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Besand has doubts as he recalls Dalia's first punishment.

Marlene commandeered him, taking him to an easy chair which couldn't both of them so she sat sideways in his lap, one arm around him, the other feeling his cock. She firmly placed his hand at her crotch where he could stroke her vulva through her sheer nylon panties. Ron relaxed, enjoying the sexual touching as he watched Jennifer remove Trevor's pants and Eva remove David's. Then, after Wayne removed Sally's skirt, the screen displayed, "Ron remove Kate's pants."

Second Orgasm

Kate came to the middle of the room and Ron met her there. She stood absolutely still as he unfastened and unzipped the fly of her cargo pants and let them fall to the floor revealing red thong panties that cupped her pussy. In the spirit of the evening he cupped his hand over them. She barely moved but he was sure she pressed herself against his hand and moved her crotch almost imperceptibly. He took her hand and led her to the love seat where he began slowly caressing her genitals. She whispered to him, "Can I touch it?"

"What's that?" he asked back quietly.

She pointed at the tip of his cock pushing out of his waistband. She was the only one of the women who hadn't groped him after Marlene revealed his Batman briefs.

"Sure," he whispered back and, taking the hand she was pointing with, placed it on the indicated organ.

Paying no attention to the others as the last of their underwear was revealed, he devoted his attention to Kate's labia and clit through the fabric of her thong. He soon had her breathing heavily. In her excitement she moved her hand inside his briefs and grasped his cock firmly at its base. The edge of her hand pushed at his balls. Everyone's cell phones rang as the app indicated another question to be answered.

"Don't stop," she pleaded but Ron pointed to the questions now displayed on the TV: "Whose penis would you most like to see, touch, suck?" and "Whose pussy would you most like to see, touch, eat?"

"Finish me!" she said loudly. everyone stopped and looked at the two of them. "Answer questions later."

"Finish her, Ron," Sally encouraged. "We'll wait." Several of the other women joined in, "Finish her!"

Ron pushed his hand inside her thong where he was surprised by the amount of pubic hair. All the other girls he had felt tonight were shaven or trimmed to some degree. He had no idea what a woman's "beaver" was naturally like. He drove his fingers inside her and rubbed his thumb at her clit, accompanied by a chorus of "Finish her, Finish her, ..." from the other guests. He soon had her squirming in orgasm as she giggled loudly in pleasure. Most of the remaining women clapped as she sat gasping for breath and then turned their attention to answering the questions.

"So, I've touched you and Sally and Courtney and Sarah's Mom. Who do you think?" he whispered to Kate. "Sarah's looks nice and soft, don't you think?"

The question broke through her shyness, "Yeah, Sarah. maybe Eva? Who has a good cock? I'm gonna put you down as #1 to suck." she smiled at him.

"And I'll put you and Courtney down as 1 and 2 to eat." he replied. Then he noticed, "Dahlia is still wearing her pants."

"I don't think she has any underwear." was Kate's response.

"Then she's the definite #3 to touch."

"Sarah's dad looks to have a nice cock," she told him thinking about her answers.

"Sally told me it's huge," he responded.

"Okay, he's number 1 across the board. Oh, except you're number 1 to suck. He gets second place."

"Sally says Sidney and Trevor's are small"

"So, what about Jason?"


"I'll just throw Jason and Earl and Wayne into the remaining spots at random. Maybe Wayne in the first available slot for each question. Who do you have?"

"Eva, Jennifer and Courtney to see. Sarah, Eva, Dahlia to touch. Courtney and you and Eva to eat."

"Got a thing for Eva, do you? and I thought I was number one to eat."

"Oh, yeah, you're number one

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