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On-board entertainment reaches new levels.

"What's wrong?"

"There's a college boy on the street looking into my window." I said.

"Are you in danger? Are you safe? Call the front-desk."

I laughed. "I'm in no danger unless he can fly. I'm on the third floor. He's just getting a little show. I'm standing her in my panties and bra."

"Oh," he replied. "Maybe you should still call the front desk and have the little pervert ran off."

"You didn't say that last night when I gave the pizza boy a little show. If I remember correctly it kind of turned you on. Anyway you fucked me like you were turned on. You like it when I get a little slutty huh, Lover?"

"Just a bit," Mike admitted.

"Maybe I'll give this boy a show too," I purred. "Hang-on let put my cell phone on speaker." I pushed a button on the side of the phone and put it down on the window ledge. "Can you hear me, Mike?"

"Sure can." His voice carried an air of excitement.

My own excitement had begun to stir when I realized Eric was watching me from the street. I watched as he ducked from behind the van into the shadows of the alley.

"Let me tell what I'm wearing. I have on my navy blue panties and bra with matching thigh-high stockings. I still have my heels on too." I said huskily.

"Those heels make your ass look great. I wish I was there to kiss that beautiful butt. Let me get comfortable." I heard him unzip his trousers. "Continue," he commanded.

"My peeper is across the street hiding in an alley. I'm not sure but he's probably 20, around six-foot and solid. I guess he can see me real good with lamp on. Do you want me to give him a show Lover?"

Mike shuttered, "Ye-ss." I knew he was already stroking himself.

"Maybe I should just close the curtains." I teased.

"No" he whined. I laughed.

"Okay. I'm unhooking my bra. I dropped it on the floor. My tits feel better not being so confined. My nipples are hard, Baby. I'll tweak them. Awww! That feels so good. It gets a fire going in my belly. My puss is starting to dampen."

I smiled as I heard Mike's heavy breathing into the phone. I watched Eric unzip his jeans and begin to beat-off in the shadow of the alley.

"My admirer is masturbating," I reported to my husband. "I'm so turned on. I'm running my middle finger down the front of my panties. I can feel how damp my slit is getting thru the material. I'm going to need something hard in pussy soon, Baby."

"I love you, Diane." My husband choked.

"I need to cum. Do you need to cum, Baby?"

"Yes, oh yes," he whispered.

"Beat your meat, Baby while I slide my hand down my panties. I'm so wet. My admirer is really abusing himself now. Ohh! I got two fingers in my snatch, Baby. I'm pressing my palm against my clit. I'm going to cum. Cummmminngg!"

I leaned against the window. My bare breasts pushed against the glass. I saw Eric whip the panties he had snagged from my floor earlier from his pocket.

He brought them up to his face to inhale my aroma and then he brought them down to his dick to ejaculate into them. Even Mike was letting me know over the phone that he too was cumming. I giggled and wondered how often a family had undergone a mutual orgasm.

I picked up the phone and said good night to Mike. I then waved out the window to Eric before I closed the drapes. I took off my stockings and slipped on a night shirt and got into bed. I slept with gracious gratification.

The next morning Eric arrived at the hotel dining room just after I ordered coffee. He was wearing jeans and a golden sweatshirt. Green and gold were the school colors. That's why I wore a green sweatshirt over my braless breasts.

I also wore an extra tight pair of faded jeans. I made sure I had a respectable camel-toe revealed before I left my room. I wore a pair of black high heels that made my ass look almost edible.

"Mom you look hot," said Eric as he kissed me on my cheek.

"Thanks Baby." I patted his bottom before he sat down. He gave me quizzical look. "Did you sleep, well?" I asked.

"Yes, I was more relaxed than usual," he blushed. "How about you?"

"Oh, I finally got myself relaxed, too

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