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How I met the woman who would dominate my life...


"Kelly, I want to give you multiple orgasms—the question is, where do I start?"

But she was already pulling off her top—a purple sweater that was fairly loose and came off easily. Quick as a wink, she had unsnapped her black lacy bra, pulled it off, and was cupping her gorgeous tits, holding them towards me. "Start here," she said, breathlessly, "unless you've got a broomstick at home with bigger tits."

"God, no," I said, "I've never seen such delicious breasts in my life." And they were magnificent. I'm not good at bra sizes, but I'm sure they must have been DD, and when I put my hands on them they filled them up and spilled over the edges—they were like small cantaloupes. Even though they hung down low on her chest because of their weight, they were firm and plump and ready to be eaten. The nipples were a very light pink color. The aureoles were big—as big as the bottom of a teacup, but the nipples themselves were rather small—small but long. I had never seen such long nipple. And they were begging me to suck them, lick them, and nibble them, begging me to give them enormous oral pleasure. Which I did.

I spent a long time on Kelly's nipples, because I knew that I was making her cunt wet. At the same time I was using one hand or the other to caress her silky legs. She had her head back and her eyes closed and she was whispering things like "don't stop, oh god, yes, lick me, lick me, oooooh, oh baby, tongue my nipples, you're getting me so hot…" Things calculated to drive me wild.

"I'm gonna cum for you—keep sucking my nipples," she said. She shifted a bit on the couch and pulled her skirt up, revealing the plumpness of her thighs and belly and the soaking crotch of her panties. Her hand went directly to her cunt and she pushed aside her panties, and immediately stuck two finger into her love-hole. So much for taking it slow. She slid her fingers rapidly in and out of her cunt, and in seconds, she was moaning and twisting, obviously enjoying the first of her orgasms. I didn't keep sucking her nipples--- I was too busy watching her finger her self to orgasm. When she stopped sliding her fingers in and out of her cunt, I grabbed her hand and licked her dripping fingers. I was going crazy—I wanted to take her whole tit in my mouth, I wanted to suck her juice-covered fingers, I wanted to stick my tongue deep I her cunt, I wanted to fuck her brains out, and I wanted to continue to stroke her legs which were covered in silky nylon. I didn't have enough tongues and hands and cocks to do every thing to her that I wanted to. But I had to start somewhere.

I pushed her legs further apart and rubbed my cheek against her nylons as I pushed my face into her crotch. She held her panties to one side as I stuck my tongue in between her pussy lips and started lapping up her cunt juice. "Oh yeah baby, tonguefuck me—put it in deep!" she ordered me.

I was quite willing to obey whatever orders this sex-bomb would give. I didn't want to take off my jeans yet because I was afraid that one look from her lust-filled eyes would make me explode and spray my cum all over her—not a bad idea actually, but I wanted to save my orgasm for when I was deep inside her pussy. Anyway, I was busy getting her ready to come again with my pussy-licking activity.

Even though I was dying to cum, I licked slowly, up and down her slit, and then sideways, then tonguing her clit, then poking my tongue into her open hole. Soon my face was covered with the sweet honey from her cunt. It wasn't long before she pushed my face away from her honey-pot and said in a strangled sounding voice, "fuck me."

I pulled off my clothes as he got on her knees on the couch and put her hands on the arm of the sofa.

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