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The life and times of Mustafa Ali in Ottawa.

You're wearing the underwear I told you I liked, dark red and lacy, almost see through in parts, but not quite. I didn't even know you bought it.

"Do you know what I'm going to do?"

You shake your head, just a little. You are still looking up at me with your eyes, chin down, not sure what's coming next.

"I'm going to punish you for distracting me. You need to know this is not acceptable, even if you meant no harm."

Your eyes smile a bit, and look relieved. You have my attention now, and the kind you were looking for. It's going to hurt, but It's what you know you need.

I grab both your hips, and quickly spin you around. You are facing my desk now. I take both of your hands and place them on the desk, pulling you down and pushing aside papers. I pull your skirt up further, and run my hand over your crotch. Yep, already damp. Just being in trouble gets you going. Let's get started.

One big flat hand smack on the ass. I put some real speed into it and get a loud satisfying sound. You feel firm to my hand bent over the desk like this and I know you felt that spanking. You take a deep breath, but make no other sound.

"Do you remember all the ways you distracted me tonight?"

You nod yes.

"You will recite them in order to me, one at a time, so I know you are aware of what you did wrong. Begin."

"I.. started organizing the closet and asking you questions..."

That's one. Another hard smack, this time on the other side. Still through the panties.

"I went through that box right next to you and caused a ruckus..."

Two more smacks, both on the left side. They sting my hand a bit, I know you feel them. You bend at the elbows a bit, letting the pain wash over you.

You hesitate a little longer than I like.


This comes with another spank, still on the left side. You wince a bit, but get the point.

"I distracted you talking about dinner when It wasn't important."

Three. Hard. This time on the right side. You weren't expecting the switch yet, and yelp. Your ass shakes a little, and I see your knees bend a bit, feeling it.

I'm starting to get turned on now. This is fun. Fuck work.

"...I put on music and sang along too loud right after you asked for quiet..."

Yeah. That was the most bothersome one. It calls for something a little more. I open my desk drawer and grab a magazine and roll it up. Damn, I really need to keep a crop or something in here.

I wind up and give you two, one on each side. It makes a good sound, but it's not as strong as my hand.

"Did that sting?"


"Did it sting enough to punish you?"

You hesitate. I've been spanking you pretty fucking hard, and you feel like a bit of a break. But you know that's not how it works.


Good girl.

"Stay here in this position, do not move until I come back."

You nod.

I go to the kitchen and come back with a small rectangular wooden cutting board. It's light, and has a handle.

One good hit on either side. You gasp. I gave you a little break, but now we need to continue. I use both hands and roughly pull your panties down. They are pretty moist, and this turns me one more. I unbutton my pants and take myself out, just partially erect.


"...I bothered you with planning our night out on Wednesday..."

Two cracks, to the left side again. You ass is getting pretty red on that side, and It's got to be pretty sore. You yelp with each one, leaning into the desk and holding your head low, resting it against the surface. More quietly now, you continue.

I... distracted you... tea... later...

That was sweet. I give you a slow kiss on the neck, but then it's time. Three hard spankings, this time on the right. Your legs quiver, and knees bend. A little gasp and shiver comes with each one. Both sides are now quite flushed. I press myself up against your ass, letting you feel me grow. I hold your hair, not to roughly but firmly. I can feel the moisture all around your vagina, and inner leg. You are so fucking wet. I'm always amazed and excited to see that.

I'm hard now.

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