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A lonely mother finds an alternative way to satisfy herself.

I'm sexy?"

I took a long look at her, glanced down at her wonderful bosom then back up to her eyes and thought 'Fuck it', and said

"Gran, um I mean Rachael, if I wasn't your grandson, I'd be doing everything I could think of to get into your panties."

For the third time in as many minutes, she said something that made me spit more tea and cough like a 35-year long smoker. Other patrons even turned around to see what the ruckus was all about.

"I'm not wearing any panties." She said with a mischievous grin.

All I could do to respond was reach over to grab her wine glass and drink what was left down in one gulp.

She just laughed and said, "So you didn't answer my question about Rebecca. How was it?"

Thinking that this conversation couldn't get any more embarrassing I decided to just go with it. I caught the waiter's attention to replace Gran's wine then said, "It was really great". I even managed to have a wide grin on my face.

"How many times did you cum?"

Not really believing I could be more shocked tonight, Gran proved me wrong with that question.

"Uh, five times."

She seemed surprised by that as her eyes widened just a little and both eyebrows raised up. "And Rebecca? How many times did she cum?"

"I lost count" I managed proudly.

Looking back down at her wine glass as she ran a fingertip around the rim, Gran pursed her lips and said, "Good to know."

As I was considering the implications of that last comment our food arrived and we fell into a more normal conversation as we enjoyed our meal and spoke like old friends. She was a little concerned that I hadn't picked a major yet for next fall's semester, but I assured her that I would figure it out soon enough, even hinted that I might want to try my hand a writing. She let the matter drop and I finally got the courage to ask her a question that has always been on my mind.

"Gran. Why have you never remarried?"

She seemed a little surprised by the question but responded easily enough. "I just never found the right man. After your grandfather, no other man has ever measured up to his standard."

Curious to know more since he had died before I was born I asked, "What was he like?"

Gran's eyes turned a little misty and drifted off into fond memories before answering. "He was a gentleman. He always treated me with respect and kindness. He cared about what I thought and would listen to what I had to say. We may not have always agreed about everything, but he took the time to listen to me and my point of view. At the same time, he was a strong man who knew who and what he was, never pretending he was something he wasn't and fiercely protected me from any perceived injustice. I felt safe with him. I just knew that no harm would ever come to me while he was around. He treated me like a lady and I have grown accustomed to it. I refuse to give the time of day to any man that doesn't know how to treat a woman like a lady." Just as I thought she was finished and about to ask another question she added with another mischievous grin, "And he was a hellion in the sack to."

Having seen the grin before she said it, I was prepared so this time I wasn't trying to take a drink at the same time and saved myself from another round of coughing. Gran reached into her purse and brought out a picture and handed it to me. It was a picture of a tall young man about 24 to 25 years old. He had dark brown hair, a square jaw and eyes that penetrated your soul. As I looked at him, I saw a faint resemblance to me, or rather I should say that I looked like him. Seeing that recognition in my eyes Gran spoke up,

"You look a lot like him. You're just as tall and just as muscular as he was. You have a caring and giving heart like he did, and I never really noticed it before until you hugged me in the kitchen this afternoon. I felt that same safe feeling I used to have with him."

Swelling with pride at making her feel safe I tried to get the conversation back to a more light-hearted tone. "Still, it's an awfully long time to be alone."

With another mischievous grin she said, "Who says I

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