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I offer her to him.

We continued to get down to underwear and as our bras came off his and his hand caressed our breasts teasing the nipples. He took off his shirt and pants and she and I cupped his cock and balls over his shorts. We could feel his dick harden and pulled down his boxers. As his waist band slide down his past his dick we kissed it at the base and kept pulling his shorts down until his hard cock sprang free and she caught it in her mouth. She pulled on his foreskin with her lips and hands but it didn't completely cover his crown. Taking him in her mouth for a few seconds and stood up holding his cock. He put his hands on our ass and then under our panties. After playing with our butts he striped them off and knelt down to lick our clits.

Now that we were all completely naked he played with our tits and tweaked our nipples. I was soaking wet between my legs and he put his finger in our pussies. I put two fingers in my mine and searched for my G spot imagining him doing the same thing to her. She and I stroked his dick and the foreskin made it easy to feel his ridge on the down stork. We pulled his pole to our pussies and rubbed it on our soaking wet clits and labia.

They moved out of sight and I could only see their legs on his bed. He moved down and was obviously was eating her out and I kept rubbing my clit feeling my orgasm building. He moved up and she bent her legs spreading her knees. I could see enough to know he was entering her and I grabbed my realistic dildo. I couldn't see beyond their feet and legs but using my plastic phallus I could feel him thrusting deep into our pussies. We all kept going, I reached orgasm first and kept going. I'm not sure which of them came first but we all got off a couple of times and it was heavenly. They laid still and turned off the light. I laid down and savored the freshly fucked feeling as I drifted into sleep.

The next morning I looked at his window hoping to see them being intimate but his light was off and I couldn't see anything. That was disappointing but life goes on and I went to breakfast thinking that they might be there. No such luck and I eat before going to my Saturday class. That night his light was on but he was studying, again I was disappointed.

The next morning I was having breakfast and he walked into the cafeteria. He walked in got his food and sat at my table,

"Good morning Sharon."

I was a little taken back that he had remembered my name and wondered if one of my girl friends had leaked my spying on him. We chatted a while and I concluded that such was not the case. For that matter I really didn't care if he did know. Maybe it would inspire him to put on a show for me.

"So how'd you do on the exams?"

"Most likely Ok, I prepared well. Even went out on date Friday night."

I thought yes you went out alright, you fucked me and Blondie's brains out. We said goodbye and I went on to my weekend class. I'd given up checking on him every night but kept thinking about what his foreskin would feel like. I bought an extra large condom put it on my silicon dildo with a little lube and sucked it hopping it was like a real one. It was interesting but it only increased my desire to experience a real one.

I checked on him most nights for a couple of weeks but only saw him studying but couldn't get the fantasy of playing with his foreskin out of my mind. Several times I used my condom covered dildo on a folded towel and laid on it to rub my pussy and get a release. I put up a note on the community bulletin board, '8 inch uncircumcised penis wanted' with a ghosted email address but the responses weren't encouraging. I thought of being less selective but that wasn't a good idea because in the campus community too may people knew who was doing what with whom and I didn't want to get a reputation of being a slut. The semester came to the end and I only saw him few times in the cafeteria but not even a 'Hi there' between us.

During the break between semesters I made a booty call to a fuck buddy and had some good but

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