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A late night invite becomes my first gay group experience.

"This one combines seemingly total coverage with nearly total exposure," Keela says. "You have the feeling of wearing a full bikini, while actually showing everything you've got!"

With my boner throbbing away in my shorts, I feel like I'm nearly showing everything I've got too. I watch Talia model the mesh bikini for a few minutes. Keela looks too but mostly she's staring at my cock bulge and chewing on her lower lip.

"What do you think, Rog?" Talia striking a pose with hands on hips.

I smile. "You look really great in that one, Tal!"

"Okay, one more to try on," Keela says. "And it's a real naughty one!"

With Talia and Keela once again go behind closed doors, I take advantage of being alone and reach down inside the waistband of my shorts and wrap my hand around my hard, lust-filled cock. I give it a few slow, firm strokes and breathe a heavy sigh of relief, head tilted back and eyes closed. Apparently, my sigh was loud enough to be heard by one of the other salesgirls in the store.

She pops her head through the doorway into the waiting area. "Is everything alright?" she says with professional concern. But she quickly sees me standing there with my hand down my shorts rubbing my erection.

"Oh! I guess you're doing okay," she says with a knowing smile.

She's a cute, petite, little blonde with tiny tits and a sunny face. She's wearing a small bikini top and boy shorts. I half open my eyes and grin stupidly at her, but don't stop slowly stroking my cock. She lets me look at her as I masturbate. Just then, the changing room door opens and Keela steps out.

She notices the other salesgirl. "Is there a problem, Jill?"

"No. I was passing by outside and heard someone moan. I thought someone was in distress and needed assistance." Jill looks back at me and winks. "But I see everything is just fine."

Keela only now looks at me and sees me reaching into my shorts and pumping my boner. She smiles and says, "Yes, it looks like Roger has things well in hand. Thank you, Jill."

"Yes, thank you, Jill," I whisper.

"My pleasure. Thank you," Jill says to me with a wicked smile. She quickly exits back into the shop.

"Hey! What's going on out there?" we hear Talia's voice from inside the changing room.

Keela answers back, "I think Roger is ready to see you in this last bikini!"

"What bikini?" Talia laughs. "There isn't enough here to qualify as a bikini!"

Talia steps out into view saying, "I can't believe I'm wearing this," she says.

She's right. What she's wearing can scarcely be called a bikini. It's basically the outline of a bikini...the connecting strings of a bikini without any pieces of fabric at all. The strings of the top frame each breast but leaving them completely bare. A string wraps around her waist and two strings descend into her crotch, outlining her smooth, hairless pussy. I force myself to remove my hand from my cock, because if I was to keep stroking while looking at Talia wearing this "bikini," I would surely cum within a short time. As sexy as Talia looks, we're all laughing at the ridiculousness of this suit.

"Geez!" Talia giggles. "Why bother with something like this? It would just be easier to just go nude!"

"But there are no nude beaches in Hawaii, Tal," I say. So you gotta wear something."

Through her laughter, Keela says, "Well, admittedly this bikini is kind of a joke, and we don't really sell many of them. But I thought we'd all enjoy having you try it on!" Then Keela matter-of-factly says, "Actually there are several nude beaches in Hawaii. Every island has at least one. In fact, the one on Kauai isn't far from here."

Talia stops giggling and listens closely to Keela's words and looks directly into my eyes.

"I go there pretty regularly," Keela says. Noticing our interest, she says, "I could tell you where it is, if you'd like to know."

Now the subject of going to a nude beach someday, somewhere, is something Talia and I have talked about a few times in the past.

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