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He becomes animal when fidelity is tested.

Karen was sitting on the ottoman and I sat on the bench seat. I let my sleep shirt slide up so my pussy was clearly viable to Karen's eyes. I even went so far as to lift a foot and rest a heel on the edge of the bench. My pussy gapped open and I could tell the pink pussy lips were puffed out all shinny and wet.

When I got to the part where I got up on all fours so I could take Stan's cock in my mouth. Well this was too much for Karen. She could no longer control herself and with out warning she slipped to the floor leaned forward and the next thing I knew her tongue was in my cunt.

"God Karen you do know how to please a girl. This is just what I really needed. I did get fucked and I did suck off three guys in one day but no one came to my aid and licked my dear old pussy. Karen you are the best friend." I stopped talking then as she rammed a finger up my ass and another into my pussy right next to her tongue. This girl could lick a pussy better than any one else I ever met.

My body shuttered with joy as she rammed a finger deep in my ass. She squeezes my clit between her lips and wiggled a finger in my cunt. I was about to cum, I was on the wave of lust and my body was ready to burst with a scream of joy. Then my own mouth tingled, my mouth rolled around a hard cock. I was feeling young Mr. Wayne's cock ready to burst forth in my mouth. I could feel his cock in my mouth just like it had yesterday. I could taste his warm sperm flow across my tongue. I swallowed and tasted it all over again. My cunt was spurting my life juices on Karen's face and in her mouth but I was thinking go that wonderful cock I had sucked yesterday.

Karen had gone with only a promise of pay back later this week when we both were going to a swinging party. Some how the thought of others watching me as I repaid Karen for her attentions of today made me even hornier. I especially like it when men watched me lick a wet pussy all dripping with male cum. It was always hot to have a horny husband get behind me and fuck me as I licked his wife's juicy cunt after he had fucked her. Or in the case of Hubert James and wife it was his son's cum I had licked from his wife's cunt while Hubert watched his son fuck me doggie. That was a wonderful night. My first with the James and much to our mutual pleasure we have been together a few times since. The James family will be at the swinging party this weekend. How very nice.

I slipped lower into my hot bath and let my mind dream of things to cum, and cum and cum...
A girl should always show off her best assets. I thought this as I bent over to let my forty double DD's fall into my new bra. This bra pushed them up and together giving me cleavage all the way to my throat. Well maybe not that high but it was visible about my low neck line and tight waist line. My panties were with out a crotch. So with this in mine I felt as if I was ready to go to the party.

I parked my Jaguar off on the grass behind Karen's Lincoln. There were six other cars in the driveway. This was going to be a very good party.

I walked around to the back to see where all the laughter was coming from. The patio doors were open and music was coming from inside the house. Two couples were standing on the deck around the pool laughing. I was at once Linda Allen was there and she was always good for a laugh. Linda had been a bartender once and she knew a thousand sexy/ dirty jokes. I heard only "Well excuse me sir, I only suck cock." This group laughed out load as I approached.

I was hugged and kissed by both men. One was Fred Allen Linda's husband the other was Tom Miller. Linda also gave me a kiss and I happily returned her warm affections. Tom's wife Rose was slight, with smallish tits and a very trim figure. She only hugged me. We were not friends but we knew one another.

I turned to go to the house and Fred said "Later Baby" I returned his smile and knew what he had in mind.

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