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... One hour? That will be fine. Thank you."

Marilyn and her husband are safely-ensconced in a luxury suite of one of Las Vegas' premier hotels, courtesy of Dave's company. Executives of his stature are allowed to bring their wives on business Trips, and Dave is more than eager to show- off his lovely and well-stacked "Mrs"; many of his colleagues (and some of THEIR wives) would love to spend some quality time in the "sack" with the sexy and voluptuous Marilyn, and he knows it. In the evening, they attend a lavish party, where they eat the finest food and drink expensive liquor and wine. Three hours or so into the gala, Marilyn complains of the on-set of a headache. Dave is sympathetic, and encourages her to go back their suite and lie down.

"I'll let Mr. Jessup know that I'll be right back, and I'll walk you. Just a second"

"No, no, honey. I can get there just fine. If you leave now, Willows will jump right in there and get his ear." She nods toward the slender and slightly-effete Stefan Willows, edging his way toward Dave's boss, Matt Jessup, who is holding court with a few of his cronies, drinking aged scotch and smoking expensive (and ILLEGAL) Cuban cigars.

A worried frown creases Dave's brow; he and Willows are the front-runners for a cushy VP position, and one Can never underestimate the value of "getting the boss's ear", as Marilyn had put it. He knows that the right thing to do is to escort his wife back to their suite, but isn't solidifying his position in the company the right thing to do, as well? Marilyn will understand; she's a good corporate wife.

"Yeah, you're right. You're a good kid, Mare. Thanks"

"Sure. See you later"

She makes her way through the party room and to the elevators. Marilyn enters their suite, and the door closes, the faint rustle of fabric betrays the presence of another in the room.

Marilyn's question is delivered in a halting, excited whisper:

"Is it you?"

The return whisper is one Marilyn would recognize anywhere.

"What the fuck do you think?"

Soft female palms cup Marilyn's breasts from behind. They are heavy and hot and her nipples are achingly stiff. Her unseen partner thumbs the dark brown, rubbery nubbins gently, and the voluptuous wife and mother squirms and pants, already getting hot. Her part-time lover squeezes and fondles her melonous, bra-less jugs through her thin bodice even as a familiar stiffness stabs into the desperate housewife's soft, womanly behind.

"Down on your knees, bitch. I'm gonna fuck you right here"

Without a second of hesitation Marilyn goes to her knees, drawing the hem of her evening gown up over her mouth-watering bottom as she positions herself on hands and knees. When she went to the ladies' room earlier, she removed her panties, as she has been waiting for this encounter all day.

The black-clad intruder drops to her knees behind Marilyn. Spreading her buttocks open with both hands, she places the fat tip of her cock-head against the entrance to the Sunday School teacher's anus. Marilyn bites her lips and tenses a bit, willing herself to relax and open herself to the invasion. The pressure is relentless as the woman behind her pushes her hips forward, then the housewife's sphincter yields and opens up. A second, more insistent flexing of the "attacker's" hips, and the thick rectum-wrecker plows into Marilyn's defenseless rectum.

"AHHHHHHGAWWWWD!!" The breath rushes from Marilyn's throat. Her head snaps up and her gorgeous face twists in a grimace of pain as the monster slab of latex begins its slow, unrelenting journey into her entrails. The auburn-haired mother of Jack and Tim and Dave, Jr's asshole convulses uncontrollably around the solid rubber stalk. A sobbing gasp escapes Marilyn as the other woman's hips come to rest, mercifully, against the splayed cheeks of her pillowy ass.

The redhead's fingers dart into the drooling slit between her own legs, as her mystery guest begins to fuck h

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