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Sometimes being an immortal can be a bitch

I couldn't shake the feeling that Annie and Steph were up to something. The looks on their faces did nothing to dispel my suspicions, either.

"Dude, would you relax?" Jason asked me toward the end of the day. "If it involves foosball, we're going to beat them. No problem."

"I'm sure that they're up to something. Is it possible that they've been losing on purpose?"

"No way. And, I know you haven't ever played your best, cause you're too much of a 'gentleman'." He laughed. He was right. I had played foosball almost nonstop during my college years, and I'd gotten really good. I had tricks up my sleeve that the girls had never seen. Still, they were both smart, and wouldn't fall for any cheap tricks.

"I guess we'll find out what they're up to in an hour," I said, glancing at the clock.

A few minutes later, Annie came around the corner with a couple of bottles of Coke. "You guys want these? I bought one and the machine spit out three."

Jason took one and handed me the other. I said, "Thanks Annie."

"Sure, guys. See you after work?" She tried to sound nonchalant, but I heard an undertone to her voice that I didn't like.

"We'll be there," Jason assured her. He opened his bottle and took a long drink.

By the time work was over, it was obvious that Jason was drunk or drugged. I'd been smart enough to not drink the bottle Annie had brought me. Every time Annie or Stephanie came over by us, I joined Jason in his goofy laughter and slurred speech. I had always been pretty sure that I could beat both women without Jason's help, now it looked like I'd have to find out.

I was still curious about what they had planned, although I suspected that they were hoping to turn the tables on us and get us to streak around the office. Everyone was out of the building by five-thirty every day, but cell phone cameras would still capture the moment. The butterflies in my stomach started tying themselves in knots.

As five o'clock hit, the cubes emptied almost magically. People funneled out of the building as if it was on fire and we were soon almost alone. I'd forgotten about the janitorial staff: two ladies and a man who came in to empty all the trash cans and clean the restrooms each evening. I didn't know how long they would be around, but when I saw them pull out a vacuum cleaner, I realized that they'd take at least an hour to finish their work.

"Hey, guys," Stephanie trilled, her eyes sparkling with trouble. "You ready?"

"Yesh," Jason slurred.

"Let'sh go," I added for good measure. Then, as if trying to speak quietly to Jason but being louder than I intended, I said, "Man, I feel funny."

"Me, too, but good kinda fun-fun-funny," he said. He giggled. Annie and Stephanie were bubbly as they walked -- and Jason and I staggered -- to the break room.

"Will you guys spot us five points?" Annie asked as we gathered around the table.

"I dunno," Jason said, sparing me having to try to fake whatever it was that he had. "I-I...'S in it fer us?"

"What do you want?" Stephanie cooed.

"Streaking," Jason said almost lucidly.

"If you give us six points, and you beat us," Stephanie said slowly. "If you beat us, we'll strip and run around the office twice."

Jason's eyes widened, but Stephanie wasn't done, of course. "But, if we beat you, you have to strip and run around the outside of the building once. Two for one, guys, what do you think?"

"I don't know," I said. I tried to look like I was having a hard time thinking it through. "We'd be outside, right? Outside in public?"

"We never beat you, though," Annie said. Her little girl pout was back on her face again.

"If we win, you streak inside," I slurred my words. Jason was staring vacantly out a window. "Also, the loser has to do what Annie and I did yesterday."

"What?" Steph said, her eyes widening.

"No take backs, no matter what?" Annie asked.

"No take backs," I said. "You streak inside if we win; we streak outside if you win."

I paused, letting them think about it.

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