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Making love on a mountain by a waterfall.

I said, "This isn't the first time my dates have went, like, bad. Although this was the first time mine went this crae, but there have been bad ones." Then I started listing them all, saying, "There was that one time I dated a cheapskate werecat who didn't pay on our date, leaving me completely penniless. Then there was that time I dated a perverted satyr who was obsessed with my butt and would get a public erection every time he stared at it, but didn't do anything else unlike Roger. Then there was that time I was in a relationship with a totes gorgeous guy, only to discover I was just a beard for him and his boyfriend."

All that remembrance made feel even worse. Hanging my arms and head down in sorrow before looking back at Ryu, asking him, "Why are all guys such creeps?"

Just then, I tensed up in surprise as I saw Ryu pulling me in a tight embrace, patting my back in closure as I responded by hugging him back.

Pulling back, he gave me the most sincere stare. Then he assured with a somber expression, "Cristina, not all guys are bad. Sure, some guys are bad, but there are still some good guys out there. You just haven't found the right one yet and I'm sure that if you look harder, then you'll probably find him." the way he smiled at the end made my face lit up.

I felt my chest pounding harder than before. I didn't know what was going on, but I knew that, like, when I'm with Ryu, I feel so safe and had the feeling he would protect me and I would protect him. However, I could tell how red his face was becoming when I noticed his chest was touching my bosom, which made me giggled and feel a little flattered, but I didn't know why.

"Ehemm! Am I interrupting anything?" we both turn to see Jessica, fully dressed and with a cup in her hand. Ryu and me pushed each other away and sat on the opposite sides of the couch.

"no, no! You're not interrupting anything because nothing is happening!" Ryu lied while his body trembled.

Flashing a half-hearted smile while arching a brow, Jessica rolled her eyes before she walked up to me. She handed me the drink and told me to "drink up. It'll make you feel better."

However, when I took a sip, spit the stuff erratically before giving the vampire girl a disgusted look. "What the hell is this stuff?!" I shouted.

"You ever heard of an Irish coffee. Well, this is more of a Welsh coffee, except with less Irish whiskey and more sugar, scotch, and orange juice," she stated with her arms crossed and flashing a levelheaded smile.

"Why would you add orange juice?" Ryu asked deadpanned.

She shrugged and waved a nonchalant hand, saying, "It gives it that extra zing and it worked, didn't it?" sitting in the center, she turned to me and added, "I couldn't help but overhearing and Ryu's right. There are still some good guys out there. However, this is also your fault."

I scowled in offense. Leaning forward, I questioned, "How is it my fault?! All the men I dated were either jerks or creeps!"

"Were all the men hot?" I wanted to protest, but couldn't help but nod meekly. "Then that's the problem. You see, Cristina, you keep going after these hot muscular guys without even getting to know their personalities first. I mean, look at Ryu. Sure, he's skinny and average, but we both have known him for six days and we know he's a nice guy."

Ryu nodded in agreement, at first. However, he glared at the vampire at her characterization of him before shouting, "Hey!"

She was absolutely right. I always jump at the first hot guy I meet without getting to know them more before dating, and it always ends in disaster. Even the gay guy I was seeing didn't tell me more about himself and only brought me along just to show me off to his friends before sending me off with a kiss goodbye, nor going to second base until I found him making out with a guy behind the schoolyard. Honestly, the only good guy I've actually got to know, so far, was...Ryu, but that doesn't mean I want to date him, does it? That would be totes ridic.

Once the drama was over, all three of us heade

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