a moment. Talk to your husband via the camera. Tell him you love wanking for me"

"I love wanking for William"

"Tell your husband"

"John I can't help it I love wanking for William"

"Tell him what a slut you are."

"John I

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