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Scarlett started to suck on Gal's olive skin and as she started to tug on the zipper of her black catsuit. Scarlett's breasts pressed into the flat of Gal's back and as they moved around in the middle of the master bedroom. Scarlett continued to suck on Gal's neck casually swayed together all while she toyed with the other woman in the middle of the bedroom. Tasting Gal's skin in her mouth, Scarlett silently cheered for herself having read all of the correct signs from Gal.

"Mmmm Scarlett..." Gal purred, her hand coming up to reach behind her and touch at the other woman. When the cat suit became looser around her body, Gal wriggled herself around slightly and it became a point of it almost slipping off of her frame completely. "I... Mmmm... I never thought this was going to happen." Gal admitted, feeling a damp spot start to take over her panties. Her thighs rubbed together as Scarlett continued to bite and suck on her neck, the hand that had been unzipping the catsuit moved up towards Gal's breasts and then her hand dipped inside to gently cup and squeeze at the breast closest to her. Her hand came up and cupped against it, her fingers coming up and she gently rubbed her index finger and thumb over the hard nipple.

Scarlett lifted her teeth up and out of Gal's skin she gently licked her tongue against the bite mark as her hands moved over to the front of the actual Wonder Woman. Her hands both took hold of Gal's breasts and she gently squeezed each of them, her thumbs brushed against each of Gal's hard nipples as the other, taller woman started to get more and more into it. Scarlett's lips smacked against Gal's neck and as the Israeli woman moaned and almost whined for the other woman, Scarlett could feel her own costume getting wetter as well. Scarlett pecked at Gal's neck one last time before she lifted her lips up off of the other woman and they were quickly face to face. Gal was looking at Scarlett with her Black Widow costume rolled down to around her waist and her breasts on display.

Scarlett looked down at Gal's breasts, her green eyes settling on the hard nipples with the slightly darker areolas. The actress dressed as Wonder Woman licked her lips and looked up at Gal's face. It was the turn of the foreign born actress to blush wildly as Scarlett inspected her chest. Scarlett licked her lips and then took hold of Gal by the waist before she pulled the other woman into a kiss. Gal was quick to reciprocate, her hands coming over to Scarlett's body and taking hold of her. The two women's lips were pressed together and as they swapped saliva with each other, Scarlett's hands roamed over Gal's body and then down to cup against Gal's ass, digging her fingers into the cheeks over the fabric of the catsuit. Gal moaned out lowly but still into Scarlett's mouth as the woman dressed as Black Widow started to deepen the kiss.

Scarlett's mouth opened up and they instantly sought out each other's tongues as they started to kiss each other with a bit more gusto. Their mouths moved from side to side as Scarlett's fingers continued to dig into the rear of Gal while Gal's hands moved up to Scarlett's front. Gal's hands laid themselves on Scarlett's chest, slightly unsure of what was happening as this was the first time Gal had ever been with another woman as well. The Israeli born woman carefully squeezed at Scarlett's breasts over the cheap plastic of the costume before she smiled around the kiss and then moved her hands up to the straps. Blindly fumbling with the costume, Gal finally found one of the buckles that kept the costume together and almost instantly slipping the plastic outer shell of the cheap costume. Peeling it off of Scarlett, Gal blindly threw the piece of plastic away from the two women where it landed on the floor with a gentle thud.

Now, Scarlett was left in a blue body suit that was barely concealing her hard nipples and Gal was still clad in the black catsuit but that was rolled down around Gal's waist.

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