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Our two girls move on and into the bedroom.


He smiled at me and said Jimmy I am far too old to wear these now and your body is much younger and tighter and they will be much more becoming on a lovely young girl like you.

"No Douglas, you are in incredible shape. The first thing I noticed was how spectacular your body is, your stomach is so flat and ripped and your chest and nipples are breathtaking in that top."

Why thank you Jimmy he blushed but you are much more beautiful than I am or ever was for that matter.

I couldn't resist and my hands went to Douglas's hard brown nipples that poked through his top.

"Oh my god Douglas they are so beautiful, hard, thick and so dark brown," I exclaimed, "you are so lovely."

No Jimmy not yet, if this is to happen we must do it right -- is this what you want? Have you ever had sex with another woman Jimmy?

"DOUGLAS! No NEVER, will you be my first?"

As I spoke these words Douglas went to the opposite wall and pulled an outfit from the rack. This is for you Jimmy he said I will leave you to get ready use anything you want in the closet.

"When you are ready I will be in the bedroom, my things are in the other room I will get ready as well."

The outfit I had been given was shocking even by my standards. Two sheer panels about an inch wide came over each tit to the waist which dove into a deep v shape down to the top of my rock hard clit. I barely managed to squeeze I into the matching string bikini. The bottom was a single 1 inch wide panel that went down the front and the back panel started a good 3 inches down my ass crack. There was nothing to be imagined!

I found Douglas's wig collection which numbered close to 100 easily. As he preferred blond I selected a huge blond wig that stood high and stayed off my shoulders so he could see all of my body in his creation.

I applied tons of gorgeous make-up -- eye shadow, mascara, lip liner everything in great abundance. And then I added LOTS of thick heavy gold jewelry which was obviously Douglas's preference as there was nothing else in the entire collection. Bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces. I was almost finished except for shoes. When I opened his show closet I stood in disbelief. He must have had 1000 pairs of shoes, boots, slippers in every style shape, color imaginable. I found remarkable single strap stiletto sandals with 10 inch spike heels.

I could only hope Douglas would be pleased.

As I entered the bedroom I was once again speechless. While I was in black Douglas was outfitted in white with gold accessories. His outfit was identical except his straps were __ inch and revealed much more of his amazing tight 71 year old figure. He had selected a 3 foot high wig and had on shoes with 12 inch stiletto heels. He towered over me.

As I walked towards him he said, "Baby you look lovely now come closer so your grandmother can see how beautiful you are!"

When I reached Douglas he took my head in his hands and thrust his long tongue deep into my mouth. I taste his snake reaching the back of my mouth. I could see this beautiful woman, her perfect makeup, huge blond hair, touching my lips, owning my mouth.

I was moaning heavily as my mouth was tongue fucked by this gorgeous older woman.

"Jimmy your Grandmother has wanted to taste your lips for so long, to have a special granddaughter like you."

"Oh yes Grandmother now I am yours, we are together. We are the most beautiful two women in the world and I will do ANYTHING to please you Grandmother, anything!"

I felt her hands on my tits she was owning my rock hard young nipples. More than fifty years separated us in age but she was perfect -- the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Douglas's tongue was devouring my mouth as I lifted my hands to his nipples which were covered by the thinnest strip of fabric. Removing his tongue Douglas said to me,"That's it baby worship your grandmother's tits, make my nipples hard, use your beautiful young fingers to make me feel good."

"Yes grandmother let me please you howeve

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