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Dan finds you should be careful what you wish for.


Magus needed no encouragement. He stood; half turned to me and shrugged his shoulders. Then followed the disappearing figure into the bedroom. I turned, propped on one elbow and watched as the door closed.

Then five minutes after the other came for me.

"Leaving it up to us to choose, how quaint of you."

I looked, puzzled, she was choosing me.

"Come, you want to have sex with me?"

I hadn't thought this would happen, being seduced by a girl.

"But I am married." I protested.

"That's alright by me, it's just for fun."

I imagined my fun with Sissy, the kissing and tickling prelude to foreplay with the sex beyond it.

She pulled at my hand, taking me from our makeshift bed and leading me into her bedroom.

The bed lay open before us as she fumbled the buttons of my toga open, she with only her scanty underwear from nudity.

With my top off, she continued with the shorts I wore, my robe already gone to make a blanket.

She looked at me quizzically, "Unhook my bra then," she commanded me, turning her back. I looked at the strap, there were hooks in the centre, easily I pulled and released them.

She shrugged forwards, letting it slide to the ground.

"Well come on then, you're not Gay are you?" She said taking my hands to her panties. She wriggled her hips as she pushed my hands down, thumbs caught in the waistband.

The panties slid down her legs as her ass ground into my groin.

Against my will my tool responded, rising up between her legs.

"This is just fun? I'm pledged to my wife."

She laughed. "I'm all for having fun."

She pulled me to the bed, we both falling sideways on it. She reached and pulled the blanket over us, twisting to face me as she did so.

I could feel her breasts, her hard nipples pressed against my chest.

Her hand snaked down to take my penis, as hard as I've ever had it.

She began to stroke it, then twisting, head dipping under the covering, she took it to her mouth.

I took her leg near me, and lifted it over my head. Letting her straddle me, so that I faced her mound.

As she played with me I let my tongue wander over her genitals.

I let my tongue find her clitoris, burying my nose as I sought to suck it.

She was taking my cock to the back of her throat, fucking me with her mouth.

My cum was quick in coming, in less than a minute I was filling her mouth with my seed, me sucking hard on her labia.

Licking me dry, she brought her knees to my side, opening her legs to give me greater access. More lazily now I began licking at her clit, my hands gripping her thighs. It was duty now rather than passion that propelled my actions.

My ministrations produced the desired result after a few more minutes lapping at her now dripping cunt, her thighs tightening on my head as the warmth of her cum filled my mouth, the scream she let out let everybody in hearing know that she'd climaxed.

She collapsed on top of me, then after a few moments turned to lie alongside me, I turned to my side, pulling her to me spoon fashion, my hand caressing her breast.

We lay quietly for a few moments, naked on top of the rumpled bedclothes, till a door opened in the wall behind me. Janice, from the other bedroom approached our bed.

"Silvia?" she enquired.

I heard my partner silently groan. "Yes."

"How was yours? Mines fast asleep. A five minute wonder, all fumble and fuck."

"Hers is still awake," I replied, turning to face her.

"Oh, I thought...."

"Go back to bed Janice." Silvia ordered.

She came closer. "Yours has got a big dick." My penis, lolling flaccid between my legs, twitched at mention of its name.

She leant over the bed, her breasts dangling before me, and clasped her hand around my tool.

"Janice!" Silvia complained.

"It's my birthday," Janice replied.

She leant closer to me, kissing me on the lips. Her free hand slipping easily behind my head.

She climbed onto the bed, pushing her tongue into my mouth. My penis now responding eagerly to her slow stroking.

Her hand released my tool, going to my hip and pulling me on top of her.

She clasped her hands at my back and began

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