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Sandra is hired to care for Dan at home.

"Thank you, Mistress Pichot," my husband groaned, just as a big white cock popped in front of me.

"Worship my cock," Bryce ordered.

"Yes, Master, I'd love to," I nodded, as I kissed the mushroom top.

"Look at those udders flop around as she gets fucked," Juliette quipped. "I'm surprised her moans aren't moos."

The insult hurt. I was big breasted and wide assed, but that wasn't anything unordinary for Dominican women. Yet, I didn't respond as I focused on Bryce's dick and the cock pounding me from behind, making my tits flop around.

"Aaaaaah," Elmer grunted and I felt yet another load coat my cunt walls.

I moaned, even though he wasn't big enough to really get me off, "Oh yes, Elmer, fill my cunt with your cum."

"Don't you mean his dominant cum?" Bryce questioned, as I kissed his stiff shaft.

"Yes, Master," I agreed, as I moved down his shaft with kisses.

For a couple of minutes, once Walker pulled out, my cunt was empty as I focused on worshipping Bryce's cock and balls, literally kissing and licking every part of his beautiful white stick. A stick I desperately wanted in my cunt.

"Do you like a heel in your cunt, faggot?" Juliette asked.

"Yes, Mistress Pichot," Johnathan whimpered, as Juliette roughly fucked him.

"That's it, suck on my white balls, get my cum nice and ready for your open womb," Bryce groaned, as he put his hands gently in my hair.

Again it felt strange to not be getting face fucked by him. I didn't like the romantic treatment which again made me feel guilty. Plus, my cunt wanted another cock in it, a big white cock, a cock that would get me off.

Finally Bryce asked rhetorically, "Ready to get double penetrated?"

"Yes, Master," I nodded way too eagerly.

"I bet you are," he chuckled as he turned to a naked Barry and said, "Sit down on the couch there, Barry."

Barry, his own dick rock hard, didn't need to be told twice as he quickly sat down, his white dick standing completely erect.

"Go straddle his cock in your, what do you call 'ass' in Spanish?"

"Culo, Master," I answered, thankful to me allowed off my weary knees, even as I wondered how I would ever take all nine inches of Barry's huge dick in my ass in that position.

I crawled to the no longer virgin Barry and then stood up, briefly stretching.

"You do have huge tits," Bryce complimented.

"Thank you, Master," I smiled, as I moved back, stood up on the couch, almost fell, and then lowered myself on Barry's fine white pole.

It filled my ass so completely as I moaned, saying as much in Spanish, "Y este me esta llenando mi culo." After a deep breath, his cock going deeper than any ever had before, particularly in this position, it was tearing my ass apart as I whimpered, "Esta rompiendo el culo."

"Lick my other shoe, nigger," Juliette demanded, which made me look at Johnathan getting fucked by one shoe while he serviced another. Yet, there was no look of shame, but rather a look of satisfaction.

Bryce chuckled, "I can't believe how easily you took that dick in your ass."

"I'm an ass slut," I admitted, hiding the pain that was burning in my ass at the moment.

Bryce moved to me and said, "This is going to be fun."

"Ready to watch your bride get double penetrated by white cock?" Juliette asked Johnathan, the heel still buried deep in his ass.

"Yes, Mistress Pichot," Johnathan nodded, watching me with a white cock balls deep in my ass and another about to slide, somehow, into my cunt.

Bryce added to Juliette's question as he ordered, "Nigger, I want you to watch me take your big booty Dominican wife."

"Yes, Master," my defeated husband nodded, looking up to see me with a huge white cock in my ass and another about to fill my cunt.

Bryce moved his cock to my wide open pussy and rubbed his cock up and down.

"Por favor," I moaned, begging to have his dick in my cunt, to both get me off and also simmer the pain in my back door.

"Begging already," Bryce joked, as he continued teasing my wet pussy lips.

"Fuck your slut," I begged, as I moved my feet onto Barry's legs, which made his

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