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First date leads to passion with another man.


"You'll get your turn soon, I'm- ngh- really close." At that, Mickie dived back in.

Natalya's moans became barely held back screams as she panted, "Oh god, Mickie, yes, oh I'm so close. A little more. Almost-" Just as Natalya finally came, the door to the dressing room opened and the other two members of the Hart Dynasty stepped in. Tyson Kidd- the last graduate of the Hart Dungeon training school- and David Hart Smith- the son of the British Bulldog Davy Boy Smith and Natalya's cousin- had been listening outside the door for ten minutes and had decided they wanted some of what was going on in the dressing room.

Mickie looked up first, then Natalya a second later, still panting. Both were a little shocked, but then they noticed the sizeable bulges under the pink and black trunks. Both women were still very horny, and licked their lips, picturing the large cocks the two men were barely hiding. With a sly smile, Kidd spoke. "Well, well, what do we have here?"

With an equally sly smile, Smith added, "Looks like fun, mind if we join in?"

Mickie and Natalya grinned back, pointed at the bulges, and said, in unison, "Get 'em out."

The two men's grins got wider and began pulling their cocks out of their trunks. Apparently they weren't going fast enough because the two women leapt forward and began taking the cocks out themselves. Once they had them out, they stuffed the nine-inch-cocks in their mouths, Mickie engulfing Smith's 10-incher and Natalya grabbing her boyfriend's nine-and-a-half-inch cock. Kidd and Smith grinned at each other and high-fived as the girls proved to be formidable cocksuckers. It was not long before the boys had to stop them before they spent their seed too early. The girls, already worked up, decided that they didn't need to be eaten out, and pulled the boys along by their cocks. The boys, for their part, went along happily.

Natalya pulled Kidd's head down for a deep kiss, while Mickie bent herself over a bench and offered herself to Smith doggie-style. Smith obligingly slid himself between her folds and into her tight pussy. As he began to slowly, steadily fuck her, Natalya ended the kiss and draped herself on her back on a bench on the opposite side of the room. She spread her legs, and Kidd accepted the silent invitation and slid into her tight channel. The locker room filled with the girls' moans and cries and the boys' grunts.

Natalya grabbed at Kidd's shoulders as the pleasure built, crying out, "Oh god. Tyson, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee! Oh god, oh god, oh my god, yes!"

Tyson pumped in and out of the only third-generation Diva in WWE, responding, "Damn, Nattie, you're so tight. Mmph, you feel so good."

Meanwhile, Smith was plowing in and out of Mickie, who was rapidly nearing orgasm and couldn't stop screaming. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Oh god, fuck me harder. Yes, that's it, pound me! Ohmigod, yyyyeeeeesssssss!!!" she cried as she finally came, hard. Her spasming cunt contracted around his cock, making the pleasure of his fucking her quickly build once again.

Back on the other side of the room, Natalya was almost at her own orgasm. She began screaming, an escalating "Oh, oh, OH, OH! OOOHHHH YESSSS! AAAAHHHHH!" Natalya came even harder than she had when Mickie was eating her out.

Mickie had shifted her hips and now Smith was sitting on the bench as Mickie lowered herself onto him. She began bouncing up and down on his cock, using her powerful legs to ride him nearly as fast and hard as he had been fucking her from behind. She moaned all the while. "Oh, yes. Oh wow, David, your cock is so- unh- big and hard. It feels so- ngh- good in my cunt. So damn good!" With another scream, Mickie came again.

Kidd had picked up Natalya and pressed her back against a wall.

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