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Some art projects are riskier than others.

His thick cock slid against my chest as mine did to his. His fat, hairy balls rested against my chin as our bodies wiggled in sync.

"Mmmm," we moaned together, our mouths stuffed with each other's most intimate parts. He moved his tongue inside me like a professional dancer. I tried to keep up, but I trying to learn expert moves from just feeling the sensations he produced inside me.

My cock rubbed back and forth against his chest, leaving trails of precum. The tip of his cock pushed against my left nipple. I grabbed it with one hand and rubbed it against my smooth chest. Each time I pumped it I got a little more of his salty offering. I let go of his cock and rubbed his precum over my skin.

He pulled his tongue out of me and quickly pushed in a finger to my spit-slicked hole. He rubbed in slow circles to push out and open me. He made my eyes roll back as I kept my tongue inside him and yanked on his cock.

"So good, baby. You are a quick learner. You make me feel good inside. I have to start to open this little pussy to get it ready for me. Do you like this?" Amir asked as his hips bucked against my hand while I gripped his cock. He asked as though I wasn't writhing in pleasure every time he touched me, as though I wasn't completely addicted to his skill.

"Uhhh huhh," I agreed while swirling my tongue around inside him. I wondered if I should finger him like he was doing to me, but he seemed pretty happy with my tongue. He shoved his finger deep inside me and then I felt his lips once again trying to get at my cock. He slurped it in and started to suck me while he fingered my hole. I was so close to finishing, every move he made had me feeling like I was going to burst.

Our bodies slammed together and it sent me towards the edge as my cock rubbed his chest. The soft hair over his strong pecs added just the right texture to bring my kettle to boil. I whined and pulled my tongue from his ass with a loud "Ahhhh!" as my cock started to throb and shoot hot spunk over him.

"Fuck!" I howled as he gripped my cock and pumped it. It pulsed with a mind of its own in his firm grasp as he aimed it towards his face. I looked down to his chiseled, brown jaw get coated in my white, hot swimmers. My body twisted and jerked as I was overcome with it. I completely ignored his needs as I bucked my hips and fucked his grip.

"Yes, baby," he praised as shot after shot of my offering coated his chest, lips, shoulders, ear. I painted him like Jackson Pollock in a lust induced zombie trance. I twisted and jerked in a hard release as he fingered my "pussy" and pumped my cock.

"Ameeeeerr," I whined in my weakened state. He kept pumping me as the well begain to run dry. I had nothing left to give, but my body still shook with aftershocks of my big finish.

"Please," I begged and started to laugh uncontrollably as he continued to pump my cock in his ninja grip. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Stop! Please!" I implored him. He did it three more times and then dove onto my cock with his warm, wet lips. He soothed it as his tongue swirled down the shaft until his chin touched my balls.

"Oh fuck," I laid back on the blanket and gasped with ragged breath. I was spent, conquered, owned. He finally set me free after lapping up the last of my juice. He leaned up to show me the strings of cum over his face and torso. He beamed proudly at the things he could make me feel.

"You look so good with my cum," I laughed when I saw him. He sat up and then came over to me. He leaned down over me and my cum started to drip down.

"Lick me clean, baby boy," he said and I raised up to taste myself on his skin. I slurped up my salty cum. It was thick and strong like I hadn't come in awhile. My body had given its best work, its vintage reserve, to him. I sucked him clean and swallowed my seed.

"That's my boy," he praised and wiped the spit off his chin with the back of his hand.

"You didn't finish," I observed.

"I will.

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