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An unexpected layover brings good things for Burton.

No matter how you looked at it, that wasn't a bad days work for an instrument of the Emperors will. It was time to head back and see what his little charge was up to at the inn. He looked at the sun. Just after mid day. He should be back at the inn for supper.

He made his way along the game trail, found the sentry that he had knocked out earlier and quietly slit his throat. No need for a trial at this point. The sentry had nothing of value worth keeping, so he incinerated the corpse with a quick fire spell. Once he made it back to his horse, he put the money and bracers in his saddlebags and tied the magical axe and eleven sword across the back of the saddle. He untethered his horse and head back along the roadway into town. An hour and a half ride had him outside the tavern where he had left his charge in the morning.

Damian reined in his horse and stopped for a minute to contemplate before he headed into the yard of the tavern. He reached down to his belt and activated the seal. He mentally composed his report to the Emperor, and then quietly spoke the words of the spell to activate his Seal. The completed sentences for the bandits would be magically spread to the other Magisters in the Empire. He also mentally sent a small additional report directly addressed to the Emperor in regards to Alasara, and her circumstances.

If he was to fall in combat now, the Emperor himself would ensure Alasara's welfare would be looked after. It was the bare minimum he felt was necessary at this point. She had suffered far more than anyone her age should have. He had included his suspicions on the nature of her parents death in his report. His workload precluded investigating further at this point, but ensuring that further investigation would happen at some later point was looked after. Even if he was killed during the next few assignments, another Magister would be looking into the circumstances of the death of Alasara's parents. Justice in the Empire might not be swift, but it was thorough when the attentions of those in power were brought to the fore.

He gently flicked the reigns of his horse and slowly trotted into the yard of the tavern. He got down off the horse, and a young lad, about fifteen appeared out of the shadows and took the reigns of his horse.

"Make sure he gets some warm mash tonight."

"Yes sir." The stable boy said as he nodded. Damian tossed the lad a silver piece, and opened the door to the inn.

"My Lord Magister, welcome back." The tavern keeper said. There were more people in the tavern tonight than the previous. Several turned and stared at the warrior. The town was not used to having an Imperial presence, and having a Magister in the area had drawn the curious. A man dressed in better clothes than most of the other patrons approached cautiously.

"My Lord, may I have a moment?"

Damian looked him up and down.

"And you are?" He questioned...

"The town Magistrate m'lord."

"Ah, good. The bandit problem that you reported has been... dealt with in a most emphatic fashion. I have forwarded my report to the Emperor already. Two miscreants escaped, but I have killed 10 of the others, including a half orc who was leading them. He had a magically enhanced weapon and bracers of speed."

Several of the people in the tavern gasped. Magic was rare and to have a bandit using magical weapons was almost unheard of. That he stated that ten of the twelve were dead by his hand alone was a feat of martial prowess that would be told in the town for generations.

"Does the local garrison have anyone who specializes in the use of a battle axe?" Damian asked the magistrate.

"Not currently M'lord."

"Well then. Wait here."

Damian quickly ducked back out of the tavern to the stables and retrieved his saddlebags and the weapons he had taken from the bandits. He ducked back into the tavern moments later, and handed the magistrate the axe he had taken from the bandit leader.

"Here, add this to your armoury, but place it under lock and key until you have someone worthy of wielding it.

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