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Love found, second time around.

With the tachometer nearing redline he felt the harmonics of the engine match the current singing of his heart.

Aaron shook the mental process of the previous hour, which continued to overload his brain. Think he cursed in silence, "Woman", "Baby", "Fianc__", "Wedding", Pregnancy", "Family", "Diapers", "Career"," In-laws", "Stretch marks", "Fatherhood", "Teddy Bears".... His mind could not absorb all the information; he needed time, which at the moment seemed in short supply.

As the Mustang headed West into the setting Sun, Aaron felt the warmth of Chelle's hand slip over his resting on the gearshift. Not a single word was uttered. Both stared straight ahead through the windshield as the brilliance of a beautiful sunset warmed them. Intertwined digits seemed the only stability in either of their lives at this exact moment and neither contemplated letting go. The occasional tear slipped down both their faces but neither moved to wipe away the emotion the other felt.

Aaron tried to evaluate his mindset. A logical order called for him to vent some of the feelings banging away inside of his heart. He breathed in and held his air. He had a woman who he'd only met a week ago, "in an examination room with her feet in stirrups' and proceeded not only to deflower her but impregnate her with his own sperm. Damn! The first funny thought rifled through his head, "should he turn this in to the Division of Family Service, or file a Workman's Comp Claim?" He wanted to share this humor with Chelle, but he could only imagine where her thoughts were at this moment. Could she have left his office a week ago and made Steve perform on demand, and he be the father of the child growing inside her womb? Aaron quickly discounted that notion. Steve was a self-consuming controlling ex football jock that knew nothing about the passions capable inside Chelle's body. Last Friday's visit proved Aaron had played on a field Steve had never suited up for even in his wildest dreams.

Damn! Steve and Chelle were to be married in two days. The logic was beginning to restructure Aaron's brain. Chelle is a patient, Steve is the fianc__, a wedding is scheduled, parents and friends would attend, a baby would be born ...... "Default, Default... did Chelle want to have a baby. What did she think of this person inside sharing her body?" There was too much noise inside Aaron's head. He drove west on I-70 with no destination in mind, much like his life seemed to be at the moment. His fuel tank was full and the woman next to him who he'd seen twice had a full tank too, thanks to him. Aaron could not think in a rational manner, his brain was scrambled and Chelle carried his baby. The only guidance was the lines on the highway. After driving 2 hours and not a word uttered since leaving the parking lot at the clinic, Aaron turned to Chelle and asked "Do you have any idea where were going?"

Section 21

Chelle turned to look at Aaron. She wasn't sure what he meant. "I don't know." She turned her head to look out the window. "It doesn't look like we're anywhere near my place, though."

Aaron nodded, but also knowing that he had meant in the bigger sense of things rather than actual location. Before he could think of anything else to say, Chelle went on. "Could you pull into that rest stop? I really need to potty, if you wouldn't mind."

A few minutes later, Aaron was parking the car. Before he could turn to say anything, Chelle was out of the car and inside the building already. He locked the car and decided to make use of the facilities as well. Leaving the restroom, Aaron started for the car when he thought a cold drink would taste good. He glanced around, but didn't see Chelle. He walked around the corner to where the vending machines were housed when he heard Chelle's voice. He stopped as he realized she was on the phone. He didn't give a damn about the old saying regarding eavesdroppers.

"No, Steve."

Aaron gritted his teeth as he realized that Chelle was talking to her fianc__.

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