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A day in a dark elf town. Whips, nudity and chains, oh my!


I add. Your hand slides to my skirt and thigh and you slide it under the skirt, running your fingers in between my pussy lips..

"hmmmm pet I see your wet, have you touched yourself today"

"No Master I am wet with the excitement of seeing you and knowing we will now be O/one".

You tell me to drive to O/our new home, "and hurry pet, I need you right now". I smile and drive home.

We arrive at our new home, it is an apartment in the inner city, you tell me to get out of the car leaving your luggage in the car and we walk up to the door, I unlock it and we walk in hand in hand, no sooner is the door closed behind us than you grab me, your hand covers my right breast and you squeeze it hard, sliding your fingers to the nipple you smile and pinch it hard, then raise your other hand and do the same to my left breast.

"pet your wonderful and dressed perfectly, I know I am going to be so happy with you pet".

You lead me to the lounge and tell me to strip for you, while you sit and watch.. I begin to unbutton my blouse. I am so nervous my hands are shaking, what if you don't like what you see and regret coming. Each button comes apart showing more of my bra, breasts and belly, I look and see you smiling, licking your lips, your hand on your cock, which I see has begun to harden beneath your pants. The blouse now undone slides from my body and trails from my finger tips to the floor.

"pet pick it up and throw it to me".

I bend over and pick it up then throw it to you, you catch it and smell..

"hmmmm Pet you smell of lavender, I like that pet, now continue.. remove your skirt".

I slide my fingers into the sides of my skirt and wriggle it over my hips, exposing the thong as I slide it down,

"pet wait!.. turn around so I may see your ass and cunt as you slide it down your legs".

I turn and continue to lower the skirt down my legs, as I reach my feet I part my legs offering you a view of what you now own and command I left each foot in turn and lift the skirt, staying bent over, as I know your watching me, I look between my legs and see your hand rubbing your cock over your pants and you are smiling your eyes glistening.

"stand pet and face me I want to look at you now".

I roll my body back up and turn to you, I stand legs apart hand by my sides eyes lowered, as I wait for further instructions. I can feel my juices covering my panties and you hold out your free hand and say

"come to me pet".

I walk toward you, my heart racing my whole body trembling. You pull me to your lap and while your mouth clamps over my right nipple your hand slides down my belly to my drenched panties and you push the fabric in between my lips and rub it there. I moan you gently bite my nipple and as I startle you say

"do you like that pet"

I respond with a moan of pleasure and "oh yes Sir"

You then tell me to stand and remove my bra.. I do so unclipping the clasp and letting the bra fall to the floor..

"you have beautiful tits pet and such suckable nipples omg they are so hard come here pet and lean down to me".

I do so and you again suck each nipple in turn, biting them and gently chewing on each of them. It causes pain and I feel a tingle from them move down my body to my pussy, my cunt contracts.

"Now pet kneel before me and worship my cock, like a good subbie".

I kneel before you, unzipping your pants and allowing your cock to spring forth into my hand.

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