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Kevin stumbles upon a special frat house.

I new her the instant she entered the door, tall, tight blue pants, little top showing just enough cleavage, I could already feel my cock start to swell.

We hot it off right off the bat. I ask her if she likes to play pool, since it was kind of dead, she says yes, so we go to the table. She says, don't just let me win, I said, you don't have to worry about that. If you beat me, you beat me! I break run a few balls then it is Sally's turn. if I was superman, I would have burned a hole in her ass I was staring so hard and she knew it.

We finish playing a few games and she didn't beat me once, so I ask, what do you feel like doing next? Her reply was, your the man, you make the decision. I press up against her at the pool table and say, my decision is that I would love to just touch and lick that incredible body of yours!

We get into my car and drive to a hotel and check in. While I am waiting, I can feel Sally wrapping her hands around my waist, whispering in my ear, I am so horny! We get our room key and off we go, down the hallway and into the room.

Once we are inside, I have Sally against the wall, our mouths locked together while our tongues are deep in each others mouth. I suck on her tongue and she lets out a soft moan. I pull my head back to look at Sally and she grabs my head and presses it back on her lips. I start to unbutton Sally's top, while I kiss and lick her neck. I feel her breathing start to change as I am kissing my way down her chest as I unbutton each button. Sally undoes her bra and I lick around her nipples, teasing her, blowing cool air on the before lightly running mu tongue over each nipple. I then have one breast in my hand playing with that nipple, while my mouth is sucking and licking her other. She is going crazy and I am loving it.

I look up at her and tell her, I am going to take your pants off because I want and need to taste you! I could almost see her knees buckle when I said that. I unbutton her pants, pull the zipper down and pull the pants down to her ankles, where she steps out of them. I lick and kiss my way up her gorgeous legs, blow some hot air over her pussy, which is covered by her panties and kiss and lick down the other leg. I then bury my face in her crotch and start licking her pussy thru her panties, which are wet from her juices.

I finally remove her panties and can feel her hot, wet lips on my tongue and I take a long slow lick, from the bottom of her pussy until I reach her clit. I let my tongue just slowly swirl on her clit, never removing it until her body shakes and Sally starts cumming, yelling Oh my fucking God what did you just do to me!!

That is when her inner animal comes out. She tears my shirt off, gets me out of my pants and starts sucking my cock like a possessed woman! Once I am good and hard and wet from her mouth, she bends over and reached back, grabs my cock and says fuck me! I proceed to fuck her for 30 minutes straight, sweat is pouring down my face and chest. I can see her coated with sweat as well, since we never even turned on the AC. I tell her I am going to cum, she turns around and starts sucking my cock and I blow a huge load that even surprised me! Sally swallowed it and we get into a long kiss.

We collapse on the bed but then hop on the other one since that was was soaked! I love oral sex, especially giving and wanted more of her.

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