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Going back to the party of cops.

That you love to gamble and hate to lose." Willow stiffened her resolve. "And with that, I have a proposition for you."

"I think that's my line." He stroked her stomach once, his thumb straying below the line of her pajama bottom to rub the warm flesh. Then, he reapplied pressure to her abdomen.

"If I win, you let me go and leave here." That was fine with him. She didn't say he couldn't come back tomorrow.

"Why do I get if I win? I'm already going to have you for dinner."

"I'll tell you how to get the Watcher's Diaries. Especially the ones that mention you." She offered. Willow knew that wasn't a big loss. She had spent her summer putting them into an interactive Watcher database that all the council members could access. It was supposed to be a birthday present for Giles.

"Alright. It's a deal." Though, he'd been hoping for a different sort of prize altogether. Angelus cocked his head to the side. "What's the game?"



Later that night, Angelus walked back to the mansion, mumbling to himself in disgust. "I had longer thumbs. I should have won that. She must have cheated." He reached for a smoke. "I was still in pain from being bashed over the head with a lamp." He expelled a long stream of smoke from his throat, a small smile wreathing his face. Willow's grit was unexpected. After unliving so many years it was hard to hold his interest but she did.


Willow typed at her computer as she sat in the library. She was looking for references to a Gypsy curse. After they'd found out what Ms. Calender had done, Giles had designated her the new technopagan.

Every once in a while, her eyes strayed to the Watcher's Diaries which were kept in a locked shelf in Giles' office. She couldn't help the small smirk that graced her lips. Well, these babies will stay right where they are.

Buffy came in the library on shaky legs. She plopped down next to Willow, taking a drink from her Coke. "He came to my room last night."

"Who?" Willow said, distracted.

"Angel." Willow stopped typing and was about to say 'Me too' when Buffy confided. "He drew a picture of me sleeping."

"Oh my God. He was in your room while you slept." And he drew a picture?

"Yes." Buffy's eyes were far away. The Slayer was falling apart.

"Did you tell Giles?"

"Yes. He's looking for an uninvite spell." She clutched Willow's hand. "Be careful, Wills. He's been to your house once."

Actually, that's twice. "I will." But I don't think he'll be back thanks to my clever proposition. "But I think he's more focused on you. It's in his profile, Buffy."

"I know." Buffy dug into her jeans pocket and pulled out a wooden cross on a simple chain. "Here, put this on." Willow did so obediently. A little protection never hurt anybody. The blond sighed a little, tears starting to fall. "I don't want anything to happen to you. Or any of us."

"It'll be okay. I promise, Buffy, we'll find a way to fix it." She'd save the demon thumb wrestling story for later.

Buffy pressed Willow into a grateful hug. "See you later. I should be heading out to patrol soon. Have to motor home and get some dinner first."

"See you later, Buffy."


"Asleep already? It's only 10 p.m." A velvety voice drawled. Willow could feel a chill that swept in through the open door, ignoring the voice in her sleep fogged mind. She burrowed deeper into the blankets. "Will-lllow. Wake Uuuupp!" He said in a sing- song voice. "Wakey, wakey!"

Willow's eyes fluttered open. She scowled when she saw who it was. "Hey! We had a deal."

"Yes, we did. And I quote. . .'If I win, you let me go and leave here.' You never said 'don't come back.'"

Willow 's scowl deepened. "What. . .are you a lawyer? Looking for the loopholes?" She moved herself up, so her legs were splayed out but she was sitting.

"Ugh. No, I don't even eat lawyers. Now, how about a rematch?"

Willow's mouth fell open.

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