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Big sister gets revenge on little sister.


"Yeah, but...."

"But, what?"

Tricia lowered her voice a little. "I'm scared," she said. "I don't want to do it with some douchebag I met at a club. I've wanted to try it for a long time, but I don't trust anyone else to do it to me for my first time." Tricia moved closer to Steven on the futon and placed her hand on his knee. "I trust you more than anyone in the world. Please do this for me?"

Tricia and Steven went back and forth for a long while. Steven was still very resistant to the idea and Tricia did her best to convince him it wasn't as big of a deal as he was making it out to be. After several minutes, the initial shock of the situation began to wear off for Steven and he gave it some serious consideration.

"Don't even think about it like sex because it won't be really," said Tricia. "It's just a brother helping out his sister. We don't have to do anything else. I just don't want my first time trying anal to be with some jerkoff."


"I won't even moan. Pinky swear. You can just stick your dick in me, think about James Franco, and shoot your load into a towel." Steven was beginning to give ground; a lot of ground.

"Tricia, I want to help you out. I really do. But, I just.... How can you expect me to just... just stop being a gay man for you? Believe me, your ass would be the first ass I'd fuck if I could, Tricia." Tricia thought about this for a second. Steven seemed to have gotten past the incestuous factor. But, she wasn't sure how she was going to convince him to fuck a girl. Then she thought about something Kyle had left in her room awhile back.

"I've got an idea," she said. Tricia went to her dresser and started pulling clothes out of drawers. Then she took off her shirt and pants, throwing them in the corner. Underneath, she was wearing a white bra and a black thong. With her back to Steven, he got a full view of her tight ass. He was disturbed to discover that he was not repulsed by the sight.

'I must be drunker than I thought,' thought Steven. 'Obviously, I'm not as drunk as Tricia, but that ass isn't looking half bad right now.'

Tricia slipped into a long sleeve plaid shirt and a pair of baggy men's jeans left in her room by Kyle. Then she pulled her hair up and put on a baseball hat. She turned back to Steven, presenting her make-over.

"What do you think?" said Tricia. She had undoubtedly made herself more passable as a boy. No one would ever confuse her for a one if they looked at her face, but the effect had been created.

"I... ummm." Steven really didn't know what he thought. He was very confused as he realized that, on some level, he actually found himself wanting to fuck her.

Tricia saw that she was starting to break his will and decided to take a more aggressive approach. Tricia walked back over to Steven, still seated on the futon. She turned around and slowly moved her ass close to his face. Then she hooked her thumbs into the waist of her jeans and panties. Very delicately, she slid both of them over her ass and held them just under her cheeks, using the pants to shape her beautiful ass as well as hide her pussy from him. Steven didn't say a word, staring straight ahead at his sister's bare ass in front of him.

"It's nice and soft," said Tricia, seductively. "In fact, I bet my ass is softer and tighter than any boy's you've ever fucked." Those words hit Steven like a fucking baseball bat to the head. The idea definitely appealed to him. Tricia stuck the middle finger of her right hand into her mouth, making sure to get the whole thing wet with saliva. Then she reached behind her and touched her finger to her tight hole. Steven watched wide eyed as Tricia pressed against her asshole. Her finger slowly made its way inside, almost as if her ass were wrapping itself around it.

"Just think about it, said Tricia. "You can have this virgin ass all to yourself. No one will ever find out. It will be our special secret."

That was the last thing Steven needed to hear.

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