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Professional Domme recalls her introduction to domination.

" Lynn came in my mouth again and I shot my load in my shorts without touching myself at the same time.

"Jill held me most of Sunday and made me feel safe. We made out a few times and I ate her pussy again but she never did me the same favor. Bitch!"

"I started the whole thing by trying to get back at my boyfriend. I lost control. How could I fight them off? Even the girls at the party wanted to see someone get gang banged so long as it wasn't them. It was fun at first, then it wasn't fun and I was scared. Then... I didn't want it to stop. Nothing like that has ever happened to me again. I fantasize about it sometimes, but I don't ever want to go through it again."

"So babe, that's the real story and now you know why I have to be in control."

I whispered, "Was the lingerie party a safe gang bang for you?"

Lynn smiled at me and pulled me up off the floor. I picked her up and carried her to the couch and we curled up together. As I caressed her softly I said, "How bad did you get hurt after so many hours of fucking?"

"I told my Mom that I didn't feel well and needed to stay home. I was really soar for three of four days as I remember it anyway. I cried quit a bit. Then I was mad as hell. Then I figured it was my own fault so get over it. About a year later the fantasies started and I couldn't stop fucking myself with anything I could find around the house whenever I was home alone."

"An orgasm that lasts five or six or seven hours must be amazing!" I said trying to lighten things up.

"It's amazing until it isn't. When it isn't it hurts like hell. Then when it's gone, you want it back... I'm having a good start today and you babe, are far from done. Get us some wine and then my little pussy boy, back to work. Momma wants to cum again before we go to the movies and I get to torment the hell out of someone."

We got dinner on the way to the movies. My tongue can sure use the rest and a big long drink.

Now that everything is out in the open between us and she knows that I know how excited this gets her, controlling them for her own amusement. She wants me to sit in the row behind her, me to get my thrill watching her, while she gets her thrill getting as much cock to play with as she can. They are her puppets, they are just controlled by their cocks instead of strings.

Tonight she has gotten off five of six guys so far, she has her blouse fully unbuttoned and hanging open with her breasts fully exposed and her skirt is bunched at her waist. She has cum herself at least twice as far as I can tell from my position. There is cum in her hair, splattered all over her breasts. Our conversations from earlier in the day have gotten her fully up for tonight.

I have been scanning the crowd as usual seeing how many are waiting their turn. Then I see someone that looks familiar! Shit, it's Lynn's father about six rows farther down and on the opposite side of the theater. Lynn has just finished taking a load of cum on her tits and the guy is leaving. I lean over and tell Lynn we have to leave right now. She gives me a little girl pout and says she wants to stay a little longer. I tell her to look all the way to her left and a few rows down. Shock registers on her face much as it did on mine, and we hurry out. A couple regulars were looking dumbfounded as we left, wondering where the fire was and would they get their turn.

On the ride home she is fretting, wondering if her father saw her with her tits hanging out and her crotch spread wide and spattered in cum. She is in a panic all night.

We go to her parents for dinner the next day, it's Sunday and everything seems normal to me. There is no tension coming from her father. After dinner, it's just her father and Lynn sitting on the front porch playing cribbage. I am in the living room staying out of the way as requested, but I can just make out the conversation from the porch. Lynn says, "We were at the movies last night, we saw you a few rows ahead of us. Did you have a good time?"

Her father doesn't flinch a bit, "Yup, I was there.

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