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Keli makes a new friend...

This time her moaning was louder. As he touched her clit with his tongue Jennifer grabbed his head with her hand. She moaned: "Oh yes, further..." Then he stood up and undressed himself. His cock was already hard as a rock, ready to get treated by Jessica in the right way. And so she took his cock into her mouth, licking, caressing and blowing like she used to do it for her boy-friend. The stranger obviously enjoyed her treatment and moaned. He grabbed Jessica und told her to turn around.

"I cannot like that!" Jennifer thought, but - she got soaking wet immediately.

The stranger was rubbing his fingers at her dripping wet pussy, spreading the juices from her pussy over her tight little ass. He was spitting on it, spreading this wetness and driving her completely wild this way. At her ass she felt the top of his hard cock, finding his way into her tight little ass hole!

She whispered silent sounds of pain as he drove his cock into her ass inch by inch. It did not take him long until he was in with his full length. Her face was showing her pain. Her eyes were closed, she was biting her lip and her breath got heavy. He took his dick out of her for about __ of his full length, just to drive it back in. It worked quite well. As he was back in he was able to fuck her well. "Not that heavy, please" she moaned. Her words just made him go faster and stronger. With every move his body smashed onto her ass while he went on pushing his prick into her ass as far as he could.

The whole situation got him so hot he could feel his orgasm coming near after about three or four minutes of fucking her tight little ass. He damned her ass being so tight and the whole situation being so great. He__d rather had been fucking her sweet ass another 30 minutes or so. Shame on him his orgasm came nearer as an unstoppable wave.

Then the wave crashed on the shore. He drew his cock out quickly, turned around her and placed his cock right into her mouth.

He was shooting his full load into her mouth that she held wide open, as if she was paralyzed. After she had swallowed every little drop he gave her, she sat on the desk, not moving anyway.

As soon as he had appeared out of nowhere, he was gone.

Jennifer was afraid, so she did not tell her boy-friend or anybody else what had happened.

On the following Friday she wanted to leave for the weekend in the afternoon, but her boss gave her some extra work to do that would keep her in the office until the evening.

As all her colleagues had left one after the other, Jennifer started to feel not too comfortable.

All the time Jennifer was thinking about what had happened last Friday.

And again she was alone in the office on a Friday afternoon. She could not really concentrate on her work. In her mind she saw again and again what she went through with this stranger. And unable to avoid this she got really hot with these thoughts.

After a while Jennifer's hand went under her skirt and between her legs. She felt her own heat and the nearer her fingers came to her pussy, the hotter she got. Jennifer closed her eyes.

Highly excited her body shivered as her fingertips touched the thin silk of her slip over her pussy lips. Jennifer moaned silently. She was so focused on herself and her lust that she did not recognize the door to her room being opened silently.

Jennifer leant on the edge of her desk and showed her hot ass to the visitor she had not recognized until now. Someone could already believe as if she would play the scene that had happened last Friday again in her mind. Suddenly she felt these hands laying down on her ass and starting to caress it. Frightened she watched backwards just to recognize the stranger was back again. She turned around and stared at him in fear.

Without saying a word he stripped down her blazer and started to open up her blouse. She was not wearing a bra, so her naked tits jumped right into his face.

Jennifer was fighting hard against the stranger as his hands were grabbing her tigh

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