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Laura, Philip - and Judy.

After twenty minutes of animated conversation he reveals (within the context of the current topic) that he has a joint and wonders if we would like to share it. This is a favorite treat for both Terri and I and we are readily agreeable. I look at Terri and then suggest that we go up to our room for a few minutes to take advantage if this. The significance of my comment is not lost on her. I see in her face a fine mix of fear, anticipation and that of a chess player contemplating the next move. She is socially gifted, so only I can see this turmoil. I can see the gears in her head. Is this an innocent suggestion? Does Mark have something in mind? Am I making something out of nothing? How can I get out of this? The look passes, but holding my gaze (even more firmly) she smiles and says "ok" in her patented enthusiastic voice. As if to say, "the game is on". I leave cash on the table and we are off to the room, drinks in hand. As we walk to the elevator I watch her closely, trying to catch the subtle clues to the thoughts I know are racing in her head. I know that she is finely balancing panic and her love of a scary game. I glance at the man and see him appreciating Terri's ass behind the fabric of her tight black dress. I do the same.

In the elevator there are several people. A welcome reprieve from a possible awkward moment-but somehow I know that the older couple, the three plump college girls and preppy mother and small boy sense something is afoot with this redhead and the two men. The mother, an attractive brunette, compliments Terri's hair then holds a wry smile just a little too long. But it's ok, they realize-they are in Vegas.

The elevator doors open to our floor. I glance at Terri. She doesn't catch my look. As always I see her face is perfectly composed. But I know her so well...I know that as soon as the elevator doors have slid open her heart has begun race even faster. I know her mind is jumping (a mile a minute) from wanting to escape the tension of the situation, to the excitement of the moment, to the she oddly comforting sense that she is trapped in the conundrum...and is not in control. As she steps from the elevator the man's hand briefly touches the small of her back. I have mixed feeling about this innocent gesture, but I am now overruled by my erection and incredible hunger for her.

She turns without hesitation toward the room.

We are in our room and seated near the big window overlooking the lake and fountains-I have closed the drapes. Once in the room Terri has relaxed just a bit but remains uncharacteristically quiet. I sit on the far end of the small couch, she on the other. The man sits to her left in the chair. He produces the joint, lights it and hands it to Terri. I like to watch her hit a joint. There is a definitive feminine manner about her act, but no hesitation. He makes benign conversation about the appointments of the hotel as the joint is passed to me-I minimize my intake and pass it to him. This ritual continues for only two to three cycles before we all reach silent agreement that enough is enough. We sit in silence experiencing our buzz.

After a few minutes I look at Terri. I appreciate he eyes, lips, her body and the red hair that falls all about her face. I want her. She catches my gaze. I say to her (in a firm voice clearly audible to her and the man), "Terri, take your dress off for us".

Only I can see the explosion in her head. She is not completely surprised, but this does not lesson the electricity shooting through her body. She locks her eyes onto mine. She examines me.....we converse silently......her look says;


"I can't",

"maybe I can",

"I am excited-so what adoes this make me",

"I know you are excited",

"I said I would do anything"

"I have to do what you say"

"it is settled".

This look between us seems an eternity, but is just seconds in reality.

Terri stands up slowly, takes tentative steps to center herself equal distance between myself and the man in the chair then turns to face us both.

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