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The game continues and the stakes get higher!

In the end, Mom and Amber joined Patti and I in our room, and Sandy slept with Henry, leaving one room empty. I made love to all three women, each of my orgasms filling them up, and I finally fell asleep drained and content.


March 21, 2014

I awoke to a hand caressing my cock, which was hard from the attention. I opened my eyes to find a still-naked Amber watching my face. "Good morning, sleepy head. Tina and Patti already went down to the buffet for breakfast, and asked me to wake you gently. Could I get your last single fuck, instead?"

"You remember I already consider myself married, right?" I foolishly asked.

"Are you turning me down?" she asked, sounding almost hurt, but with a smile on her face that told me she was playing with me.

"No, I may be dumb in the things I say, sometimes, but I'm not that dumb." With that, I kissed her, and rolled her to her back. A quick check of her pussy showed she was already wet enough, so I climbed aboard, and slid my cock inside, feeling like we'd been lovers forever. Had it really only been a week since we had met?

I began a medium pace, until she moaned, "harder, fuck me harder," and I gave it all I had, bouncing us off the mattress a little. Amber came quickly, clamped down tightly, and I exploded in her 30 seconds later, a tingle starting in my feet and racing up my legs, before exploding from my groin. I had never felt an orgasm quite like it.

No sooner did I collapse on top of her, than we heard applause. I rolled off Amber and sat up, as Mom, Patti and Jean surrounded the bed. Jean said, "Dude, you're so lucky Duke and Kenny stayed downstairs while we came up to get dressed for the wedding pictures. Once we're done, they'll come up and you can get in your suits."

Mom had walked over to the bathroom, then I heard her exclaim, "Oh my god..."

Patti asked, "What's wrong, Tina?"

Mom walked out of the bathroom, saying, "Dammit, I forgot to pack my birth control pills, and we don't have time to go back to the house and get them before we start on pictures. I can catch up tomorrow, but I'm at risk of ovulating, now. Can I borrow one of yours, Patti?"

Patti shook her head no. "I stopped taking them, remember? I don't have any with me. How about either of you?" she asked Amber and Jean.

Jean answered that she was on the Depo-Provera shot, and Amber had an IUD, so neither had a pill Mom could take.

Mom shrugged. "Well, Drew, for the next couple of days, it looks like you either buy some condoms, limit yourself to oral with me, or I spend more of my time with Henry, since he's had a vasectomy. Now, you need to get downstairs and wait with the guys."

I got into sweats, and went down and met the guys and had a small plate from the breakfast buffet right before they closed it. I wanted to duck into the store in the lobby to buy some condoms, but couldn't explain them to the guys, since they already knew Patti and I were trying to get pregnant. 45 minutes later, we got the all clear - the women were out of the room, and headed to meet the hairdresser. Duke, Kenny and I got to the room, I showered and we got into our suits, and headed down to the ballroom. The Kilsons were seeing some of the shops in the area of the hotel, as they weren't involved in the wedding party.

We had chosen to do most of the wedding pictures before the ceremony, since we were holding it at night, so that we wouldn't delay the reception too much, and doing our rehearsal right before as well. I wished that Toni were there for some of these shots, but we would get her into some with Mom, Patti and I after the ceremony.

Finished with the pictures, Patti ducked back upstairs before any of our guests showed up to check in, taking the other ladies with her.

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