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Submissive comes home to humiliation...and angry women!

Even I only gave you a crude translation."

"There was more to that?" Susan looked over at Grogek tending the horses.

"There's tone and inflection I couldn't possibly give." Elunara shrugged. She took her board and climbed up a short hill. "You should join me, it's pretty up here."

Susan climbed the hill and gasped. "Oh, I've never seen Wetlands from up here."

"Didn't get out much, didja?" Elunara winked. "I've been all over everything. But, only now can I appreciate it."


"Grogek unlocked my heart, made me see things in a different light. Now I can enjoy the little things."

"He's very special." Susan sighed. "I don't want to take him from you."

"You couldn't if you tried." Elunara shrugged and continued her work. "We have something special that cannot be broken. You should feel honored that he's chosen to let you into his heart, for that's always been reserved for just me. I do not begrudge you for it; it's not in my nature. I can't even bring myself to be jealous. I actually tried that one out, didn't like how it felt."

"You're both such a mystery."

"Read my books." She shrugged.

Grogek sat down between them and tugged them both into his lap. "Mine." He grinned.

Elunara readjusted and went back to her work.

Susan blushed and looked over. "Oh... Oh, wow... your work..."

Elunara grinned. "Yeah, it's all I ever do. Aside from fucking everything that moves." She shrugged.

"You're so casual about everything. I envy that." Susan found herself rubbing her head against Grogek's chest. She blushed.

"In time, you'll be more casual about our family, but I hope you never lose that sweet, shy way about you." Elunara reached out and ran her fingers on Susan's cheek. "It makes you adorable. Also, Grogek likes that about you." She stuck out her tongue.

Grogek chuckled. "My love, don't pick at her."

"She'll have to get used to me eventually, Sugarbear. Especially if she decides to permanently share our bed."

Susan swallowed. "Tulani was telling me... something about that."

"I will never push you into something you don't want, my lovely. If you're uncomfortable with something I'm doing, feel free to tell me to stop it. I don't censor myself on my own, you have to be vocal." She sighed. "I'm the touchy feely type, apparently." She snorted. "Granted, I never considered women until my Tulani." She scratched the back of her head. "I won't touch you like that, unless you ask. I know you're straight, and that's fine. If you want instruction on more creative ways to pleasure him, I'm up for that too. I teach sex, and everything that goes with it."

"A-and if I wanted... that?"

Elunara turned and ran her fingers under Susan's chin, lowering her voice. "Then I could teach you the most fascinating ways to pleasure yourself, should the feeling ever take you." She purred.

Susan went bright red and she jolted back.

Grogek wrapped his arm around Susan with a laugh. "I saw her first."

"Oh, don't worry. I'd never be able to convert her to a full female set." She kissed Grogek's chin. "I wouldn't even try."

"Jerry's mother?"

"Hey, she was a female set BEFORE she forced herself to marry, and have a child, just to pretend to be normal. I never had a true session with her either... I just showed her and Lucy how to enjoy each other. Lucy was already pretty good at it; I just had to help Kaileen find some confidence. They're doing pretty good, by the way." Elunara closed her board and tucked it away. "I prefer to teach the absence of restrictions." She snuggled up to Grogek.

"You're both so fascinating." Susan sighed and rubbed her cheek against Grogek's massive chest. "I think I might be falling in love with the both of you."

Grogek cuddled her closer. "I'll settle for that, for now."

Elunara giggled. "How long did I make you wait?"

"Almost a year." He grunted. "But I had to convince you to listen to your heart."

"First you had to convince me I HAD a heart." She licked his neck. "Now look at us. We're addicted to each other."

Grogek licked his lips. "Now, things change again."


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