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My amazing first girl-on-girl experience.

"Mmmm, what website?" Another kiss, this time followed by a playful bite. I couldn't believe what was happening. Neither could Steven. He watched, eyes wide as Josh worked his magic on me. I was powerless to stop him.

"Lit-literotica" Josh looked confused for a minute, then raised his eyebrows.

"The porn site!?" he exclaimed in disbelief. I could not believe I had just said that out loud. Steven looked stunned.

Humiliated, I buried my face in my hands conscious of the fact that I hadn't been this aroused in a while.

"Hey," Josh seemed to feel bad for me "Steven here was caught trying to peek into the girls locker room. So don't feel too bad. You aren't the only sexual deviant here,"

I shot a glance at Steven who looked absolutely mortified. Josh shot him a taunting grin.

"Apparently he's never seen a naked girl in real life before," That didn't surprise me to be honest. I've seen the girls in chess club. Most of them sport purity rings.

"You, Ashley," Josh returned his attention to me, "You have been naughty,"

These words shot a jolt throughout my body. I could scarcely breathe. "Haven't you?" He actually expected a response.

"I-" I was absolutely soaked now, conscious of both of their gazes on me.


"Don't be shy," Josh began kissing my neck again. He reached a particularly sensitive place and I released a moan. I felt him smile against me. "You're a little slut aren't you?"

"Hey" Steven interjected looking troubled. Josh turned to him. "Don't worry Steven. See Ashley here (and most girls) actually get off on being called a slut. It's just who they are. Isn't that right Ashley?" he turned back to me with a mocking smile.

"Yes," I admitted it so quietly neither could hear me.

"What's that?" Josh cupped a hand to his ear and leaned closer taunting me.


"Good girl," Josh cupped my face with his hands and turned my face towards his. I saw the hunger in his eyes as he leaned closer to me Then we were kissing his tongue slowly sliding over my lips, gently asking for entry, then demanding it. I opened my mouth and felt him moan as our tongues danced together.

"E-hem," I heard Steven clear his throat. Much to my disappointment, I felt Josh pull away.

"So Steven how successful was your peeping?" My eyes were glazed over with arousal but I could see Steven squirm.

"I didn't see much of anything," he admitted. Josh looked mischievous.

"Would you like to?" Then, without waiting for an answer, he turned to me. "Take off your top Ashley."

"What? No way!"

"I said," Josh leaned in for another forceful kiss "take off your top. Or I'll take it off for you"

I glanced around. The shades were drawn. We were completely alone for the next half hour. Oh, what was the harm? It was Josh Parker after all. Slowly, aware of both of their eyes on me I pulled off my top revealing my underwire bra covering most of my breasts.

Now I'm about five foot two (clearly on the short side) and everything about me is small. Almost everything. I've been a D cup since about tenth grade (it was senior year now). I heard Josh groan and then lean in for another kiss. As his tongue explored my mouth, I felt his arms on my bare back. Before I was aware of what he was doing he had unhooked my bra. When he finally pulled away, my bra came away with him revealing my erect nipples, my pink areolas practically begging for attention. I immediately went to cross my arms in front of my chest but Josh grabbed my arms.

"Shhh," he whispered to me reassuringly "You have a beautiful body" Steven stared openly. I saw his hand move to his crotch as if to shield it from view. Josh saw it too and smirked.

"Hey Steven come here,"

"I-I can't,"

"No one gives a shit about your boner. Just come here," Steven stood up reluctantly still holding his hands in front of his crotch. He walked over to us and stared down at me, his pupils dilated with arousal.

"She has nice tits doesn't she?" Josh said, tweaking my nipple gently with his finger. I gasped and arched my back, "So responsive," he whispered in my ear.


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