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Lindsay's birthday is coming up and they return to earth.

"Mine..." She thought she heard him growl as his hold on her tightened possessively.

She cried out again as his cock throbbed inside of her, warm heat flowing into her pussy with every spurt of cum. Slowly his weight bore her down to the mattress as his cock pulsed inside of her, until she was flattened beneath him, his forehead pressing against her upper back between her shoulders, his hand still on her wrists. Trish's breathing slowed as she lay there, feeling warm and safe beneath him.

After a few long moments, Jordan gave her a gentle kiss on her shoulder and moved away, pulling his softened cock from her body.

Rolling over onto her back, Trish started to get up to move towards the bathroom - only to let out a little shriek as she found herself pulled back onto her back with Jordan scowling down above her.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked, his voice demanding.

Wide eyed with surprise, Trish stared up at him. "To the bathroom to um..." She waved her hand at her messy pussy. "I need to clean up."

Frowning, Jordan grabbed her hand, and the next thing Trish knew, she was in a very familiar position - cuffed to the headboard of the bed. It just wasn't a position she'd expected to be put in right now; indignation and surprise bubbled up inside of her in response as Jordan got up, heading towards the bathroom.

"Why can't I clean myself off?" Trish called after him, tugging at the chain on the wrist cuffs, even though she knew from experience it was useless. She wasn't mad exactly just... frustrated, annoyed... perturbed. She'd agreed to stay, why was he chaining her up again? And why did some part of her feel relieved that her answer apparently hadn't changed his controlling ways? Relieved and aroused, despite the fact that she'd just cum. Or maybe she was just getting used to multiple orgasms...

Jordan emerged from the bathroom, still scowling, with a washcloth in his hand. Trish already knew it would be damp and warm, ready to clean her. "Because I do that."

He didn't even ask why she'd want to change it, typical Jordan, he just grabbed her ankle and pulled her legs open. Trish tried to squirm away.

"But I can do it!" she protested, ignoring the secret thrill of being manhandled by him.

He couldn't mean to go on exactly the way things had been before, could he? She'd said yes to staying, she'd seen what that meant for Laura and Chevie and the others, she'd... well she'd expected that he might behave a little differently now.

"You don't need to, because I'll take care of it," he said ruthlessly, before his voice softened just a touch as he pressed the warm cloth to her pussy. Trish shuddered as he rubbed gently, making her pussy tingle with the soft pleasure.

"But what if I want to?" The question came out much softer than the challenge Trish had meant it to be, more like a child's whine. She was feeling rather pouty. Something she'd never been allowed to be growing up in the orphanage.

"Too bad," Jordan said, sounding almost amused.

Now it was Trish's turn to scowl. "You can't just... I chose to stay here, shouldn't I get some say in what happens now?"

"No." Jordan tossed the cloth away, settling his big body between her legs, his face lowering down towards her pussy. "You asked what would happen if you stayed and I told you, we'll keep doing the same thing we've been doing. This is what we've been doing. You can follow the rules, or you can get a spanking and then follow the rules."

"Wait!" Trish protested as he wrapped his arms around her thighs, prying them apart to the amount he preferred - which left her pussy completely open and vulnerable. She tried to twist her hips to move away from him, which was a useless act, since his arms were far stronger than her legs or probably even her entire body. "We should... Oh!"

His tongue swiped up the center of her pussy, an electric sensation against her swollen folds.

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