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She had her orgasm quickly, and he followed after her.

Getting dress she asked him where they were going. " You'll see," was all he said. A Limo was waiting for them, an hour later the Limo pull to the side of the road. " Why did we stop here?" she asked. "Here you have to put on a blindfold, and keep it on till I tell you can take it off." he told her. She agreed, and her put it on her. The car pulled out again and it was about 30 minutes later that she knew they had arrived. He helped her out of the car. " Hello, This is the lady I was telling you about." she heard her dad say. She felt a warm hand touch her cheek, caressing her. With her dad holding one hand , the man took her other. They walk her into the house, They took two flights of stairs. She stood there waiting to be told to take off the blindfold. When it came she was surprised to see who it was.

It was her daddy's Boss, she always thought he was handsome man. "Jewels your Daddy tells me that your the best cocksucker he's ever had. Would you like to try sucking mine. I know I would like you to, have for a long time now." he said. "Sure Mr. Townsman, Where would you like it to be?" she asked. " I think I want you alone for a while if that's alright with your Daddy." he said. " I t's not up to him is it Dad? I think I would like to be alone with you too." she said. He took her hand and she walk with him upstairs. Closing the door she look around the room and saw he had a huge king size bed, with mirrors above it. He went over and pulled the curtains close. "Ever sense you've been coming here for lunch with your dad, I've been wanting to know what you look like under your clothes. But never thought you'd be interested in someone my age till I overheard your dad telling you on the phone how much he missed having you in his bed. When I ask him about it he told me that you and him have been sleeping together for about 7 months." he told her. "That's okay I've always wondered what it would be like to be with you too." she told him.

She watch him as he undid his tie, and shirt dropping them to the floor. She reach up and pull up her slip over dress and drop it to the floor to. He watch her, as his hand went to his pants, he watch her walked over and she undid them for him. He touch her face with his hand, caressing her lips his, he took her mouth in a deep hot kiss. "Oh god you feel so good next to me, Mr Townsman." he said. Pulling her closer his hairy chest rub her breasts roughly, and he felt her nipples harden. "Oh baby call me Tom instead." he said. Pulling her to his bed, he pushes her to sit down. She takes his cock out and she licks it, making him wet and hard. As she encloses her mouth on his cock her hands cup his balls and she squeezes gently, rubbing them on the under side of his cock length. Hearing him moan, she suck him harder, With about 3/4's of him in her mouth., she pushes down till he's buried deep in her throat. He closes his eyes, enjoying the feeling of being inside a woman's mouth again after his wife left him 10 years ago. He knew would cum soon, and he felt it coming now so he told her. She pulled her head up, and his cum shot all over her face, and chest.

He watch her lay back, and he lay next to her telling her that he was sorry he couldn't last longer. She told him it was alright. He touch her face and she looked up at him. "I think I'll keep you all night and give your daddy my maid, she had a thing for him for awhile now." he told her, got up and said he'd be right back. She watch him leave the room. She move up and layed on his pillows, closing he eyes she must ave fallen asleep, because as she woke up she felt his tongue moving inside her. Lifting her head she saw him looking at her. She told him to up and see her. He crawled up and she took his mouth in a kiss that made him melt around her. " OH GOD, I NEED TO BE INSIDE YOU RIGHT NOW." he said. " OH YES, PLEASE, I WANT YOU INSIDE ME." she said.

She felt him move, and felt his cock push up against her.

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