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Mistress Mary tries out an experimental drug.

Even though she was born and raised in one of the most beautiful countries on earth, Olivia has yet to experience some of the most unique events right in her own backyard. She has bushwalked through Namadgi National Park, rode horses through the rolling hills of Burnelee, but nothing ever as extraordinary as a hot air balloon ride.

Matthew turned and smiled at her as they rose up above the world. "Just a few more minutes, then I'll take off that blindfold." He couldn't help but to stare at her luscious curves, thinking about the last time he touched her, really touched her, felt her on the inside, made her writhe in pleasure.

"Matthew!" She let out a flirty giggle as he began to tug at her waistline and kiss her neck. He gave more gas to the balloon and they rose higher, he rose higher, his cock becoming a hard throbbing mass underneath his shorts. In one quick move, he picked her up and hoisted her on to the edge of the basket, thousands of feet above the world. Olivia shrieked, still not having a clue that down below everything looked miniature, that she was floating above the world, that she was taking the ride of her life.

Matthew lifted her shirt up over her head, exposing her bountiful tits sitting in her lace C cup bra. Olivia tugged her shirt back down, smacking him lovingly on whatever she could make contact with in her blindfolded state.

"Trust me," he whispered in her ear as he suckled on her lobe and made his way down her neck again. His hands found the front clasp of her bra and unhooked it, his excitement increasing as her mounds spilled out in front of him. Matthew took a handful and brought one aching nipple up to his mouth. He sucked on it for a long time until she offered him the other. He flicked his tongue and nursed on her until she practically pushed him away.

They continued to glide along quietly at 1,700 feet, other balloons floating past them as he shimmied her shorts down to her dangling feet and let them fall. Slowly he slid his hand in between her thighs and traced his fingertips along her delicate folds of flesh, moving her panties aside. She was ready, her pussy swollen, and waiting, her tiny pink clit standing out, begging for his attention.

Matthew took one long dragging lick from back to front, tasting her silky wetness. She pushed into him, wiggling with pleasure from his soft tongue, as he continued to eat her, devour her. Bringing his two fingers up to meet his tongue, he plunged into her greedy pussy and Olivia screamed out loud. He continued in and out, in and out her pussy rhythmically convulsed around his fingers, sweat beginning to trickle down her chest, her breathing trying to keep up with her heartbeat.

She came in waves, squirming, moaning, erupting in rhythm to his playful mouth. He fought to hold her steady until he swallowed her juices, tasting his fantasies, thinking how reality is always so much better.

Matthew lowered Olivia back down and removed her blindfold, planting his lips on hers so she can experience how sweet she really is. She traced the outline of her mouth, her eyes popped wide open, realizing that the only thing around her was blue sky and trails of wispy white clouds.

"Where the hell are we!?" She walked over to the edge and leaned forward, taking in a gasp of the fresh cool air.

"Wow, we are in a balloon! Matthew!" She looked over the edge again, her shorts still not hiked back up onto her hips, her perky tits peaking slightly underneath her tank top. He stood behind her, his cock pressing up against her bare ass. How desperately he yearned to be deep inside her. It's been months. Long distance relationships were hard, and so was he.

Gently, grabbing the back of her neck, he slid off her thong and replaced it with the tip of his penis, he pushed between the crack of her ass until he found her wet opening.

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