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A smith's apprentice finds his peaceful life disrupted.

Some times a fraction of an inch increase. Often an inch in a month. Her weight kept increasing, but this was expected. Her thighs, waist and hips remained slender, almost unchanged. Her chest measurement had increased slowly; mostly due to an increase in musculature across the back and pectorals. The examining physicians had been astounded at the way she was able to carry her breasts with no discomfort. And the fact that the hugely swollen breasts remained almost defiant of gravity was also remarkable. Examinations had suggested, but been unable to determine conclusively, that she had developed additional ligature support which allowed her breasts to continue to jut forward so dramatically. She didn't care why it was, she was just pleased that it was.

As she entered the doctor's office the receptionist looked up and with a smile told her to enter examining room 3. Dropping her attach__ case on the floor beside the chair in the examination room, she hopped up on the examining room table and waited. It was only a few minutes later when a nurse entered.

"Abigail deWinter? Hello, I'm Nurse Sweeney. I'll be taking your measurements today." She did not recognize the nurse.

"I don't think I know you", she said.

"No, I'm new with the doctor. I must say, having read your records I'm quite anxious to do this work up. You have created quite a stir in the profession young lady."

"Because of these?" she queried, gesturing to her over filled jacket.

"Indeed, yes. You appear to be a statistical anomaly. Now slip off your clothes and I'll do the measurements. Would you like to slip behind that screen?" she asked indicating a small screened area in the corner.

"No, I'm not shy", she replied as she doffed her jacket.

"I must admit that I was skeptical when I first read your charts. But I see that if anything I had not grasped the extent of your, um, attributes."

"Yeah. I'm big aren't I?"

"I, I, uh, hope you don't take offense. But, I've never imagined a woman could be so , um, ah, well-endowed."

"Nah, I'm pretty used to it. I've been really big for a couple of years now." Now that the subject had come up she noticed that the nurse really was staring at her chest. She didn't usually pay much attention to the reaction of those around her- she was always so much larger than anyone else. She was used to having people gawk at her.

"Do they cause you any trouble?" asked the nurse. "Some times I understand that women who are extremely well endowed get backaches. Not to mention the unwanted attention and negative reaction that you may experience from time to time"

"No. They are no trouble at all. At first I was a little insecure but now I really like being large chested. And the bigger I get, the more I like it. I'm proud of how I look!"

"Well that's a very healthy attitude." said the nurse. "Okay lets get started." The nurse was making no pretense of not looking at her in her skirt and sweater.

She unzipped the sweater and with a shake of her shoulders wriggled out of it.

"My God!" exclaimed the nurse under her breath, watching in amazement at the outrageous shimmy this created in the exposed bosom.

"You, ah, should slip out of that skirt as well", she said. "I want to be sure all the measurements are correct."

Abigail leaned over as she pushed her skirt down and off her hips. Bent over like that the nurse was presented with a vista of naked flesh bisected with an immensely deep cleavage that stretched over a foot to the top of the over-filled brassiere cups.

"Might as well leave this on till you get my chest measurement", she said motioning to her bra.

"Good idea. Now hold still while I...

The nurse sank to one knee beside her and rapidly wrapped the tape around one thigh.

"Nineteen inches, very muscular. Do you work out?"

"No, not really. But I do walk a lot." She always walked as much as possible. She enjoyed knowing that the guys were all watching her as she bounced and jiggled under the sweaters and knit tops that she preferred.

"Walking is great e

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