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Sexy new neighbor rolls in.

He flipped the panels open and slid his hands inside. After the exertions of their standing fuck, her full breasts were extra warm under the sheer blouse and bra. He palmed their heft and resiliency. Suzy remained expressionless and stoic during the caress. Mr. Clark pushed her lapels over her shoulders and off her arms. He unbuttoned her blouse, picking at each button. She helped him pull the tails out of the waistband. The blouse joined the jacket on the floor. Suzy's arms hung at her sides.

Mr. Clark resumed his manipulation of her bra-covered tit-meat. He palmed the masses upward and let them drop. They bounced, jiggled and settled in the elastic cups. He liked the motion and giggled as he played with her 'fun-bags' again and again. Finally bored with the game, he wanted to see the real deal.

Mr. Clark plucked the bra's front closure. The cups separated but still covered the orbs. He slid his thumbs beneath and twitched her hardened nubs. He flicked the lacy cups aside and was delighted to find large, dark areolae surrounding the erect flesh cylinders. His thumbs brushed the border between dark areolae and her creamy toned boob skin. The petite borderline bumps enlarged at his touch. Suzy shuddered under his touch and that set her boobs in jostle.

Mr. Clark released his hold. He tapped the outsides of Suzy's tits with his fingers. The jelly-like flesh jittered. Mr. Clark leaned back in his chair. He smiled as Suzy shimmied her shoulders, setting up a back and forth flopping of her mammary twins.

"I think our next 'to do' task is a desktop evaluation of your boob-job skills."

"Not quite yet, sir. You have to view our training video about secretaries and executive perks. The company proscribes extraordinary measures to deal with managers who hoard large staffs. It's my obligation to seek out those large staffs and apply those extraordinary measures."

Suzy opened a laptop on the blotter in front of Mr. Clark. She searched the directory and loaded a file as Mr. Clark didled with her hanging nipples. The file was a pornography video similar to thousands posted on the internet. This one showed a typical office scene with a boss and his secretary. The short skirted secretary leaned over to open a lower file drawer, exposing her shaved pussy between framing ass cheeks. The on-video boss took eager interest. Mr. Clark leaned in with equally eager interest. The boss looked a lot like him and the secretary looked a lot like his new office assistant.

Suzy pushed Mr. Clark's chair back until she could crawl into the leg space. She pulled the chair with the seated Mr. Clark back to the desk. He rested his elbows on the desk top cradling his chin in hands, immersed in the unfolding scene on the video.

Under the desk, Suzy worked Mr. Clark's zipper and extracted his semi-tumescent erection. It still smelled of their earlier coitus. She didn't care. Her tongue lapped the underside of his crown. Mr. Clark gave an approving moan. She kissed his tip and received more audio encouragement. Puckering, she scraped her lips over the crown and down the shaft, stopping when his knob filled the back of her mouth. Suzy tongued and sucked the embedded portion of Mr. Clark's erection. The rest was banging impatiently to get in.

Onscreen, the video action had quickly evolved from the tit-fondling to the customary blowjob and on to a desktop missionary and then doggy-style fuck. The scenario continued towards the inevitable facial cum-shot. Under his own desk, Mr. Clark was fully erect and Suzy was doing a splendid job of right-sizing his staff.

Suzy could hear the video action progressing through its stages. She heard the onscreen boss grunt as he reamed his face-down secretary on the desktop. The laptop echoed smacks as he spanked her bare ass cheeks. The onscreen secretary was soon kneeling and wanking the boss. She warbled her joy and begged for the boss's cum-shot.

Suzy timed her breaths and, taking a deep one, slid her lips all the way down Mr.

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