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New ex-virgin agrees to get wild.

Low-key is the key, because the wolves of the FBI's Financial Crimes Division were always on the prowl.

"I would like to reassure you, ma'am...sorry, Diana-it won't happen again. I would like to reassure you that there is nothing to be alarmed about. This is just a routine check; we do it all the time."

"Do I look alarmed?"

"No, ma'-" He smiled like a man who'd just avoided a close call. "But people usually feel a bit uneasy when we pay them a visit."

"A surprise visit?"

His smile grew wider. "Now if people knew we were coming, that would defeat the whole purpose, wouldn't it?"

Diana faked a smile. She'd known he was coming three days ago. Suzan Owens had her own feelers inside the FBI Financial Crimes Division. The FBI looked for patterns. Exceptional numbers of bank transfers, a business with multiple bank accounts for no apparent reason, or a newly acquired business with an unexplained surge in its financial flow.

During the past weeks, the club been pulling in over 30K every night it was open. One of her employees made a blunder and deposited the entire revenues plus the dirty money from Suzan, despite Diana's strict instructions. It wasn't low-key, and now she was screwed.
"Is there anything in particular that drew your attention to my club?"

"Some financial statements that look a bit odd. I'll have to sit down with your accountant. I'm sure everything is in order, and we can sort everything out."

"Had I known that FBI agents were so handsome, I would have made my financial statements much odder much sooner."

"Thank you, ma'-Diana." He actually blushed. Cute. "But let me remind you that obstruction of justice is an offense."

"So now the FBI has joined the thought police? Since when is giving compliments a crime?"

"It's not."

"So it's okay to say that I think you're hot?"

His blush colored his cheeks and neck. Super cute. "Ma'am, I..." He showed her his ring.

"Do you carry the little wife in that ugly bag?"

"Certainly not." He laughed.

"I hope you don't mind. It's something about handsome men in suits that makes me a bit flirty."

"A bit?" He laughed.

The one thing Diana was confident about was her looks. She was a beautiful girl, and she grew up to be the kind of woman men were desperate to touch, even if they sometimes had a hard time admitting it.

"Well." She rose to her feet and circled her desk, leaning on it next to him. "I am a futanari, after all. Some people say that we're just women with an extra something, out of political correctness. Bullshit! God gave me both male and female parts and a libido greater than both combined."

He stared at her and gulped.

"You can't blame me for trying."

"I'm not." He took a deep breath. "But you see, like I said, I'm here about some financial statements that look a bit odd."

"Not odd at all, did you see the number of people on the floor? I've turned this place upside down."

"Yes, very impressive." He wasn't cynical. She doubted he could be.

"There is a line of people to the next block, begging the doormen to let them in, and whom I'm dying to let in, but I can't because of the fire department's strict regulations."

"That would explain things; still, I will have to review your records with your accountant."

"Ethan will be here soon, and you guys can have your fun. Kind of a shame."


"Financial records bore me to tears. I was hoping you'd swallow the bait so we could have some other kind of fun. I must be losing my touch."

"Ma'am." He coughed, and his hands clutched the bag for protection. ""I'm...It's not...I'm not... It's not. I'm straight, to start with."

"And getting some on the side with a futanari will make you what? Gay?"


"I never understood people's obsession with labels. Gay, bi, straight? Who gives a fuck if you're straight or heteroflexible? A ton of so-called straight guys would give a lot to find out what it's like to be a bottom bitch to a girl like me."


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