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Brenda has dreams of Bethany.

I shared my thoughts with Jennifer, who decided to find out. She asked the waiter to draw closer and, with two hands, roughly rubbed the man's cock through his slacks. As he moaned his cock grew thicker but not much longer. Our question answered, Jennifer withdrew and we ordered celebratory champagne. Our waiter thanked us with gusto.

Halfway through the bottle, the stage darkened. Unusual, low volume new age music eased into the room. The use of unusual instruments and synthesizer created a highly exotic setting. Slowly the lights rose and there, lying on the bed, was a tall, good-looking man sporting a huge erection. His cock was easily 12" long and so thick his hand barely worked around it. He used his hand to slowly squeeze his cock such that it was very red and hard. The tip of his cock was wide and thick; I thought the tip alone probably drove women crazy.

After a few minutes a very pretty redhead walked onstage. She wore a thin, green bra that showed off her moderately sized breasts very nicely. She wore sheer black panties that revealed her fire red bush. She dropped onto the bed and immediately began to suck on the performer's enormous cock. She stretched her mouth greatly and still could take only about half the cock into her drooling mouth. She used both hands in a sliding, twisting motion around the lower half of the cock that she had not managed to engulf in her mouth. Her hands now were covered in her saliva and the male performer groaned with intense pleasure.

The male performer soon grabbed the woman's rear and shifted her body so that her pussy faced us directly. As she attempted to suck the life out of the monster cock before her, the man slid his hand under the woman's panties and, as we watched through the sheer material, inserted three long fingers into her pussy. The woman jumped and moaned all at once as her pleasure began to match that of the male performer.

At this point Jennifer stared at me with a look of intense lust. She was starting to display the out-of-control horniness that she had been increasingly demonstrating over the past month. She reached for my slacks, dropped the zipper and pulled out my steel cock. She rubbed it slowly and firmly as she repeatedly licked her lips. My cock was drooling pre-cum that covered Jennifer's fingers. She let go for a moment, licked my pre-cum off her fingers, and then returned to tugging my cock.

I took a long drag from my glass to finish the champagne. Jennifer looked at the empty bottle and said she was incredibly thirsty. I called over the waiter and ordered a second bottle. His cock, if possible now even thicker, looked to be attempting to burst form his slacks. The spandex was being pushed to its expansive limits.

Jennifer returned to watching the mutual stimulation on the stage, her eyes glazed and remote.

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