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Our new playmate and my wife do Miller.

Finally she was lying full length along his body feeling a fullness in her pussy she had never felt before. She thought she could even feel it adapting to being stretched further than it ever had been. She also felt contentment at her achievement and wondered what was next, although she did enjoy just lying there with his hands wandering over her back and arse.

They stayed motionless for a few minutes before Bob asked, "How do you feel. Are you ready for some slow sensuous fucking?"

Trusting his experience Jessica responded with, "I am feeling very full of cock and quite dreamy. But I am ready for whatever you have in mind."

Encouraged Bob rolled them over so that he was now on top. Supporting himself on his arms he slowly began moving his cock out of her pussy for about three inches and making short thrusts back in, his huge balls resting along her arse. Each stroke put pressure on her exposed clit and she began to moan as another wave of pleasure approached.

Now he was sure she could take him more easily he lengthened his withdrawal until only the head of his cock remained between her lips. Pushing back in a little faster he could sense she was again approaching orgasm with each union of their bodies. He pumped harder and faster, with his balls now slapping on her arse.

Suddenly she grabbed his arse and held him tight inside as she again stiffened in pleasure. Her pussy again massaged his shaft but he maintained control until she sighed and relaxed.

Now he knew she would do anything he wanted and that she was able to take him easily.

He slid out of her and accepted the show of appreciation as he knelt before her with his enormous cock pointing towards her. He rolled her over onto her stomach and lifted her onto her knees so that her legs were spread revealing her dripping pussy and puckered arsehole.

Bob ran the wet head along Jessica's pussy lips and over her arsehole. While tempted to try this tight hole, he knew very few women could accommodate his size there and, if she was willing, he would need Rachel to help.

Maybe, another time.

Jessica was now on her hands and knees, waiting in anticipation of further pleasure. Bob moved his shaft down to her pussy lips and began to enter her again. Jessica purred with the pleasurable feeling of being filled again and moved her body back, not stopping until he was fully inside.

Content to let her take the initiative Bob held her hips as she moved backward and forward along the hard shaft. As her movements became quicker he moved one hand to her clit and fondled it between his fingers.

In response she leant on one arm and took his swinging balls with the fingers on her other hand. She squeezed his swollen sacks in rhythm to the squeezing of her clit as she felt another surge of pleasure building deep inside her. He could also feel the cum rising in his tortured balls but was determined to hold on for a while yet. As she squealed again in ecstacy he pushed her hand away and held her stiffening body tight, leaning into her and playing with her swinging breasts.

With Jessica now mumbling, "Keep fucking me. I am so full of pleasure. Keep that cock going. I want more. Cum inside me." in a trance like state, Bob pulled out of her and lay on his back under her still kneeling body. Jessica whispered, "No, don't take it out. Don't leave me this way. Cum inside me before I die."

Bob manoeuvred her swollen cunt over his cock and guided her down until his red cock head just touched her lips. Jessica responded by straightening her body and impaling herself onto his hard dick, screaming, "Thank you. Thank you. Put it all the way in." She was now running on remote control as she began rising and falling on his shaft. Again he toyed with her clit while she leant back and fondled his balls.

With her eyes closed and her mumbling becoming almost incoherent Jessica squeezed his sacks ever harder, trying to force the cum out.

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