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Sleeping man attacked by determined girl.

I asked her more about this safe word, and to my own surprise, I found myself wondering what it would be like to be sold at auction and then to serve as a slave. Excuse me, servant. Then when I was satisfied, I had her finish what happened.

Amber kind of lowered her head before she spoke. "Well, as I sat there looking at his bulge, I kept thinking what I should do. Should I just use the safe word and call it all off? Then I realized I liked it. The fear, the anticipation. I mean, it was all so erotic. He was an old man, living by himself and as I looked down at him, he looked up and smiled. He sort of grabbed my hand and pulled it down to his crotch. I stood there staring at his smile and I thought about him. He told me his wife had left him years before and they never had kids He was all alone and had no one special in his life, which was why he paid so much for me."

"How much did he pay?" I asked, almost breathless.

"He paid a little over 310 dollars, which was the top amount paid for any of us, and knowing how great a thrill for him at that moment, well, I kind of let him move my hand down to his crotch. Then he let go," she said, stopping for a moment. "It was like something was guiding me. My hand kept going and before I realized what I was doing, I reached his bulge. At first, I kind of rubbed it through his underwear, then as I saw the joy on his face, I pulled his pajama pants down and his cock sort of shot up at me. It was thrilling."

"Really, thrilling? You're married, you've see a man's junk before," I said quietly.

She laughed. "Oh sure, when we were first married, it was the same thrill, seeing Chris' cock out there, but you know, with time, it kind of lost the excitement." When I didn't say anything, she continued. "His cock was there, and it was thrilling, knowing that I could do that to a man again. Well, I grabbed his cock in my hand, you know, feeling the hardness, then slowly, using only a few fingers, I started jerking him off a bit and moved around to his front. It was easier and less taxing on my arm to do it that way, but t was really exciting, erotic even. I looked up and saw the pleasure on his face and I don't know why, but as I now was using my whole hand to play with him I got closer and closer. It was fascinating, watching his cock twitch and turn colors, and as I started at it, I got really close to it."

"Oh Amber, you didn't?" I was totally shocked and yet I felt like I knew what she was going through at that moment. I had only sucked Art off a few times, but his exploding in my mouth made me feel slutty, so I had only allowed him to cum outside my mouth after that.

Amber stopped for a moment, watching me, probably wondering what I was thinking. When I looked at her again, she finished. "His cock was inches in front of my face, so I pointed it at my mouth and sucked him off. For an old guy, he didn't cum that much and I got it all down. You should have seen him, he was so happy. After he came, we sort of laid down together. Would you believe that in the middle of the night he got hard again and wanted sex, but I figured I couldn't do that, so I just sort of sucked him off again. Then in the morning, I dressed, waited out the rest of the time and called Chris to come get me. Before I left, I opened my shirt and let him suck my boobs a bit, then gave him a final kiss squeezed his cock hard once more, quickly redressed, and was waiting for Chris outside when he arrived."

"Did you ever tell Chris what happened?" I asked. "And why didn't your husband pay for you?"

"Are you crazy? No.

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