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A neglected executive's wife gets the attention she craves.

could you Sue, How could you?"

"Look I said I was sorry but you don't understand what Marcus would do to me if he found out I was telling you now. I shouldn't be saying anything and by the way it happened to me too, the video and photographs of everything that happened when I went to the club the first time and no one told me anything about it."

"If that's the case how did you find out that it had happened?"

"When they sent a copy to my hubby! That's how!"

"Oh my god, Oh my god" was all Marie could say.

She hit the off button on the phone and closed it. She was so shocked her friend had not said a word. And now she was terrified of the same happening to her, she knew that Jon had been turned on by her and Michael together but what would he think about her if he saw what she had done in the club? Suddenly the tears came and her whole body was racked with her sobbing. She was losing her life, her identity.

She looked up and saw her self reflected in the overhead mirror, saw her almost naked body, the stockings and the shoes and it made her cry even more. Grabbing the covers she pulled them up over her and laid there, her mind in turmoil, crying and shaking.

Awaking with a start she wondered where she was, this strange room, almost jumping out of her skin when looking up and catching her face looking back at her. It was almost dark outside, the lights from the street shinning through the window. Pulling the covers with her she walked over and looked out. Not the familiar street she knew so well, with gardens and trees but a city street and not one she would have visited before all this started.

The phone on the dressing table rang, making her jump. Answering it by saying "Hello."

The voice on the other end said "Hello girl, everything alright?"

Michael, she should have guessed it would be him.

Angrily she replied "I've spoken to Sue and I know about the video!"

"Ah "was the only reply,

"Is that all you have to say? I didn't think you would do this to me, Michael?"

"Well it's happened and you will have to get used to it!

"Get used to it, get used to it you say. How am I supposed to do that?"

"You just do that's all."


"It's a little insurance that's all, just in case you decided you don't like what's happening! So as I said get used to it."

"Insurance, What do you mean?"

"Look I am almost at the apartment now, just open the door and we can talk, Ok?

"I don't know!

"Just do it, alright."

She found herself saying "Ok."

The phone went dead and she replaced the handset. Walking out of the bedroom into the lounge she unlocked the front door. She was in state of shock, not know what she was doing her mind unable to comprehend everything.

Michael walked into the building, thinking to himself 'Well she was going to find out sooner or later better sooner I suppose.'

He opened the door and walked in. She was sat in a chair still naked apart from the stockings and shoes. She looked good even though it was obvious she had been crying.

"How could you, you bastard" screaming at him.

"Hey cut that out, you weren't complaining when it happened you were really into it."

"I know but I didn't know about the video then"

"Does it make that much difference; you would still have done it!"

"You think so? I doubt that."

"Look it's been done and it's my insurance."

"Insurance?" she said looking at him quizzically

"Yes to keep you on the straight and narrow so to speak"

"I would have done what you wanted without that, surely you knew that"

"Would you?"

"Yes of course I would."

"Well this makes that certain I would say, wouldn't you?"

"What are you going to do with the tape, anyway?"

"Nothing for now, but it is red hot, seeing you being so slutty and letting the guys do what they liked. You are a natural. Want to see it for yourself I have a copy here?"

"A copy?"

"Yes a copy."

Michael put the cassette into the machine and switched the TV on. The room in the club appeared on the screen and then Marie saw everything that happened. She was crying.

"There isn't that hot, this copies for you to kee

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