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A high school reunion brings back fond mammories.

His length was was just right, too, filling her as much as she could ask for, but not so large that he pounded against her cervix.

But it was more than the cock itself, it was the technique. This position he had put her in allowed him to slide all the way into her on the first stroke. The perfect angle for her pleasure. He was like King Arthur with Excalibur: an expert cocksman wielding the perfect weapon.

As he accelerated his tempo, Danielle became more persuaded by his travel plans. And though she was currently on cloud nine, she was nervous about what would happen when this cock, perfect for her pussy, would inevitably be used to fuck her ass. But as she considered the pain that might cause, she only became more excited.

She wiggled her hips as best as her immobile position would allow, and Russell increased his velocity to 'power fuck.'

"Oh. Oh. OH. My. Godddd!!!" Danielle screamed, not caring who in the frat might hear her.

Russell grunted like an animal as he thrust balls deep into her and began to shower her insides with seed. This, in turn, brought Danielle to climax. Her legs bucked wildly against against the hands pinning them to her chest. As she started to squirt, it caught Russell off guard, and he released her knees.

Danielle's legs flopped down on either side of Russell as the last of her juices projected from around his impaling cock. He collapsed on top of her, feeling her sweat, her heat, her lungs rapidly inflating and deflating.

Danielle felt this omnipotent alpha male on top of her, pressing perfectly against her post-coital glow, and thought of only one thing to say.

"I'm in."


The first thing Danielle noticed about Miami was the heat. When she stepped out of the terminal and into the summer air for the first time, it hit her like a ton of bricks. She had dressed appropriately, with daisy dukes and spaghetti strap tank top, but in the short distance from the terminal to the rental car she was already soaked through.

Russell guided her to the Red Mustang convertible he had chosen and opened the passenger door for her. But as she started to step inside, he grabbed her arm.

"Uh uh...not yet," he said. "I have something for you."

He dropped his bag in the back seat and opened it up, pulling out a light green string bikini.

"This is your uniform for the duration of our trip. We have a condo on the boardwalk, so you will blend in just fine. If we ever go somewhere that requires more clothing, I will alter your uniform. But you can plan on wearing this or less from now on. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Russell," she said, taking the flimsy material from him.

"Good. So what are you waiting for, slut?"

"You want me to put it on here?" Danielle expressed sincere shock.

"Sweetie, if you are expressing hesitation about changing clothes in a parking lot, we might as well turn around and head back now." His eyes were stern, and Danielle knew he was right. She would have to go through a whole lot worse than this in the coming days.

She stepped between the Mustang and the car adjacent, looked around for any passersby, and quickly stepped out of her shorts. Her thong was soaked through from the humidity, and the sight of it peeling away from her ass provided Russell great stimulation. They fell to the ground with a thud, and Danielle stepped out of them, too.
She quickly slipped the bikini bottom on and ran it up her legs. She considered her fortune that during what seemed like an eternity nobody passed their car.

"Keep going, Danielle. We are not leaving until you are in uniform."

Danielle gripped her tank top at her waist and raised it up and over her head. Her perky, braless tits felt the heat, and she could sense every drop of perspiration roll down her cleavage and onto the ground. She lost herself in the sensation, and neglected to hear the car driving past.

"Nice tits, baby!" she heard someone shout.

Danielle's eyes shot upward and made contact with the car, a yellow convertible with four

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