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Lacy's Punishment, Derrick Proposes.

I slid in onto a cool leather seat beside Angela and once I buckled my seat belt, she drove into the night.


We arrived at our destination in a few minutes. It was a two story building that was like two concrete cubes stacked on top of each other. Angela pulled the car into a parking space behind the house and came around to my side to open the door. She helped me out of the car and led me carefully over a stone pathway to the rear door of the place. A plastic card and a key entry allowed her to open the door and lead me, still nude, into her place.

Every thing that had happened was so exciting. The feeling of being stripped naked in public and kept that way made me feel unbelievably aroused. Now I was seated on a leather sofa, still nude and with my lipsticked nipples hard as pencil erasers.

As I sat there, she faced me and removed her red dress and her bra. Her magnificent breasts swung free and she stood over me smiling. I could not believe how beautiful they were and I sat there dumbstruck as she began to remove her panties.

The shock of seeing what was in her hands was indescribable. This beautiful hairless creature with the magnificent breasts had an erect penis of above average size. She moved closer to me so that I could touch it and marvel at its beauty. It was as smooth as the rest of her and I could not take my eyes off it.

"Touch it," she said and I took it in my hand. Then as she moved closer, I opened my mouth and took it inside.

Very slowly, Angela slid it a little deeper and then retracted it. She knew I could not resist her and she wanted both of us to enjoy our connection.

It had been a while since I had fellated anyone and now I was eagerly taking in the over-sized cock of a beautiful hairless creature who was probably the sexiest person I have ever seen. Her smooth abdomen touched my lips as she entered me and her hands grasped my head so she could control the rhythm of my cocksucking.

We continued for long minutes and she seemed tireless. Her erection never wavered until I finally could control myself no longer and pulled away from her as orgasm shivered through me.

But Angela was not through with me. She pushed me onto my back and spread my legs wide. I looked at her beautiful face and her smooth scalp as she lowered herself onto me and then I looked at her breasts pressed against mine and then I felt her erection sliding inside of me as she started slowly and then gradually sped up until the pleasure I felt was unstoppable. As I gasped my second orgasm, she slowly removed her cock.

"You will be my three hole slut," she said as she turned my limp body over. Then, she very carefully entered me from behind. My saliva and body fluids had lubricated her and although this was something I had seldom done, my body was so relaxed that I accepted her and allowed myself to be sodomized until she finally came.

When we were done, I lay with her and stroked her shaved head and held her limp but sizable cock in my hand.

"That was incredible," I said at last.

"It is the beginning," she said.


I awoke sometime in the morning and heard Angela in the kitchen. I found a robe and made my way to her. She was in a silk kimono and was making coffee.

"What would you like for breakfast?" she asked.

"I should probably get going."

"Why? Last night you told me that you don't have to be anywhere until September."

"That's true but I don't want to wear out my welcome."

"That would be impossible for you to do. You handled my little surprise very well."

"Little is hardly the right word," I laughed.

"Thank you. I am glad you liked it."

I looked at her as she made coffee. Her beauty was impossible to describe to someone with standard conditioning. Her shaved head seemed preferable to any hair that I could imagine on her and the fact that she had a functional male apparatus made her so exquisitely unique that already my desire for her was rising.

Angela came close to me and opened my robe.

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