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Lebanese vampire woman and Haitian revolutionary meet.

It was too late. Her secret was out and now we all knew that she was going to be sitting with us practically naked.

As before she lowered her head while joining us at the table. We played a few more hands as everyone was pretty much watching my wife. She caught Ethan staring at her tits from across the table and when she made eye contact he just smiled. Her nipples became visibly erect and stood straight out like pencil erasers. They remained like that for quite a while making me think that this was all finally getting to her.

I went on a long losing streak as did my wife and during the next game I felt that I finally had the hand to beat. As I was out of chips I asked Xavier to loan me some of his until the game was over. I kept upping the bid as did Xavier. Candy was tapped out and it was just the two of us remaining. To make a long story short, I lost. Xavier was the big winner and exulted in the fact that I was beaten. The night wasn't over yet and I had an idea.

"Looks like you got me again. I'm going upstairs to get some cash." Then turning toward Candy I continued. "Can I see you upstairs for a minute?"

I stepped aside to allow my wife to get up from her seat and then followed her up the stairs. As she headed up her bare bottom was in plain view under her short top. I led her into the bedroom and closed the door behind us.

Taking her into my arms I kissed her passionately and she responded in kind. My hand slid down her back and I kneaded her ass with my fingers as she pressed her crotch against mine. Next I slipped her top up over her head and admired the view as my wife stood passively waiting for my next move.

Turning her around I opened the drawer of my night stand. I keep all of our sex paraphernalia there so that it is nearby when we're ready. I removed a blindfold and placed it over her eyes as I fastened the Velcro behind her head. She made no motion to resist. I then took out a ball gag and when she felt it touching her lips she opened her mouth to take it in. I then sat her on the bed and laid her down.

I keep several different length straps handy and tied her hands to the corners above her head. Next I placed a sling behind her head. The Velcro straps run under her knees pulling them up toward her chest and while opening her up for easy access to her pussy and asshole. Her cunt was inviting and judging by the amount of juice flowing out I could tell that she wanted to be fucked immediately. I wasn't done teasing her yet and had a better idea.

I looked down at my wife in her most vulnerable state and quietly backed out of the room while dimming the light as I went. She was now alone on the bed in a soft glow as I pulled the door but left it open just an few inches and softly walked back down the hall.

When I got downstairs I could see the guys looking behind me to see if Candy was following me back to the table. I'm sure that she was the topic of conversation while we were gone. Turning toward Xavier I leaned in to speak.

"I left your payment upstairs if you don't mind going up to get it. Last door on the right. I left it on the bed. You can't miss it." I said with a wink.

At first he looked at me confused before he realized that Candy wasn't coming behind me and it clicked. A broad smile came upon his face as he excused himself and headed upstairs.

Part 2

As a treat I will let Candy tell you what happened next in her own words as I couldn't be there to witness it.

"When Bob blindfolded me that night I was all ready for him to fuck me.

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