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A couple finds each other in an explosion of pleasure.

All this time I was frantically trying to think of other things in a somewhat losing battle against an erection. Finally they were done. The sloshed water over her, again and again and, when satisfied, the talker said: "OK, you stand up now." Meghan swung off the table, and stood by the side. One girl toweled her back and one her front, each squatting down to do her legs. That done, one of them handed her a towel and she wrapped up.

"Your turn," she said. Luckily, I was only semi-hard so I managed to get onto the table and lie face down; I still needed to put my hand down there to get my cock to lie right. Nobody seemed to notice or, probably, care. The water was pleasantly warm and the hands felt wonderful. If it weren't for this sex thing, it really could have been a very relaxing thing. As they moved down my back, I tensed and then felt the delicate touch of a small hand sliding up and down the crack of my ass and soaping me up. I mean, whoa! That got my cock's attention. By the time they had finished my back, watered me down and told me turn over, I was just a little bit hard, but it was manageable. That ended in a rush when the first pair of hands slid up and down my cock. I got really stiff. Glancing at the girls, neither one of them looked the least interested in my erection even though, as I was watching, one of them soaped it, yet again, with two hands. While she was doing that, the other was soaping my balls, which must have been exceptionally unclean, for she did it again and again. I could just about see Meghan, at the foot of the table. She was smiling happily.

After that, it was more water sloshing and numerous needs to make sure that no suds lingered anyway near my cock or between my legs. My serious erection was touched and handled and touched again. A few more minutes of that I would probably have come.

Eventually they were done and I stood up to be toweled dry. As one of them crouched in front of me, drying my legs, my stiff cock bobbed in her face. She just ignored it, except to pat it dry with her towel.

All nice and dry and wrapped in our towels back we all trooped to the original room. Meghan took the talking girl to one side and talked very quietly to her for brief while, asked her a question and got a couple of rapid nods in affirmation. That done, Meghan climbed up onto one of the massage tables and lay face down, relinquishing her towel to one of the girls. "Get up on the table, face down," she said to me. I did so carefully, again having to adjust my cock to make lying face down comfortable. We were lying alongside one another about three feet apart.

Each girl poured some oil onto her hands, rubbed them together to warm the oil and, in unison, started on our shoulders; one girl each. My girl really knew her stuff and, from what I could see, Meghan's was equally as good. I mean these girls were professionals. I'd had massages before, from the male attendants at the gym after wrestling matches, but they were not in this league. The massaging went on for some time - probably fifteen minutes or so and proved to be remarkably non-sexual. I mean I felt her hands on my ass and up and down my thighs, but she made no attempt to do anything but give me a vigorous massage.

It was really good, but I was beginning to worry that I might have to turn over; I'd never had to do that with the guys at the gym.

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