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Zelinnia gets her bearings

Quietly tip-toeing along the carpeted hallway, I noticed Donna stood at the other end looking at me with mild amusement on her face, shaking her head as she held onto a large coat hook and slipped her high heels off her feet, letting each one drop onto the floor.

"You don't have to sneak around you know."

"What about your grandma?"

"At my Aunt Margaret's 'til Sunday." She replied, heading into the bedroom.

With her assent, I headed for the bathroom, the reason for the knowing smile on her lips dawning on me as I washed my hands after emptying one too many cans of cheap cola from my system, her stating that the only room I could disturb anyone in was that one. Realizing full well, with the elevator shaft the only thing between our bathrooms, how easily she could've heard me jerking myself silly throughout puberty, I saw my cheeks flush red with embarrassment in the mirror at the thought of her listening in.

I had waited for the heat in my face to subside before exiting the room, only to feel it threaten to return as I saw her again. That sight gave as much as it took as she had slipped from out of her party outfit into something that was definitely more comfortable. The green silky kimono swept down to her knees, denying the glimpses of her thighs I'd taken earlier, while the material was tied tightly enough to hide the cleavage she'd been displaying.

The benefits of her change seemed more erotic than I would've thought possible, her swept up hair held in a ponytail, exposing the graceful curve of her long neck, while her bare feet revealed long, delicate toes that enjoyed a careful application of purple varnish to the nails that matched those of her fingers as they carried a cup of coffee over to me. Accepting gratefully, I sat down with her on the sofa, as we left enough room between us to turn and face each other, Donna curling her calves up, resting them half under herself in a way that must have been more comfortable than it looked.

"I'd just split up with someone and I'd had a few too many drinks." She said, blowing on her coffee to cool it slightly before sipping cautiously.

"What... now?" I replied, slow to realize what conversation was being carried on.

"No, on my night with Michael."

"Oh. Right." I said, turning my gaze to the bubble floating on the surface of my cup.

"He really didn't tell you?"


"I got the impression that he liked to tell of his conquests..." She said, the bitterness clearer than crystal.
"He does."

"Yet you stopped him... were you defending my honor, good sir?"

The playful tone of her voice began to lift my mood, erasing the thoughts of her being with my best friend and bringing back memories of how we used to hang out when she came home from boarding school, before our discoveries of the opposite sex took us in separate directions. I saw the mischief in her eyes as she placed her cup on the table beside us, falling towards me before I could put mine down and defend myself, by the time I'd managed to do so she'd tickled me enough to want it to stop.

"Were you coming to my aid on your trusty steed to rescue this damsel in distress?" She asked loudly, trying to be heard over my protests as I tried to slip my hands under her arms to retaliate.

"You don't need rescuing." I replied, just about getting the words out.

"So there must be another reason why you stopped him from sullying my, almost, good name."

Her tickling was driving me crazy, enough so that I couldn't help but blurt out the truth. Had my mind not been so distracted by her fingers working at my flanks with an evil efficiency I may have been able to control my tongue.

"I was jealous!" I exclaimed.

Everything except our pounding hearts stood still as her hands dropped to her sides, her eyes locked with mine as the seconds passed by.

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