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Susan's lust frees inhibitions, Mark's along for the ride.

After getting over the initial surprise, she sank into him with a sigh of relief. She hadn't realized how much she'd missed him. As the kiss became more feverish, their arms wrapped around each other, bodies pressed together, she felt him getting hard. Instinctively she moved closer, cuddling him between her thighs. She knew she was getting wet. She could feel the hot knot in her stomach moving lower. He moved to her neck, and, sliding her shirt out of the way, trailed his tongue from the base of her neck to the tip of her shoulder and back. She moaned, long and low. Gawd she'd longed for this so much it ached. She could barely breathe.

He pulled back, warning her that if they were going to stop, now would be a good time to do so. However, looking in her eyes, he knew she didn't want to stop anymore than he did. He kissed her again, harder, more demanding. She returned it.

He stepped away long enough to lead her down the hall to the bedroom. They stepped in and, taking her wrist, he roughly brought her to him. He laid her down on the bed and came down on top of her. Her arms went around his neck. His knee nudged her legs apart. She willingly opened for him. He said once again, now was the time to stop if they were going to. She didn't want to, but she didn't want him to regret anything. Before she finished the sentence he kissed her again. As he moved his lips to her neck, he paused briefly and breathed into her ear, with hot breath that caused every inch of her, inside and out, to quiver in his strong arms, that he, too, would never regret anything with her.

He kissed her neck, and gave her a little nibble. She gasped in pleasure. He then growled that she had too many clothes on. She sat up as he rose to remove his shirt. She ran her hands along his bare sides, the feel of his skin, warm and smooth under her hands, was like an aphrodisiac. She kissed his stomach, sides, and chest. They both reached for his belt, his hands were faster though.

She felt drunk. Her head was foggy with passion. She allowed him to pull her to her feet. He grasped her shirt and had it over her head before she knew it. His hands slid down her sides and he moaned at the sight of her luscious curves. They came to rest on her hips. As he began to pull the last of the material barriers from her, she reached out and wrapped her hand around the long, hard shaft between them. He groaned and growled, his knees nearly buckling at her touch. He pushed her back onto the bed and followed her, like a lion on the prowl, as she scooted back to give him more room. As he stretched out on her, she reached down and continued stroking him. Propping himself up with one arm, his other hand covered her breast and began to gently knead. She sighed and made a small sound in the back of her throat. The feeling was so familiar. He then traced her nipple with his fingers and, taking it between his thumb and index finger, pinched it just enough to cause her to gasp and to make the bud stand erect. His hand moved from one breast to the other, not wanting to leave an inch of her feeling neglected.

As he used his free hand to tease her breasts and nipples, he'd also used his tongue on her neck to cause her to break out into goosebumps. He then bent his head and moved from her neck to her breasts. She arched up so far when his tongue circled her nipple she thought she'd come off the bed. When he took it into his mouth and began to suck, she was sure she did. She was so consumed by his mouth that she didn't notice his hand moving downward until he gently stroked the soft folds covering her heat. She moaned and opened her legs a little wider.

His fingers parted those lips and, feeling how wet she was, he smiled to himself and grew harder with anticipation.

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