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Hiding out and new pastimes with new people.

She wanted more kisses, and I obliged. I also made a glancing flick along her mound.

"Mmmmmm. Better than candy." Her eyes focused on my groin. The lump was obvious to the casual observer and ached like hell in crowded in my jeans. "Could I, I mean, would you-"

I stood, unzipped, and then slipped off my pants and jockeys. I sat back down next to her, my dick proud and stuff.

"Oh my God! I caused that?"

Why couldn't she believe it? "There's never been a moment since we met that I haven't been excited." It was a bit of a lie, but even the photos of her on the wall had gotten me interested.

"It's so pretty." Her head dropped to my lap. Her lips felt like velvet on my prick. She was 'mmmf'ing and 'mmmp'ing. When she pulled back, my dick had a chocolate coating. Our mutual laughing broke the tension. I used that moment to slide my hand all the way up her skirt, my finger toying with her labia.

"Oh, God! You want to touch me, down there?"

"No, I want to kiss you down there, if you'll let me."

"Really?" She spread her legs and pulled the skirt up to her waist. "Please."

I plunged my face between her thighs, licking at first, and then lapping at the lubrication she generated. God, she was wet. Well prepared for the next step. I decided to go for it. All she could say was 'no.' "I want to fuck you. Is that too forward of me?"

Her eyes got big. "Gee, I don't know. It's kind of large. Won't it hurt?"

"Not if we take it slow and easy." She kept her top on and I was fine with that, for the moment. I laid back. "You should get on top, so you're in control of the pace and depth."

Felice swung one leg over my groin and positioned herself over my erection. "Now what?" In an attempt at modesty, she pulled a sheet over our bodies.

"Rub it against your labia and then sit down slowly."

She was tentative. The feel of her labia rubbing my cock was excruciating. I wanted to hump my hips and probe deep but kept my cool despite how hot she was. Gradually, her virgin pussy accepted my cock. She moaned and bit her lip as she descended. When she'd lowered herself half way, I reached behind her neck to untie the halter.

"Must you? My breasts embarrass me."

"I want you naked. I'm fine with breasts of all shapes and sizes. Besides, I bet I can stimulate you."

"Really?" She stopped interfering. I unbuttoned the back and neck. The halter collapsed onto my chest. Her tits were small like teacups. As she worked my cock in and out of her pussy, I mouthed each breast. My tongue paid homage to her perky nipples. She melted lower, taking me all the way in. I was ready for the old in and out, and was pretty sure so was she.

Felice supported herself on stiff arms. "Are we going to have sex now?"

"We kind of already started. We should pick up the pace a bit, if you're ready."

She nodded and undulated her hips. I stared at her face, fantasizing that I was fucking the Playboy Playmate. My cock was treating her right.

A body in the door startled me. It was Herbert the Nerd.

"Felice? What are you doing?" he asked.

Felice stopped moving. "Herbert? What are you doing here?"

He took one step closer. "I couldn't go to the party and lie, especially about us, you know, doing it. I thought I'd just return these." He tossed her panties onto the bed.

Felicia rolled off me and reached out for them. The sheet was under my body, so when she moved our covering dropped, exposing her chest.

Herbert's eyes went wide. "Oh my! You're perfect!"

I agreed but Felice was a non-believer. "What?"

"You are. Don't you see?" Herbert pointed his finger at her. My cock remained hard, pointing at the ceiling. "Your eyes and mouth form the Golden Triangle, the mathematical model for absolute beauty. So do your chin and nipples. Oh my, and your nipples and navel."

Felice slipped out of bed to look in the mirror wearing only her short skirt. First I focused on Felice's naked back, and then on Herbert, who was focused on Felice's almost naked body.

"You're right.

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