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Does the pizza delivery girl show up?

"If I was the dominant that I thought I was I would punish you Sangitta." Julie replied.

"How would you do that?" Sangitta said.

"At this stage I would probably put you over my knee and spank you. " Julie replied.

"Julie I like your idea and we will get to that later but first of all I want you to learn the lesson that I might look like the Indian nerd but inside is a strong minded woman and I will not be shouted at by anyone and I will certainly not be lied to. Now I want you to do something."

"What is that?" Julie asked with trepidation in her voice.

"I want you to take all your clothes off and hand them to me."

"Yes Sangitta." Julie said.

Sangitta leant against the wall and smoked a cigarette and watched as Julie removed all of her clothes. When she was naked Sangitta said.

"Very nice except for one thing."

"She stepped forward and grabbed Julie by the pussy.

"That piece of shit has to go." She said pointing at Julie's pubic hair.

"Yes Sangitta I will remove."

"No I think I will remove it for you." Sangitta replied.

"Now let's go to your house."

Sangitta started off walking and struggled to hide how wet she had become. She did not know where this dominant side had come from but she liked the idea of it. When she got to a suitable point at the end of the alleyway she threw Julie's clothes over the wall. She turned to Julie and said.

"You won't be needing them tonight."

Julie eventually caught up with her. She was embarrassed that she was naked and could be seen by any of her friends or family but she was also glad to see that Sangitta had not put her top back on and she could at least gaze at her breasts as they walked to her house.

Sangitta made sure that they walked nice and slowly and what should have been a five minute walk took them fifteen minutes. Eventually they arrived at Julie's house. Sangitta had the good sense to take Julie's purse out of her jeans before she had got rid of them.

She pretended to struggle to get the key in the lock so that Julie would have to stand there naked in her own street but made sure that she eventually opened the door and told Julie to go into the house.

"Go and get me a drink." Sangitta said.

She watched Julie walk away and admired her arse. She would enjoy having that over her knee to spank. It was a couple of minutes before Julie returned with the drinks. She handed Sangitta a large shot of vodka and Sangitta noticed that Julie's was even bigger. She watched as Julie took a big gulp and then Sangitta said.

"I am going to give you a choice Julie. You can either go and shave your pubic hair off or you can have your spanking. So what is it to be?"

Julie took another swig of her vodka and then she said.

"I would rather get the punishment out of the way Sangitta then I can do the shaving." She said.

"Okay. What do you me to spank you with and how many times?" Sangitta asked.

"I think your hand would be good enough for tonight Sangitta but if in the future I disobey you then perhaps you would use something else." Pleaded Julie.

"Put your drink sown and come and lay across my lap." Commanded Sangitta.

Julie hesitated for a moment and she was just about to tell Sangitta where to go when she saw the look in Sangitta's eye and she decided that worse was to come if she did not do what she was told. She put down her glass and walked across the room and laid herself across Sangitta's lap.

She was surprised when at first all Sangitta did was rub her pearly white cheeks. Her touch was so tender that Julie became very wet between the legs and she so wanted to rub herself. She hoped that she would get the chance to do so when she was shaving off her pubic hair. Suddenly.

Slap, Slap, Slap.

She was stung by the pain and it was not helped when Sangitta began to rub her arse cheeks again this just seemed to make things ten times worse but what helped even less was the fact that she had just had a small orgasm on Sangitta's lap and she was worried about what she would say.

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