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They love trying new things.

The gray haired man slid his fingers very lightly over the area exposed between her legs. His field of interest was outlined by dark, curly hair.

Rick looked up at his friend, again. "He's got her into multiples, huh?" he said.

"Ever since I got here, yeah," Bill replied.

The woman's quick breaths eased off, and Rick looked back to see why. The man's hands now caressed their way up his lady's belly.

"Oh, time for a little teasing, I see," Rick commented. He wondered if he would have the presence of mind to ever remove his hand from her rosy center once he had gotten responses like he had just seen.

"Not necessarily," Bill said. "Watch." Bill never took his eyes off the couple.

Puzzled, Rick scowled, but followed his friend's suggestion. His scowl only intensified as he watched.

The man continued his strokes until he reached the woman's nipples. There he concentrated a bevy of small movements. The woman's moans grew louder. Within seconds, she again curled up in an explosive reaction.

"My god, without even touching her cunt," breathed Rick.

"I know," seconded Bill, eyes glued to the glow of the woman's naked skin.

Both of the men's mouths sagged open, their tongues unconsciously licking their lips as the man took a nipple into his own mouth. His other hand stayed on the nipple's mate as he played with the toys his date provided. She groaned and tried to catch her breath. Faster and faster her breathing came, and then her whole body came as well.

Rick's face screwed itself up, and he turned to his friend again. "Wait," he said, "haven't I been here like only five minutes? And this is her fourth time?"

"Susan says she counted 150 before you ever got here," Bill answered, nodding his head towards a woman to the right of them.

"How long was that?" Rick asked, incredulous.

"I've been here about a half hour. I think Susan was here forty-five minutes before that," Bill answered.

Making calculations in his head, he said, "You mean, like 100 cums an hour?"

Bill nodded, still drooling over what the man held in his mouth.

"But she's still cumming now!"

Bill just nodded again, his attention too involved to explain anything more.

Rick looked back as the woman's gasps died down and her breathing evened out. He watched the man move along her shoulder, down her arm, and onto her palm. There his fingers made slow, light circles, stopping now and then to make tickling movements.

The woman began to moan again.

"Her HAND?" Rick stared in amazement. His dick stiffened. If you could just hold this woman's HAND to get her started, then what would it be like to be inside her? His dick sprung even higher at the thought.

As the woman's hips leaped in the spasm that followed, he saw the light reflect on the wet surface of her cunt. He reached down to soothe the ache that grew as his dick began to throb.

"I think I'll go ask if I can have a turn," Rick said, imagining that the man could have her hands and her tits, if he could just have that juicy cunt. After all, she was tied down. She was ripe for the taking.

"No go," Bill said sadly.

"What?" asked Rick.

"He won't let anyone else touch her."

"What?" Rick said again. His longing for the woman refused to believe what he had heard.

"He says they're novices, their first time here. We can watch if we want, but no one else touches her," Bill explained.

Disappointment raged alongside his longing. His dick stretched to an uncomfortable state. Liquid began to drip from its tip.

"Shit, Bill, Marilyn's off with that dude Bruce. I can't get to her for another half hour, at least." Rick fairly whimpered in his plight.

"He's moving again," Bill said. If he had noticed his friend's predicament, he gave no indication of it.

Both men watched as the man slid his hands across his lady's palms one more time and then up onto her belly. He continued those circular, light strokes, around and around the soft roundness of her middle.

"Think he can do it even there?" Rick asked.

"I'd believe anything with this woman," Bill gaped

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