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MJ shook her head, because she couldn't rely on her shaky voice.

"Are you sure?" Prof Linda asked once more. "Yeah..." MJ said with shifty eyes.

Professor Linda placed a hand on MJ's stocky shoulder, "Well then, why are you so nervous if you don't have any more classes to go to?"

MJ daringly met Professor Linda's eyes and melted when she saw the concern and love in them. MJ thought quickly to herself, "What should she say? I need to be honest."

MJ gasped for more air and managed to say, "Uuh, I guess I'm just not used to talking to professors and teachers in general. And I mean, especially such an awesome intelligent caring professor as yourself."

Professor Linda was shocked and happy all at once. She smiled brightly and immediately hugged MJ. Linda's body crashed against MJ's smaller one. Linda's bigger breasts rubbed against MJ's more average-sized ones. Linda rubbed the muscular back of MJ a bit lower than she normally did...and when they parted, MJ was tingling everywhere and felt a stirring down below.

Silence filled the room. Professor Linda broke it when she said, "Well, MJ, I have discovered that you possess a sweet soul. Thank you for your kindness as well."

MJ smiled to tell her professor "thank you." Words wouldn't do the job justice.

Professor Linda continued, "Okay, MJ, what do you say to some coffee or tea in celebration of making it through your first day of college?"

MJ had managed to calm herself during this time and gain some of her familiar confidence back. So, what if she had the hots for her teacher?!

"I would love that Professor Linda. Where do you want to go?"

"I know of a little place that is in walking distance from here. How does that sound?"


Professor Linda gathered her papers, put them into her briefcase and locked up the classroom before leaving. Professor Linda led the way as MJ followed her out of the Health and Physical Education Building. Both remained silent as they remained amazed and awed with each other's presence. As they walked together more, they both realized that they thought this about each other. Eventually, Professor Linda broke the silence.

She pointed about a quarter-mile away. "It's over there MJ."

MJ eyes did not have to strain to read the sign. It said, "Connection Caf__." She replied, "Cool name for a coffee place."

"Yeah and there's probably something I should tell you before you well go in there and fall over."

MJ laughed at this and shook her head.

"No seriously, MJ. The caf__ is predominately full of gay people. Are you okay with that?"

MJ smiled and said, "Yeah, I am. I'm gay too, so it's cool."

Professor Linda's eyebrows stretched to the heavens, before she smiled and laughed and then proceeded to giggle.

MJ now was no longer smiling. "What's so funny?"

Professor Linda managed to stop herself from laughing, got a breath and said, "I guess you could say I'm just shocked you were so forward about it. Up till now, you've been so shy and then BAM! GAY!"

MJ just smiled and said, "Growing up in such a conservative area, I'm eager to meet anyone like myself. I'm tired of feeling alone and weird. I want to feel somewhat normal and connect with others like myself. And when I first meet people, I'm just usually pretty shy...and I don't know." MJ stopped there from saying something she may later regret in life.

Professor Linda watched as MJ's mind wandered and so she asked "You were going to say something else? Now's your chance to say it MJ." Linda smiled and even winked when she said this.

MJ cleared her throat, "Yes, right, my only chance...Well, I guess. . .I know that I have a lot in common with you as far as two people go - regardless of our roles, professor and student." MJ took a moment to think. Professor Linda offered kindly, "Anything else you wanted to ask me?," and added once more, "Anything?" MJ pushed through with her confidence when she continued, "Yes, I did want to ask you something else."

"Yes, MJ?" Professor's Linda's blue eyes shined more than ever right now.

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