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Teasing can be fun.

Little did she know that the look on her face was the same, that first time after the fancy dress party when I fucked her and left her cunt dripping with my seed...

At one swinging club we met Debbie and Vern, both in their fifties and both nice and trim. Kaye enjoyed this club as it was basically one big orgy, you could watch or join in if invited. We'd been watching Vern and Debbie on a previous occasion and now as we watched Vern pound his wife with a nice sized cock Kaye made a comment to me about wanting to see me drill this mature woman.

Watching patiently, Kaye and I both naked and aroused, Vern pumped his load into his sweating wife and rolled off her. He saw Kaye and me looking on, Debbie now casting her eye over my swollen cock that Kaye was softly stroking. Debbie nudged Vern and they spoke briefly to each other.

Vern motioned for me to screw his wife, Kaye let go and led me the few steps into the open room. Debbie was still lying with her legs spread, sweat glistening on her skin, now reaching for my dick as I kneeled between her legs. No words were exchanged, she just dragged my heavy cock to the entrance of her cum soaked cunt and pulled me in with her legs wrapped around me. Sliding up this dripping snatch and feeling this woman respond so greedily to my pole piercing her sex was awesome.

Growling and groaning, Debbie bucked her pelvis at me as Vern moved to watch me fuck his hot wife. Kaye sat alongside Vern, looking on as I leisurely fucked this woman whose name I didn't even know at the time. Vern soon got busy eating out Kaye. When I looked around to see Kaye, I found her sitting on Vern's face, rocking herself to orgasm on his skilful tongue. The scent in the room was pure animal lust, hot pussy and sweat. A small crowd looked on as the four of us, blissfully unaware of the onlookers, enjoyed each other's bodies. Debbie just splaying her thighs wide to allow me to pound her juicy slot, Kaye now in a 69er with Vern, slurping on his revived dick.

It was so much fun, pounding Debbie and cumming in her snatch, then fucking Kaye while Vern screwed his wife again. At some point Vern ushered the crowd out of the room and locked the door, leaving just the four of us. Debbie was lifted to her feet by her husband and with the help of Kaye she was put in a love swing, legs apart ready for more cock. Kaye was in her element, taking me by the cock and leading me to Debbie. My cock slithered up her well used cunt and Debbie just began groaning and moaning again as my dick probed her. Vern took the swing at Debbie's head and began rocking her body onto my cock, slowly at first but picking up the tempo.

For minutes Debbie's defenceless body was rammed against my rockhard cock, her cunt just dripping and the soft wailing from her mouth only encouraging Vern to keep going. Kaye leaned over Deb and licked her nipples, keeping her mouth still, letting her tongue gilde back and forth as Vern rocked his poor wife onto my cock. My balls began to ache from the punding, then as I got close to cumming again Kaye ordered me to spray on Debbie's tummy. As I pulled out, Kaye grabbed my cock and jerked me roughly whilst my spunk jetted out in heavy spurts onto Debbie's sweaty tummy. Debbie had cum numerous times, her head now lying back with her eyes closed, Vern was just grinning from ear to ear, Kaye had been involved all the way and I was thoroughly spent by now.

Kaye and I got dressed and we exchanged numbers with Deb and Vern. A couple more times we met at the club, but apart from that, we never met outside of the club. Such a shame, but Vern and Debbie had this rule for themselves to not let their hobby get in the way of day to day life. Weird I know, as anyone who came to the club would soon recognize them in everyday life.

And so it was on the day Anita asked me to help with a new client's presentation that I met Debbie again.

The receptionist called Debbie on the phone, announced who we were and as Debbie approached Anita and myself I saw Debbie go thru the 'is that who I t

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