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The day after their and some one is not happy about it.

It was long, and it swooped up into a beautiful curve at the end as Dan stroked it with his hands. He felt its heat emanating from within and felt it throb in response to each and every one of his touches.

Finally Dan could take no more as he felt the precum rolling down between his knuckles as he stroked the thick cock in his hands-he knew he had to taste it, taste his first cock and he bent and took its quivering head into his hot wet mouth. Mike moaned in approval and clasped his hand over Dan's cock and began to stroke, and the more he stroked the more Dan sucked and the faster and harder Mike stroked the deeper Dan took Mike's cock into his mouth until finally they were both ready to explode. Mike tried to tell Dan that he was going to cum, to warn him so he wouldn't unload in Dan's mouth but Dan looked up at him with approving soft, boyishly blue eyes and when their eyes met Dan buried Mike's cock into his throat as far as he could and with a final suck and a final stroke they moaned out in release together as Mike shot his first load of cum down another man's throat and Dan lapped up every spurt and swallowed his first taste of another man's cum. The two young men found parts of themselves they didn't know existed that morning in the predawn light of the old barn loft.

No doubt that first morning in the barn had been an awakening for them both, a start of a new and exciting chapter in their lives. And each of them secretly hoped that the other would not renege and blame the alcohol once the sobering light of day had dawned. Each of the boys secretly eager to explore more of the hidden pleasures within the other's body of treasures, their minds rushing full of thoughts of what might come next between them. Both of them locked in lustful fantasy and yearning desire to feel more of what they just had, more of this new awaking and empowering feeling-of finally being free enough to let go and let what would be just be.

As the days grew longer and spring faded into summer the young men's sexual relationship grew, as did their fondness for one another. They attended classes and discussed afterwards with Professor Taglieree the wonderful freedom they'd each found waiting within the other.

While seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the class one evening at midnight in the Narrows Theater, they both became aroused as the scene of the cross-dressing-dark-haired-red-lipped-male-lead took the screen dressed in black negligee. And in the darkness of the theater their hands once again found each other's bodies and started a flame that would burn into the early morning once again.

As Professor Taglieree sat to the left and a seat apart from them and the class discussed the innuendos of the film together she couldn't help but notice the couple as they drew closer to one another. She was very excited to see that she had indeed found each of them a fruitful friendship. She was quite turned on to think about what it must have been like to see their first look and first taste and touch of each other's body. To see something so taboo happen before her eyes would be better than any fantasy she could ever dream.

That morning as the guys returned to the loft again they explored even more of each other than they had before. By the time they entered the loft door, kissing and ripping buttons open and shirts off one another they knew that this would be the night that they crossed completely over, into a world of sexual pleasures they'd never known before.

As Mike slid his hand into Dan's Levi's he found that Dan had been quite aroused at the theater, for he could now feel the sticky, slimy trail of pre-cum that laced the inside fabric of the jeans. To know that he had excited Dan to this point while surrounded by other people drove Mike wild. To know that all that time Dan had been going commando in his button-fly-501's, turned him hotter than he had ever been before.

Mike had to have Dan's cock in his mouth then, at that very instant.

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