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kitty and Master talk about a limit.

His eyes follow her every movement. Without taking his eyes off her, Dave finds a clean shirt and hands it to Sarah. "Thanks," she says with a smile. She kisses Dave on the cheek and goes to get ready for bed. She gets in bed lying down on the left side of the bed on her back, as she always does. When she closes her eyes her head is turned to the left and her left hand is next to the pillow.

Once everyone should be asleep, Dave quietly creeps down the stairs. He stands in the doorway for a minute to watch Sarah sleep. He says to himself, "Look at her. So beautiful and peaceful. I have to let her know how I feel . . . tonight." He carefully makes his way to the right side of the bed. Slowly, he lifts the covers and slides into bed next to her. He lies on his left side, propping himself up on his arm. With his right hand, Dave reaches over and turns her head to face him. Her body automatically shifts to adjust. This startles Dave and he quickly withdraws his hand.

Slowly Sarah opens her eyes. She is happily surprised to see Dave. He looks guilty and nervous. She is about to say something but Dave puts his finger on her lips as a way of asking her to be quiet. She smiles to show her compliance. She looks into his eyes and sees that they are full of lust. She understands why he is here. Before he can remove his finger from her lips she kisses it, to show him she understands. This makes him smile.

Dave rests his hand on her cheek. He uses his hand to explore her face. He runs his fingers through her hair and finally lets his fingers trace her mouth. Then he lowers his head and kisses Sarah.

At this point Dave begins to lose his nerve. He breaks off the kiss and moves away. Dave has always been very shy, especially around women, and has never had a serious girlfriend. He doesn't want to offend Sarah, but he has never wanted to be with a woman so badly before. He hangs his head and, for the first time, he looks ashamed. Sarah slides over to him, lifts up his chin and kiss him, sliding her hand around to the back of his neck. He gives in and lies down on his back, glad to not be in control. With this understanding she kisses him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. Dave enthusiastically kisses her back. She runs her left hand up and down his torso a few times before pulling Dave to a sitting position so that she can remove his shirt. Then she quickly removes hers.

Dave pauses again, shy at the sight of her bare breasts. Almost in slow motion he lifts his hands to touch them. Her nipples have already begun to harden. He lowers his face to kiss first one breast, then the other. He spends several minutes kissing and sucking her breasts while she holds his head to her chest.

Sarah slides her hand down his body until she reaches her prize. Dave's cock is hard and straining against his cotton boxers. She rubs it through the fabric and he pauses his suckling to sigh in pleasure. She presses firmly on his chest encouraging him to lie down. He helps her to remove his boxers. She kisses the tip of his hard pole, savoring the salty pre-cum that has formed on the tip. He sighs again, a little louder. She quickly removes her panties and straddles his face, putting them in a sixty-nine position. Her pussy is hot and wet and she needs something to keep this boy from waking the rest of the house. Dave had never eaten pussy before, but he is a quick learner. He eagerly licks up and down her pussy. He tongue-fucks her hole and licks her clit while she licks and sucks his cock. From the excited state that Dave is in she knows that he won't last much longer if she continues sucking his cock and she desperately wants to fuck him.

Even though she is close to cumming she pulls away from his face.

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