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Marina finally gets the rough treatment she's longed for.

"Oh the pool's a large amount of cash for whoever somehow manages to sexually ring your bell whatever it turns out to be" said the male nurse with chiselled European features and a smooth voice, which made him very appealing to a number of female nurses and doctors despite his blatant comments.

Moira's nostrils flared as she glared at Crystal who smiled at her with brilliant white teeth.

"We thought you should know that" said the dirty blonde haired nurse with the supermodel figure before all the nurses scampered away having ensured to their satisfaction that crystal stood very little chance of winning the pool. They watched from a distance at their usual table giggling and guffawing anticipating Moira to explode in Crystal's face.

"So you're betting are you?!" growled Moira.

"Of course, it's a lot of money. Besides you made it personal by insulting me in front of the commander so now I'm going to be taking your virginity. "

"I'm not a virgin and the truth stings get used to it" Moira couldn't believe the arrogance of the lecherous shemale.

"I'll bet my car that yours is a virgin asshole and after I'm done with you the truth isn't the only thing that's going to be stinging."

Whatever Moira was going to say next was drowned out by the ear piercing blare of a siren. Then the floor began shaking under their feet and a lot of people including Moira and the nurses screamed.

After everyone had left the gallery and it was locked by guards, the slowly spiking energy levels were detected by the sensors and triggered the force field but that only held Al back temporarily. He regained full consciousness fighting the drugs and shredded his restraints, destroying them and overloading the field with a single burst of focussed earth shaking energy drawn from the matrix.

Naturally that triggered the emergency sirens and evacuation protocol since the building automation system would think it was an earth quake.

He sent an all encompassing command to the Nanobots infected by the energy of the dark matter matrix in his heart as soon as the surgeons resealed his containment. The corrupted bots had been dumped in the recycler as was the norm for malfunctioning equipment by engineers. They never suspected that, far from being recycled the machines were being reactivated and reprogrammed by Al's quantum level transmissions through the matrix bypassing detection altogether. Over the past few weeks Al had built a Nanobot army of sorts hidden within the recycler itself and now his army sprang into action taking several vital automated systems of the base by surprise. The bots began swarming by consuming metal and drawing power from the grid to replicate at an accelerated pace.

Al's eyes glowed with a dark purplish light as they focused on the ceiling of the vault; his vision extending miles away towards a point high on the desert surface where he locked onto the DNA of the bitch who'd mouth raped him. Meanwhile his army of Nanobots had started wrecking the TG fortress.

It had taken weeks but now, finally he was going to unleash his own personal revenge by killing Delilah and then the futanari for the sake of his lost caliphate. His bio-weapon with luck would wipe out every strand of Futanari DNA from earth all the way across the galaxies to the futa home world.

He sent instructions in a series of quantum pulses via the dark matter lattice to all the viral cells embedded by his operatives in hosts across the solar system to effectively counter any modifications made by the accursed TG and TS unit to save their hides from his bio-weapon ensuring all the traitors who'd ever sided with the Futanari against humanity were wiped out.

Then he drew energy from the power grid of the fortress itself causing the ground itself to shake with tremors emanating from the epicentre beneath his feet.

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