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Under water love affair.

Again I increased speed, and again Betty squeaked and adjusted. Since I was now pounding into her at quite a respectable rate I thought I'd leave it at that. Betty, it turned out, had other ideas. We'd been bouncing together for a short while at the faster rate when Betty gave this frustrated sounding squeal.

"Alright," she squeaked at me. "You win. Do it faster. Take me now, damn you. Hard!"

She surprised me. I thought I was already taking her quite hard, but if that was what she wanted....

I started to really bang home into her, not even giving her a chance to do more than gasp before I'd pulled back and banged in again. Her breath was now shuddering. She'd gasp in while I pulled back and then lose it all with a squeal as I hammered back inside her.

I could hear her whining and then she suddenly buried her face in a pillow and I could hear muffled screams. At the same time she seemed to shudder and she clamped onto my cock the way Mildred had at the end.

That squeezing of the old fellow was enough to make me lose it. I was suddenly giving lots of small quick jerks and spraying her thoroughly while she screamed and wailed into the pillow, shaking all over.

I was spent and I just leaned against Betty, but she didn't object. She didn't say anything. She just leaned on the bed as though she was a puppet and someone had cut all her strings. Eventually I recovered enough to straighten up and pull away, tidying my clothes. Then I waited.

Betty finally roused herself and started straightening her clothes. She gave me a filthy look and told me to go away. She had work to do. I just smiled and left.

As I guessed, Betty didn't say anything about what had happened, at least, not officially. I did notice that from that point on there always seemed to be two maids doing my room. They said they could work faster if there were two of them.

I had now demonstrated to my own satisfaction that I could catch any of the women who worked around the place and they wouldn't dare report me. Their jobs and their reputations were at stake, and they didn't want to lose either.

I kept clear of the youngest maids, because they might have been virgin and not know how the game was played. That could cause unwanted problems. For a while, though, I did play at trapping various maids and persuading them to submit to my charms. I even managed to nail Betty a second time when she went for a walk. That time she just gave a groan when she saw me and then cooperated in fine style.

After a while the maids started taking precautions, and I think someone told the housekeeper that I was playing up, because she took what I thought was a very ill-intentioned action. Half a dozen of the younger maids vanished, being replaced by a series of old harridans. Mrs. Foley had swapped the younger maids for older ones with some of the neighbouring manors.

It was obvious that if I wanted to continue my new hobby I'd have to branch out. So I did. What I wanted was a virgin, but I'd have to find one who wouldn't dare kick up a stink. I didn't want to find myself constrained to marry one, after all.

I looked over the neighbours and decided on Lady Katherine as my virgin target. If I could trap and take her, she'd most definitely keep her mouth shut. She was due to go to London soon and was expected to snaffle a fine husband there. There was no way she'd want to find herself stuck with me.

Lady Katherine was eighteen. Usually people of her estate make their official debut at age sixteen, but Lady Katherine had run into some rotten luck. A couple of close relatives had died at inconvenient times, meaning her debut had to be put off, but she was finally getting ready to go.

Now I knew Lady Katherine quite well, but we weren't really friends. She was my age and pretty, but a fearful snob, which would make my taking her all the better. Also I knew a couple of things about her that she didn't know I knew.

Her maid was not going to London with her, but was returning to her village to get married.

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