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The strong willed submits to a monster.

they staying?

"It's alright." Lynda answered my question as if she were reading my mind. I wondered what else she could read in it. "We are flying out to Egypt on Tuesday. I just wanted to see you before we left."

She had her arm around my waist so I placed mine around hers as we walked towards the car. I felt so wet. I hoped I didn't squelch as I moved.

Once at the car I opened the driver's door and popped the bonnet. They managed to get the two smaller cases in. We all stood looking at the car, the suitcase and each other.

"I know." Lynda said. "If Jenny and I sit in the back and Shirley drives then Ian could have the suitcase on his lap in the front. Jenny has the shortest legs so she could sit behind Ian if he had to push the seat back."

Shirley looked at us, shrugged her shoulders and said. "That's fine by me. If you don't mind my driving your car, Jenny?"

Lynda's hand had moved down behind my back onto one of my ass cheeks. I didn't mind at all.

"No." I said, opening the passenger's door and handing her the keys. "You've borrowed it before."

She had as well. When I had thought she had been going to stay at Paul's parents' house whilst visiting his friend Steve. But after what I had seen in the kitchen of the house just before my wedding I knew there had been another reason for her going. I just had to tell Lynda. I couldn't tell Paul that his father was having an affair with one of my best friends. But I could tell Lynda. She would be able to help me look out for any signs it was still going on. And if the two of us could get Shirley alone over a bottle of wine sometime over the weekend we could get all the details from her.

I looked down at Lynda's backside as she climbed into the rear seat. Her skirt hardly covered her knickers. I was glad. I climbed into the back beside her and she lay her short denim jacket over our knees.

Ian lowered the front seat into place and sat in it with the suitcase on his lap. Shirley took the driving seat. Slid it back and inch, which caused Lynda to open her legs and touch my knee with her own. We looked into each other's eyes as the car moved away.

Her hand moved under the coat and touched my leg. I stiffened for a second then relaxed as her fingers moved across the top of my thigh. My legs parted of their own accord as she massaged my inner thigh. Her fingers moved up my leg towards my burning furnace. I was going to scream out loud if she didn't touch it soon. I opened my legs wider and slid my backside forward on the seat, willing her to touch me. She lingered. I didn't want that and, placing my hand on top of hers moved it to rest against my fanny.

"Oh." I breathed out with a sigh as her fingers moved against my fanny lips.

"Are you alright?" Shirley asked.

"Fine." I replied, a little breathlessly.

Her fingers were moving from my fanny lips. Tracing the outline of the zip on my jeans. Oh why hadn't I worn a skirt? I flicked the button undone and pushed down the zipper. Her fingers were on the little tab and she completed its journey for me. Then her fingers moved to the waistband of my knickers, pulling it away from my body. I stifled as cry as a pubic hair or two went with it. I could smell myself. A heavy, heady smell.

Lynda was shifting in her seat. I slipped my hand under her jacket and felt her naked thigh. Her own finger was moving through my pubic hairs towards my throbbing clit.

"Were you arguing with those two men?" Shirley asked suddenly.

Lynda coughed, clearing her throat as my fingers touched the dampness of her knickers between her legs.

"They whistled at me." She replied, taking a deep breath as I poked and prodded at the lips of her fanny.

Then it was my turn to breathe deeply as her fingertip brushed the side of my clit. I found myself lifting my backside from the seat searching for her finger.

"She's not there to be whistled at.

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