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When honeymoon island dreams are shattered...

Through an alcoholic haze she watched him take her shredded panties to his nose and inhaling deeply. Her fragrant scent made his head spin.

"Now that's a really freaky thing to do...sniff you mother's panties."

"Let me show you something really freaky."

Leaning heavily on the bar, he dropped to his knees between his mother's legs, grasped her thighs and pushed them apart. When he looked up, she was watching him. Her lips were slightly parted, her tongue moistening her lips. He lay her legs on his shoulders, leaned forward, and kissed her pussy.

Janet shivered and grabbed his head. The faintest alarm went off in the recesses of her mind. She ignored it as she caressed Allen's perspiring head.

"Now that IS freaky," she slurred, her hips pumping slowly. "Do you kiss the pussies of all the women you get drunk?"

"Only the beautiful ones," he mumbled as his tongue invaded her love hole.

Allen pressed his tongue between Janet's labia and slid it up and down, flicking her clit on the upstroke. Each time he did she hissed and shivered. She leaned back on the backrest of the stool, giving herself up to her son's talented tongue.

"Shit! Maybe we should stop. That feels entirely too good!"

Allen leaned back, his head spun, his lips were moist with his mother's juices. "You mean I don't even get the proverbial 15 minutes to stop?"

Janet looked down at her son kneeling between her legs. The tingle in her pussy permeated her body. She reached on the bar, picked up her glass and took a deep swallow. She offered it to her son who took a gulp. She looked back down at her son and smiled.

"And not one minute more!"

Allen smiled as he leaned forward. he pressed his tongue between his mother's dripping wet sex and tongue fucked her, his head moving languidly back and forth.

"Fuck that feels good, son! Don't stop!"

He pressed his mouth harder against her pussy lips, kissing them and French kissing her pussy. He moved his mouth up to her clit and took it between his lips. He sucked on it gently as his finger replaced his tongue in his mother's pussy.

"Oh Fuck! Fuck baby!" Janet slipped down the stool as her hips pumped against her son's mouth. She knew she was close, very close to cumming. Her entire body tingled. She groaned when he stopped and stood up.

"Wha...what...are you doing? Why did you stop?" Her hips continued to pump even though Allen stopped licking her pussy. Oral sex was one of the things she loved the most besides a hard cock in her. Her husband licked her but never as much as she liked.

"My 15 minutes are up and I need another drink." He reached for the bottle, slopped each glass full, spilling some on the bar then sat it down.

"You asshole! No wonder I don't have any grandchildren. If you do that to all the women in your life, I wouldn't have your babies either."

Janet spread her legs, placing them on either side of her son sitting on the facing stool. Her hand trailed down to her aching love hole. She inserted her index finger and slowly frigged her pussy. Her eyes moved from Allen's lustful eyes to her fingers buried in her pussy. She looked down at the significant bulge in his jeans and licked her lips.

"You like watching women play with their pussy?"

"I like watching you play with your pussy."

"Good answer!" Their eyes moved from the obscene sight of a mother frigging her hole while her son watched to looking at each other lustfully.


Allen watched entranced as she took her gleaming finger from her dripping hole. Sensuously, she took it in her mouth and sucked it. "I see why you like licking me. I taste good."

Allen gulped his drink as he watched his mother alternately finger fuck herself then lick her finger clean. Finally, he grabbed her hand and pulled her from the stool. Roughly, he spun her around and pushed her over the stool.

"What're you going to do?"

"What I should have done 12 years ago. I'm going to fuck you!"

He undid his pants and let them drop to his ankles.

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