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Jill has her opinion, but so does Jake.

Resai' smiled brightly and tilted her head to the side, her long and silky, white hair cascading to the side as she moved her head, "Mmm, taking a bath without me, Raenor?" She churred softly at the thought of a bath with Raenor, and slowly stepped forward, "May I join you?"

"I.. of course, my heart," Raenor said, eyes widening at her request, "That would be lovely.." His tone turned hushed as Resai' nodded and stepped away from Raenor and the bath of hot water, stripping herself of the tight and bothersome dress in a separate room. Resai' held her legs together to hide her womanhood, cupping her handfuls of breasts with her palms. She slowly tip-toed out of the room and sank into the bath, huddling up beside Raenor and pressing herself against him to whisper in his ear, "I've been eager to return home so we can have these.. intimate moments. Haven't you, Rae~?" Her soft murmurs made a shiver run up Raenor's spine despite the warm water half of his body was enveloped in, and he opened his mouth to reply, only exhaling a sharp breath in surprise as he felt Resai's soft hand press against his inner-thigh, dangerously close to his loins - was she trying to arouse him?

"What are you doing.." Raenor whispered to Resai' in question, and she replied, "Mmhh.. I'm so eager for other things.." A sly grin tilted Resai's lips upward, "..Don't you, Raenor?" He closed his eyes tightly and sank one arm beneath the water, setting it upon the floor of the bath, shifting uncomfortably; this odd sensual mood Rilrae showed both surprised and excited him, but he assumed it was un-proper to allow himself excitement. He didn't plan on giving Resai' a child yet..

..A small jolt of surprise ran up Raenor's spine, eyes opening and widening again as he felt Resai' curl her fingers around his flaccid member, "Aahh.. Resai'.." His hand above the surface of the water gripped the stone edge of the bath tightly, "Why do you play with me?" Raenor stammers out nervously. "Don't you like it, Rae? Does this not excite you?.." Resai' rubbed her thumb over the head of his slowly stiffening shaft, "Mmmhh, you do.. I can tell~" Her sly grin turned perverse, and her subtle stroking over the tip of his length made Raenor huff out in both frustration and uncomfort as his excitement rose rapidly from her touches; Raenor shifted his hand beneath the surface of the water and gripped Resai's which was holding his member, and gently yanked it away, "N-Not now.." He murmured to her, and then stood out of the bath and collected his gear, and hurriedly scurried up the stairs, not wearing a single piece of clothing.

Resai' arched a brow then frowned. "You run away too much, my heart.." She whispered to herself, her own excitement slowly receding as she sat alone in the bath. Resai' sighed and cupped her breasts with her palms once more, narrowing her eyes as she felt her hardened nipples against her palms; she wouldn't take no for an answer. Resai' rose from the bath as well and ascended the stairs to find Raenor already dried off, donning a single loincloth and settled upon their bed upon his back. His eyes, however, were not closed. He was not sleeping. She grinned and slowly advanced toward the bed, then lowered herself to crawl onto it, "Don't run away from me, Rae.."

Raenor shifted anxiously as he felt the soft feather mattress lower as Resai' clambered upon it.

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