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Bella is a new alpha with five mates to satisfy.

I got turned on a little bit...What about you?" Lexi said.

"Well, I am straight. But I have wondered what it would be like," said Lynne.

"So. Let's try it. It won't mean anything. Just to see what it's like. And we won't tell our boyfriends. You know how guys are with girls making out and what not," Lexi giggled.

"Ummm, o-ok," stuttered Lynne.

They leaned towards each other and the instant their lips touched Lynne felt a familiar pulse between her legs. At first they didn't know how they should kiss, and then Lexi opened her mouth and moved her tongue into Lynne's. Lynne returned the kiss and moved her tongue against Lexi's. Lexi moaned softly. They pulled apart quickly and looked at each other in the darkness. Lynne could see the moistness glistening on her lips and she wanted to kiss her again.

"Maybe we should just go to bed," whispered Lynne.

"Yeah..." said Lexi.

Lynne thought about the kiss half the night. She thought about Lexi's soft lips and even softer tongue. She could not sleep. Lexi slept soundly. She hoped it wouldn't be awkward in the morning. Little did she know that Lexi was dreaming about Lynne all night.

They got up at 7 a.m. Friday morning. Lynne was groggy. Lexi was up and ready to go in half an hour. She made them coffee and bagels. After Lynne was ready and they were in the car getting ready to leave, she asked Lexi if everything was ok between them.

"Of course honey, why do you ask?" replied Lexi.

"Well, because of...the kiss and all," said Lynne.

"Oh, don't worry about it, just experimenting is all. It's all good. Let's go!"

They got to the camp site in 2 hours. It was nice; it was away from all of the other campers. There wasn't anyone close around them. They set up their tent and went around exploring. They walked down to the waterfalls and took pictures of each other near them. It was a beautiful day. Lynne couldn't take her eyes off Lexi. Her ass looked so good in those short shorts, she thought. They brought their bikes and rode them on the trails. By the end of the day they were exhausted but happy. They didn't want to go to sleep so early. They started a fire and made s'mores. Lexi was watching Lynne as she was dripping chocolate on the inside of her thigh. I just want to lick it up, she thought. Lexi was surprised by what she was thinking. She had never thought about Lynne that way before. Why was she thinking like this now? Was it the kiss? They finished eating their s'mores. Lynne pulled out a bottle of Arbor Mist. Their favorite wine. They brought plastic mugs instead of wine glasses. It was Lynne's idea. "To keep the bugs out." They changed into boy shorts and tank tops. It was so hot that night. Lexi blushed when she noticed Lynne didn't have her bra on. She could see her nipples right through her top.

It was about midnight and they were getting a slight buzz from the wine. They were talking about their boyfriends and their jobs. Lynne was the manager of a retail store and Lexi was a receptionist for the hospital. They talked about everything. They brought a lantern into the tent and started playing silly drinking games. First, they played the higher/lower game. Then they dealt some hands of Texas Hold 'Em. They were getting pretty loopy from the wine.

"Hey, let's play Truth or Dare!" Lexi giggled.

"What? We're not 12 anymore Al..." said Lynne.

"Oh, don't be a party pooper, come onnnn," whined Lexi.

"Fine then," said Lynne. "Ok, Truth or Dare?"

"Truth," said Lexi.

" often do you masturbate," Lynne asked in between giggles.

"Um, truthfully!? About 3 times a week," said Lexi. "How about you?"

"Every night I'm not with Cory!" Lynne burst out laughing.

"Even when you're at MY house!?" asked Lexi.

"Ohh nooo, I don't do that. I wouldn't!" replied Lynne. "Even though I sometimes want to."

"What do you mean?" Lexi asked.

"I don't know, sometimes I just get so damn horny at your house. I don't even know why!" Lynne blushed. Whenever she was drinking wine she talked too much.


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