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How I went from a shy wife to being a fuck-slut for Black.

That was a surprise, she had never come over by herself up to that point.

"Hi! Want some iced Tea?" He asked her.

"OK." She sat on the step, looked at him and glanced away. Dan got her a glass, handed it to her and sat back down. She obviously had something on her mind, so he just waited.

"Are you going to marry Mom?" She asked suddenly.

That was another surprise.

"I...I guess we haven't even thought about that."

"I know you guys are having sex..a lot." She blurted out.

"Well, when two people like each other..."

"I guess. What is sex like?" She looked up at Dan for a moment.

"'s..pleasure, honey....I don't know, it's hard to explain."

"I don't think I will ever get to know."

"Why not? There is no reason why you won't find a nice boy someday and..."

"I'm not pretty, no boys ever like me or even look at me."

"Oh, you are too! You are a very pretty young woman!"

"No, I'm not! I am big and my face is ugly and they all ignore me." She was nearly whimpering.

"Attracting someone is often just a matter of taking advantage of your best features, and using your personality, honey."

"I don't know how to do any of that."

"Maybe I can help you, if you want me too? Your Mom can teach you about dressing differently, changing your hairstyle?"

"Mom tries but I feel all funny, people look at me and see that I am so big...."

"You are pretty enough on your own, but some things like that can help. How about we take you to someone I know and get some professional help?""

"Oh, will you? Really? That would be great! Mom got called by the school and she starts as a temp next week, so we have some time then, OK?"

Her sudden change to being eager caught him by surprise.

"OK." Dan told her, wondering what he had just gotten himself into.

The next Monday Kathleen showed up on his doorstep, Melanie had left for school just moments before. She had on the usual shapeless sweater that buttoned up the front and a pair of corduroy pants.

"What's first?" She asked. She seemed to be excited, it was the first time Dan had really seen her that way.

"Well, let's go down to the hair salon first, then maybe do some shopping?"

"OK!" She turned and headed for his car. He followed along with a chuckle. Dan knew Sally down at the shop where he got his own hair cut, he took her there.

Sally looked her over, then went right to work. The straight hair with square cut bangs changed to a nice blended pageboy style with colors and highlights. It really did look good on her. Then Sally called out to Marcus, a skinny and obviously gay African man that worked for her.

"Do some magic!" She told him.

"Oh, goody!" Marcus clapped his hand together.

"I will make you absolutely gorgeous, sweetie!"

In about an hour Kathleen's face looked more slender, but she nearly came right out of the chair when Marcus reached down and unbuttoned three buttons of her sweater. The tops of her large bust now showed clear to the edge of her white bra.

"Honey, you have really nice big titties, you just have to let them breathe a little bit. You need a different bra, too. That one just isn't you at all! They are supposed to show, not hide!"

Marcus reached down and jiggled her large bust with his fingers.

"That thing is like iron, honey. You need to let the bait bounce a little bit."

Kathleen turned bright red at that, looked at Dan who was doing his very best to keep a straight face, then she looked down at herself like she had never seen her own breasts before.

"Clothes, sweetie! We just have to get you some clothes! Sally, I need a couple of hours here, this is an emergency!"

Sally just laughed and nodded.

"Come on then!" Marcus grabbed Kathleen's hand and took her in tow down the street. She glanced back at Dan as he followed along, she was helpless to resist.

The next couple of hours were a whirlwind of different outfits, at first Kathleen was very shy about it but then she got into it.

Marcus found a flimsy bra that was red, and a pair of panties that

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