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Tiana is caught up in the excitement of a new club.


Sue started to cry but nodded in submission. The men then decided to pour themselves drinks offering one to Sue which she refused with a shake of her head,

"Well guys" Billy started "I think what we got here is one dirty slut-bitch and all the way from England Europe, her husband here has already told me that he wants to watch me fuck her...well he will now.. but we can do him real proud tonight ..he can see all three of us fucking his pretty little wife...triple the pleasure for him...oh and speaking of his pleasure I have a sneaking suspicion, though he says not, that he may be into guys too so Ricky you may get a little extra action tonight man"

The other white man "Ricky" looked down at me on the floor and just grinned.

Sue was now beginning to pull herself together drying her eyes, now she was getting angry instead, she looked at me but I couldn't look her in the eye......

"What have I done?" I thought to myself.

Billy stood at the end of the bed and ordered Sue to raise her skirt a little so he could see her thighs, she did this without hesitation and all three guys took a good look, then he told her to get off the bed then come stand in front of him with her shoes back on, when she got there he leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips... she showed no reaction so he grabbed the back of her hair and did it again but still she showed no emotion. He began to touch her tits through the blouse .....

" Sue baby", he said, "if you don't show us guys a good time here tonight your husband down there could be seriously hurt or worse so I suggest you get with it and do what your supposed to, now what do you say?"

Sue nodded and he began to kiss her again but this time she kissed him back then his hand slid down her back to lift up her skirt revealing her bottom cheeks, split by the thin frilly lace of her black under-wear . As I looked around I could see Ricky removing his pants, already semi-hard, along with his boots and the black guy "Bo" also was now rubbing his cock through his pants , I could just make out an animalistic smile through the opening in his hood, I was feeling pretty scared now myself.

Billy's hand went on top of Sue's head and he pushed her down to her knees, he undid the buttons of his jeans and they fell to the ground, he then motioned Sue to take out his dick which she did hesitantly through the buttons in his shorts.

"Now suck it dirty bitch and it better be good," he scowled

Ricky by now had rubbed himself hard and stood alongside Billy waiting expectantly,

"Me too you fucking cunt," he said moving to a better position more frontal.

Sue first took Billy's cock close to her lips, it was about eight inches long and very thick with a full foreskin to the end so just a tiny part of his bell was showing, she slowly placed her mouth over it and began to suck & lick whilst holding it in her left hand, as she repeatedly pulled the skin back over the bell it appeared to be very tight and each time revealing the massive head of his tool, giving it a lick and suck with every stroke, with her right hand she now began to work Ricky's cock back & forth it was about 6 inches, again thick but it was cut and had a distinct bend downward, after a while she moved her head across to Ricky and took his cock deep into her mouth sliding it out to the end then back in again until his pubic hair was tickling her nose, then back to Billy who by this time was really beginning to enjoy it.

"Suck for all your worth dirty bitch," Billy said,"hey man you were right to invite me into your wife ...she's good...very good, lets take a proper look see what she's got here, stand up girl and take off your shirt."

Both men then stood back, and with some trepidation, Sue stood and began to unbutton her blouse top to bottom now the black guy moved nearer from behind me so he could get a clearer view around his two friends I noticed he was also naked now apart from the hooded jacket and a t-shirt.

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