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A fantasy come true.

"I'm currently working on things and it's looking good; I just need to approach him and need to figure out how. I check his Face Book account daily to check up on him." Greg's heart sunk a little.

"Did he give you that beautiful ankle bracelet I saw earlier?"

"No, that was from Richard he's a prominent jeweler, he made it especially for me, a parting gift," said Matthew winking.

"Let's introduce you to everybody and I'll show you your space which you could arrange according to your needs," said Greg. "Before we go out there, I have two tickets for tonight's Yankee game, it's our first date Matthew."

"Are you sure, Greg? As long as you're aware that it won't develop into anything involving commitment."

"Yes, Matthew, I got that, I would like your friendship. Think of it as a welcoming gift."

"We shared something really special," said Matthew kissing him on the lips.

"If everything works out for you and Steven, at least we experienced fucking each other."

"Let's get the fuck out of here before we both get emotional. I'm enthusiastic to meet the others, especially Gabriel, and I'm dying to see my space," Matthew said enthusiastically. Greg glared at him saying,

"You stay the fuck away from him sexually!"

"Oh, God Greg, can't you take a joke? You're jealous, but of whom?"

"Both of you!"

"Nothing will develop between us."

"Let's start walking, Matthew."

They started walking briskly without speaking out of the bedroom and Greg's office, down the stairs, past the exhibition suite and into the main work area.

"Hello all, I am very proud to have you meet Matthew Hunter, our new developer and co-partner! I'm sure you know his outstanding work; please welcome him warmly."

"I'm honored to work with all of you, you must be multi-talented if Greg has you on board, I'll look forward to looking into your aspect and progress of the projects, we all learn and feed off of each other, that's always a great foundation for growth."

"We admire your work, Matthew, you have accomplished a great deal, welcome, we're elated that you're on board," offered Louis with the others nodding in agreement.

"Thank you for such a warm welcome."

"This is Louis, he's our lead architect, this is Gabriel, another extraordinary architect, and this is Tyler, and Brad, their interns," said Greg proudly. Louis was of average height, light brown hair, rather plain-looking but had a nice gentle personality. Gabriel was tall, with a large muscular build, had blond shoulder length, wavy hair, big blue eyes, and a beautiful smile. Tyler, was a lanky redhead with hazel eyes and a cute nose, who's very talented and Brad was a sinewy hot-looking Asian with a sexy bed head hair style who was very industrious and constantly smiling; both interns were diligent workers and learned a lot by joining the firm.

"It looks like Greg was the most welcoming, Matthew, he's thrilled you came," said Gabriel sarcastically. He was crushed that Greg slept with Matthew who's so incredibly sexy; he had no idea that Greg's gate swung both ways. He'd been attracted to Greg from the first time he met him. "I noticed your cum-stained pants strewn on the floor, as well as the pre cum trail leading to his bedroom, Matthew! I heard the two of you while you were, ahem pleasantly occupied." Before Greg could think of a response, Matthew responded.

"To be honest, Gabriel, it was the best informal interview I've ever came to, it lasted delightfully longer than we both anticipated, we got to know each other more intimately." Matthew was well aware that Gabriel was eying his crotch but totally ignored it. "Kindly excuse me!" The others looked down at the floor silently knowing Greg and Matthew were intimate.

"I'm aware that's not why Greg recruited you, Matthew," offered Louis smiling.

"Thanks for the thought, Louis," said Matthew smiling.

Greg walks Matthew into what will his office/ workspace/ development area.

"If you need more space it's yours to use, order what you need, I'll give you my card to use until I issue yours," offered Greg.

"This is incredible, Greg!

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