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We are Lions.

Helen was now looking a little flushed as I told her of my dream. She pulled back the sheet and applied the flannel to my erect cock. And said like this. Yes I said. What did your dream woman do next Helen asked. Well... I said. When she had washed and dried me. The woman did a most unusual thing.

She pulled my hands and arms up behind my head. Produced a soft silken cord and tied my hands to the bars at the top of the bed. Helen then surprised me and said, like this as she pulled my hands and arms behind my head and tied them to the bars.

This was getting interesting. Helen took my swollen member in her hand and asked me to continue my story. Well... I said the dusky maiden took my cock in her hand and lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth. Helen copied my description and took me her mouth. Oh boy this woman could give head I was in seventh heaven. As Helen came up for air she asked me to continue my story, what did the dusky maiden in my dream do next?

Well she straddled my shoulders and bought her pussy to eager tongue. So Helen turned her body to copy my dream. To my surprise Helen had a shaved pussy, which is my favourite dish. I'm not into organic dental floss. So what can a gentleman do when offered such a delectable dish, but oblige a lady? I breathed deeply on Helens scent and applied my tongue to her eager quim. My efforts were rewarded with little moans of approval at my licking nibbling and sucking. Helen didn't forget her duties either and kept up rewarding me for the pleasures I was giving her. Then without warning Helen came she sat up and pressed herself hard down on my face and mouth. Her body shuddered with such force I thought she might pass out on me. Helen lifted her pussy from my face and turned round to smile at me and say thank you that was wonderful. Now I'm going to make you come in me.

Helen straddled my hips and lowered herself onto my hard penis. At first she rubbed herself back and forth along its length. The softness of her outer lips on my cock was just heaven. I asked her to sit still so I could relish the feeling of her most warmth on my cock. She just rocked back and forth ever so gently so as to apply pressure to her clit. She looked into my eyes with be devilment and said now I'm going take you into my body and you cant stop me (who said I wanted too?) She then slid forwarded and then back pushing my cock into her hot pussy. She pushed down hard onto my pubic bone and rocked back and forth again applying pressure to her clit, the most wonderful sensation to the head of my cock with her cervix, as the head my cock flicked back and forth over her most in opening. I wanted to lift her body to increase the feeling but was unable because of my tied hands and if tried to thrust into her Helen just pushed me harder onto the bed. Helen said NO I'm making you cum this time when I want.

Helen screwed me for what seemed like an eternity of bliss. Boy could this woman screw. I couldn't stop myself from rolling my eyes in sheer bliss. I was in paradise... every time I got to the point of no return, Helen would relax and wait for me to calm down again. The she would start again riding my throbbing cock. Then the riding really started as she thrust up and down my full length. This was going to me volcanic as we both exploded in orgasm together. I thought my cock was going explode as it erupted into Helens womb. Helens pussy clenched and pulsed onto my throbbing member, as she collapsed onto my sweating body and lay there patting from her excursions. I lay there in the most wonderful after glow as my cock slowly softened in Helens body. We lay there for some time until Helen lifted herself off me and asked me if I would like to bath her. To which I agreed. Helen untied me and allowed me to get up from the bed.

Helen asked me if felt better after my medicine. I felt like jelly but one hell of a lot better.

When the bath was run and the bathroom filled with steam.

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