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He encouraged the assaulting man to merge tongues and lips and he wrapped his calves and locked his ankles over the small of his partner's back in favor of the deepest thrusts forward.

Floin heard his partner let out a high pitched cry and felt a warm wetness on his lower abdomen. His partner was retching in such intense passions from pitching his seed. The heat had been reaching a bursting point in Floin's loins as it was, so when he felt that strongest squeeze and throb against his exercised member, his whole frame went into quivers of heat and pleasure with many explosions from his loins that shot through the length of his horn and gushed out a flexed opening deep into Erwynn's visceral center. Surely this was affirmation that the gods had meant men to couple with the same or greater fervor, passion, and intention of purpose as that between the genders.

Gwyneth was beside herself with joy and excitement as Floin's softening lingum plopped out of his partner's hole and the two started to pull themselves apart. In the spirit of the moment she rushed to both of them and kissed about the face and eyes in her elevated enthusiasm, but she was more practical regarding the circumstance all the same. The men wanted to relax and continue embrace in the glow of satisfying fatigue after their exertions. But the energetic maiden prompted to cover themselves in their robes again and make haste to return to the campus as the sun faded and darkness started to descend upon the forest. With dead leaves and more tender leaves arrested from smaller bushes, she assisted them in wiping away any residual fluids.

As the days cooled with the impending autumn, their reunion couplings were few in the forest with Gwyneth present. By now the two students were diversifying their positions so that on occasion Erwynn would hover and squat over his partner such that he could control the manner in which he would allow his little passage to be pierced and impaled by the bigger man. In the cold winter, the two youths had to consent to meet at the warm quarters of an aged and lecherous Druid instructor, who secretly availed his domicile for men novices who wished to practice such magic that entailed the passionate affairs of deeply personal intimacy. In a drooling stupor of benign lust, the voyeur would observe every detail of movement between the embracing flesh of two or more novices. Sometimes Floin would oblige another classmate or even upper classman by invading the backside orifice.

Within days before the cessation of the first year, the weather broke out in glorious spring warmth and rendezvous between the 3 of them restored for 2 or 3 more sessions in their favored forest clearing. "By now, are you not aware that my betrothed is also skilled in the arts of suckling another man's horn?" Gwyneth was delighted to introduce a new manner of the intercourse of flesh not yet experienced between the two. "He did not relate that in that game of dice, he shook another 7 and was dared to suckle the horn of another lad present among us? We all learned he is a natural practitioner of this magic, as well."

Floin smiled as the mock accuser and his lingum started to swell and straighten with life anew with the prospect of a new delight. "You mean you would restrict another fine Druid trick from me." He marveled and luxuriated the way lips and tongue swept and suckled over shaft, head, and opening with such perfect wetness and pressure as to suck up the heat of newly stirred loins and ultimately suck out a new increment of hot seed from the sensitive passage of his greatly flinching and throbbing manhood.

"I am sorry for my rudeness to the both of you at the beginning of our year of studies.

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