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Adelaide & Molly make a sales call.

While they were heating, he grabbed salsa and sour cr__me from the fridge, and poured a glass of pineapple juice. He sat at the table enjoying breakfast in the nude. Just as he finished, he heard a knock at the front door.

Looking through the little sight in the door he could see that it was Liz, standing on the stoop. He opened the door about 4" and stuck his head to the opening.

"Good morning Fernie," she said, "can I come in?"

"Not right now!" Fernie exclaimed, "I'm still naked, give me about 5 minutes." Liz laughed, and Fernando closed the door, then ran to his room and quickly dressed.

Fernie, socks and sneakers in hand, went to the door and opened it wide, letting Liz into the living room.

"Have you had breakfast yet?" Liz asked, Fernie nodded, "Are you ready to go biking?

"As soon as I get my socks and shoes on," Fernie replied.

Fernie, locking the front door, "C'mon Liz, we can go out the back door." Fernie led Liz through the kitchen and they both stepped onto the back porch, and Fernie locked the back door.

Liz, looking the bike over, "This is your new bike? It's beautiful, Fernie! Let's break it in."

Fernando picked it up and took it off the porch, and then walked it by the house to the front yard. Liz's bike was parked on the front sidewalk. She lifted the kickstand, and took off, and Fernando followed her. They rode to the park and made use of the bike path, sometimes following each other, sometimes riding side by side. They paused a few times to let a jogger pass by them. After about a half an hour, Liz stopped, and parked her bike.

"Fernie," she said with seriousness in her voice, "I've got a problem!"

"What is it, Liz"

"I should have used the bathroom before we left, are there any restrooms around here?"

"I don't know," Fernie replied, "this is only my second time in this park, do you know of any, close by?"

"I've never noticed any in this park, anywhere," Liz said, but I need one, bad!"

"Do you want to head back home?" Fernie inquired.

"I'd never make it," Liz whined, "and I don't want to pee my pants."

"I've been there a couple of times," Fernie said, "there's no one around here, just go into that woodsy area, hide behind a tree or bush, push your pants down, squat down and let it go."

"I can't do that, right in front of you," Liz said.

"You won't be in front of me, I'll be standing here, guarding the bikes, with my back toward you," Fernie stated, "but if you have to go that bad, you better do what you gotta do, or it will be too late!"

Liz followed Fernando's advice, walked about 20 feet from the path, found a secluded bush and 'did what she had to do'. When she returned, she gave Fernie a hug, and told him he was a lifesaver. They got back on their bikes and rode another half an hour, they stopped by a bench.

"Let's sit down for a few, I need to call my Mom," Liz said, pulling out her phone and placing the call.

"Hi Liz," Mrs. Martin greeted, "Are you OK, are both of you OK?"

"We're fine Mom, we've been riding around the park, and right now we're taking a break, and sitting on a bench." Liz explained, "Mom, could I ask a favor of you, I'd like Fernando to have lunch with us, if it's OK with you."

"Does he like potato soup and ham sandwiches?" Mrs. Martin asked.

Liz asked him and he nodded affirmatively.

"Yes he does, Mom, and we should be there in about a half an hour, Thanks a bunch, Mom." Liz hung up.

"Do you have a phone, Fernie?" Liz asked.

"I do," Fernie replied, "as of yesterday, my Dad had ordered it on his account and gave it to me yesterday."

"Can I see it?" Fernie dug it out of his pocket and handed it to Liz. Liz started to do something with it.

"What are you doing, Liz?"

Liz, grinning, "Just putting my number in your phone, and I'm putting it in as 'Liz Martin' rather than 'Elizabeth'," handing it back, "go to contacts, and L, and call me." Fernie did as she 'ordered' and her phone rang, Liz answered it "Hi, Bye." Then "Now I have your number, so we can call each other anytime we want." She saved it as Fernie Gomez

"Liz," Fernie sug

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