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Daddy Daughter and the mom.

The potatoes had been peeled and par boiled and then coated in garlic and were in the oven roasting along with the lamb.

Ashkey had then peeled and scrubbed the vegetables until they were in the pan waiting to be boiled. She had prepared the apples and set them in a crumble to cook off and then she had uncorked the wine and set it to breathe and warm so it would be perfect for serving with the meal.

She could no more food wise and so she fed the girls then dashed upstairs and ran herself a bath. It was time to pamper herself and when she did this, her husband always got the benefit. She liked a lovely deep bath so it took a while for it to run.

As she waited for the bath to fill, she went to the bedroom and found the bag Maria had given her. For the first time she looked through the contents and selected a lovely set of deep blue underwear.

Her husband's favourite colour was blue and she knew that if this did not get him interested then nothing would. She lovingly placed the bra and knickers on the bed and then looked through her wardrobe to decide what to wear.

She had forgotten how many clothes she had discarded yesterday and how little clothes she now had left to wear. What she had though was a collection of clothes that she felt comfortable in and made her feel sexy.

She selected a navy skirt and then a blouse that was perhaps a size too small but enhanced her breasts and always made her feel hot when wearing it.

The outfit chosen for tonight she went back to the bathroom turned off the water and climbed in. She allowed the water to make her tingle and excite her. She wanted to wank but resisted the temptation. If she could keep herself on the boil then sex with her husband would be even better.

Making sure that she was clean all over and that all her hair was trimmed or removed she climbed out of the bath and toweled herself dry. It took all her effort to slip into the dressing gown and not climb into bed.

Then she went back downstairs and checked on the girls and the meal. The food was cooking and the girls were back in front of the television. She checked the clock and then hustled the girls upstairs and into the bath.

She wanted her husband all to herself tonight. It was unlucky for the girls but she excused herself by saying it was a school night and it would no them no harm to have an early night.

Ashkey tried not to show the girls this as she sat at the side of the bath chatting to them and catching up on the recent school gossip. She laughed when they made a joke and she pampered them and washed their hair.

Then she lovingly toweled them dry and wrapped them in warm bed clothes. One by one, she took the girls to bed and snuggled them down. She read them both a story then left them to dream of whatever.

Satisfied that she had done all she could do as a mother she the went back to her bedroom and prepared to be a wife .It had been so long since she had done anything special for her husband that she actually found herself getting wet at the prospect.

Tonight was going to be special. Ashkey had gone through so much in the last two days and she had to unload on someone. Her husband was the obvious person and although she could not say what his day would have been like at work she wanted to confess to him.

Her mind had been so full of guilt and recrimination that she was beginning to make herself sick with worry. She needed to be honest with him and hope that he understood.

She slipped the dressing gown from her shoulders and walked naked towards the bed. First, she picked up the bra and put it on. It was three quarter cup and allowed her nipples to poke over the top. It was also an excellent fit. She wondered at the eye of Maria who had not taken her measurements yet so far, everything had fitted.

Next, she picked up the knickers. In fact, they were not knickers but a thong that snugged her cunt beautifully. To this, she added a suspender belt and some stockings. She smoothed out the creases then applied the skirt and blouse.

Boy she felt good and she hoped her husband wou

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