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Sam returns for another lust-filled weekend.

I explained again that rules are rules and let my hand hit her cheek with a loud smack. Oh my this is fun. I have always wanted to do this for real, not those play spanks but a good smack that makes her ass red. Now I don't want to really hurt her but I want to get it thru her head, or in this case, thru her ass that fighting is not an option.

I spanked each cheek slowly and held my hand on it each time. I rubbed and squeezed each cheek and I spanked it. I may have gotten carried away with the spanking but even in my lusty haze I noticed that her squeals were starting to sound more like moans. I rolled her back to her face up position and crawled out from under her and again got on top of her and started running my hands all over her body.

I explained how at this moment she was mine. I could and would do anything I wanted to her and to quote a famous star trek line, 'resistance is futile'. I always loved that line. At this time she decided to talk. I for some reason never noticed that in all the fighting she hadn't screamed or yelled. She had a nice voice, soft and smooth. She actually sounded reasonable for someone in her position. She calmly asked me why I picked her.

Now that wasn't a question I couldn't answer being as I didn't actually pick her so I adlibbed and explained that I had been watching her for a while and out of all the girls I saw around town she was the one I wanted. I figured fluffing her ego couldn't hurt. Then I told her she could speak but only if she kept her tone calm and soft. If she raised her voice at me I would spank her again. I even admitted that I enjoyed that so much that I looked forward to her screwing up so I could do it again. I swear she grinned a little.

But then again, I may be projecting my enjoyment on her.

She then asked me what I was going to do to her. Hell I don't know, I was flying on instinct at the moment I explained. All I know is I was going to play with her and see how many times I could make her cum. I wanted to hear her scream. So she then asked in a calm way if screams of pleasure would get her spanked for being loud. Damn, she was a cool one.

I admitted that she asked a fair question but sadly no, that didn't earn her a spanking. Unless of course she got angry in her screaming. Not sure but I think she looked a bit sad at that. I was to in a way.

So for now the talking was over I explained, now was the time for exploring. And explore I did. I kissed her stomach and moved up all around her tits. I love the side of the tits just to the side, the part normally hidden by the arms. I for some reason think it's softer although it probably isn't. So I kissed and licked and watched and felt her reaction to each spot. I wanted her to wiggle and if that meant I had to tickle then I would. I didn't have to tickle to get her to wiggle though. She was squirming at every touch.

I love the feeling of her skin on me, I moved up to kiss her neck and that put me lying on her. Her tits were so soft on my chest. Her neck was soft and sweet, I nibbled and kissed and she squirmed and moaned. Moaned? Hum, moaning this soon? Is that good I wondered, I wanted a bit of a fight. Somehow the fight turned me on but none the less I was enjoying this.

But enough of the teasing, time to get to the heart of the matter. Ok, maybe not the heart, maybe the pussy of the matter. Doesn't sound as cool but it's more accurate. But down I went, kissing the whole way. A tongue in the belly button made her squirm, I'd have to remember that for latter. Finally I made it down to that pussy.

It was covered in soft curls, so light in color they were nearly invisible.

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