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Sister fucks the Easter bunny, her very own brother.

Show us you can clean up your shit. Then we can see."

Ian huffed and looked over his shoulder at his ex-wife. "You always had a sharp tongue, Lene."

"Shut up and sit down. You've heard what you need to."

Despite everything Ian managed a little smile. Maybe there was hope. A gift from his daughter to her worthless father.

Theodore made his way back to the lectern and picked up the next letter. He wouldn't make it to the last one at the rate this was going. "Is it ok with all of you if I sit down?"

He got a few nods and pulled a chair from the side of the platform. "This letter is for Elias."

Elias had been slumped in his seat, but now he straightened up. He was the eldest child, but that only meant a six-year gap. Theodore wondered what he was thinking.


You're my brother, so I love you. But you're mean. You sit there on your chair in your room and when you go out you shout at me and Hanna. You say you'll hurt us if we don't stop it. I don't understand.

Hanna says you need angry management. I don't know those words but if she says it will help, then you should do it. Hanna is smart. I'm sorry, you're smart too, I didn't want to be mean or anything.

If you're nice then maybe we can go outside and play. I like it when you play with me. But it's been so long ago, I don't really remember. We used to go to the park and play tag or soccer. You are so good at soccer. Even if that was the only game you wanted to play, it would be fun.

You were never mean then. You smiled and tickled me. Please go back, I want my old brother.'

Theodore held out the letter to Elias, but the boy didn't move. He seemed lost. "Elias, come get your letter."

Without a word of protest Elias got up and took the paper from Theodore's hand. Theodore pointed at the lectern and said, "Go stand there and read us your bit. Don't wait too long, it'll only make it harder."

Elias started reading, but he spoke too soft for anyone to hear. Theodore got up and walked behind the boy so he could put his hands on his shoulders. "Read a little louder, son. You can do it. Be strong."

Elias nodded and leaned on Theodore. He took strength from the touch.


I'm sorry I made you angry so many times. I'm sorry I stopped talking to you, but I was scared you would beat me again. Hanna was scared too. But I couldn't go to her. And Mommy was never home. Daddy was away.

When it was just you and me at home again, I was really scared I would do something to make you mad. But I know you're not like that. You were the best brother.

I have to go with Grandpa now, but I hope that when you come see us you will be my happy brother again. We can play games and watch movies together. It will be so much fun.

So please, do your best with the angry management. Be nice. Don't hurt anybody anymore.


Elias's shoulders shook in Theodore's hands. He turned around and buried his face in Theodore's wool sweater. Theodore didn't mind standing there for minutes on end. Elias was just a child. He didn't understand the world around him. Theodore knew more than enough about Elias to know it wasn't his fault he turned out the way he was. He stroked the boy's head and said, "Are you going to be alright, son?"

"Grandpa, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, it's not your fault."

"I hurt Nina."

"We all make mistakes. Some are truly our fault, others are made because we don't know any better. Tell me, did you ever try to hurt Nina?"

Elias hid his face again, but Theodore could still make out his nod. "You have? And do you regret it now?"

Another nod.

"Then you know what you should do, don't you?"

The boy's tight squeeze hurt his old body, but he didn't let it bother him. He'd lost one grandchild, but he would save the others from themselves.

"Do what your little sister asked you to. Try to be a nice brother again, you still have a sister left."

"Yes, Grandpa."

Theodore pushed Elias back a little and looked him in the eye. "Don't do it for me."

He put his hand over the boy's chest. "Do it for you."

Then he turned the

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