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Edovan's head is reeling after the "battle" he just lost.

is vision, it made him want to dance and dance well!

Closing his eyes, Harry pictured all the other guys laughing at him. "Oh, Harry Paranuckles, the dancer!" "Trade your sweater in for a tutu?" "What are you, a Pinkie?" Sure, they'd make fun of him, but he would be able to dance with her. Maybe, just maybe life would be so much better.

After days of twiddling, Harry decided to take the plunge - he'd walk those fingers up to M. Cure's School of Dance and be able to dance with the girl of his dreams!!

After giving his body a good crack, Harry took a deep breath and knocked on the door - no answer, but then the door swung open, music tumbled into the hallway sweeping Harry inside.

There stood his dream girl.

"Um...hi...I'm Harry..." Harry swallowed hard. "Harry Paranuckles."

He nearly fainted when she twirled around turning to him. Her face was beautiful! She was perfect!

"Hi." The soft voice broke through the music. "I'm Manni..Manni Cure."

Harry gulped. His throat was suddenly dry and his voice squeaked out, "I want to dance."

Manni smiled. She twirled and twirled until she reached him. Face to face they stood. She was so close Harry could see all the lines of her skin. She was one in a million! No, Harry thought again as he saw a faint scar across her left side, there was no one like her in the world!

"I've seen you Harry." Manni continued as she circled him. The music began to fill Harry's very being and he too circled her. "The way you twirl your pencil..." Manni nodded to the window facing Harry's. "You make it dance."

Manni stepped away and motioned for Harry to watch. Sprinkling pixie dust on the floor she began to dance - her dance started from top left straight with a slight curve and down again, twirling to the center, then a quick leap to the right and down. Pausing for a moment to sway her body to the music, Manni then leapt again, twirling, twirling down to a point, then twirling, twirling up curing into another point. Harry's mind was frantically trying to figure out what his "pencil dance" was...his gaze darting between the design on the floor and Manni's graceful figure.

She paused once more, smiling at him then leaping yet again as if in slow motion. Her dance nearly done as Harry's heart just about stopped.

Oh! No! This could not be! Harry thought. He squinted again, seeing all so clearly.

Manni, sensing Harry's dismay stopped in mid-jump, falling to the ground with a loud thump.

"Oh!" Manni whimpered.

Harry ran to her said, stroking her lovely skin. "Are you hurt?" he whispered, fearing that she may have chipped something.

"No...just..." Manni stammered, the music finally ending and silence filled the air.

As Harry looked up into Manni's face, he was sure she would see his embarrassment, but she was looking beyond him. Harry knew what she saw. On the floor, in her thumb print through the pixie dust was, "H + M".

"It took me days, months even to figure it out."

"Manni, I.." Harry stammered, not sure what to say.

"Harry, please.."

"Oh, please this..." A voice bellowed out.

Turning, both Harry and Manni's eyes wide, landed upon 5 women at the doorway. Four figures appeared to be bowing as the middle one stood frightfully tall.

"My name is Fook Yu." Said the tall woman. "You remember me, don't you?"

Manni's face turned pink with embarrassment. "Um..yes, of course."

Scrambling to stand, Manni and Harry faced the group of women.

Taking a long look, Harry studied the women as they began to rise. One was very small, a bit stubby, next to her was a very accusing looking woman, medium in size, and the one just after Fook Yu was quite glitzy, and wore a number of Diamond necklaces, standing slightly behind her was a smaller woman all donned in pink.

The one to Fook Yu's immediate right seemed very odd, somewhat stiff and stared him down. Harry's gaze fell from her quickly.

"Of course you remember Fook.

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