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Existence from a bowel's eye view.

In the doorway, she stood idle for a second or two, anticipated his knock in a moments few. The guile by which her interest grew, strengthened her libido ever anew.

The heavy wooden door swung open wide with rustically charming flare, as she invited him in to her lair in the glen on the distant moor. At the sight of her erotic openness to his presence, he gasped with a deep felt sigh, and nearly bowed to her self-assurance. For this instant, he wanted this vision inside his senses, so he stood for several breaths and gazed upon her exalted nakedness without pretenses.

From the sensual part in her red tresses to the mystique of her fiery Venusian curvature, his thinking descended to the smoldering debauchery of her inviting overture. All around long rounded thick black candles burned on the fireplace ledge, to form an encirclement of a dark shadowy hedge. An aroma of blushing rosy hints, laced upon delicate aromatic scents, filled the air and drifted wistfully upon the setting's flare.

His rain drenched back against the log wooded wall, he flushed with a smile, as she said, "Nice of you to come, we have much to discuss for a while." To her, he quickly responded, coming in from the cold out of the snow, "I owe you much for what you know, and you're willing to show." She turned and let him take in a full view from behind, as she would not be opposed to his forcefulness of any kind.

She replied with a hauntingly throaty tone, "Take off your coat, for we must consummate a deal before anything can be known. And for that, my friend, I must see what you can reveal, for I want to perceive what can be shone." Her vocal pitch tugged at his core, and provoked images of depths he might explore. She went on to appeal, "You need warmth, you're wet and cold, so venture near, and let's make this very real."

"Oh it'll be true, I can assure you. We need a trusting connection," he murmured huskily, on further enticing reflection. "Let's consummate what must be done, recline on your red couch, and gently transform into one." She smiled an eerie darkness, the kind you find with black leather-clad torturer's madness. "Oh, I can assure you that will be the case, but beware of what you wish for in the next frenzied pace."

A greeting of naked embrace, the slow undressing of his panting pace, aided the escalation of his growing and throbbing expectation. As the fire flickered its mesmerizing illuminated worth, she glanced down at the burgeoning girth. Veined and strained, ever so round, thickened primal delight, she breathed heavily at the engorged sight. She could hear moans before the tones, with growing desire to feed the need.

Upon the smooth velvety scarlet array, she led him and spread herself sensually in brazen display. Her eyes met his with beguiling appeal, and demanded he quickly seal the deal. To reveal his torrid dagger she insisted, and then become her impassioned attacker. In a moment, quicker than a bee on a rose bud flowering, he shed all resistance, unhitched at her flaming insistence. Confident, he moved quickly, with no room for cowering, he lowered his lips for succulent devouring.

Unclothed, naked for all of it to bare, she marveled at his awakened strength with an eager stare. Any other mortal may not tarry for long, as fear might bridle the senses too scary. The open array of her dangerous pull brought him to his knees in full, with potent hunger to satiate and to please. As she tugged with smoldering urgency, he readied his stiff muscled potency. Downward he eased, for her depths he wanted to seize.

Yet, in all efforts, energies, and intentions to claim a prize, sometimes there hides dimensions of unexpected surprise. Without the benefit of glorious foreplay to excite, he wanted to dominate with all his might. To the contrary, in his selfish fixation to tarry upon his immediate satiation, she moved like an apparition, intent to counter his slanderous apprehension. He thought he had her, but she was faster.

The divan, the lounger, the couch, what

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