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I turned the thong inside out and looked inside. The gusset had a dark yellow stain in it, where my sister must have peed herself a little bit. During those long volleyball practices, there often isn't time to go to the bathroom, so it isn't uncommon for the girls to let loose a little of their hot pee into their little thongs underneath their tight spandex volleyball shorts.

On top of the yellow pee stain, there was a white crusty looking stain. That must have been the discharge that leaked out of my sister's pussy as she slept. Or maybe she had masturbated in her panties at some point last night? I could only guess. I then looked back at the tiny little thong string that would have been resting against her sweaty asshole all day. It was stained a faint brown color.

While continually stroking my hard dick, I brought the soiled, damp panties to my nose and inhaled. God, the smell was unbelievable. I could smell all the sweat, and pee, and pussy juice that had poured into the flimsy little panties that she wore for almost an entire day without changing. I could smell her dirty, unwashed asshole.

I just thought about how sexy she must have looked last night when she got home, sliding off her tight black volleyball shorts in front of the mirror, till she was only standing in these little blue and white panties. How sexy the thong must have looked stretched around her thick, tan hips. How the panties were so small, that she must have had a camel toe in the front. How with every movement she made, she could feel the back of the thong string pressing up against her dirty, smelly, unwashed asshole.

What did she do when she saw herself in the mirror? I mean, she was absolutely, stunningly beautiful. Did she get turned on just by looking at herself? I certainly would. How could she not?

When she let her massive, DD tits out of her sexy little bras, and let her breasts hang down in front of her, did she feel compelled to give them a little squeeze? To play with her hard erect nipples? How could she resist constantly sliding her hand down her tan tummy and into the waistband of her tiny, dirty little thong? How could she resist sliding her finger into the wet folds of her tiny little pussy? Or rubbing her finger around on her little clit?

God, I would do anything to be my sister for a day. To have my brain, but be inside her body. I wouldn't stop touching myself for a second. I would love nothing more than to just feel every inch of my sexy, juicy, gorgeous teenage body. Would I ever stop masturbating? Feeling my tits? Sniffing my own panties? Probably not.

Just the thought of being my sister for a day was getting me more and more turned on. I was jerking my cock aggressively while shoving her dirty little thong into my nose. How was she not constantly aroused? She always wore the sluttiest little outfits that got a lot of attention from men of all ages. She had to know that guys were looking, right?

Did she get turned on knowing her teachers were constantly trying to sneak a peak at her panties up her skirt while she was in class? Did she love the feeling of a hard frat boys cock pressing up against her tight-dress, thong-clad ass when she was dancing in the clubs, covered in sweat?

Did she have any idea that her brother would listen outside her bathroom door while she was taking a piss, hoping that she wouldn't wipe properly so that some of her pee would end up in her panties that he would be sniffing and jerking off too later? I wanted to be my sister so damn bad! Even if it was just for a day.

The dirty panties, the smell, my imagination. It all became too much for me to handle. I was gonna cum. I could feel a massive orgasm approaching. I was still crouching over the laundry basket like a catcher behind home plate. I took one final whiff of the soiled, stained little thong, and then I Started to cum.

It was the biggest, most intense orgasm of my life.

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