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Professor rents room to straight coed.

"Believe me, if he really wants to see me, he will wait more than an hour." I was already running into my tent to gather my pants, shirt and hairbrush.

Half a mile from the fortress laid a lake, possibly an old dam used for some watering system for the fields that used to be here. It was completely cold, in opposite to the warm and humid air, and totally black to look into. You could see a perfect reflection of yourself in it. The day I had found it I looked into it and saw me look older than I was. But this time, although muddy and brown, I looked younger, and especially happy.

I undressed quickly, not bothering to look around as I did when I first came here, throwing my clothes all around me. I did not search for any intruders, but I gathered that since there was nobody there now, and I had never seen any soldiers with wet hair in the camp, nobody except me knew about the dam. I was wrong.

I threw myself into the water and took a few strokes into the darkness of the pond. It was cold, but if it had been warm water I think I would rather have been dirty. In this warmth you could give almost anything to alleviate the heat. I dived to the bottom, it was not very deep, and when I came up I heard a whistle.

"So I see that this pond has taken you with its beauty as well, Amram." I recognised that voice. I was happy that it was him and not somebody else, but still, I was naked and he was most certainly not.

"Hello, Vicdaen."

I turned around to look at him. He had taken off his hood, revealing the hair that I knew was black as a raven, and in real it was as black. It hung down his shoulder, almost to his waist. He was slowly taking off his shirt, unbuttoning it in small languid motions. "I thought I was the only one who knew about this place. It never occurred to me that someone else would find it." He finished unbuttoning his shirt and let it slide off his shoulders to the ground. Was he going to jump into the water? Naked? With me in it? I had to stop him.

"Vicdaen, can't you go away just now? Come back later, let me finish."

He halted in his movements. "Why, Amram? Even if I'd oblige your wish, I cannot. I have not time to come back later. You'll have to endure my company." He smiled his serene smile at me. Then he untied his pants.

He had bewitched my eyes, forcing them to look at him while he undressed. And I did not want to look away, even though propriety should have forced me I did not. So I watched him undress completely - I was red in the cold that should have whitened my cheeks - and walk into the water. It was not until he was a few meters away from me that I turned my face away from him.

"How are you, Amram?" I startled, his voice was just a breath away from my ear.

"I'm fine, how are you?" I replied. I speculated in where this little quiz would lead to.

"I'm alright. But when I asked, I was more wondering how this situation makes you feel. Please look at me, Amram."

"Vicdaen, I..." I was afraid that if I looked at him I would do things that would... end badly, but when I heard him speak next I could not stop myself from glancing at him.

"I never got the chance to thank you, Amram... You save my life five days ago, and the only thing I did was to ensure that you would not tell anyone of the circumstances of the death, and who he was after. So please forgive me Amram for my rudeness."

I would have forgiven him any day no matter what. "Of course I forgive you. It was not exactly like we had much time afterwards."

"No. Thank you, Amram. It means a lot. Now, what do you say about letting me wash your hair? I have a soap bar here."

He made me turn my back to him and he started massaging the soap into my hair.

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