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It's starts with a wild Indian girl.

Sawyer hit the floor and didn't move.

There was a moment of stunned silence in the room. Wat ripped his cock out from Streeks' vagina and yelled out, "Get that little Cunt!"

The six remaining big, rough men in the room moved to attack the old man.

Streek got up from the table and pulled her pants up. She saw the little old man deftly dodging attacks left and right, and heard the loud thwacks as he delivered punches and kicks like a skillful martial arts master.

Streek blinked through her teary eyes, it was like a Kung fu holo-film come to life. The little dude could fight! The thugs couldn't seem to touch him.

Ben crawled out from the ruckus and Streek offered her hand and helped her up. "What is this?" said Ben, Streek just shook her head, unsure.

The little old man jumped up on the pool table dodging Wats' stun-rod and then kicked him in the face, sending him falling back into a pinball machine and smashing it.

Another man swung a pool cue at him, he jumped on it, pinning the stick to the table and then kicked that man hard in the face.

He kicked the Cue up and snatched it from the air, then quickly spun it around knocking three other guys back.

The thugs were getting back up, they had cues, knives and broken bottles in their hands and were cursing loudly. They were pissed off, and ready to spill the old mans' blood.

The little old man stood on the pool table in a Kung fu stance, with the pool cue in his hand. Streek wanted to help him, she grabbed some pool balls and began throwing them. One hit a thug in the shoulder and he cried out in surprise then the next one smashed him square in the forehead. He bent over yelling as he clutched his head.

More thrown balls distracted the men, while the little old man was dodging their attacks and whacking them hard with the pool cue. The old man ducked as a ball whizzed past his head. "Sorry!" Streek called out.

Ben grabbed a Whiskey bottle and smashed it over a mans' head while he was turned the other way, dropping him to the ground.

Then Raff came out from behind one of the pool tables, he had Streeks' knife in his hand. Streek turned and saw him, and suddenly felt something punch through her gut. An intense, debilitating pain followed, and she heard Ben cry out her name.

Streek dropped to the ground, and Raff was standing there with the bloody knife in his hand, and a terrified look on his face. Ben quickly came over, and before Raff could move, she shoved a broken bottle into his throat, tearing it up.

Raff staggered backward clutching at his throat as litres of blood spilled out of him. He dropped to the ground making a horrible gurgling sound and kicking his legs as he died.

"STREEK! NO!" Ben cried out as she gathered her in her arms. Blood was spilling from her belly where she was stabbed. Ben ripped off her top and folded it, and pressed it against the wound, trying to stem the blood flow.

"!" Streek said weakly, she was in a world of pain. The little old man stepped over several unconscious bodies and went over to them. "My goodness! what happened?" he asked Ben.

"She's been stabbed!, we need to get her to an infermary now!"

"No, my ship is closer. My android had medical programming. Come!"

Ben lifted Streek in her arms and followed the man out of the game room at a brisk pace. Her adrenalin was pumping as she continued to follow him up the stairs out on to the street.

"Come on, stay with me Streek, it's gunna be alright."

People were stopping and looking as they passed, a little old man leading a blonde in just her bra with a bleeding girl in her arms.

They entered a docking bay and the little old man dropped the ramp on his sleek, curved, white Star Ship and they entered.

"Makita, get in here!" the old man called out. "...Put her down here." he said to Ben pointing to a bench.

An advanced looking android entered the room, it looked skeletal with smooth white plates.

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