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Departing for Earth.

Sort of like a surfer riding a long ways on the front of a wave. Any concept of time was lost as I rode this orgasm for longer than I had in my whole life. All I can say is that it was a mind-blowing experience and pussy juice was making little spurting sounds in time with my movements.

This ride was building to the point of almost being tantric and it might have gone on a lot longer had it not been for Mike's hand that pinched my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Looking back it was different from the way he normally did it so again I was sure he did it in his sleep. But what he did do was pinch it really hard and not let up, which sent an electric jolt to the pleasure part of my brain and then on to my pussy. The end result was an explosive orgasm, partly from the pain and partly from my attempts to be quiet and not wake him. As I flew over the crest of the wave I felt myself getting wetter and heard Mike making a sleep grunting noise. Mike was ejaculating in his sleep and a few jets shot out from between my legs. I happened to see at least two and I giggled a little because it looked like I was shooting out cum. My orgasm subsided but Mike was still cumming so I rocked a few more times until he stopped. His grasp on my nipple relaxed and I found myself being somewhat sad about that, but there was this afterglow that infused me which made up the difference. I became aware of a wet spot on the bed beneath my hip. Maybe spot wasn't the right description and lake was more like the right word. My thighs were also soaked with my wetness and as I adjusted slightly, the stickiness of gobs of semen added to the sensation. And no it wasn't disgusting and in fact it felt really good which was new since in the past I would normally run to the bathroom to clean up. Mike was still breathing deeply and I was so sated and relaxed that sleep overtook me again.

We must've not been asleep much longer because when we started stirring everything was still wet. I could tell that Mike was stirring because of his breathing and body movements. Then he started stroking my hair as he spoke.

"Good morning, or good afternoon. Or is it evening babe? I have no clue."

He laughed as he said it and it so warmed my heart. Mike hadn't laughed much in recent years and this was music to my ears.

"I guess I really don't care. I'm just happy to be home and with you. How did you sleep?"

"Well I had this sort of sex dream but it seemed so real..."

His voice trailed off for a moment as I felt his hand move down towards our waists.

"Oh man! I'm so embarrassed! I, I think I had a wet dream. Oh I'm sorry babe."

"Mike, please don't be embarrassed. I sorta' made you do it."

"Um, made me do it? What do you mean?"

For the next few minutes I detailed what had happened and honestly felt very uncomfortable recounting things. It didn't help that I picked up on some discomfort from Mike as well. We laid quietly, snuggled together for a few minutes and finally Mike broke the silence with a nervous cough.

"Well babe, my dream was amazing and the stuff that went along with it was too. And I know that talking about something we like shouldn't make us uncomfortable and I don't want to be that way anymore. So when can we see your therapist guy, or whatever he's called?"

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My hands didn't seem to know where they'd be most comfortable as I sat next to Deb in James Guerisseur's office.

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