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Love and sex in a time of war.

"But that girl has stamina, let me tell ya!" she paused her story to giggle. "You'll know that soon enough, though. I don't know if you'll be able to keep up with her! She likes to ride hard, fast, and for hours at a time. I, on the other hand..."

She again paused, this time to reposition herself onto my lap, straddling me, her skirt nearly hiked up enough to expose whatever panties (or lack thereof) she was wearing. "I like to be used. I like to be thrown down, and fucked silly! I loooove to be played with, groped, squeeeeze, tasted. Everything! Just so long as you're treating me like the sex kitten I am, Mr. Harper," she finished, her explanation turning more into a proposition. "So what's it going to be, Mr. Harper? What part of my do you want to play with first?"

Still I couldn't find the words, be their affirmative or negative, nothing came to me. My eyes, however, betrayed my stoicism, and briefly escaped her gaze and snapped to the cleavage that was being thrust into my face. Sure enough, she caught that.

"My tits, huh? Not the most imaginative choice, but I don't blame you," she said, breaking the silence and agreeing to some pact I had just silently made against my will. The choice I had inadvertently made would have to wait, as it seemed Van was more interested in sampling my body herself, first. Those plump, frosting touched, tiers closed around my earlobe, where it was nibbled and tugged on by her perfect white teeth. Again I found myself perfectly within control, knowing I was able to throw this teenager who couldn't have weighed more than 120 pounds off of my body and out the door, leaving the consequences to be sorted out later, and yet I did nothing. Although, that is a lie. I did do something - I enjoyed myself. As wracked as my mind was with thoughts of a grim future crafted by my own inability to stop this, my body was focused on the event present, too enamered with the curvy body currently writhing against it. My chest enjoyed a sampling of her breasts as they pressed into me, feeling heavy and firm. My lap was party to her hips dancing upon it, her pussy grazing against my growing erection. My hands, at Van's own direction when she grabbed and guided them, were resting comfortably just above her ass, and my pinkies were gradually moving over the hem of her skirt and gain some closer touch to where my I wanted them most.

I would need a mirror to confirm the number of hickies my student gave me, but with as many times as she switched places, I'm sure there were many. Satisfied with her taste test, Van leaned back just enough to put her torso in my line of sight, and gently pulled up on the hem of her shirt. As short as it was, it didn't take long for the undersides of her tits to show, and with how gradually and teasingly she disrobed I had time to admire the flawless white flesh beneath the contrasting black shirt. Stopping short of revealing her nipples, leaving me to continue to theorize about their color, size, and placement, Van then decided to slide down my body, pushing apart my knees while she resituated to plant her own on my floor.

Van looked up at me with those big blue eyes, and for a moment I saw the naive and innocent girl who greeted me at the door, the girl whom I wish had been in my class instead of this sex fiend, but I'd be lying if I said I was disappointed with the current turn of events.

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