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Jenny finds some entertainment in an unlikely place.


"That's the way to think about this. You should know that I kept checking on you to be sure you were all right. I also talked to Jean and Rita about what to expect after the evening ended, and your alternating highs and lows are exactly what they've gone through - exactly."

"I liked Rita ... and she did a gangbang too. That makes me feel better."

"Good. We'll talk about it some more, but rethink everything I just said. You are a wonderful, loving, and daring person, and I love you. You could talk to Jean or Rita tomorrow if you want; they'll tell you how they felt and now think about what they did."

Jane said, "I want to tell somebody what I did."


"I don't know yet."

About then I felt Jane's vagina start to pulsate around my cock, milking the cum from my body. I allowed myself to jettison the last of my body fluids into her body as I filled Jane's cunt with semen. After we recovered, I picked up Jane and carried her into the bedroom. I wrapped her in my arms and made sure she was asleep before I allowed myself to wander off into dreamland.

* * * * *

To no one's surprise, Jane woke up with a sore vagina and ass late Sunday morning. Fran prepared a sitz bath for her, and got her relaxing in the tub. When she got out, Fran also had some lotion and internal female cream that soothed the area. Despite Jane's desire to couple, she didn't have sex with any of us.

I used part of Sunday to reestablish my love with Fran, Sheila, and Ally, making love with each of them one at a time. Jane initially thought it awkward knowing I was fucking someone in the bedroom while she and the others sat in the living room reading or doing other things, but as the afternoon went on, it became pretty normal.

Before dinner, I took a walk with Jane down to Harvard and around the square. She had another bout of second thoughts about her slutty behavior. This time, to her surprise, I used a little reverse psychology and agreed with her.

I told her, "Jane, I agree. You are the sluttiest woman on the east coast. You fucked twenty-four men and a few women, and had a shitload of orgasms. You must be trying for an award of some kind - the sluttiest person on the planet."

Jane's mouth fell open and she looked at me in shock.

I went on, "Yep. You'll get to work tomorrow and everyone at TCI will know exactly what you did last night. Heck, there are pictures probably all over the Internet now, plus videos of you putting out for every cock you could find."

In a worried tone, Jane asked, "Pictures? Videos?"

"But it's the rumor mill that will grind you up and spit you out in little pieces. Everyone at TCI will know what a slut works there. Right now the telephone lines between TCI staff are humming with how you degraded yourself and fucked everyone you could find. Heck, 'slut' is a kind word for some of what they're calling you. Heck, every male cock will want to sink into your slippery cunt. Some of the women will want some private time with you too, because you've now broken through the slut barrier and go both ways - men and women."

"You really think people will know? How will ..."

I interrupted her; "You know you're going to have to change your whole approach to life now too. You'll WANT to fuck all those cocks and lick all those pussies. You're going to have Marge schedule time in your day when two or three people can come into your office, you shut and lock the door, you all strip, and then fuck each other's brains out. There'll be a sign up sheet that's booked up months in advance."

Jane now started to see I had nicely led her from the reality of her depression and what she'd done into some far-fetched fantasy that could be laughed at.

Jane nuzzled her face into my chest. "God, Steve, I love you. Thank you. You know just the right things to say to get me to see the folly of my depression. I DID love last night, and I'd do it again too. I promise I won't get so 'down' on myself again."

I kissed her, "Jane, you may be a slut, but you're my slut, and I l

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