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If only she hadn't drunk so much beer...

And she had experienced anal penetrations before but the instruction to prepare herself with an enema. His insistence for absolute cleanliness caused Nikki to adorn him with her own personal nickname, Mr. Clean.

The next day arrived finally after a listless night of short catnaps interrupted with anticipation of what the next morning would bring.

After leaving home at the usual time with pretense of going to work, Nikki rode around waiting for her opportunity to return home to make the promised and expected preparations. The ride through the blank streets was filled with thoughts of Mr. Clean having his way with her. Of her experiencing things that she had dreamt of but never imagined would be fulfilled. Would Jeff be as dominate as he implied. Would his cock be as magnificent as she had imagined? Was his wonderful kisses be an accurate indication of his lovemaking abilities? Would she actually be able to find pleasure in the presence of a different man?

Nikki returned home and removed the "prescription" from her purse. While this procedure was not new to her, the reasoning for the application certainly was. As she felt the sensations around her ass during this process, she could not help but imagine Jeff's fingers and cock soon making penetration through this orifice. The thought was not surprisingly arousing.

Next she was in the shower with razor in hand making the all too familiar strokes around her pussy. However, she had a sense of duty to make this shave even more close than her routine maintenance. Nikki was almost amused with herself when she realized how determined she was to please Jeff with her preparations.

The ride to the other side of town went quicky, thank goodness. She called Jeff's cell phone as she approached the appointed location. He quickly answered and informed her he was in room 121. She felt the all too familiar twinge between her thighs as she realized this was truly about to happen.

She found the door ajar just as Jeff had indicated. Quickly she entered and closed the safe and familiar world that she knew behind her.

She smiled at Jeff and silently begged that he should show his favor by returning the gesture. He did not disappoint.

"Hi Nikki, so glad you are here", he stated as he crossed the room to greet her with his massive arms opened to engulf her.

"Hi Jeff", she replied in her most confident voice.

Nikki fell into his arms and felt his strength encircle her body. His scent was arousing. She sensed his lips searching for hers. She quickly responded. His touch was soft and gentle yet a bit forceful. Her tongue quickly extended and entangled with his. His hands explored her curves as she felt his. Her body began to ache for him.

Releasing his grip on her willing body, he looked down at her, "I am gonna take a quick shower. I will be right back."

A soft "Okay" was all Nikki could vocalize. Her thoughts were still a blur from the passion she felt from one kiss. If only her husband were as passionate. She might not find herself exploring this side of her being. But here she was and intended to make the most of it.

Nikki expected that Jeff would reenter the room wearing nothing or maybe just a towel. Unsure of how she should present herself, she decided to take the "almost ready" approach.

Her fingers began to shake as she unbuttoned her blouse. She felt the chill of the room air conditioner as she removed the garment and placed it on the chair. Through her carefully chosen lacy bra, she could see and feel her erect nipples pressing against the sheer support. The sound of the shower stopped as her fingers manipulated the button and zipper that held her skirt tightly conformed to her shapely hips. This garment was found its way to the accommodating chair as well. With a smile plastered on her face, she turned and anxiously awaited Jeff's exit from the steamy bath.

Nikki's eyes were drawn immediately to the semi erect cock that came into view before the rest of Jeff rounded the corner.

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