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The entertainment at the party has something extra.

The strange guys eyes were closed so he didn't see me. There was also a video camera laid on the dresser next to the doorway recording the whole thing. At first I was very mad, I felt like breaking that guys neck. But than I had a very clever idea. I quietly turned off the video camera, took out the tape, than hid it in a very secure place. I than got my gun, not a real one but a movie prop replica and quietly tip-toed back into my mothers room. I pressed the gun up to the guys neck and startled him.

"Don't say a word," I whispered to him. "Take you dick out of her mouth, get dressed, and get the hell out of here without saying a word or making a sound"

And he did, he got dressed and left the house.

"Brad where are you?" my mother called out. She was still on her knees with the blindfold on.

I took off my clothes real quickly, I found that I'm having the best erection ever. Getting ready to do what I'm gonna do really turned me on.

I approached her and grabbed her head and guided my erection right into her mouth. She sucked on my cock like it was candy or something. I never had a blowjob that good before. She wasn't too rough or too easy on it. Her lips were properly sealed around the shaft as she rapidly pumped it into her mouth.

15 minutes later I couldn't hold it any longer.

I shot a huge load of cum right into her mouth, she appeared shocked but went with it and drank every drop. When she was done, she pulled it right out.

"Dammit Brad," she said. "I told you that I don't like to drink it, you promised to just squirt it in my face."

"I'm not Brad," I finally told her.

She took off her blindfold and nearly fell over when she realized who she really was sucking.

"What the hell... How can you make me do that to you? Are you sick or something?"

"How can you cheat on dad?" I asked her.

She didn't say a word, I knew that would shut her up.

"Well then... I guess we're even. Lets just forget that this ever happened."

"What about your video?"

She looked at the video camera and saw that it was open and the video was gone.

"Where's the video?" She asked as she stood up.

"I hid it someplace that you would never think of. If you want it back you have to do what I say."

"What do you want? Money? A car? another blowjob? What is it?"

She was very frustrated. I approached her smiling and brushed my fingers against her left breast.

"Are you mad? That's disgusting."

"You have no choice, either you do this with me, or I show dad the tape."

"What if I tell your father about what you asked for?"

"Go ahead." I said.

Actually I was very scared that she would tell, but I hoping that she wouldn't call my bluff. She thought it over for a few seconds.

"Alright, you win. what do you want me to do?"

"Get on the floor," I said.

Before she could move I grabbed her arm and threw her on the floor. I jumped on top of her. I started kissing her passionately she went along with it, but I can still tell that she felt very apprehensive about it. I moved down to her tits. I pulled off her shirt than her bra. Her tits were better than I had imagined. I sucked on them like a little baby. I squeezed them, bit them, licked them, sucked on the nipples. My saliva was all over them.

I than took off her shorts and panties. Her pussy was shaved, just how I like it. I shoved my head right between her legs and worked my tongue around it. She was getting very wet I can tell. I looked up at her, she was grabbing her tits and moaning. She was finally getting into it.

I moved back on top of her I guided my penis up against her pussy. Rubbing the head and down her clit. I can see by her face that she wanted it now. I pushed only the head into her and pulled it out, and I did that a few more times.

"OOOH please, give it to me now," she cried.

I finally pushed it all the way in, all 8 inches of it.

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