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A new bride reflects on her marriage.

"Yes Sire I am here."

Derrick's Grandmother and mother's mouths hung open as they both stared at the visage, "Who are you?" Sherry O'Toma asked suddenly taken aback.

"Mother, Gram, this is Mary she is the palace A.I., she is the one in control of all the palace systems. Now then Mary, Query." Derrick explained.

"I am ready Sire," Mary replied.

"Possibly 30 to 40 years ago were you contacted briefly by another O'Toma that also claimed to be a descendant of the Imperial line?" Derrick asked.

"Searching records, yes sire I did receive an initial communication with the afore named individual. I also tested his Deoxyribonucleic acid to confirm his claim, though he had the proper codes at the time, the analysis only showed a fifty eight point nine percent chance of him being directly in line for the throne. As per mandates therefore I could not accept his claim his sequences were not of a high enough ratio to merit taking his claim as serious." Mary rattled off.

"I see, thank you; I need you to open up a room in the palace I and my family will be there tomorrow, for a short time. I am also going to need you to assign permanent guards to both of them, though the reason cannot be known to anyone." Derrick instructed Mary.

"It will be as you command Sire," Mary said bowing to Derrick.

Mary then turned toward his Mother and Grandmother, "It is my honor to also meet the Imperial mother and Imperial Grandmother." Mary said as she also bowed to an now blushing Milley and an embarrassed Sherry O'Toma. Mary then turned her face toward Derrick, "I have had the palace ready awaiting your arrival for over three weeks now Sire. I await you're arrival and the chance to welcome you back home." With that Mary's gray hair shook as she bowed to all three of them again and vanished.

"OK," an opened mouthed and slightly shocked Milley said a moment later, "this will definitely take some getting used to. Wow," was her next reaction, "I'm royalty now." She said as a wide smile spread across her face.

Derrick had a smile on his face gauging the reaction of his Grandmother, though the still shocked look on his Mother's face was starting to worry him a bit. "Mother?" He asked, "all you alright? I know it's a lot to take in but..."

"I..." Sherry O'Toma started, "You..." letting out a sigh she collapsed into a nearby chair, her still young features somewhat strained. Then she lowered her face into her hands sobbing.

Concerned Derrick rushed forward to try and find out what was wrong. "Mother? What's wrong? Are you hurt?" Derrick was even more concerned as she started to sob even harder the tears now coming freely.

"Oh ... oh my god Derrick!" Sherry O'Toma said as she threw her arms around his neck holding him close sobbing into his shoulder. "We almost lost you before and now this! Every nasty, evil, vile underhanded fiend out there will be trying to take your life now! It took me and your Gram a month to heal you! You were so close to dying so many times I can't lose you again like that Derrick! I can't do it Derrick it almost killed me last time!"

Derrick could only look at his Mother with compassion he'd never heard any of this, after his father had been found dead Sherry O'Toma had devoted her life to her son. Looking over at his Grandmother he could see the tears escaping her eyes also.

Sighing Derrick could see their point of view, truly he could, but he also knew he had to keep going as the throne had been vacant too long, the empire was in chaos and it deserved to return to its formal glory. Holding his mother close he tried to reassure her as much as he could telling her that he'd listen to any ideas she and his Gram had to keep him safe. Sniffing Sherry looked up through the tears and saw that Derrick was more determined than she'd ever seen him.

Sighing Sherry O'Toma looked closer and saw something in Derrick's eyes she'd never seen before, doing a double take she looked deeper.

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