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Wendy unwittingly becomes part of Sarah's clique.

" She stammered. After a few seconds I felt her relax into my embrace and nuzzle her head against my chest, tired and fairly drunk I leaned back against the wall.


I awoke alone, carefully tucked into bed and stripped to my underwear for possibly the first time since I was seven, it was disorientating to say the least. But I adapted and with one hand glued permanently to my head, as if that would somehow lessen the hangover, I staggered my way downstairs. I made it as far as the kitchen table before I collapsed into a chair and let my head rest on the table cloth for a minute.

Clunk. A glass of orange juice and two aspirin dropped from the sky and onto the table in front of me, I tilted my head and did my best to focus my eyes on the person in front of me. Amazingly it was Lily, in her usual sleeping outfit to my delight, who gave me a wide smile when our eyes met. "...Time is it?" I murmured nervously.

"8. I've made you breakfast, it'll be ready in a sec ok? I wanted to have finished before you got up but I didn't expect you to be up so early." I felt guilty for making her look after me last night and this morning, not to mention I had no idea how to broach the subject of what happened last night, I hadn't meant to do it. That didn't mean I hadn't wanted to, it was just...

"It's ok." She said suddenly. "About last night, I know you were drunker than I've ever seen you and didn't mean a word you said but... even just knowing how hard you were trying to cheer me up made me feel better."

I almost laughed from the absurdity of it all. I'd practically thrown myself at her, god knows what I would have done if I hadn't been too drunk to function, yet she still couldn't seem to grasp my attraction to her. Enough was enough.

I stood, downed my aspirin and orange juice in one fierce gulp, slammed the glass down on the table and walked over to Lily, pulling her into a tight embrace before she could react. "Idiot." I said laughing. "I meant everything I said and right now, in my eyes, not only are you the most beautiful girl in the world, but just the right size as well. I promise."

She stiffened for a few seconds before she wrapped her arms around my waist, relaxing into my embrace again. "I must be a complete idiot." She said looking up into my eyes, that same adorable look on her face. "But I believe you."

I looked down into her eyes and knew that this moment was the turning point, up until now we were still just a younger brother comforting his older sister, what I did next had the potential to change everything. That was the last thing on my mind however when I leaned down and gently placed a kiss on her lips.

My hands slowly slid over her hips and across the supple flesh of her buttocks as I prolonged the kiss, our faces pressed lovingly together as she began to kiss back. My hands traced soft circles across the uncovered flesh of her inner thighs, occasionally slipping up under her shorts to nip at her pussy flesh, before sliding backwards over her buttocks for a while. Savouring the feeling of her body against mine as I began to slip my tongue forward, running it carefully across her lips.

"Jack..." Lily whispered into my mouth, I could hear how scared she was. I'd probably been thinking about this for a lot longer than she had, that was why I needed to hold myself back. Before I went too far.

I pulled away and started gathering up the breakfast she had lovingly made for me. "Jack..." She whispered again, but I just gently shushed her and turned back to face her, my breakfast in my hands.

"Don't say anything Lily. I'll be upstairs, if I don't see you again today then by tomorrow it'll be as if nothing happened just now. If I do, then... who knows?" I shrugged and made my way upstairs past a flabbergasted Lily, kissing her lightly on the cheek as I walked by.

I collapsed on my bed and sighed, it was clear that it wouldn't have taken much pushing to get Lily to consent but.

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