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Kiba saves a couple damsels in distress.

My dress was up around my waist while I was driving.

I headed to the room again, and as I got out of the elevator, it then dawned on me, crap, I forgot the damn key card again, "OH DAMN! Why me?"

I then knew I was going to have to ask the desk if the hotel security could meet me there again. I hoped they did not have a limit on the times I could call them. I went to the desk, and the girl there said she would call him. He would meet me there. I hurried back to the room. I did not want him to investigate the room, or whatever. I stepped out of the elevator and just as I reached the door, here came the security guard again. He did not look very happy, and he said. "I think I have already been here once. You had better not let it happen again."

He was rather arrogant, and downright mean, but he unlocked the door, and as I was slipping in, he said. "There will be a $20 dollar charge on your room for extra services." Oh Damn, oh well if so, better than going to jail.

I rushed into the room and over to the bed. I started unlocking the cuffs. She said. "I know you. You're Gail in the Financial Department, right?"

I nodded my head, and I knew I would not get away from her anonymously. Now I wondered what had happened. I asked. "Who are you?"

"I am Brenda from the Mail Room. I am so sorry for this."

"I am too. I cannot figure out what happened."

"Your letter must have slipped out on the floor at work. I dropped some of my mail on the floor. I must have picked it up with mine. I thought Mark had sent it to me. He is always sending me exotic mail. I have been seeing him. He is actually my boss. He is also married. He has been my lover for a while. I thought the note was from him."

I now knew what happened. I laughed, and I said. "I see you followed the letter to the T."


"I see you removed your bush, and you now have a very big M on your naked mound. I was expecting to see my boyfriend with a G on his though.

She then opened her legs and looked at it and said. "Well it will wash off." I could not help but stare at her naked pussy.

"You might want to look at the marker. It was a laundry marker, and the ink is very permanent. It will probably have to wear off." I laughed.

She growled. "That's not funny."

"Have you ever shaved bare before?"

"I have not, but Mark and I have talked about what it would be like and whether I might like it." She then said, "I better get dressed."

It was then we both remembered that she had cut her clothes up and put them in the trash. I went and looked she had done a very good job. Nothing was salvageable, Oh Damn, now what. "I will go get you some clothes."

"Stop." She held her hand out, she said. "No. I will go."

"You're not exactly dressed for it."

"No. You can give me that black dress and those heels, and I will be fine."

Oh Damn. Is Tadd hiding here somewhere? "You want me to sit here bare assed naked while you go get your clothes? Why? I can go just as easy."

"No." she said. "I think you should enjoy this also, and I think you owe me."

"Right, and I suppose you are just going to leave me here bare assed naked, in this hotel room until the management finds me."

"No." she said. "I will be back, but only if you do as I say."

"Ok, I will give you my dress, and my heels. Then what?"

"No." She said. "Naked, and tied to the bed, blindfolded and gagged."

"Really?" I said. "You think I should be at your mercy?"

"I do," she said, with a wicked gleam in her eyes. "Besides it is easier for me to get my clothes than you to get some for me."

"Ok." I finally agreed to it, and so I took the dress off and handed it to her. My dress fit her perfectly, so did my shoes. She then had me lay on the bed, and she fastened the cuffs to my ankles and to my wrists.

"Nice body, I see you have trimmed yourself too.

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