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Wife's desire for a threesome.

* * * * *

Sarah awoke still in a world of torment. Her limbs were numb. Her gag was dripping with saliva. Her back ached from hanging down. Sarah struggled to maintain consciousness. Her head tossed. She tried to make her body respond, but no avail. As she spiralled downward once again, she faintly heard the words,

"I think she had too much."

* * * * *

Sarah awoke once more, finding her nightmare to be real. The pain that coursed through her was unbearable, but she could no longer afford to pass out. A door. A door opening. Off to her left. Footsteps approaching. She felt certain by the measured pace that it was her captor, not a rescuer.

She strained to turn herself in their direction, but her body would only respond with pangs and aches. Sarah faintly heard a clicking noise. Fear overcame her, what the fuck are they doing?! A chair pulled up at her feet, her ass. Again the clicking noise.

She felt a numb tugging in her groin. Click click. Again the numb feeling, click click. The more she heard it, the more it began to sound like: snip snip. Then the numb feeling, snip snip. Who ever it was, they were trimming Sarah's pubic hair!

What kind of whacko are you? Then no more numbness, no more snipping. Instead a strange clanging, and swishing noise. Numb pressure on her crotch, in a swirling pattern. Then she felt it. A razor. They were shaving her! Sarah tried vainly to lift her head to look down, but she nearly passed out from the effort.

What are you doing you fucked up freak!? Sarah endured the razor, then the patting on of aftershave cologne. The smell wafted up to her nostrils, oppressive, a man's aftershave. The numb feeling remained; whoever it was, they were feeling her up. Sarah squirmed, trying to twist her body away from the violating fingers.

They continually probed and stroked her unfeeling flesh. The sensation to Sarah was nerve racking. Eventually, the hands seemed to be satisfied, and her captor exited. Immediately upon hearing the door close Sarah slumped down, unconscious.

* * * * *

Sarah awoke hearing some faint panting, and other curious noises. Then a grunt and a weird splat. A curious smell, and a fly being pulled. Yuk! He came on me! As near as she could tell, his come was on her tits, chest and stomach.

Footsteps heading toward the door. Somehow, Sarah didn't feel alone. Then a feeling of both warmth and cold numbness on her pussy. Someone was eating her out! The feeling was sickening. Sarah could feel the sloppy tongue, the fingers parting her lips, all through a veil of numbness.

Sarah's joints ached, her shoulders felt like they might be dislocated, her back was sore from bending down toward the ground. All this confounded her anguish at the thought of some disgusting ugly freak violating her while she was helpless. She began to sob once again, and her captor lost interest in her pussy and left.

Sarah cried herself into the land of dreams.

* * * * *

She awoke feeling someone wiping a wet cloth across her chest, cleaning up the come. Sarah noticed that a lot of the numbness was lessened, but it was still very present in her limbs and crotch. There was something that felt like earmuffs over her ears. What don't they want me to hear? All she could hear were several muffled voices, all around her.

Then it began. A hand on her breast, squeezing, pulling on the nipple. There was a strange feeling when her nipples were tugged. While she suffered more groping and torment she figured it out. They had pierced her nipples! Sarah almost broke down at the thought of what else they could do to her.

She resolved to go on, despite the continued degrading that she endured under the hands of her many captors. They continued pulling her nipple rings, letting her tits jiggle and bounce when they let them go. Then the hands began running all over her body. Her back was supported, then what sounded like a table was dragged underneath her, and her muscles were able to relax a little.

Then the hands suddenly left her.

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