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They dip their toes into the world of BDSM.

"Hey, Rhonda," she heard Gary say into her ear, and snapped out of her introspection to see Walt kissing Diane on the couch across from her. Finally, she thought, the talking was over, and they could get to it. She grinned, and reached into Gary's lap and grabbed his bulge, giving no thought to missing the part where he had moved next to her. She turned to him and smiled.

"Why don't you take this out, so I can suck your cock?" she asked him, loud enough to make sure her husband and Gary's wife could hear. Gary scooted up onto his knees, angling his tall frame towards her and undoing his pants as they kissed. She felt his lips, thinner and firmer than Walt's, pressing at her mouth, and her lips parted, and she danced her tongue into his mouth as he shuffled his pants down his long legs. As they reached his knees he knelt upright, and she saw his cock, hard and long, staring insolently up at her, a drop of clear fluid bubbling at the tip, beckoning and daring. She grasped the base of his shaft as he worked the pants and boxers off his legs, and leaned in, squeezing the base, forcing the drip to enlarge and slide down the head to the bottom of the crown. She glanced up briefly, then lowered her head, swiping her tongue at the underside of his spongy head, and swept the pre-cum up with the tip of her tongue, tasting the slick fluid, and feeling his cock twitch at her connection.

She snuck a glance a Walt and Diane on the opposite couch to see them watching her; her husband sitting back against the couch, Diane in his arms with her back against his chest, his hands up under her shirt. Rhonda's mouth split into a wide smile and she opened her mouth and lowered her head, taking Gary's cock into her mouth.

"Yeah, suck that cock," she heard Diane call out, then add more softly, to Walt, "She wants his cock. Look at her sucking him."

And despite her misgivings at the arrangement of the evening, she knew it was true, she DID want his cock, she loved having it in her mouth, and was eager to get it into her pussy, and she enjoying being watched as she got what she wanted. She stroked her mouth up and down his shaft, allowing her drool to coat him, feeling her lips slide effortlessly up and down, tasting the flavor of his skin, feeling the hardness under the thin skin slipping into her mouth, filling her. She focused on the swollen spongy head pushing against the back of her mouth as she pushed down, the feeling of her tongue swirling around it as she pulled back. The overwhelming sensation of having her mouth filled with cock sent tremors of passion through her, her former misgivings of the evening forgotten now, as she sucked his beautiful hard cock.
She pushed all the way down, wrapping her lips as far down as she could reach, and looked up at Gary's wife and her own husband, they were in the same position as before, but her pants were down now, hanging off one ankle in a bunch, and her feet were up on the couch, her knees spread wide. Walt had one hand still at her breasts, pulling on a nipple, but the other was between her legs, her shaved pussy exposed and glistening as his fingers penetrated her. She felt an additional tingle seeing her man enjoying himself, and saw him smile at her, knowing he was as thrilled watching her as she was watching him. She hummed on the cock that was deep in her mouth, and felt Gary's hips pulse up into her, almost making her gag. She pulled back, took one more hard suck on the head, and popped off with a loud wet smack. She looked at Diane.

"I love his cock," she told the girl.

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