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Laura and a sleepy Sam.

It's a nice night and I think I'm going to jump on the Harley and take a long ride this evening. Tell your mother I won't be answering my phone because I'm on the bike. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Dad - ride safe."

It was a nice night for a ride and I had a destination in mind for this evening's ride.

By the time I pulled into Allen Ross's neighborhood it was dark. Just enough light as I rode slowly past his house to see a red Mustang Boss 429 in the drive in front of the two-car garage and no sign of Jane's Volvo. I was just about ready to give the bike some throttle when something made me pause. The license plate was one of those vanity plates the state sold for a premium. It had a WSU Cougar emblem on the plate and the license number was ROSS-BOSS. Why would a guy park his expensive sports car in the drive instead of in the garage?

I rode a block and a half down the street to a school. It had one of those circular drives in front for the school buses. I parked the bike and pretended to do some repairs on the Harley, I had the seat off, just in case. I kept an eye on Ross's house while I pretended to fiddle away. Lucky thing, too. Olympia is still a small enough town that a guy on a motorcycle can attract attention. Within a half hour a police officer stopped nearby.

"Need anything?"

"Not really, but thanks for asking officer. I thought maybe I had a short in the electrical system, but it turns out the last mechanic didn't tighten the negative cable on the battery. I'm just finishing up and I'll be gone in ten minutes." I made certain to look the officer in the eye while we chatted.

"What'd ya going to do if that doesn't fix it?"

"My daughter and her husband live on Third. I'll just walk it down there. But I think I have it. Thanks again."

The cop took off but I saw him cruise by a few streets down when I was putting on my helmet. The bike was started and the headlight was on, so he left me alone. It was very dark now and Ross's Mustang hadn't moved.

The next bit was going to be tricky and maybe more than embarrassing if I was wrong and got caught. I started toward Ross's house with enough speed to cut the engine and coast to the front of his house. I stopped the bike, ran up the driveway and had to get on my toes to look inside the garage through the windows near the top of the garage door. On the right side was a Mercedes S-Class Convertible and on the left side was my wife's Volvo.

I don't know how I did it, maybe the past three days led me to believe that I'd find exactly what I did find and it wasn't as much of a surprise, but I had the presence of mind to jog back to the Harley, fire it up and take off like a bat out of hell. I rode for twenty minutes, pulled into a tavern near the military base and took out my cell. This time Jane picked up.

"Hi Bill, Sarah said you were out riding tonight. Are you home?"

"Almost. How about you, what are you up to?"

"I'm over at Cindy Sullivan's, an old friend from grade and high school. I think I'll end up spending the night here, I've had a couple glasses of wines and I think I'm over the limit. I feel OK, just don't want to take a chance."

"That's good thinking. Listen, I needed to talk to you tonight because the meeting with the investors ran into a couple of snags. I'm flying out tomorrow and won't be back until this all gets straightened out. Sorry to spring this on you at the last minute."

"Oh Bill, I'm going to miss you. If you're going to be out of town, is it OK if I stay here in Olympia until you get back? You know how much I hate staying home by myself."

"No, you go ahead and stay with Sarah. I'll give you a heads-up before flying home. It should be Saturday at the latest. Bye"

"Bye Bill, I love you."

Damn - why did she have to go and say that? It just made her betrayal that much worse.

I really wasn't going out of town of course.

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