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Granny's life hangs on a thread.

ot nothing dicey on the computer in your office and no papers lying around with stuff you don't want them to see?"

"All covered. Tell me Feng, what do you think it all means?"

"What is the report you are preparing all about? Can you tell me?"

"I don't see why not."

I told him about the images and the lack of heat signatures in key areas and what I thought it meant. While I was at it I also told him of Arden's theory and my conversation with the coroner.

"Now you know as much as I know," I concluded.

"You really think that whole Oktonian caper is a scam?"

"Everything I've found out so far points to it. Unless they have learned how to operate cities without generating heat I can't think of anything else. Such a technology is extremely unlikely though. Besides, they do have places that have heat signatures, but these are small. Nothing like the size of the cities. More like the size of this spaceport."

"If the Federation thinks this place is a pushover they will try to invade. I would not like to see that. You need to play that aspect down in your report."

"Anyway, now that you know it all, what do you think is going on? Why is Arden so jumpy all of a sudden?"

"Something has either happened or is about to happen at high command. They are waiting for your report. Someone is getting ideas. My guess is that after they get your report you will lose your privileged position. They will push you to the sidelines, just in case you come up with some more stuff, but you won't be working from your fancy office any more."

"Do you think they have me under surveillance?"

"That's unlikely, but as far as Arden is concerned your business with me is finished. It might be better if I don't come around to your hotel any more. We should meet elsewhere from now on. I'll give you another telephone number where you can reach me, just in case. Here is a good place to meet. It's as secure as you can get on Okton4. You might just suddenly develop a taste for Chinese food. Tell Arden you've discovered this wonderful place. Rave about the food. Bring him here for lunch. He doesn't like our food, but he'll come to check the joint out. Let the guys on the door know you are bringing him or they won't let him in. I'll give you a number to ring. After that he won't worry if you are seen to come here regularly. He doesn't know I'm connected to this place."

I settled the bill. Feng gave me the telephone numbers he had promised.

"Come here day after tomorrow at eight. I'll have them prepare a Peking duck for us, my treat. By that time the new camera should be finished," he said just before I left.

I arrived back at the hotel at around six-thirty, in plenty of time for my lesson. Again I did nothing special.

Afterwards I had a few drinks and went to bed.


Next morning I rang Arden and told him I would not be at the office for a day or so and that I was writing my report at the hotel. He could reach me there if I was wanted.

I had already told Arden about the missing heat signatures and what I thought it meant so I had to put it in. I tried to think of ways to play its significance down, but nothing came to mind. Then I remembered I had not told him about the smaller places with heat signatures, which was the strongest indicator the cities were indeed deserted. If I didn't put that into my report the theory of an alien technology had still some credibility.

Doctoring the images was out. They had the originals and would spot if I tampered with them. But, there were a lot of images. No one would expect me to analyse them all. It would not be a problem to only pick photographs of what I wanted to show the Federation and keep the rest under wraps. As long as I gave them something new and interesting they would be happy with my work.

Okton4 is a strange planet.

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