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Doing her oral bidding.

There was one couple that came in that we got to be friends with, the guy was called Lodi since his real name was Lee Dye. He was a few years younger than me, his girlfriend was a typical bleached blonde type we all called Kath. Her name was actually Catherine but she hated that, she also hated being called Kate.

She spent a lot of time on the damn bull, and a few times she even won because she certainly had the ability to bounce nicely. Lodi also was on the thing a lot, acting up and slapping his hat as the thing spun circles and jerked back and forth. For some reason they just could not shake him off of the thing, he was more or less the house champion.

A few times he tried to get me up there but no way would I. I knew I would bounce all right, the part right above my belt. They also teased Sherry about trying but she refused, the thing was huge and she was tiny.

Plus after feeding the Rose bushes a few times she was being careful about the booze, it was tough to get her inhibitions down much.

So we had our circle of friends, a place to go and be one of the bunch, things to do.

Then came that silly "Annual Champion's" contest.

Five hundred bucks for first and two hundred for second.

Sherry showed me the flyer when I got home from work.

"We don't want to miss that." I told her, heading for my chair and newspaper.

"Yea, it's Saturday night, we need to get there early to get a good seat."

I nodded and clicked on the news.

"I can do that!" She blurted out.

"Do what?" I answered.

"Ride that thing."

"You are kidding, you have never even been on it." I protested.

"Oh, it's easy, everyone has been teasing me trying to get me to try anyway. Besides, it's $500!"

"I am not so sure it's so easy, and besides, you probably can't win. Not against Kath, she is good at it."


"Oh, yeah?" Sherry bounced up and down on her tiptoes, standing sideways to me. Her magnificent boobs did a nice hop and roll, all I could to was stare at her and blink. Then she grinned at me and headed for the kitchen.

Good grief.

I figured she would chicken out so I wasn't too worried, but Saturday arrived and she insisted I get ready at about 3 in the afternoon.

"Hey, why so early, the contest won't start until around 10 or 11 tonight?"

"I want some practice, I already called and they told me it was ok so go get ready!"


I went and showered, pulled on some jeans and a shirt, grabbed my hat. Sherry was in the living room waiting, she had on a black halter top I had never seen before and her levi skirt. She was all made up, her hair brushed out.


"You are going to wear THAT?" I asked.

"Sure, what's wrong with it?" Her lower lip stuck out.

"You will be climbing up on that thing in a skirt, that's what's wrong. And your tits will be out of that top in ten seconds!"

"Oh, don't be silly, they won't either, and I have my sizzler bottoms on." She hiked up her skirt to show me. She had a blue panty set that went with another outfit she sometimes wore, they were called sizzlers and the bottoms were designed to show I think.

I had thrown a fit when she bought it so she only wore it around the house when she was feeling naughty. They were shiny and felt slippery, like silk.

I shrugged and gave up.

We got to the club, there were two people sitting at the bar. Sherry went over and said something to the bartender, then Tom, the club owner came out.

"Hi, guys! So you want to give it a try, huh? Come on!"

He headed over to where the huge machine sat.

"Go ahead and hop on, I will give it a gentle run so you get the feel of it." He told Sherry, looking her up and down and then grinning at me.

I probably scowled, I am not sure.

Sherry tried to climb up there but it took her three tries, for her it was quite a distance but she finally got her leg up and over it.

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