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A conversation between father and daughter.


She quickly put her fingertips, the ones that weren't already busy, to my mouth.

"No names." She said in heavily accented English. From that moment she just became 'Punk Girl' to me.

When she saw that I understood she pulled her hand from my lips and replaced them with her own. I soon learned that her tongue was pierced as well and that she liked to use it. When she finally broke the kiss she grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to an empty bench. It was large for a bench, almost as big as a twin bed, enough room for just us.

She laid down on her back and pulled me by the wrist on top of her. She felt so small under me but she was very aggressive. As we made out I felt her nails raking up and down my back and buttocks and I knew that I'd have red marks by the time we were done. Meanwhile I let my hands roam over her smooth skin, her girlish hips, her flat chest topped with two tiny candy pink nipples that stiffened at my touch.

After a few minutes of foreplay she pushed my face away from hers with her right hand, reached down with her left and took hold of my cock, guiding it to her waiting pussy. I pressed the head to her lips and began pushing. She was tight. Really tight. She was wet enough that the entry didn't seem to cause her pain, but by the time I was a few inches in I realized that this was the tightest pussy I'd ever fucked except for the second girl I ever had sex with, who was a virgin.

I was not quite all the way in when the tip of my cock hit a barrier. It took me a moment but I realized that I was hitting her cervix. I knew that happened sometimes but it never happened to me before. I made a mental note to be careful not to thrust too deep, lest I hurt her. I began withdrawing from her tight flesh and began a slow, sensual fuck, giving her time to grow accustomed to my width and making sure not to try and penetrate her all the way.

Her youthful features and figure were at odds with her aggressive, wanton manner. She wrapped her legs around my hips and gave a short cry of passion with every thrust. Her exotic looks and remarkably tight pussy were making the tension in my groin rise. She pulled my head down toward her chest. I knew what she meant for me to do so I took her pierced nipple in my mouth and began running my tongue over the warm, soft flesh transfixed with cool, hard metal.

When I suddenly felt her hands pull my ass cheeks apart and a finger reach in and begin teasing my asshole that was all it took to take me beyond the point of no return. My balls tightened and my cock jerked and swelled and spurt after spurt of cum surged out of me and into her, this Punk Girl. I collapsed on top of her, sweating and panting. I prided myself on not being a selfish prick and always giving as good as I got in bed, so I told her to give me a couple minutes to catch my breath and I'd be ready to keep going.

I looked around the room in the hope that the fucking going on just feet away would help me rise to the occasion once again. I was not disappointed. Straight sex, lesbian sex, gay sex, group sex, oral sex, anal sex and every other kind of sex was happening in every direction. You only had to turn your head to see something new.

I watched a lesbian threesome for a time, then a bisexual threesome with a black man lying on his back, a woman straddling his face while a white guy held his ankles and fucked him up the ass. Then I saw Sara on her hands and knees with a girl underneath her, licking her clit while two men, one Latino and one white fucked her mouth and pussy respectively. That was all the encouragement I needed. I was back at full mast and ready.

When Punk Girl saw that I was ready for round two she stood up and pushed me down on my back, took hold of the base of my prick with one hand and lowered her mouth until it enveloped the head.

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