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Her lips sneered; her talons emerged as she stepped closer. She held Miranda where she stood and closed the distance. She nicked her flesh, allowing Miranda to feel the sting. Flanna licked the wound that flowed red and hot down the woman's arm. "You no longer fight your new life. Accept it. Deal with it however you must, or...," she nicked the girl's neck, sucked greedily. "Or... you are drained here and now."

Miranda felt the pain from the small tears in her skin, yet it was nothing like the searing fire that ripped through her when Flanna spoke the last words. The talon continued sliding down the center of Miranda's chest, tearing cloth and skin as it traveled down. "Stop " she screamed. Flanna continued ripping her slave's delicate skin. Finally, though, she did stop and her tongue traveled back up her pet's body. She drank the hot liquid while Miranda cried from the stinging that ran through her.

Flanna stepped back and released her hold. Miranda moved to the wardrobe and pressed a piece of cloth to her battered skin. "I'll die someday... why not take me now?" she asked. She would go with these creatures and the human that loved them. She kept her thoughts as quiet as she could, knowing at anytime the demonic creatures could invade her mind. Suddenly she looked up and saw Flanna had done just that. "Will you?" she asked, not bothering to even speak her request.

"Will I?" Flanna asked. She had read the girl's mind, knew what she wanted. "Will I not invade your thoughts if you come willingly?" She contemplated what this would mean to her and Keegan. Keegan would need to be convinced. Flanna did not want to give up Miranda, she'd been the only mortal who had withstood the blood drawings she needed during her mating season. "I will grant you what you ask. Your thoughts will no longer be free to me, but they will still be free to my mate, so watch yourself."

"How can I trust you?" Miranda asked. She tested the woman before her, allowing thoughts of death to circle her mind.

Flanna's expression didn't change. She'd given her word. "I told you I will not invade your thoughts. That is true now. I have not sought out what you had in your head, though your eyes are telling. I must warn you though, if I feel you are plotting to harm my mate or the child I carry then I will invade your mind... and Miranda," Flanna stepped closer. "I will destroy you." She then left the girl alone and moved through the underground caverns to find Keegan. Miranda tended to her wounds, thoughts of the vampiress carrying a child ran through her mind.

Flanna moved to her mate's study, she slipped in and watched him work. His body moved as if he were one with the world and all its surroundings. She called to him and he turned. No words flowed from them, just thoughts of love and joy. Looking back they both found what they searched for and together they looked forward to the new life they were starting. "Miranda has agreed. Though she has asked one request be granted. I have granted it."

Keegan allowed her to speak, having respected her wish that he not coax her thoughts from her without her permission unless it was necessary, nor was he to send his unless it was called for. Each preferred speaking. They both enjoyed hearing the voice of the other as well as watching their lips move. "And what was her request? It must have been something she desperately wanted for her to allow herself to be used without force."

"She asked that I not read her thoughts," she lifted her hand and stopped him.

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