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A lonely mother finds an alternative way to satisfy herself.

"That may seem a minor, even an insignificant, thing to you," the coach continued, "but, believe me, the judges at the Nationals will not think so. When we compete nationally--and we will--we will be up against the best, and the judges will look for the least opportunity to eliminate a squad from the competition. Dropping a pompom during a cheer, as Baxter did at today's practice, will be just the justification a judge needs to eliminate South Catholic High School's squad, and I am not about to let that happen. Therefore, because of Baxter's incompetence, you will all pay the price."

Sarah darted a glance at Cindy. The girl was close to tears. Sarah knew just how she felt--the same way that Sarah herself had felt, weeks ago, when it had been she who'd caused the squad to be spanked mercilessly during Dr. Fanner's demonstration of the machine. Catching Sarah looking at her, Cindy made an angry face. Even now, it was obvious, she wanted nothing to do with Sarah.

"I am taking this opportunity to introduce you to another feature of The Carousel," Coach Bigg announced. "Perhaps you thought it could do only one thing--administer a sound thrashing of your backsides with a cane. Let me assure you, it can do much, much more."

Sarah saw the other girls' looks of trepidation; she felt the same way herself as she tried to imagine what else The Carousel was capable of doing to them.

A soft whirring sound alerted Sarah to an activity on the part of the machine, and she felt something firm and sleek penetrate her both anally and vaginally. She looked back, between her legs, and saw a probe of sorts: a two-headed dildo, attached to a steel rod. The rod, as best she could discern from her limited perspective, rose from the platform, behind her.

"The Carousel, you see," a familiar male voice declared, "is not only a spanking machine, but it is a fucking machine, also."

Sarah, like the other girls, was shocked to hear Principal Matthews' voice; she was mortified, too, to think that the school's chief administrator was on hand to see her and her friends naked, on their elbows and knees, strapped in place on their respective portions of The Carousel's platform, with dildos stuffed up their cunts and asses.

"The phalli can work in unison with one another," Coach Bigg said, demonstrating this capability by the press of a button. Sarah felt the dildos ease back, out of her impaled orifices; a moment later, they slid back into her depths.

"Alternatively, they can also work independently of one another." The coach pressed another button, and the artificial cock in Sarah's pussy withdrew while the one inside her anus advanced; a moment later, each phallus reversed its action, the one in Sarah's cunt plunging forward while the one inside her asshole retreated.

"The phalli can also alternately work in unison and independently." Again, Coach Bigg demonstrated, allowing both artificial penises to work first in synch with one another and then in succession, one moving forward while the other moved backward.

As the mechanical erections plumbed her depths, Sarah felt her pussy flood, and her cunt juices ran, thick and fast, down her thighs. Although Sarah had had sex on a few occasions, she'd never been penetrated. She'd merely masturbated one boy--Danny Small--and given a blowjob to another--Rodney Brown. Now, she was being doubly penetrated, and by a machine, at that! The sensations were novel and extremely erotic. The big, thick pricks fucked her with the merciless efficiency and tireless, fluid movements possible only to a machine, pounding her, fore and aft, with passionless, but persistent, regular, driving force.

Each thrust of the cocks, in her cunt or her ass, simultaneously or in succession, according to Coach Bigg's whims, rocked Sarah forward on her knees, and she felt the smooth, cylindrical probes shove past her labia to plunge deep into her sopping-wet pussy and through her anal sphincter, far into her rectum.

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