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Milf or Cougar? A lover takes a lover.

m. to 4 a.m. I remember thinking 'that's three grand like a high-class hooker would charge'. I told him that this was too much and that I would almost certainly not be out that late. But he simply said that if I got home earlier I could either take it out of future appointment fees, or keep it as a bonus if all went well. I did not ask if having his wife royally fucked was what he had in mind when he said 'went well'. He payed me with a business check that covered his appointment, as well as the agreed amount for Friday night, like it was some sort of official work consultation. I remember thinking that my services were going to be used as a business tax deduction for him, so that I was effectively being paid by the Australian tax office.

Jodi rang me several times that following week, once to inform me of a particularly lustful thought she had about Chris. I managed to convince her not to see him but I wasn't sure why, I told myself that it was because she really didn't want him. The real reason might have been because it was me that wanted her, it was a recurring thought that I continually dismissed. I found it slightly strange that Jodi never mentioned Bruno who actually bought her to orgasm with his tongue. Maybe because she was kissing Chris and looking at his face when she came, that she associated it more with him. Another time she rang me breathless, she was in her car and had just picked her car up from the mechanic shop at 5 p.m. on Thursday. Apparently, all of the mechanics had gone home except for the foreman, who had been waiting for her and the office was locked. He had taken her in there and he locked the door again behind her, which she said gave her shivers. She said she was wearing a pair of skin-tight spandex pants for walking and exercising in. I knew the pair she was talking about, they were bright red and showed every crease around her thighs and camel-toe. Her tiny arse looks absolutely delicious in these pants, especially when she was wearing a loose tank top like she was. She told me the mechanic said he had to wash his hands and she followed him into the kitchen. He got some special detergent and got them squeaky clean. He then rubbed his clean hand along her forearm and then he grabbed her upper arm and pulled her towards him.

She said he looked directly into her eyes. He said she had fantastic skin and that she was absolutely gorgeous. She thought he was going to kiss her but instead, his left hand grabbed her around the waist and he began to feel her arse, squeezing it and groaning with lust. Then his right hand started rubbing at her crotch. She said she felt his erection growing and pushing into her thigh. She felt herself writhing and almost giving into his hand. But she managed to whisper 'please don't'. The mechanic pulled away but she said he looked really horny and hungry and she could see that he had a huge erection down the leg of his overalls. He finally said that it's okay, that he was sorry for mauling her, that he found her almost irresistible and had to do everything to stop himself just taking her there on the desk. She said she told him that that would have been rape. Apparently, he responded that it would definitely not have been rape because she would have been coming all over his cock and crying for more. She said she felt that familiar gush between her legs when he said that and she knew it would be true, she was flushed and there was this huge sexual tension in the air. Finally he gave her her car keys and a receipt for her cheque and she left.

Jodie was so breathless and hot when she told me this, she said she felt like masturbating right there in the car on the way home but that she rang me instead.

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