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Millie tells her side of Glenn's transformation.

"I sure love sluts like you," he grinned. "No underwear, always on the lookout for some big black cock...come on, suck it better, bitch!" He slammed her head all the way down to his prick, burying her nose in his trimmed crotch.

Overwhelmed, Marina drew short, whistling breaths through her nose and squirmed and slapped his thighs. He pulled her up by the hair, and she heaved heavily.

She looked dead into his eyes with her watery gaze and offered him a wide smile.

"That's a good girl." He twisted her hair and guffawed, when she let out a loud, painful scream. "You wanted the rough treatment, remember?" He winked, then pushed her back down on his covered in drool cock, driving it balls deep down her throat.

She writhed, when his sausage-like fingers came in contact with her already wet pussy; he rubbed her slit and slapped her cunt hard a couple of times, causing thunderous jolts of mind-numbing joy through her body.

Holding her head down on his crotch, he moved his lower back, drilling her throat harder, his moans echoing loudly inside the tight confines of the cab.

Her eyes popped wide open, when he pushed two fingers inside her, stretching her tight, untouched for several years, pussy.

"Shit," he exclaimed, as he pushed harder, fighting the resistance of her tightness, "how tiny is your husband, bitch? Or, does he just not bother fucking you any longer?"

"My God," she gasped, when he lifted her head, allowing her a moment of deep breathing. "I love your huge cock, baby, just..."

"Oh," he shrugged, "you don't like talking about hubby, huh? All right. I was just wondering what you'll say to him, when you go home with your holes ultimately ruined by my dong.

"Never mind," he smirked. "Get back to it, bitch!"

Her lips parted wide and she swallowed him down; gradually, it became easier as her throat stopped resisting his girth and length. Her grip around his balls tightened, when he inserted a third finger in her cunt.

"Stop complaining," he groaned. "You should be grateful I'm opening you up, you dumb slut. I could have just as well used my cock from the start; then, you'd understand what real pain is."

It was nothing like she had envisioned it; nothing like the videos she had often watched online during lonesome mornings at home. And yet, her body was on fire and her pussy soaked.

Suddenly, he jerked her head back and instructed her to go to the backseat; obediently, and with drool still dripping down her chin, she crawled between the two front seats and a slight scream exited her mouth, when he slapped her, hard, on the ass.

"Now, let's see if you can suck cock without assistance," he said, when he opened the door and remained standing, leaning his elbows on the cab's roof.

On all fours on the back seat, Marina stroked his huge dong with both hands, spreading her own saliva on its smooth, dark skin.

She wrapped her lips tightly around his head, swirling her tongue; he squirmed and her lips twitched. With one hand around his balls and the other stroking the shaft, she licked his length, tasting salt.

Then, in one gulp, she swallowed him all down once more, pounding her throat with his prick.

"Take your clothes off, slut," he instructed her and she immediately obeyed. "You've sure a fine body, slut," he inspected her carefully, scratching his chin, as she stood outside in the cool night breeze in nothing but her boots.

A way too loud moan escaped her mouth, when his lips were on her breasts, sucking and biting; then, she looked about, in horror, wondering whether anyone had decided to go dog-walking in the middle of the night.

"All natural, huh?" He twisted her soft C-cup breasts and his lips curled, when she cried out loudly. "Love natural tits, babe. Come on, have a seat," he pushed her back on the seat and stood between her legs, his knees bent.

She squeezed her breasts around his shaft, her mouth wide open eager to accept

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