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Monica wears more than a smile.

While Kelvin bitched about him leaving the shower, Cindy had told him all about what she had done with the three girls, or more accurately what they had done to her. Kim had been texting him about what she wanted to do to him, as well as sending him dirty pictures. He spent the morning with a shit eating grin. His phone vibrated again.

Kim: Here's a pic I hope it doesn't distract you from saving lives ;).

The picture was of Cindy's pale ass with Kim's strap-on sticking out from underneath.

"Who the fuck have you been texting non-stop today." Sam said as she snatched his phone from him while she drove. She glanced back at the road then at him without looking at the phone. "Some new girl finally?"

"Sam please. Don't look at that picture."

"Oh stop worrying I'm not gonna make fun of her no matter how fugly she is." Sam joked as she glanced down. The ambulance drifted in it's lane and a horn honked.


She came to her sense and pulled back into her lane. "What the fuck is that." She threw the phone at him. "What the fuck are you into?"

"I told you not to look." Jason said sullenly.

"Is that the girl you've been texting?"

"Sort of."

"Sort of?"

"Well that was both of them."

"Both? There were two girls in that pic?"

"Yeah... The dildo is on Kim's strap-on. Look I don't want to talk to you about this. Pull over and I'll ride in the back."

"Fuck that. I want details. You haven't had a girl in years. I was worried with the way you talk about Kelvin and how long you spent in the woods with him you weren't even into them anymore. Now you have two girls, who are fucking each other?"

"Um it might be three. But I haven't talked to Brooke since. And they are having sex but I think Cindy is more into Brooke, she just likes sex. But like I said I don't want to get into this with you."

"Christ. We have been off four days and you go and fuck three random girls? What do they just wait in line for you?"

"Stop giving me weird looks and keep your eyes on the damn road. Tim and Rick would have a field day if they have to bring us a new rig cause you aren't paying attention. And no usually there is two of them. First Brooke and Cindy, then Kim, then Kim and Cindy, then Cindy giving me head in the shower while some of the sorority sisters watched."

"You actually sound embarrassed about your exploits. Most guys would be bragging like crazy."

"Yeah I brag to Kelvin but that's cause no one would listen to him if he said anything anyway. The only person who believes half what he says is Suzie and he won't tell her. She'd kill him for knowing and me for telling him."

"Fuckin' A. Some bastard keeps riding my ass. Probably like you rode those girls huh?" She laughed.

"See I knew I didn't want to tell you."

"Well it explains why you and Katie didn't work. She's to much of a prude for your kinky ass. Fuck!" The ambulance was stopped at a red light but suddenly lurched forward.

"That bastard hit us deliberately!"

Jason was looking in the review mirror at the car behind them but couldn't see the faces inside. "Don't get out I'll call PD." He grabbed the receiver of his radio from his shoulder. "Dispatch this is A- fuck!" He dropped the radio as a shower of glass covered him. Someone had hit his passenger window with a baseball bat.

"Fuck off." Sam was shouting out her closed window."

"Go! Go Sam drive!" Jason told her. Sam dropped the ambulance in gear and started to drive away. But the car that had hit them sped up and cut them off.

"Damn it. Fuck this I'm hitting my fifty." Sam pressed the little orange button on top of her radio. It was used buy EMS, Fire, and Police to signal an "All hands" alert. Every cop, fire truck, and ambulance not busy in the area would be signaled to come to their GPS location. As she did this the guy with the baseball bat returned and hit the windshield of her ambulance.

"Come on out fucker! I want you to meet my friend." The guy said swinging his bat again.

His friend was trying to pull Sam's door open.

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