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A former tough chick becomes a sexy Fem.


"That would be lovely Sarah, I would like that very much." responded Amanda.

Sarah and Amanda met after work at a local coffee shop both dressed in their PVC raincoats. They complimented each other on how great they looked and thanking the stars that they were able to buy the coats that they loved. The talk turned to finding out about them selves and Amanda whispered to Sarah that she was not really what she appeared to be but really wanted to be friends with her and not to be too shocked at what she was about to tell her.

Sarah was puzzled as to just what Amanda was about to reveal and replied "I hope I haven't done or said anything to upset you Amanda?"

"No, nothing like that, it has nothing to do with you at all, and if I didn't like you so much I would even say anything, but I think in the short time we have known each other we can be honest. If what I say embarrass or repulses you I will understand." And with that Amanda told her story.

"I grew up with two sisters, Emma just 18 months older and Jane 4 years older. They both cared for me very much as my mum became quite ill when I was about 3 and dad was away at work for much of the time. Jane and Emma would dress me up in their clothes when we played indoors and I enjoyed the attention they both gave me. Jane, being the eldest took control, thinking that I couldn't look after myself and made sure that I was properly dressed and that the tops and bottoms were matching, or at least complimenting each other. I would wear many of her clothes by the time I was 15, but only indoors, never outside as she was considerate like that and would not cause me any embarrassment. Jane did seem to like to be in control of what I wore, and often made me wear her clothes all day long and even her nighties when in bed."

Amanda could see that Sarah was looking confused and said, "I think you are guessing where I am going with this so I'll come right out and say that I am really a boy."

Sarah sat back in her chair and put her hand to her mouth not knowing what to say. "Please hear me out Sarah, I am not trying to trick you into anything but I cannot continue to mislead you. I love being a girl and being with girls, I like boys too, but not as much. I am not gay, I just like the things girls wear and do the clothes and things, and girls talk to each other much more intimately than boys do. I suppose my mind maybe messed up but I am happy being as I am and make no apology for that."

Amanda continued "It was Jane who introduced latex into my life; she had been given a latex skirt by a boyfriend of hers and had me try it on one evening. We both love the texture and smell and how sexy it made me look, so at every opportunity I would slip it on and get aroused very quickly and spoiling the frontal appearance somewhat so Jane bought me a pair of latex panties with extra thick front panel to control the appearance of my erection."

Sarah listening intently said, "I was taken aback just then but now I think about it, being a boy, you make a beautiful girl and I would still like to be friends with you, though it will take some getting used to."

"Thank you for that Sarah, I take great comfort in being accepted as I am, and not be condemned. Now I do like dressing in girl's latex things, like a chemise or negligee, I have both of them as well as a camisole which is my favorite. They make me feel so sexy and I love the cool feeling of the latex on my skin. I am too shy to wear any of it in public but I would like to show you my little collection if you would like me too."

"I have seen celebrities wearing latex dresses and things and thought that they looked quite sexy so I can see how you would like them. Yes I would like to see your clothes and as we are about the same size maybe you would let me try one on."

"Oh I would be over the moon to share them with you, I am sure you will like them as well. We can go to my flat when we finish our coffee and do a little dressing up together."

Sarah had already finished her coffee but Amanda,

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