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Cindy teaches her shy brother about how to treat a girl.

Mrs. Grant wore a sleeveless sundress that flew up when she hit the bed.

I walked toward her to check if she was hurt and bent down over her just as she was coming up, our lips met in a light kiss. She broke the kiss and started to say something else when I laid all my weight on her body and began to grind my hardening cock in her snatch. I forced my lips on hers and commenced to kiss her deeply. Before she could utter a word I used my other hand to drop my gym shorts, pull my cock out, slide her white cotton panties to the side, and shoved the head of my long black cock into her surprisingly wet pussy. Mrs. Grant's eyes rolled back in her head and she released a low, deep, throaty moan.

Mrs. Grant was a woman of around 38 years old and had nice well maintained body. Her tits were plumb and her ass was pleasing. She had an attractive face and medium length dark hair. I was going to pay her back the best way I knew how.

From that point on she started to kiss me, licking my lips and chin and neck. Her legs rose up and locked around my back. I increased the pace of the strokes and she responded by letting out a slow, heavy purr. As I started to kiss down her body toward her fat tits, I felt something that took me totally off guard.

I had forgotten about Mrs. Wilder and was very surprised when I felt her tongue licking my asshole and making its way down to my balls. She was moving her head in unison with our stroking and the feeling her mature tongue was giving my backside was incredible. Mrs. Wilder was an older woman about 57 years old and had a slight roundness about her middle. But she was in no way fat. She had a big set of tits, about 40D's and nice legs that led to a juicy ass. And she was working the hell out of her tongue. I looked down at Mrs. Grant to see what she would do when she saw her mother was on her knees licking her daughters boyfriends ass, and she smiled naughtily and said to me, "Stick your black cock in her mouth."

I pushed into Mrs. Grant one more time really deeply and then pulled my cock out of her drenched pussy and spun around to face her mother. I pushed my dick deep down Mrs. Wilder's throat and she engulfed my entire eight inches like the experienced cocksucker she was. Mrs. Wilder was working my dick like there was no tomorrow.

Mrs. Grant then came up behind her mother, straddled her body and placed her wet pussy on her neck. She grabbed me toward her, stuck her warm tongue in my mouth and sandwiched her mother's head between our two bodies. I felt my cock reach the back of Mrs. Wilder's mouth and she relaxed her throat muscles to allow access down her throat. This was too much for me and I broke the kissing of Mrs. Grant to let her know that I was ready to cum. She told me she too was going to cum and to shoot everything I had down her mother's throat. I let loose with one of the most powerful burst I can remember and Mrs. Wilder swallowed each one like she was drinking a glass of water.


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