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She entertains men outside of a trendy night club.

.."I smile and hold up my instructions Jeannette gave me. "Good, good...I forgot we printed those up...thank you past selves!"

"Wear something comfortable, gets a good night's sleep, and eat a light breakfast of..."

"Carbs" she and I both say at the same time sharing a knowing look. Jeannette laughs and demands the instruction sheet back since I clearly don't need it.

Please. If there's one thing I know it's how to prepare my ass to be fucked.

With that we say our goodbyes and Sir and I resume our walk to the parking garage after the weirdest detour ever. As he takes my hand I think to myself that Mary's right, you can feel energy. I can feel his as if it's inside of me.

Sir kisses me as soon as we get in the car, pushing my skirt up and sliding my panties to the side..."I should check my little fucktoy and see if you're ready to come for me in this parking garage like the naughty little slut you are..." With that his fingers slide deep into my tight, wet cunt as I buck up against his hand and start begging, louder than I intended. Jeannette fingering me felt very nice, but nothing like Sir's fingers inside me. This is exactly what I need and he knows it.

He's feeling playful, making me answer questions while he fingers my pussy as he strokes my clit with his thumb..."Did you like it when she licked your clit?" "How did it feel to know I was watching another woman fingering your ass?" "When she shoved her tongue deep inside your tight little asshole forcing it open so she could fuck you with it how did that feel, kitten?"

The rule is I have to answer by talking as dirty as possible in complete sentences. When I can't do it he takes his hand away and makes me beg for another chance. It's late and the parking garage is nearly deserted, but not entirely. Trying to explain how it felt to have another woman ravish my ass with her mouth he watched, as he roughly fingers me to the point of orgasm is a lot harder than it sounds.

That diabolical grin of his when he stopped and began to drive home was so sexy yet so infuriating! All the way home he kept ordering me to rub my pussy and finger myself as he instructed and when I did exactly as I was told he'd order me to stop just as I was on the edge of coming.

I think Sir played a lot of red light/green light as a child.

When we got home I was hoping he'd rip my panties off and fuck me as soon as we walked through the door but he told me to go get ready for bed, swatting me on the bottom as I obeyed. I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth when he comes in already naked. That's how he sleeps. He says it saves laundry but I think he just knows how perfect his cock is, not to mention the rest of him. He's kind of a show off.

I'm definitely not complaining.

He places his hands on my hips to move past me, kissing the back of my head on his way to the toilet. He starts to pee and well, I don't plan to watch but I can't help it, it's so sexy. There is this level of intimacy involved that's incredibly intense.

Moving closer I wrap my arms around his waist and cuddle against him, sliding my hand down and caress his ass watching...him stop mid-stream, so to speak. Actually, not even mid-stream since he barely got started.

"Baby? You couldn't have waited a few more seconds until I was done to start getting me hard again?"


"I really have to finish pissing...this very frustrating."

Ha! It wasn't intentional but he is getting a little taste of how I feel daily when I'm waiting for him to give me permission to go...

"It's looks very frustrating. I'm sorry, Sir." In my best pseudo-innocent voice, trying to suppress my amusement and failing miserably.

"You are so not sorry" he grins at me and resumes peeing, barely started again when I offer some assistance.

"Would you like me to hold it for you while you do that?" And in a totally random coincidence his stream stops again just as I reach for his cock.

"Sorry, just trying to help!" I say over my shoulder as I leave the room.

He yells after me that I just bough

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