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Part-dragon soldier falls for her superior.

But Rusot took it as apparently the closest thing to permission that he might be likely to get, and began his assault. As he tore at her clothes, Kira let out a cry that sounded as if she was already in agony, as if the men were already hurting her. Two things happened instantly: Dukat seized Rusot's arm with an iron grip, powerful enough to force a slight wince from her attacker, and Garak slapped his hand over Kira's mouth, and hissed at the suddenly silenced girl, "Shush! Do you want to give away our position to the Dominion?!"

When he was satisfied with her silence, he moved his hand just enough to allow her to tearily say, "Right now I'd be happy to be rescued by the Dominion!"

As Garak muttered at what he clearly thought was supreme foolishness in that remark, Dukat growled murderously at Rusot, "Get out of here!!!"

The latter's face darkened with indignation. "You are going to let her out of this!"

Again with perfect diplomacy, now that he had at least some idea of his long time mentor's position, Damar told him, "Not you! If we decide that it will happen, we will do it, but you will not be part of it! Get off of her, and get going!! Go back with the other men!!"

Rusot obeyed, but with a simmering sullenness that made Kira shiver. When the soldier was on the other side of a closed door, the Bajoran's emotion-ravaged, tear-stained face turned to shakily thank the other three for making him go, but her words died and she was newly alarmed when she caught sight of their expressions, and saw them turn from her and each other, each absorbed in his own thoughts. She bore the agonizing suspense as long as she could, and then timidly murmured, "Now what?"

Damar turned and looked at her, and his face was grim. "Now we have a problem. A big one."

Kira trembled to the core at his ominous tone.

Garak shook his head. "She couldn't help it, Damar. As I said, it is a severe phobia. If we just hadn't let the argument get so far."

Dukat was exasperated. "Garak, we didn't know that she had something like this to hide, such a secret to protect! It isn't our fault, either!"

"What??" Kira was already nearly sobbing again.

Damar wheeled on her. "Now one of the soldiers knows exactly how to handle you!"

She paled when she took his thought one step farther, and whispered, "He'll tell all the others! I can't stay here! I can't function here like this! I've got to go back where I belong!!" She tried to struggle upward, but her head clearly swam; she almost fell.

Emotionally charged, not really meaning to seem threatening, Damar aggressively dropped and crouched in front of her. "You can't! We need you in this war! You can't let your phobia give the Alpha Quadrant to the Dominion!"

She shrank from him in renewed terror and overwhelming shame. In a very small voice, she said, "Can't you three just keep stopping them?!"

Dukat stared. "Impractical. We have a resistance movement to run; we can't be saddled with babysitting our adviser! I'll stay and help the movement anyway, yes, but even with three of us trying to keep an eye on you in addition to our other duties, something will go wrong sooner or later!"

Her voice shook. "Just order them not to, please!!!"

Damar made a rude noise. "And they'll obey until they get you separated from us for a brief moment."

"Oh Prophets! No!!"

His diplomacy completely drained, Damar fumed, "And forget your ridiculous Prophets!"

Watching Kira carefully, Garak said neutrally, "The easiest solution, of course, would be if she no longer had the problem."

Instantly comprehending, she sank in terror the rest of the way back down to the floor.

Dukat said as gently as he could manage under the frustrating circumstances, "Nerys, wouldn't that be best? No more fear and shame? And wouldn't you rather it be us, than take the chance that one or more of the soldiers might get you?"

She collapsed, hiding her face in crossed arms.

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