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Grandma tests new feelings when her grandson moves in.

I stop as I reach the end of the bed, kneeling before you, looking up at you from beneath my lashes, a smirk on my lips as I run my teeth over them. Without waiting to be asked I slowly roll my tongue over the tip of your manhood, tasting the beads of pre cum already starting to gather there. Your hand makes it's way involuntarily to the back of my head, wrapping itself in my long raven locks. Before you get a chance to show me you want it I take you into my eager, hungry mouth. I feel you throbbing on my tongue as I begin to lick and suck you the movement of my head getting into a steady rhythm.

I feel your body tense beneath my mouth, reaching your limit. Just as I think you are about to give in to the primal need flowing through your body you roughly pull my head off your cock by my hair. Instantly stopping your pleasure.

You push me backwards onto the bed.

"Roll over and get on all fours." I comply, unsure about just what is coming, you gab my ankles and pull me until I am perched on the end of the bed. You lean over me till your mouth is next to my ear, I can feel the breath on my cheek and smell the drink on your breath.

"You have been a very naughty girl darlin'."

I feel your hand slowly caressing the soft pale skin of my backside. It feels so good, I melt into your touch, your skin feeling rough against the delicateness of my own. Your hand leaves me and the room feels cold after your warm touch, the breeze from the window chilling me.

Suddenly your hand is brought back down onto my plump backside. The sharp sting of your palm matching the harsh slapping sound in the air. Your fingers rub against the warm red handprint for a moment before giving me another slap, then another and another, the sharp stings interlaced with your gentle caress.

Each impact sends waves of pleasure down the backs of my legs, and increases the moisture between them, what was supposed to be a punishment bringing me great pleasure. Gradually my backside starts to get hot and red, but you keep going, until I am crying out with every slap, you have never spanked me this hard and I don't know how much longer I can take it. After what seems like an eternity you stop.

"You have been a big tease, you naughty girl, you should have known better than to torment me like that, you are mine young lady, and you have been misbehaving. Naughty girls must be punished."

" I know I have been bad and my behaviour was unacceptable, I have learnt my lesson and thank you for correcting me."

My voice catches in my throat from the mixture if pleasure and pain. My backside really stinging now that my spanking is over.

I hear you laugh slightly, "Oh darlin'" you giggle me menacingly , "That wasn't your punishment, I know how much you enjoy a spanking, and even if I didn't that wet pussy would have given it away."

I feel a chill pass through me, you had never really felt the need to punish me in anything more than a playful way before now. If my spanking, so much harder than I was used to, wasn't my punishment then what was?

I stay routed to the spot, slightly afraid to move without permission. I can hear you moving around the room behind me but I don't look round to see what you are doing instead I concentrate on the picture on the wall behind the bed.

Your hands slowly stroke my shoulders before sliding the thick collar around my neck and pull it tight at the back. I can breath freely but only just. I can't see it but I know exactly what it looks like, black leather with metal studs, a couple of rings at the front to attach wrist cuffs too.

"I think you need your collar tonight my dear to remind you that you are mine"

"Thank you," I mumble, loving the familiar feeling of the heavy collar around my neck.

Your fingers suddenly enter my soaking womanhood, deeply and filling me with instant pleasure.

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