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This was gorgeous scenery, visited rarely by man. The trees were beginning to change color, but we were in a very warm spell-so warm that we all stripped off our shirts. Although both hard bodied, Big Bill and Long Jack were a contrast in fine manhood. The older wrangler, black haired and on the edge of hirsute, was sinewy and on the thin side, with swarthy, leathery skin beaten by the cruel elements. His arms and chest were ropy with veins standing out on top of hard muscle. In contrast, the younger wrangler obviously hadn't been in the elements out here all that long. He was blond, fair, smooth skinned, and bulky without an apparent ounce of fat on him. He had a deep chest tapering down to a thin waist and biceps as thick as some men's waists. He probably could have broken me in two.

Traveling west toward the Rockies as our horses climbed into the hills, we reached a high meadow where the air was so clear and clean and the distant snow-capped Mount Zirkel appeared so close that it gave the illusion we could reach out and touch it. Big Bill called a halt at a grassy spot beside a burbling creek, and I was still drinking in the majestic scenery when both Big Bill and Long Jack came down off their horses and approached mine from either side. Big Bill encircled my waist with his sinewy arms from one side of the horse and Long Jack placed his big hands on my belly and the small of my back; both men were smiling at me.

"You've kept yourself in mighty fine shape, Mr. H.," Big Bill said. "Is what you've got there in your pants as nice a piece as it was last summer?"

"Check it out for yourself," I answered.

"Don't mind if I do."

As Big Bill was unzipping my jeans and fishing out my half-hard cock, Long Jack moved his hands up to my sternum and between my shoulder blades and pulled me flat across the back and croup of the horse. He kissed me deeply on the lips and played with my nipples, as Big Bill sucked my cock. The stallion held still, but it was trembling underneath me. Long Jack's mouth left mine and his lips traveled down to my nipples and then down across my navel, and he was joining Big Bill in mouthing my cock and balls. I laid there full length on the back of the horse, sighing and moaning and watching the snow-patterned ragged rocks of Mount Zirkel as the two wranglers shared my cock.

But then Big Bill got serious at sucking my tool and I looked around and saw that Long Jack had busied himself stripping the saddles off of the other two horses and laying them out in the middle of the grass clearing. Then he slowly stripped off his clothes, revealing a beautiful body-builder's physique. I could now see at least how he had gotten the "Long" part of his nickname. He came back and played my mouth and upper torso with his lips and hands again while Big Bill brought me to a groaning and moaning ejaculation with his insistent mouth.

When he was done, Big Bill's lips replaced those of Long Jack's on my lips. Then he whispered in my ear, "Are you ready for that ride now, Mr. H.?"

"Oh God yes," I replied. "I've been waiting for this for so long."

Big Bill pulled me off the horse and carried me over to one of the saddles resting in the center of the clearing. He stripped all of my clothes off except for my boots and the red bandana around my neck-and then he put my chaps on again, which left me bare at the pelvis fore and aft. Then he laid me across the dip in the saddle on my belly and tied my wrists to the stirrups of the saddle at each side with leather strips. After that, he stood where I could see him as he stripped down. His dong wasn't as long as Long Jack's, but it was much thicker, in keeping with his nickname. I moaned at the sight of it in remembrance of how he had plowed me the previous summer when I had visited these mountains.

He went over to the saddle bags on the other saddle and came back with a thick length of leather, a small r

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