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Mom makes arrogant son clean her up after workout.

The Farm always groups the shed slaves in the same shed depending on when they arrive. In the case of your slave, everyone got here sometime right Around Christmas."

Katie spotted the sheds some distance ahead. They were small indeed and she could see there was no snow on any of the tin roofs. In fact she could see steam coming from the seams around the door and boarded up window.

"This way," the slave said and pointed to a building immediately behind the sheds. They entered a one room heated space. It was beautifully furnished and functioned as an office. Along one wall were maybe 20 monitors grouped in pairs.

"That's what it looks like inside one of those sheds Mistress. Can't you see how cramped the slaves are?"

Katie stared in amazement. Five of the sheds had activity. The rest were apparently empty since those monitors were blank. Katie quickly understood the cameras were situated inside and in opposite corners. They were able to see every square inch of the darkened space. Centering her attention on the first shed she counted six slaves. All were naked, gagged and soaked in sweat. They were sprawled in every angle with various parts of their body draped over or against other slaves. She noticed at least half of the slaves had erections.

"The rooms are only five feet long. It's impossible to stretch out," the slave remarked." They were built specifically so the recruits couldn't get comfortable and they are packed in there so they have no choice but to physically interact with other slaves. There is no such thing as personal space if you are in there. " He was silent for awhile and then added. "They have day after day to think about who they will be while they are in there suffering. The shed is the first reality teacher for what is to become of their life."

"They're stripped of everything aren't they?" Katie remarked. She couldn't help but see how helpless the recruits appeared. They were imprisoned, gagged, cuffed, naked and completely at the mercy of those living in the outside world.

"That's right. They are stripped of everything. Clothing, food, water, privacy, personal space, comfort, dignity, you name it; it's been taken away."

"It sounds horrible."

"It is but it isn't. I can tell you this: I'm so glad I had I went through that experience."

Just then Katie noticed one of the slaves stroking another recruit. Even though his hands were bound behind him he worked the other slave's cock and quickly brought it to an erection.

"I can't believe he's doing that," she said pointing to the camera. To her surprise she could feel her body responding. Something about seeing all of these men struggling just to survive and appearing so vulnerable aroused her. "How can they be so horny living in those conditions?"

"It's how we men think. I bet they are thinking about being used by some woman or maybe just thinking about what it will be like to be owned by a woman. There's nothing more hot to a slave than that."

"If you say so," Katie answered absently. She could feel her panties moistening. The combination of living in a desperate state while watching them get off with one another stirred a carnal emotion that was undeniable. "Mmmmm," she groaned quietly.

Her response didn't go unnoticed. "You are right; even in there we crave sex," the slave commented. "I remember being so horny but unable to fondle my penis. I remember thinking that the guy next to me must be thinking the same thing so I started jerking him off. Soon we were all doing it to one another". I'm sure Travis felt the same way."

"I wouldn't know," Katie said absently.

The slave and Katie watched the activity in the shed for several minutes in silence. Within minutes of spotting the first recruit stroking his shed-mate several more slaves started yanking on other slave-cocks. It was as if seeing one doing it encouraged the others to reciprocate.

"God I like watching them," Katie said lustfully.

"Can't you see how profound of a place the shed is?"

"I guess I can.

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